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Essex Stragglers Orienteering Society (SOS)

Colour Coded and Schools League (ESSOL) Event
Chalkney Wood
21st January 2001
Final Results

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Organiser's Report Planner's Report Controller's Report
White Yellow Orange Light Green Green Blue

Organisers Comments Geraldine Russell SOS

Despite the weather there was a steady flow of participants, over 100 in all. It was good to see the number of schools which took part and there were quite a people 'doing it' for the first time who had heard about the event on Radio Essex. I had two comments about how good our web page is so congrats to Andrew who maintains the site. All helpers turned up and performed admirably so a big 'thank you' to them especially as it was so wet and cold. Matthew Johnson did so much running around that he must have completed the distance of all courses put together.

I discovered that several groups only paid for one map between them but then unbeknown to anyone decided to take one each after starting which unfortunately made us unexpectedly short of maps on 2 courses. Any suggestions how this can be avoided in the future?"

Planner's comments Mike Powell Davies SOS

There are considerable advantages in combining mapping and planning. Much of the latter can be done in advance of the cartography. Many thanks to Mark who kept me on the straight and narrow and, more importantly, kept some competitors out of a particularly unpleasant area of bramble.

Whilst January is a good time for the undergrowth, it is the main felling period. This resulted in an inferior Yellow course to avoid the working area and associated loss of paths. The track from 8 to 9 is normally particularly muddy, but the frost just held out long enough to make it runnable. The Blue was deliberately long to compensate for the lack of a Brown course.

Using over-printed maps inevitably can cause some problems. Given the cost of the maps and the impossibility of accurately forecasting numbers on each course, there has to be some trade off between the number of maps on each course and the entry fee. I apologise to those competitors, particularly on the Yellow and Orange courses, who were asked to surrender their map at the finish so that another competitor could use it. I have a small supply of marked maps for each course and can always print more at home. So if you left the event without your map and would like a copy please e-mail me at or phone 01376 562657 in the evenings. You will need to give me your name and address, together with a note of your course.

Controller's Comments Mark Johnson SOS

It was good to see such a big turnout given the wintry weather. Mike made good use of the SI electronic punching to provide you with some interesting and challenging courses that avoided the worst of the brambles and rutted tracks. First time Organiser Geraldine (coached by Lyn) had everything else under control. The Registration, Start, Finish and Results teams were as efficient as ever. All in all I had very little to do.

Well-done Stragglers.

White1.5 km 20 m 10 C
Harry MillsY6Barnardiston10:02
Elliott SwinneyY6Barnardiston12:33
Daniel ShawY5Barnardiston12:54
Steven LeighY5Barnardiston14:49
Nathan ShawY6Barnardiston15:01
Robert BarkerY3Barnardiston17:07
Sarah Roach/Joshua HarrY3/Y4Barnardiston18:27
Tegan PaxtonY5Barnardiston20:20
Matthwew DakinY5Barnardiston20:47
Alex PhillipsY5Barnardiston22:00
Megan MalleyY3SOS24:38
Rachael MalleyY5SOS24:52
Christine DaviesY6Barnardiston26:11
Callum StewartM4Ind33:43
par time
Chloe ColesY5Barnardistonmissing no.10
Yellow 2.1 km 25 m 10 C
Nicola Barker Y7Barnardiston 15:08
Harriet de Bretton GordonY7Barnardiston 17:11
Peter Symes-Thompson Y7Barnardiston 18:29
Liam Shutton Y7Barnardiston 20:15
William Hardisty Y6SOS 20:59
David Fletcher Y8Barnardiston 21:24
David Chandler Y6Friars Grove 21:55
John Dobner M45Ind 25:16
Rachel Irving Y8Barnardiston 27:33
Par time28:05
Daniel Lewis M16GO 28:44
Joshua Dobner/George Rendlesome Y7St Benedicts 32:15
Oliver Taylor Y5Friars Grove 32:18
Collins Family FamilyInd 36:27
Pallant family FamilySOS 39:50
Antonia Beamish Barnardiston 42:48
Toby Lees Y8St Benedicts missing no 10
Jessica Masterton/Annika Wetherley   Y7St Benedicts retd
Orange  2.7 km 30 m 12 C
Ted Johnson M60SOS 25:51
Tim Chandler M40Ind 26:25
Paul Duffy M21Ind 30:56
Robert TaylorM50SOS35:39
The Houldings FamilyInd36:05
Andrew Hodgson M40Ind 37:26
Adam Hodgson M13CRGS 38:41
Par time39:16
Michael Raffles/David Lipner M16STAS 39:51
Andrew Warner/Nathan Webb 78St Benedicts 42:07
Braintree Strollers GroupInd 45:30
Kiri Alford Y10SOS 47:56
Robert Bashford M14GO 51:07
Collins Family FamilySOS 52:49
Sam Robinson M9Hamilton Primary 53:53
Light Green  3.300 km 40 m 15 C
James Catton M21CUOC 34:15
Tom Crothall M18GO 39:43
Alex Grant M16STAS 43:54
Andrew Pillsworth Y11STAS 44:52
D. Thomas Y13STAS 45:37
Rebecca Dawson +1 Ind 47:49
Alan Alford M45SOS 51:16
J. Hadler M45WAOC 52:17
Emma Johnson Y9 SOS 53:30
Joanne West Y8IPS54:38
Par time57:11
L Hadler M14WAOC 59:44
Nancy Powell-Davis W50 SOS 63:13
Louise Rushworth W35 Suffoc 66:48
A. Engwell W21Havoc 67:32
Helen Hampton W35 Chig 67:50
Carmel Johnson W55 SOS 83:57
Bahar Mirshekar Y12 SOS 99:32
Gardner M40 Ind 105:21
Sebastian Pugh Y9SOS retd
Green 4.5 km 60 m 19 C
Andy Malley M40SOS 44:42
Everitt M45STAS 61:58
Jim Graham M50SOS 65:56
Simon Thomas M20CUOC 71:04
D DeCarcenal M21CUOC 71:40
Tom Beskeen Y12STAS 71:41
MartinBishop M50SOS 71:42
Hazel Tant W16SOS 73:32
Bruce Marshall M45WAOC 76:50
Sue Carton W45SOS 77:05
Par time78:34
Chris.Rowse M21Kerno 80:02
Martin Senger M50WAOC 87:22
Bill Mclean M65Suffoc 91:11
Yvonne Mclean W60Suffoc 100:27
Maria Marshall W45WAOC 100:39
Marianne & Roger McLernonSeniorInd 152:14
Lyn West W45SOSmissing no. 13
Gerry Russell W55SOS retd
Neale Cooper W35Ind retd
Blue7.2 km 100 m 27 C
Mark Bown M21Kerno 51:29
Ian Jones M21WAOC 61:48
Ian Maynard M35Havoc 62:30
Peter Lake M35Chig 62:40
Alan Elder M20CUOC 63:53
D Nutt M21Ind 64:31
Mark Ford M21Chig 64:39
Steve Robertson M45SOS 67:56
Rachael Elder W21CUOC 70:04
John van Rooyen M50SAXONS 71:07
Martin Sellens M45SOS 75:13
Nick Pugh M50SOS 75:57
Mark Collis M21CUOC 78:28
Par time79:04
M Brookes M50Suffoc 79:39
Rolf Crook M21WAOC 81:37
Geoff Pye M45SOS 83:04
Nicola Robertson W18SOS 85:13
Dominic Lawrence M21SLOW 91:01
Tom Collins M45SOS 95:22
Peter Hardisty M40SOS 96:40
Blanka Sengerova W18WAOC 99:41
Gerald Engwell M21Havoc 106:39
Ian Clayton M35WAOC 117:46
Paul Bird M21Ind wrong 1,7,8 & 17
Mark Rennie M21Indretd
Paul Carney M21Suffoc retd