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Essex Stragglers Orienteering Society (SOS)

Colour Coded and Schools League Event
Chalkney Wood
6th February 2000

Mixed woodland at TL870280. Click here for location map. Map 1:10000, 1997 survey.

Organiser's Report Planner's Report Controller's Report
White Yellow Orange Light Green Green Blue

Organisers report

It was a bit muddy, but at least no rain fell during the event. I have been assured that by early in the next decade, when all the conifers have been removed, the normal 25 year coppicing cycle will result in far less damage to the tracks.

My thanks to Mark and Mark, planner and controller (or the other way round), those SOS members who helped on the day, and Essex County Council and Forest Enterprises for land access.

In the results ESSOL competitors have generally been categorised by B or G and school year rather than the normal orienteering categories.

Found - A key ring man on a spring.

Mike Powell Davies (01376 562657)

Planner's Report

From the start I new that the challenges of planning at Chalkney would be to overcome the limitations imposed by numerous map corrections, rampant brambles and man(person)-eating mud. To my horror, just as I thought that I could make a decent stab at overcoming these difficulties, part of the wood started to disappear (felling in the NE corner) and the finish track was re-opened to vehicles, making it a quagmire. I do apologise to anyone who suffered on account of the mud (especially the few who actually fell over in it!) and I hope that this did not detract from your overall enjoyment.

We new that on the longer courses that there may have been some temptation to visit controls out of order. However, this was a trade-off against revisiting some of the more overgrown parts of the map and we felt that we could rely upon your integrity at an event of this kind.

This was my first attempt at planning for more than fifteen years and I had largely forgotten the "tricks of the trade". Consequently I feel that I placed more than average demands on the controller and I would especially like to thank Mark for his support and guidance. Will I have another go at planning in the future? Of course, but perhaps not at Chalkney.

Controllers report

Mark's first attempt at planning resulted in some good courses which made the best use of the area and attempted to minimise your exposure to mud and brambles.

Mike and his team ensured that everything ran smoothly.

Thanks to all the Stragglers who turned out to help on the day.

All in all I had very little to do!

I hope that you enjoyed your visit to Chalkney (in spite of the mud) and hope to see you at our next event which will be held at The Naze on 16th April.

WHITE1.4Km 12 controls
1Nicola BarkerG6Barnidiston10.29
2Megan RoseG6Barnidiston12.19
3Antonia BeamishG6Barnidiston12.27
4William HardistyB6Ind15.15
5Rachel MalleyG4St Nicholas15.23
6Anna SmithG6Barnidiston15.58
7Matthew DickensB5Barnidiston16.17
8Katrin SengenovaG7St Marys (S.W.)19.08
9Megan MalleyG7St Nicholas19.25
10Rachel ReedSOS20.58
11Louise Reeves, Kirsty Ellis & Nicki EllisG4Cann Hall27.20
12Kirsty Mills & Nicola ReevesG6/G5Cann Hall29.28
13James ParkB6SUFFOC36.11
------------------------------Par time-------------------
YELLOW2.0Km 12 controls
1Sarah CammackG7Barnidiston20.29
2Matthew ReevesB8Barnidiston22.09
3Michael BroadheadB7Barnidiston23.04
4Andrew BarkerB8Barnidiston25.01
5Lee ClarkeB7Barnidiston25.35
6David FletcherB8Barnidiston28.55
7Rachel IrvingG7Barnidiston29.19
8Josh ChisnallB532.53
9Ellie ChisnallG333.30
10Rachel HarperTeacherFriars Grove33.51
11David ChandlerB5Friars Grove34.28

--------------------------Par time------------------
12G Carton & L NorrisB7SOS34.40
13Oliver TaylorB4Friars Grove36.56
14Johnathon DaleB2St Annes38.01
15Nicholas PearmanB2Elm Green38.26
16Michael ParkB6SUFFOC41.20
17The Darkins family

18Sarah ParkW10SUFFOC48.27
19Jenny DaleG4St Annes49.53
20Chantal PearmanG4Elm Green49.55
21The Morgan family

ORANGE2.8Km 12 controls
1Mark JeffcockM35SOS44.13

3Lucy SeakinsG10Chelmsford High53.35
4Lucy AldousG10Chelmsford High55.33
5Kiri AlfordG9St Marys55.52
6Lucy FriarG10Chelmsford High57.34
7Denise EvansW45Ind57.48
8Christine CalenderW55Ind61.26

--------------------------Par time -------------------
9Junior StrollersInd69.39
10The Watson FamilyInd72.18
11Amy WatsonG8Sir Charles Lucas77.04
12The Collins FamilySOS101.29

Pauline StevensW75Retired

C & P JeffcockM10/M12SOSRetired
LIGHT GREEN 3.2Km 13 controls
1Roy ReadM21SOS37.59
2Joanne WestG7Ipswich School42.36
3Vincent BondrenM21Ind43.59
4R MannM55SOS44.29
5Alan AlfordM45SOS52.33
6Louise DaveyW21SUFFOC55.13
7Cath PenningtonW45WAOC55.42
8M & A Claydon

9Jitka SengerovaW40WAOC57.08
------------------------------Par time-------------------
10Russ EdwardsM40SUFFOC66.50
11Scott CallenderM16Ind68.30
12Clare JussW21WAOC68.51
13Nathan CzyzewiczB7St Bennedicts87.00
14B & S SavageM55/W50NOR91.20
15C Lombard & A JarraidW20NOR93.37
16Stephen CartwrightM40Ind96.27
17P Bullent & V ConeW50/W45NOR97.39
18Stephen GlennyM21Ind118.06
GREEN4.9Km 15 controls
1Jon HouseagoM40NOR57.20
2Mitch LockM40SUFFOC65.02
3Helen SmithW21HALO65.09
4Peter HardistyM40Ind65.58
5Hazel TantG9St Peters66.50
6Mike GardnerM40WAOC74.20
7Helen ChristopherWAOC74.33
8Geraldine RussellW55SOS76.20
9Jim GrahamM45Ind78.19
10Allison & Dave KaySUFFOC80.29
11Lyn WestW45SOS83.21
12Simon GardnerM12WAOC85.25
13Pete Day, Sue Caton + 1

------------------------------Par time-------------------
14Nancy Powell DaviesW50SOS89.41
15Seb Pugh + 1M14SOS90.01
16Peter PenningtonM50WAOC91.04
17Fiona MeikleW35SUFFOC92.39
18Kenneth WooleyInd104.56
19Braintree StrollersInd125.35
20Bob CoulterM50SUFFOC130.23
Michael PinnockM45WAOCRetired
BLUE6.8Km 25 controls
1Peter LakeM35CHIG54.23
2Bert ParkM35SUFFOC55.51
3Steve RobertsonM45SOS59.00
4Clive TantM45SOS59.10
5Richard BonnettM45SOS60.31
6Andrew MalleyM40SOS61.10
7Justin CaulkettM21SUFFOC63.12
8M. WilsonM35Ind67.30
9William MorganM50NOR68.01
10Colin WestM45SOS68.53
11Peter GardnerM16WAOC70.02
12Geof KeenanM35DEVON72.49
13Steven ConeM45NOR77.42
14Nicola RobertsonG11CGHS79.05
15Steve NobbsM40NOR79.37
16P CollinsM35WAOC80.38
17Barbara KeenanW21DEVON81.36
----------------------------Par time-------------------
18Clint MannM45SOS85.25
19Helen GardnerW14WAOC85.29
20T Collins + 1M45SOS89.06
21David GreenM45Ind89.22
22Suzie RobertsonG11CGHS89.28
23Les JarraldM50NOR90.26
24Blanka SengrovaG12SWCH90.46
25Andrew CordleM50SOS93.03
26Andrew ElliottM21SUFFOC95.30
27Nicola GardnerW45WAOC99.11
28S GashW16WAOC100.16
29Steve ScoffinM45SUFFOC100.42
30Linda GashW45WAOC104.20

Eleanor WestW18SOSRetired