Essex Stragglers Orienteering Society

Come & Try it Event

Highwoods Country Park

13th September 1998

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Organiser's Comments

We hope you all had a pleasant run on a not very pleasant day. What a difference the weather can make. Considering the rain, wind and cool temperature it was pleasing to see so many new people to the sport. The event was put on to try and introduce orienteering to newcomers. Now that you've had a go we hope you will be suitably keen to have another. Some reasonably local events are listed below along with the Membership Secretary's phone number in case you would like to join the Essex Stragglers Orienteering Club. It never ceases to amaze me how much time and effort is put into organising and running an orienteering event, even a small event such as this one. All our thanks should go to Jenny (the Planner) and Mike (the Controller) and of course all those faithful few Stragglers who help out at the ring of a phone. Thank you to you all.

Hilary Sellens.

Planner's Comments

Having decided to park at Asda the White and Yellow courses had to be confined to the southern fields which provided a secure area for the beginner. I decided to put in a red course to provide for beginners who wanted a longer run. With the "Come & Try it" courses planned the Score event had practically planned itself and only needed an additional 4 controls in the northern part of the map. Congratulations to Christopher Sellens for his excellent run and winning the Club Championship. My thanks to Mike (the Controller) for all his helpfull suggestions and thorough checking.

Jenny Collyer.

Controller's Comments

Highwoods, particularly the southern end is not very technical but seemed to provide adequate White, Yellow and Red courses. In the Score it was always going to be a problem testing the fastest men for the full 45 minutes. With hindsight a couple more controls in the North East corner might have increased the challenge. Some of the earlier publicity suggested a different location for car parking, I hope the competitors relying on this information managed to follow the signs without too much difficulty. Many thanks to Jenny and Hilary for an event where some participants were soaked and others had a dry run!

Mike Powell-Davis.

WHITE COURSE			Class	Club	Time	
1	Lucy Whitley		W10	IND	17.23	
2	Emma & Matthew Johnson	W11 W10	SOS	18.07	
3	Megan Malley		W5	SOS	21.03	
4	Anabella Gilby		W7	IND	24.07	
5	Rachel Folan & Friends	W11	IND	32.58	
6	Robert & Thomas Shorter	M8 M6	IND	39.57	
YELLOW COURSE			Class	Club	Time
1	Shep & Carton		M40 W40	SOS	17.44	
2	Carl Daw + 1		M8	IND	18.46	
3	Holloway   			IND	19.59	
4	Scott Calender		M16	IND	20.42	
5	Joanne Goodchild   	W21	IND	21.10	
6	Victoria Thompson +3	W14	IND	25.30	
7	Christine Calender   	W50	IND	28.53	
8	Allen Family			IND	29.55	
9	Howes Family			IND	35.26	
10	Kiri & Alan Alford   	W12 M40	SOS	37.40	
11	Rachel Malley		W10	SOS	40.20	
12	Rebecca Hatfield +1	W11	SUFFOC	40.35	
13	Shaun & Peter Sansom	M10 M65	IND	41.39	
14	Belshaw Family			IND	42.01	
15	Mason				SUFFOC	48.39	
16	Christopher Dalton +2	W3	IND	55.56	
RED COURSE			Class	Club	Time
1	Simon Peck		M40 	SUFFOC	31.06	
2	Adrian Knight		M21	IND	32.38	
3	Ted Johnson		M55	SOS	33.20	
4	Roger Jarvis		M21	IND	35.25	
5	Bill McLean		M60	SUFFOC	39.50	
6	Sally Ross		W21	IND	44.42	
7	John Reavill		M40	IND	45.08	
8	David Brew		M45	HAVOC	45.37	
9	David Payne		M40 	IND	46.18	
10	Hazel Tant		W12	SOS	48.20	
11	Alan Barnard		M40 	IND	50.42	
12	Michael Sansom		M50	SOS	51.41	
13	Y McLean   		W55	SUFFOC	52.44	
14	James Lyne		M10	SOS	53.18	
15	C Johnson   		W55	SOS	61.43	
16	Daniel Thompson		M16	IND	72.13	
17	Lucy +2 Aldous/Seakins	W13	IND	73.01	
18	Jackie Seakins		W50	IND	80.30	
19	Collins Family			SOS	81.18	
20	Jackie Reavill Bridget King   	IND	82.05	
21	Chris Aldous		M45	IND	91.26	
22	Turnbull Group			IND	107.19	
23	Adam Smith		M14	IND	Rtd	
SCORE EVENT		Class	Club	Time	No. of Controls	Handicap

1	Christopher Sellens	M14	SOS	39.13	23	+7
2	Martin Sellens		M45	SOS	35.18	23	+2
3	Clive Tant		M40	SOS	42.58	23	+2
4	Mick Belshaw		M35	BAOC	33.55	23	+1
5	Richard Bonnett		M40	SOS	35.31	22	+2
6	Mark Johnson		M35	SOS	44.06	23	+1
7	Jack Isbester		M60	SOS	44.45	19	+5
8	Roger Lewis		M21	SHUOC	36.15	23	0
9	Tom Collins		M40	SOS	46.19	23 - 2	+2
10	Mark Wilson		M21	SOS	43.04	21	0
11	Alan Milton		M70	SOS	36.52	12	+8
12	Stella Haward		W40	SUFFOC	41.20	13	+5
13	Andrew Cordle		M45	SOS	45.25	17 - 1	+2
14	Louise Walker		W21	SUFFOC	46.33	17 - 2	+3
15	Pauline Stevens		W70 	SOS	44.11	6	+11
16	Steven Lustig		M45	SOS	38.52	14	+2
17	Michael Elliott		M60	IND	37.00	9	+5
18	John Dalton		M35	IND	47.50	16 - 3	+1

Details of further events

SUFFOC 20th Sept Shrublands Park. TM125527. O signed from A14/A140 junction.

HAVOC 20th Sept Thorndon Park. TQ606914. From J28 M25/A12 take A1023 to Brentwood, follow brown "Thorndon Country Park North" signs.

SOS 27th Sept Hatfield Forest. TL547203.

SUFFOC 11th Oct Brandon Park. TL785853. O signed from A1065 Brandon - Lakenheath Road approx. 2 miles SW of Brandon.

NOR 18th Oct Holt Country Park. TG083371. O signed from B1149 2km S of Holt.

SOS 8th Nov Chalkney Woods near Earls Colne

HAVOC 14th Nov Weald Park near Brentwood

SOS 6th Dec Hockley Woods near Southend

SOS (Essex Stragglers Orienteering Society) Membership Secretary Stephen Lustig 01787 211001