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Essex Stragglers Orienteering Society (SOS)

ESSOL and Score Event
Wivenhoe Park and Woods
11th June 2000
Provisional Results

Organiser - Hilary Sellens 01206 766560

SI Results including split times are here

Organiser's Report Planner's Report Controller's Report
White Yellow Orange Light Green Score

Hilary Sellens. Organiser

I would like to thank all the helpers who gave up all their time to help run our first electronic punching event. From the organiser's point of view it saves on some labour but makes many of the jobs even more boring. The start in particular becomes a job of marshalling and checking. Many thanks to Mike, Mark and Chris on start, Pauline, Sally and Eleanor on Registration, David for finish control and Andrew, Steve and Colin at the Finish tent. We hope you all enjoyed the park and electronic punching.

Martin Sellens. Planner

I tried to use a slightly different part of the park for the schools league courses and that meant playing a bit fast and loose with the planning guidelines. I'm not sure if the side of a lake and a vegetation boundary breach the spirit of technical difficulty 1 or not, but Clive let me get away with it and in the end everyone finished both the white and the yellow courses within the guidelines. So that's all right, then. However, it was interesting to watch packs of white course competitors running straight to a yellow control about 100m, and the other side of the track from the one they should have been visiting. It's easy to forget that the urge to visit any visible control is greater than the lure of reading the map.

I thought it might make a nice change for those on the Orange and Light Green, probably all too familiar with the park, to pay a visit to the long grass and uncrossable ditches of the marshes. I hadn't anticipated the model helicopter pilot, but I'm glad to say that he wasn't unduly offended that you were all in too much of a hurry to chat, and after we'd explained what was going on he pottered off to another field in Clacton to play. I'm sure you'll all join me in thanking the University grounds staff for mowing the nettles at the exit from the marshes. Pity they couldn't deal with the thistles at the other end, too. Maybe the Orange was a bit tricky, and the Light Green was more of a blue in length, but I didn't hear too many complaints so I hope you all enjoyed your runs. Commiserations to Mr Ali, who clearly didn't.

I only used Wivenhoe woods for a couple of Score controls, to minimise the risk of vandalism. We couldn't afford to lose any SportIdent punches on their first outing. I'm glad that a few of you visited them! Sorry about the defective control in the narrow strip of marsh over the railway line; we haven't given anyone the score for that one. I particularly wanted to use this area as I'd gone to the trouble of mapping it and it is pretty useless for a "cross country" event. I had to abandon my preferred control site, a nice little niche even further away from the Park, as it was too overgrown with nettles. Kind, or what? Well done to Neil Humphries who nearly got them all.

Lasting memories? The barn owl on the marshes and the be-suited refugees from the summer ball straggling home at 6.00 on Sunday morning. Finally, many thanks to Clive who was a tolerant and flexible controller and who went far beyond the usual remit of that office by helping to put out controls, bag master maps and tidy up at the end of a tiring weekend. Oh, and he also curbed the excesses of some of my more challenging course planning.

Clive Tant. Controller

Martin had set some challenging courses and I had feared that they would be too demanding. Everyone rose to the challenge and as it turned out there was an excellent percentage of completed courses and in good times. The truth is that Martin managed to get courses out of the area which were a little more interesting than the usual design.

It had been a surprise and a little worry to learn only one week before the event that it was to be used as the first test for the region's new electronic punching system. This involved quite a re-think of many organisational details but (as we have come to expect) this was not beyond Hilary who kept a firm grip on the planner and the team of helpers who all coped so admirably with the new system.

And what fun the new system is for those techno-gurus. Steve Robertson and Colin West (supervised by techno-coach Andrew Cordle and observed/helped by a couple of non-SOS members) seemed to be in their element and failed to be flustered by the few problems they encountered.

All in all it seemed to be a successful day for the club and most competitors. I hope you enjoyed your day and will make it to the next SOS event.

   Pl Age Class            Name                    Club                             Time 


    1 W6                   Nicola Barker           Barnardiston Hall                9:17 
    2 M6                   James Wall              Barnardiston Hall                9:54 
    3 W6                   Antonia Beamish         Barnardiston Hall               10:21 
    4 M5                   Elliot Swinney          Barnardiston Hall               11:03 
    5 M5                   Harry Mills             Barnardiston Hall               11:14 
    6 M4                   Matt Dakin/Steven Leigh Barnardiston Hall               11:36 
    7 W6                   Anna Smith              Barnardiston Hall               12:21 
    8 M6                   Liam Shotton            Barnardiston Hall               12:31 
    9 W6                   Megan Rose              Barnardiston Hall               12:46 
   10 W/Y4                 Rachael Malley          St Nicholas, Tillingham         13:40 
   11 M5                   Samuel Gregory          Barnardiston Hall               14:02 
   12 W4                   Tegan Paxton/Alex Phill Barnardiston Hall               14:19 
   13 M4&5                 David Shaw/Chris Moulto Barnardiston Hall               14:49 
   14 W5                   Christine Davies        Barnardiston Hall               15:36 
   15 primary              Conor Weed              SUFFOC                          15:40 
   16 W/Y10                Sarah Cleavely          Independent                     17:16 
   17 W/Y5                 Nikki Smith             Cann Hall                       17:21 
   18 W/Y5                 Nicola Reeves           Cann Hall                       17:28 
   19 Y2                   Ruth Salthouse          St Thomas More                  18:04 
   20 W/Y4                 Hannah Russell          Cann Hall                       18:06 
   21 W/Y4                 Kirsty Ellice           Cann Hall                       18:12 
   22 Y0                   Callum Machin           St Marys SW Ferrers             18:30 
   23 W/Y4                 Nikki Ellice            Cann Hall                       18:33 
   24 W4                   Chloe Coles/Erin Rose   Barnardiston Hall               18:53 
   25 W/Y3                 Katrin Sengerova        St Mary's Saffron Walden        19:13 
   26 W/Y4                 Louise Reeves           Cann Hall                       19:15 
   27 W/Y3                 Xilona Wood             St Mary's Saffron Walden        19:16 
   28 W/Y4                 Layla Davey             Cann Hall                       19:43 
   29 M12                  Adam Smith              WAOC                            22:30 
   30 Y3                   Thomas Robertson        Fordham All Saints              23:53 
                                                                                   Par Time

      M6                   Peter Symes-Thompson    Barnardiston Hall               mp 111 


    1 M8                   Andrew Barker           Barnardiston Hall               15:15 
    2 M7                   David Fletcher          Barnardiston Hall               16:49 
    3 M8                   Matthew Reeves          Barnardiston Hall               17:11 
    4 W8                   Emma Longland           Barnardiston Hall               18:04 
    5 M8                   Michael Broadhead       Barnardiston Hall               18:27 
    6 m/Y5                 William Hardisty        St Teresa's                     19:37 
    7 W7                   Rachel Irving           Barnardiston Hall               21:24 
    8 W35                  Veronica Machin         SOS                             21:27 
    9 W7                   Sarah Cammack           Barnardiston Hall               21:43 
   10 Y4                   Philip Hardinghan       Danbury Park                    22:02 
   11 M/Y4                 Oliver Taylor+1         Friars Grove                    22:43 
   12 W/Yr4                Elsbeth Machin          St Marys SW Ferrers             22:52 
   13 Y5                   David Chandler          Friars Grove                    23:09 
   14 W35                  Rachel Harper           Friars Grove                    24:37 
   14 W/Yr6                Abigail Machin          St Marys SW Ferrers             24:37 
   16 W6                   Emily Birrell           Barnardiston Hall               24:57 
   17 Y8                   Adam Hodgson            Colchester Royal Grammar        25:05 
   18 M6                   J Park                  SUFFOC                          25:12 
   19 M12                  N Czyzewicz             St Benedicts                    27:39 
   20 M12/Y6               Matt Johnson            Newlands Spring Primary         27:45 
   21 M8                   Wesley Wright           Barnardiston Hall               27:49 
                                                                                   Par Time
   22 W10                  S  Park                 SUFFOC                          29:14 
   23 M21                  Q Ali                   Independent                     29:59 
   24 Y4                   Joshua Salthouse        St Thomas More                  31:32 
   25 M8                   M Park                  SUFFOC                          32:47 
   26 5                    India Morgan            SOS                             35:28 
   27 7                    Forest Morgan           SOS                             35:34 
   28                      Megan Malley            SOS                             36:43 

      W75                  Pauline Stevens         SOS                             mp 115


    1 W18                  Eleanor West            SOS                             26:34 
    2 M16                  S M Callender           Independent                     31:45 
    3 M40                  D Plasco                Independent                     41:40 
    4 M40                  B Levene                Independent                     41:43 
    5 W/Y10                Lucy Seakins            CCHS                            49:02 
    6 W/Y10                Lucy Aldous             CCHS                            49:05 
    7 W50                  R Taylor                SOS                             50:24 
                                                                                   Par Time
    8 W14                  Kiri Alford             SOS                             74:28 
    9 9                    Mary Read               Independent                     79:08 
   10 W55                  C J Callender           Independent                     79:09 

      W21                  Tereza Sengerova        Independent                     Disq
                           Jackie Seakins          CCHS                            Disq 
      M21                  Q Ali                   Independent                     Disq

Light Green        

    1 M40                  Andy Malley             SOS                             39:04 
    2 W21                  Claire Warner           CUOC                            46:09 
    3 M40                  S Czyzewicz             SOS                             48:48 
    4 M45                  Geoff Pye               SOS                             51:00 
    5 M40                  Ian Smith               WAOC                            52:41 
    6 W21                  Helen Cooper            CUOC                            54:13 
    7 M55                  Robert Mann             SOS                             58:06 
    8 W18                  Blanka Sengerova        WAOC                            60:11 
    9 M35                  Peter Hardisty          SOS                             60:51 
   10 M21                  Gerald Engwell          HAVOC                           68:14 
   11 W45                  Lyn West                SOS                             68:28 
                                                                                   Par Time
   12 W20                  P F Bickle              WAOC                            71:09 
   13 W45                  Jitka Sengerova         WAOC                            72:07 
   14 M14                  Johnathan Pye           SOS                             77:20 
   15 W18                  H N Bickle              WAOC                            77:26 
   16 M45                  Alan Alford             SOS                             77:48 
   17 W45                  H J Bickle              WAOC                            80:54 
   18 W14/Y8               Emma Johnson            Chelmer Valley High School      84:22 
   18 W8                   Katie Sellens           Philip Morant                   84:22 
   18 W7                   Nina Tant               St Peters                       84:22 
   18 W9                   Hazel Tant              St Peters                       84:22 
   22 W/Yr7                Joanne West             Ipswich School                  86:40 
   23 M/Yr7                Alex Machin             Colchester High School          90:16 


Name Age ClassClubTimeFinal PointsPenalty PointsScore Points107108112113114115116117118120121122123124125126127128129130131132133134135137138139140
Neil HumphriesM40WAOC59:12410411111111111111111112111
Rolf CrookM21WAOC57:4732032



Mark JohnsonM35SOS46:20270271111111111111111112111112

R J Weed



Ian JonesM21WAOC63:5427-835


B ParkM35SUFFOC50:43260261111111111

Guy Roper / Tracey CurlM/W35NOR57:1426026




Richard BonnettMSOS48:58240241111111111111111

JuddM3039 Eng Regiment57:16230231111111

M SalthouseM35SOS63:1823-730



David WestM16SOS56:1523023111111


DicksonM2139 Eng Regiment59:232202211


BassettM4539 Eng Regiment62:0721-526111111111111


Mark CollisM21DRONGO62:5521-627



Colin WestM45SOS58:5917017


Martin HumphriesM14WAOC54:20160161111



DixonM2139 Eng Regiment57:4613013111111



M J BickleM50WAOC62:419-615





Kevin MachinM40SOS85:30-26-5125