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Essex Stragglers Orienteering Society (SOS)

Limited Colour Coded and Schools League Event
The Naze
16th April 2000

Coastal heath near Walton-on-the-Naze at TM264234. Click here for location map. Map 1:5000, 1995 survey.
Organiser's Report Planner's Report Trainee Planner's Report Controller's Report
White Yellow Orange Light Green Longer Course

Organiser's report - Julia Robertson

During the terrible weather on Saturday I was dreading Sunday however the day dawned bright and sunny and it was indeed a lovely day. Due to other orienteering commitments in places varying from Israel to the Forest of Dean we were short of many of our regular helpers. I should like to thank all Stragglers who heeded my cries for assistance and turned out to help so willingly on the day. As it happened all went well despite the "please pay and display" message not reaching everyone that it should have done.

Thanks especially to Derek for making my job a lot easier with his local knowledge. It was a pleasure to work with you!

Planners Comments - Derek Ladkin

When you have previously mapped an area which is virtually on your doorstep, spent several days opening up paths and tracks overgrown with brambles since the map was printed and then begin to prepare courses, there is a danger that your familiarity with the area could lead to courses which are over difficult for the intended standard. I think I was falling into this trap initially on the White and Yellow courses. With Andrews' timely comments I was able to get back "on course" and all seemed to go well on the day. The Naze poses a number of problems in planning for longer courses too, as you will probably have appreciated, but I hope it managed to provide a few decision points and route choice (resulting from our bramble bashing , often in wet and windy weather) ! Good experience for planners in training to get to know the terrain!

I have to thank Julie for her enthusiasm in coming over from Cambridge on several occasions to prepare the equipment and take part in all the agricultural antics, for her help on the day, and to wish her well as she progresses as a Planner. My thanks also go to Russ for his help in checking through all the procedures and his support at the event. Excellent cooperation from Julia and help from Andrew. Many thanks to both. The weather was so good to us in the end and if you all enjoyed your runs then I shall go out on a High.

Trainee Planner - Julie Ferris

Well Sunday was the first of my trips to the Naze when it hasn't been blowing and raining buckets. The mentoring with Derek taught me lots about bramble bashing and the practical bits, and the rather last minute planner's course the DAY BEFORE THE EVENT (!) taught me lots about technical difficulty. I hadn't seen a 5* before, now I'm really scared about the JK! Russ you can have your notice-board back when I've finished Andrew's planning homework!.

Controller - Andrew Cordle

What a lovely day! The quality of orienteering events is seldom in inverse proportion to their size and the quality of the terrain, but I think this might have been an exception - the sun shone, everyone seem to be enjoying themselves, and the colour-coded courses were of the right length and difficulty. Congratulations to a first time Organiser (Badge event next, Julia?), and to the planning team of a first-time and possibly last-time planner.  
Pos'n NameAge Group School YearClub School Comments
 White / 1.4 K /13 Controls   
1Lloyd GilbyM5SOS14.42
2Victoria Pye W10SOS 15.27 
3Kirsty Ellice & Hannah RussellYr 4Cann Hall 15.30 
4Arabella GilbyW10SOS 16.01 
5V BrookesW10SOS 16.03 
6Kirsty Mills & Nikki ElliceYr 4 / 6Cann Hall 16.27 
7Clare Fielder W9  18.21 
8A ApplebyYr 5  18.29 
9M ParkM6Suffoc 20.00 
10S ParkW10Suffoc 21.12 
11Sarah Wardle + 1W3NOR 30.26 
12J ParkM8Suffoc 33.16 
 ----- Par Time -----     
 Yellow / 1.7 Km /14 Controls
1W HardistyM10Ind 16.25 
2=R W TaylorSenior  19.25 
2=Oliver TaylorYr 4Friars Grove 19.25 
4Matthew JohnsonM12SOS/Newland Spring 21.48 
5J Benmore/M Harden/E RawlingsonW10/11Kirby Guides 21.55 
6Jenny DaleYr 4SOS 23.19 
7Lynsey Wiggett/Katie FaircloughW12Kirby Guides 23.22 
8David ChandlerYr 5Friars Grove 26.01 
 ----- Par Time -----     
9Sara/Jackie/George Ind 27.59 
10Oliver Picken Suffoc 31.31 
11Pauline StevensW75SOS 33.49 
12Amy Picken Suffoc 34.25 
13Morgan Family SOS 39.45 
14Jonathan DaleYr 2SOS 40.04 
15Shorter FamilyJuniorSOS 45.57 
16Q AliM21Ind 58.17 
 Orange / 2.8 Km /14 Controls   
1Helen Gardner & Sandra SauterW14WAOC/Ind 36.57 
2Alan WilkoxM35Ind 73.08 
 ----- Par Time -----     
3Tollerton Family Ind 84.27 
4H Fairclough/ L ReidW14Frinton Rangers 85.36 
 Light Green / 3.6 Km / 19 Controls   
1Gary PickenM35Suffoc 30.20 
2P J HardistyM35Ind 38.02 
3Hazel TantW14/Yr 9SOS 38.51 
4P IresonM40  44.39 
5Alan AlfordM45SOS 47.04 
6Jonathan PyeM14SOS 47.29 
7Graeme CareyM45SOS 50.48 
 ----- Par Time -----     
8Simon GardnerM12WAOC 51.12 
9R WheelerM70HAVOC 62.40 
10Emma JohnsonW14SOS/Chelmer Valley 68.36 
11Alec WaterhouseM35Ind 72.30 
12B FothergillW40HAVOC 74.15 
13A EngwellW21Ind 104.28 
 Longer Course / 5.6 Km / 28 Controls   
1Bert ParkM35Suffoc 42.39 
2Paul BeckettM35HAVOC 45.06 
3Tom BakerM35Ind 46.02 
4Clive TantM45SOS 46.51 
5Mark JohnsonM35SOS 48.23 
6Steve RobertsonM45SOS 49.42 
7Ali RobertsonM21Ind 50.36 
8Steve NobbsM40NOR 51.32 
9David FreerM21Suffoc 51.36 
10Geoff PyeM45SOS 53.06 
11Graham WardleM50NOR 53.23 
12Goff HillM55Suffoc 58.28 
13A WallerM21HAVOC 60.36 
14Stewart RobertsonM50INVOC 62.51 
15Nicola GardnerW45WAOC 72.04 
16Mike GardnerM40WAOC 77.14 
17Gerald EngwellM21Ind 98.59 
DNFBinnsM21Ind 51.47No Part 3