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Essex Stragglers Orienteering Society (SOS)

ESSOL and Short Races
Hatfield Forest
21st May 2000
Final Results

LocationNational Trust park and woodland at TL547203, near Stansted Click here for location map. Map 1:10000, 1998 survey.
OrganiserEleanor West 01206 322905
Organiser's Report Planner's Report Controller's Report
White Yellow Orange Light Green Green Medium Short Long Short

Organiser's Comments – Eleanor West

I'm never too sure what to say in these comments so I'll just stick to thank you. Thank you to all the helpers who turned up and gave so willingly of your time and energy. I had a comparatively easy job and it was due to the capabilities of the club members to whom I delegated. Thank you to Mark and Martin for providing the courses and for not minding that I wasn't too organised in advance. And thank you to you the competitors for turning up and for coping with the short race organisation – I hope you enjoyed it!

Planners Comments – Mark Johnson

What a day!

I hope that the atrocious weather and boggy ground conditions did not spoil your visit to Hatfield Forest too much.

The Short Race competitors seemed to enjoy themselves despite the teething problems.

I apologise to those competitors who found the Orange course too difficult. The course did not prove to be as straight forward in reality as it appeared to be on paper (mainly because some the paths and ditches on the first half of the course were somewhat indistinct).

I will try to do better next time.

Thanks to:
1. the National Trust for granting us permission to use Hatfield Forest for this event.
2. you for coming.
3. Martin for his support and encouragement, and
4. Eleanor and her team for organising everything so efficiently.

Controllers Report – Martin Sellens

Hatfield Forest is a strange Stragglers outpost marooned in the west Essex Orienteering no-man's land. Controlling so relatively distant from Colchester is a privilege I would normally decline, but in a weak moment I guess I must have volunteered for this one. However, what at first seemed an unwelcome chore became something of a pleasure for two reasons. Firstly, the forest itself with its mixed fauna of Muntjacs, cattle, Fallow Deer and low flying Jumbos is a sometimes glutinous but always glorious gem in the otherwise featureless Essex hinterland. The golden haze of buttercups punctuated by living islands of cud chewing beasts is a rural idyll that contrasts bizzarely with the roar of jets lumbering from the Stansted runways and hanging ominously overhead. It was nice to be out there searching for masking tape marking control sites on ditches that would be unmarked on anything but an East Anglian Map. Oh, and the other reason was that Mark is so pathologically efficient and organised. As he had recently been on a planners course, and so knew all about technical difficulty gradings, this meant that I had relatively little to do except dissuade him from planning duplicate courses to avoid competitors "cheating" on the short race chasing starts (by seeing the maps before the second half). As short race courses didn't share controls, there were already a large number of flags in the forest for a small event, and I didn't want to have to hit the forest at dawn to get round an extra twenty or so. Anyway, if you had all day to look at the course, how much would it help you?

I thought Mark's courses were excellent, and made good use of novel control features that generally allowed you to avoid the grottiest parts of the forest and, for orange and above, kept you off the rides for most of the time. Unfortunately, the rides on the white and yellow courses, which had been drying out nicely by the previous Wednesday, were linear mud baths by Sunday morning. I suspect that most young orienteers probably enjoyed this opportunity to get legitimately filthy, but I commiserate with parents and washing machines. Oh, and Pauline (Stevens; W75), I found your control card, and I apologise for the siting of the control in the ditch. Mark and I forgot to cater for the more mature yellow runners.

We were also perhaps a little too challenging on the orange course; the winners finished in guideline times, but some orange neophytes were out for too long or retired and I apologise for the difficult early legs. The first two legs in particular were more tricky on the ground than they appeared on the map. I hope no-one was put off by this example of indifferent controlling.

On the day I heard nothing but praise for Mark's courses and I'm sure that no-one had to queue for a punch as the forest positively bristled with duplicate canes. I didn't spot any glitches in the organisation either. Just as well as I had adopted a low profile approach to controlling the organiser, Eleanor, on the grounds that she's an old hand at this sort of thing and that organisational ability is undoubtedly an inherited trait. Anyway, the SOS machine is pretty well oiled by now and runs smoothly with the minimum of intervention. I hope you all had a good time, albeit that sunlit forests were in short supply, and my thanks and congratulations to Mark and Eleanor for reminding me how planning and organising should be done.

White Course – 1.3km, 10m, 7 controls:

1Anna SmithBARNY67.56
2Peter Symes-ThompsonBARNY68.49
3Liam SholtonBARNY68.55
4Adam HodgsonCRGSM129.01
5Nicola BarkerBARNY69.13
6Rachael MalleyST NICY49.41
7Robert Barker + DadINDM611.01
8Mathew DickensBARNY511.49
9Ruth SalthouseSOS/ST TW712.17
10Elliot SwinneyBARNY513.03
11Christine DaviesBARNY513.08
12Megan RoseBARNY614.51
13Katrin Sengerova and Xilona WoodST MARKW815.44
14Antonia BeamishBARNY615.57
15Jonathan and Jenny DaleST ANNEY2/Y416.03
16Alice CampbellCHIGW716.14
17Joshua SalthouseSOS/ST TM917.19
18Luke VanhefterenBARNM1217.26
19Megan MalleyST NICY217.47
20Caitlin CampbellCHIGW520.45
21James HaynesSLOW?27.02
22Adam SmithWAOCM1236.21
23James WallBARNY669.19
--- PAR TIME ---

Yellow Course – 2.1km, 10m, 7 controls

1David FletcherBARNY716.37
2Stuart Bradley + Josh CongdonST BENY817.04
3Andrew BarkerBARNY817.10
4Michael BroadheadBARNY817.26
5Lesley WrightBARNY818.01
6Sarah CammackBARNY719.09
7Emma LonglandBARNY819.20
8Rachel IrvingBARNY722.05
9William HardistySOS/ ST TY522.59
10Joshua + AdamST TMM926.44
11Edward and Claire ShepherdBSRC?27.16
12Matthew JohnsonSOSM1230.52
--- PAR TIME ---
13Matthew Mirrington and Mark KirbyST BENY735.28
14Ruth SalthouseST TMW736.50
15Oliver TaylorFRIARSY437.17
16Alec LawrenceGT STAMM5040.02
17Lindsay + RebekahST BENY848.41
18W TaylorINDM249.50
19Tim WatkinsINDFAMILY56.01
20Caroline + HannahST BENY763.17
21Nadia Mozza + Verity ButlerST BENY765.45
-Pauline StevensSOSW75retd.
-H BiggsHAVOCM80retd.

Orange Course – 2.5km, 15m, 11 controls

1Emma JohnsonSOSW1434.09
2Carl BlackstockINDM740.24
3Robert TaylorSOSM5040.47
4Hannah LawrenceINDW851.07
5Tim StreetHHM1255.59
6John FloatHAVOCM6557.56
7Kiri Alford + Lisa CollinsSOSW1458.52
8Adam and Jordan TaylorINDM861.59
9Kate ShepherdCHIGW3563.50
--- PAR TIME ---
10Chris Baulcomb (+1)INDM1865.34
11Lucy SeakinsCCHSW1668.16
12Joanne PattersonIND?68.23
13Sue BlackstockINDW770.36
14Mark DundonSt.BenY973.54
15Tereza NovakoaIND?81.03
-Chris, James and MichaelST BENY8.retd.
-Sue OwenWAOCW21.retd.

Light green course – 3.3km, 25m, 10 controls

1Hazel TantSOS/ST PY942.59
2Alan AlfordSOSM4547.11
3A OwenWAOCM4047.19
4John HadlerBOKM4547.44
5Jean SinclairINDW3548.27
6H LundCHIGM1449.42
7Daphne RichardsHAVOCW4050.33
8? SengerovaWAOCW4551.01
9Ruth ThompsonIND?74.41
10Russ + Sarah EdwardsSUFFOCM40,W1274.42
11Alex MachinSOSM14/Y774.47
--- PAR TIME ---
12P LundCHIGW1675.20
13Allan StobbsINDM2178.03
14Paul CorneyCHIGM4080.33
15S LundCHIGW4595.11
16E PowerLOKM7097.48
17Anna EngwellINDW2199.35
18Amanda MargraveWAOCW20126.49
19James BoothINDM16127.48
-Family JeffockSOSFAMILY.dnf
-F StreetHHW40.retd
-Sebastian PughSOSM14.retd

Green Course – 4.6km, 25m, 16 controls

1Clive StreetHHM4035.31
2Peter HaynesSLOWM4039.01
3Andy MalleySOSM4043.25
4Clive TantSOSM4550.20
5Zbig GebkaHAVOCM4050.24
6Ian WhissonCHIGM4050.37
7Andrew KellyCLAROM4054.39
8Dave MastersonINDM2156.30
9P LoweSUFFOCM4058.18
10Stephan PughSOSM1658.38
11A WallerHAVOCM2160.07
12Nick PughSOSM4562.37
13David FloatHAVOCM2162.48
14Peter WoodsWAOCM4063.01
15Kevin MachinSOSM4063.19
16Stan HolrydSMOCM5567.00
17D LundCHIGM4568.12
18I MiddlebrookSMOCM3570.36
19Mike BickleWAOCM5071.11
20Mark SalthouseSOSM3575.18
21Ian SmithWAOCM4076.36
22Tony BiggsHAVOCM5077.41
23Les ThurstonBSRC?77.44
24Martin SengerWAOCM?83.53
25I BrennanWAOCM2184.24
--- PAR TIME ---
26Julie FerrisSOSW2185.57
27Sue WoodsWAOCW4086.11
28Andrew EvesWAOCM4088.12
29P HardiseySOSM3589.11
30Blanka SengerovaWAOCW1889.59
31A HarriesWAOCM5091.44
32Gerald EngwellINDM2192.03
33M and S LowtherHAVOCM2195.46
34Nigel WoodcockWAOCM5097.16
35J HardyLOKM5597.53
36Chris BellWAOCM50102.53
37Robert MannSMOCM55104.10
38Anne PowerLOKW65110.28
39Helen BickleWAOCW18114.41
40J StreetHHM14127.07
41Hazel BickleWAOCW45133.40
42Mark CollinsWAOCM21136.22
43T WilkinsonWAOCM50139.05
-S DanielsCHIGW35mp
-Kevin WrightSOSM45retd
-D GoldingINDM35retd
-Mark WilsonINDM35retd
-Tim KeoghMVM35retd
-Jenny LundCHIGW16retd


Long, prologue – 3.3km, 25m, chasing start – 4.6km,25m

1Robert CampbellCHIGM2120.2033.2853.48
2Neil NorthropWAOCM1823.5438.4962.43
3Ian JonesWAOCM2124.2039.5264.12
4Rolf CrookWAOCM2129.1237.0266.14
5Russell LadkinSOSM2129.5238.5268.44
6John CollyerSOSM5027.4342.1870.01
7Mark CollisCUOCM2127.2344.0771.30
8Chris SellensSOSM1634.4843.2578.13
9Anthony WadesonWAOCM4029.5349.3579.28
10Helen CooperCUOCW2136.1648.2384.39
11M WadesonWAOCM3531.4554.5386.38
12Peter GardnerWAOCM1638.1851.1189.29
13Robin CampbellCHIGM6033.0757.4090.47
14Colin WestSOSM4036.2658.2494.50
15Fred NorthropWAOCM5044.0962.48106.57
16Nicola GardnerWAOCW4550.4268.37119.19
17Steve BaldwinSUFFOCM2148.2286.10134.32
-Clive ColesSUFFOCM5573.04dns-
-Helen GardnerWAOCW14retdretd-

Medium, prologue – 2.5km,15m, chasing start – 3.3km,25m

1Jenny CollyerSOSW5034.1534.0568.20
2Simon GardnerWAOCM1237.2231.5969.21
3Mike GardnerWAOCM4032.2861.1093.38
4Ruby CampbellCHIGW6042.1953.4696.05
5Joanne WestSOSW1247.1083.37130.47
-David WestSOSM16dns29.11-