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Essex Stragglers Orienteering Society (SOS)
Hangover Handicap - Millennium Madness
Broaks Wood
1st January 2001

SI splits are here.

Organisers Comments - Andrew Cordle

Thanks for coming. What a good turnout, despite the unpromising weather. At one stage I thought that we might run out of maps, bu in the end we had a few to spare. We had hoped to produce results on the day, but the high turnout kept us busy with registration and finishers. Thanks to Emily for doing the computer work on the day, despite having a hangover. Congratulations to Mick Muggeridge on winning the event, and to Braintree Strollers for lifting themselves off the foot of the results table.

Planers Comments - Andrew Cordle

Some of you seemed to have trouble with the rules, either interpreting them too liberally (running a straight-forward Score event instead of the specified laps) or too strictly (visiting the controls on each lap in numerical order) - in either case you failed to score to your potential. A number of you ignored the requirement to wait for one minute after the previous starter had left, and have been awarded an extra time penalty. Two of you didn't download your e-cards so scored zero points for controls visited (but you've retained your time penalties taken from the Start and Finish control boxes).

No-one got close to finishing the course, so I expect the mud slowed you down a bit. If I'd known I wouldn't have bothered to put out so many controls.

Controllers Comments - Andrew Cordle

The event map would have benefitted from a little more tweaking in terms of colour depth and especially in regards to the positioning of the control numbers - some of you confused 17 for 7, or transposed 17 and 18 (but you did have time to study the map in detail before you started). Perhaps the best thing to do next year is leave the numbers off the map.

Posn.NameStartGapTimeClubClassPointsTime PenaltyHandicapTotal
1Michael Muggeridge11:04:140:58:44HAVOCM4027229
2John Collyer11:14:440:00:540:59:58SOSM5527-1329
3David West11:21:030:59:47SOSM1626228
4Steve Robertson11:11:430:58:54SOSM4525227
5Jenny Collyer11:09:290:57:34SOSW5521526
7Andrew Cummings11:33:170:59:13HHM4524226
8D High11:28:041:01:41CROCM2128-226
9Martin Sellens12:02:420:00:331:02:02SOSM4528-4226
10Jeff Powell Davies11:55:020:00:410:57:29SOSM2126-125
12John Webb11:31:250:59:56SUFFOCM6520525
13Chris Sellens11:46:591:01:15SOSM1826-2125
14Colin West11:29:071:02:21SOSM4526-3225
15Ronan Cleary12:51:161:02:37LOKM4026-3225
16Mike Powell Davies11:57:590:57:15SOSM5021324
17Nick Pugh12:38:000:59:59SOSM5021324
18Simon Errington11:04:450:00:311:01:23HHM3526-3124
19Suzy Robertson11:13:501:02:50SOSW1824-3324
20Nicola Robertson11:24:001:04:40SOSW1826-5324
21Kevin Machin12:18:051:04:48SOSM4027-5224
22Julie Cleary12:42:010:00:550:54:42LOKW3521-1323
23Lyn West11:25:590:00:590:55:17SOSW4520-1423
25Bill Griffiths11:27:000:58:06WASHM5020323
26Peter Chapman12:01:001:07:34SOM3530-8123
27Tony Miley11:59:000:55:32HHM5519322
28David Payne11:12:460:57:47INDM4020222
29C P Webster11:19:001:05:00HHM5025-6322
30Roger Lewis11:00:551:06:16SHUOCM2129-722
31Ian Clayton11:18:000:52:49WAOCM3520121
33Tom Collins11:10:291:03:17SOSM4023-4221
34Helen Errington12:24:361:05:42HHW4024-7421
36Joanne West11:30:171:03:23SOSW1419-4520
37Oliver & Greg11:39:021:04:07EETriM2124-519
38Nancy Powell Davies11:51:581:04:28SOSW5519-5519
39Alex Machin12:15:371:04:41SOSM1421-5319
40Graeme Carey10:48:520:56:36SOSM4516218
41S Czyzewicz11:07:590:59:26SOSM4516218
42Seastian Pugh12:39:590:00:510:56:36SOSM1415-1317
43K Courtier11:16:140:00:560:58:34INDW1011-1717
44A Gilby11:15:180:00:340:59:40SOSW911-1717
45Maureen Webster11:16:580:00:441:02:09HHW5015-4516
46E & A Machin12:03:210:00:391:03:01SOSW10/1214-5716
47Helen Hampton12:41:060:53:47CHIGW3512315
48Katie Sellens11:56:010:00:591:02:19SOSW1615-4415
50Thomas Hemingway12:06:110:56:55INDFamily8513
51Martin Pugh12:39:081:02:05SOSM2116-313
52Geraldine Russell11:52:570:00:591:05:29SOSW5514-7512
53Nathan Czyzewicz11:05:500:53:44SOSM148311
54C & V Machin12:02:091:06:29SOSM10/W3513-7511
55A L Welsh10:53:560:56:23SMOCM458210
56J Bishop11:50:011:00:51INDM2111-110
57Hilary Sellens11:54:211:02:00SOSW458-2410
58David Milton11:06:490:00:590:20:16INDM507-139
59Peter Lake11:43:260:40:28CHIGM35819
61Joan Miley11:56:590:00:581:08:41HHW6013-1069
62Gerald Engwell11:44:510:51:00HAVOCM2188
63A Engwell11:25:000:57:01HAVOCW21628
65Braintree Strollers11:02:591:16:26INDGroup15-1753
66Chris Baker11:22:581:07:02DFOKM650-85-3
67Stephanie Kohn10:37:361:42:04HAVOCW4015-434-24
69Ken Wickham11:08:280:00:291:38:58CHIGM600-404-36


This is a Score Individual Relay Options Handicap Event.

Score? - visit as many controls as you can and return to the finish within 60 minutes. Score one point for each control visited (subject to the other rules), loose one point for each minute (or part) taken over 60 minutes.

Individual Relay? - The event consists of six laps (levels). You must visit the all the controls at the first level, in any order, before starting the second level, and so on. You don't need to return to the Start/Finish between levels. The legs get longer and harder as you go through the levels.

Options? The Millennium Fairy has granted you two cheats. You can miss out one or two controls separately or together at any stage in the competition, so if you can't find a control, or there is one a long way from the rest of your route, don't worry. If you don't use one or both cheats, you will get one or two bonus points added to your score at the end.

Handicap? Points will be added based on your 2001 age class - M21 0 points, M18/20/35 1, M16/40/45 2, M14/50/55 3, M12/60 4, M10/65/70/75 5. Ws will get 2 more points than the corresponding M, and family groups will be assessed by the organiser.


Exchange your completed entry form and fee for the event map, which shows the location of the Start/Finish, the controls, and toilets (Marked T), and hire SI card if appropriate. Lost SI cards will be charged 15.

You can start whenever you are ready (up to 13:00), but don't start within one minute of the previous starter. Collect the list of controls in each level from the post beyond the Start AFTER you have punched the Start.

Since you have a map with the location of all controls marked, you will know which control you are at, so the controls don't have numbers on them. As the control circles were printed at the same time as the rest of the map, the control is exactly in the centre of the circle, so you don't need control descriptions, though you might need to run around a raised point feature before you find the flag.

You must report back to the registration car to download (and return) your SI card. Take care near water and on the minor road between controls 19 and 15.

Level 1 - Nice & Easy         					
5	22	23	24	25	27
Level 2 - Head for the hills					
7	8	10	11	18	20
Level 3 - Happy holly-days					
12	14	16	20	22	26
Level 4 - Getting dizzy?        					
4	6	9	11	21	24
Level 5 - East and West        					
2	3	15	16	17	19
Level 6 - Home at last          					
3	9	10	13	21	27