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Essex Stragglers Orienteering Society (SOS)

Stragglers' Relays
The Broaks
16th July 2000

Relay Results
PositionTeam NumberTeam NameClubFinish TimeHandicapRunning Time
22This Little ChiggyCHIG12:36:1840.0076.18
313Sossled AgainSOS12:42:1534.0076.15
410Such HavocHAVOC12:42:3538.0080.35
57Essex GirlsSOS12:43:3366.00109.33
63Cream of Chig'nCHIG12:44:1336.0080.13
74The ChigsoresCHIG12:46:3737.0083.37
812The CzyczLynesSOS12:46:4740.0086.47
914Dengie DaggersSOS12:46:5435.0081.54
108Weeds BewareWAOC12:51:2754.00105.27
1111Speedy SnailsHAVOC13:07:4429.0096.44
129Havoc HopefulsHAVOC13:25:3025.00110.30
135Chigs Might FlyCHIG13:26:0734.00120.07
146Chiggy Chiggy Bang BangCHIG 26.00 
Light Green Course - 3.1km, 9 controls, 40m
PositionName ClassClubTime 
1R Keel M20GO36.21 
2T.Crothall M16GO51.45 
3Steve King M35Ind68.46 
4E & A Cordle W16/M50SOS93.34 
Orange course -2.8 km, 10 controls, 40m
PositionName ClassClubTime 
1Andrew Warner/Nathan Webb Yr 8St.Ben58.46 
2Sarah Lyne W10SOS61.41 
3Jackie and Bridget  Ind77.1 
4Richard Summers M15GO(SACF)81.5 
5Pauline Stevens W75SOS87.59 
6Ian O'Leary/Finlay Ridgwell Yr 8St.Ben140 
 Catherine Fone/Verity Butler Yr 7St.BenRetd 
Yellow course - 1.9km, 9 controls, 10m
PositionName ClassClubTime 
1Andrew Warner/Nathan Webb Yr 8St.Ben38.16 
2Ian O'Leary/Findlay Ridgwell Yr 8St.Ben42.1