From: Derek Keeble 
Sent: 28 November 2006 00:49
Subject: "tell me" invitation

Hi Webmaster,
                Papers relating to pre-1970 Straggler activity were passed
to me, when I was an active Straggler, say 1978.  These were handed on to
the late Mike Powell-Davis when it became inappropriate for me to possess
them, say 1984.
                Before then I do not recall noticing the initals "S O S" in
result lists until about 1968.   I assumed the youths of Robert Beard Club
straggled in to the finish funnels in unpredictable order, and that they
called themselves a society merely to claim familiar distressing initials.
But you guessed that too didn't you?   Then-abouts a pop cult called The
Stranglers, I am told, was emitting noises to the young; its influence upon
the name choice is beyond assessment by me.
                During 1970 I was one of six who met in Kings Lynn with a
view to giving East Anglia the benefit of O.  We formed an East Anglian
Club, mounted some sporadic events and soon became an Association of Clubs;
one Norfolk and one Suffolk.
                Meanwhile Hornchurch's Robert Beard Club acquired a
non-orienteering warden who saved his members' legs from received further
bashing by brambles.
                Suffoc, with an early map of Rendlesham Forest by me, became
anxious to off-load me to my native but orienteering-naked county.  During
1972 I attended a HAVOC event and declared my intent to revamp the then
defunct S.O.S, and was duly joined by a powerful Bangor Backwoodsman called
Jack Isbester.  
                Later, to mark the re-generation, we adopted "Essex" into
the title, and the late Bill Stevens obtained the okay to deploy the three
seaxes within our emblem.
                I am very pleased with Straggler achievements 1972-84, but
get even more delight from the sequenced progress from controls numbered
1984 to 2006.   
                This information is sent so you may use it if you wish, it
is not an attempt by me to get my name on your website.  I like to be
usefully forgotten.
                Congratulations.   Enjoyed the website
                Keep happy feet     Derek Keeble