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Essex Stragglers Orienteering Society (SOS)

Wivenhoe Park and Woods
7th October 2001
Final Results

Organiser's Report Planner's Report SI Split Times
White Yellow Orange Light Green Score

Organisers Report – Eleanor West

Just a few brief words to say thank you to all my helpers. This has to have been the first event I've organised where I had to do no ringing round to get helpers. All I did was send out a group email and I was inundated with offers of help. Thank you – it makes a big difference. I hope everyone enjoyed their runs and that none of the problems that at the time seemed like huge catastrophes showed themselves too much.
I won't comment on the use of Sport Ident – I think maybe my experience was not a typical one but I will say that I'm sorry to those who had not used the system before for the lack of advice and instructions on how to use it. Those of us who are regulars tend to take it for granted but in future I will make sure the club realises there are those who need a few pointers.
A brief note on the score event results. Firstly I didn't make the handicap scheme up so don't hassle me about it! I have counted every minute or part minute late as a late penalty point. Your final score is the number of controls you visited plus your handicap, minus your late penalties. Finally, some people seemed to use the course as a training event and punched every control they could find - even if they weren't on the map. I have only counted those between 101 and 127 so if you visited any others, for the purposes of the results, it was wasted effort!

Planners Report – Mark Johnson

Wivenhoe Park is an ideal location for a Schools League event but poses few technical problems for the experienced orienteer.
I offer my apologies to anyone who had arrived expecting to run a Green or Blue course only to find White to Light Green courses and a score event.
I understand that a few competitors had some difficulty locating a control at a ditch junction down on the marshes. The junction was a distinctive feature.
However, there was no thicket to the east of the ditch junction on the ground to match that shown on the map. A map correction would have been in order.
Apologies if this spoilt your enjoyment of your course.

1Yr. 6Erin RoseBarnardiston9:21
2Yr. 6David EustaceBarnardiston9:23
3Yr. 6Amy WarmesBarnardiston10:32
4Yr. 5T Bright & T RaeBarnardiston10:45
4Yr. 5J de Lant & R KnightBarnardiston10:45
6Yr. 6Rachel MalleyTillingham St Nicholas 11:18
7Yr. 5L Salby & A CocksBarnardiston 11:39
8Yr. 6Alex PhillipsBarnardiston 12:07
9Yr. 5P Robinson & G DuthieBarnardiston 12:21
10Yr. 5A Bibby & C Buckingham Barnardiston 13:00
11Yr. 6Chloe ColesBarnardiston 13:30
12Yr. 4Sarah RoachBarnardiston 13:33
13Yr. 4R Barker Barnardiston 14:13
14Yr. 4Megan Malley Tillingham St Nicholas14:19
15Yr. 6S Dickins & T PrykeBarnardiston14:22
16Yr. 6Abbi Pass & Tegan PBarnardiston16:22
 Yr. 6Lucy Hamilton & Alice WBarnardistonmp (M5)
 M10Alex MinshallWAOCmp
1Yr. 7T King & C Moulton Barnardiston9:48
2Yr. 8Peter Symes-Thompson Barnardiston 10:57
3Yr. 7C King & B HargroveBarnardiston 11:37
4Yr. 7James Wall & M DickensBarnardiston 12:13
5Yr. 8Nicola BarkerBarnardiston 12:35
6M35Luke MinshallWAOC 14:12
7Yr. 8Antonia BeamishBarnardiston 14:41
8Yr. 7E Swinney & S GregoryBarnardiston 15:20
9Yr. 8T Coles & H deBretton-GBarnardiston 16:25
10Yr. 6Oliver TaylorFriars Grove 16:27
11Yr. 7David ChandlerGilberd School 16:49
12Yr. 7William Hardisty Ipswich18:15
13Yr. 7Philip EmersonIpswich18:57
14Yr. 7E Birrell & L Cape Barnardiston 21:28
15Yr. 7C Davies & J Kershaw Barnardiston 22:51
16W10/12 Sarah Lyne & Georgina CSOS25:42
17Yr. 8Danielle Lavender +1CCHS 26:26
18M45David Carter WAOC 26:59
19W55J MacGregorIndependent27:26
1M50Robert TaylorSOS22:29
2Yr. 9Rachael WiddickIpswich28:01
3Yr. 10Stuart Moore Independent29:34
4Yr. 9Kyle Crane Independent32:03
N/CYr. 6D Chapman & R Malley St Mary's Primary36:04
N/CYr. 8Danielle Lavender +1 CCHS36:13
560C J CallenderIndependent37:32
6Yr. 10V Fletcher & E HallCCHS38:09
7W14/Y10 Sarah EdwardsClare Scouts40:17
8Yr. 3Alex Ware + mumCherry Tree School42:21
9Yr. 10Gerrard Dooley Independent42:46
10Yr. 6A Last Waldronfield School46:31
11Yr. 4T Last Waldronfield School46:50
12W14Amy Bayne +2Independent71:40
 M40/M14Alan & Robert Varletta Independentmp
  Phillips x 3 Independentmp
1M40Hardisty SOS29:09
2M40Paul LoweSUFFOC 34:00
3  Adrian ColeIndependent34:24
4M21Andrew WilsonNOR34:26
5M40Tim Chandler Independent37:23
6M35Paul Fretter NOR37:27
7Yr. 8James Lyne SOS37:43
8W35Alison MalleySOS39:31
9M30Darrell SmithIndependent39.37
10M65Keith Ryder HAVOC42:10
11W65Ursula Oxburgh WAOC 42:24
12W45Nancy Powell-DaviesSOS44:27
13M45Russ Edwards SUFFOC 48:07
14W35Diane WilliamsonHH49.20
15M40S Cartwright Independent52:15
16M55Colin NicholsonSMOC 54:11
17W70Anne Duncumb WAOC 59:52
18Yr. 13Bahar MirshekarSOS/CCHS 61:33
19M70Alan MiltonSOS71:38
2050J LewingtonIndependent76:34
N/CYr. 10E Hall & V FletcherCCHS 80:16
 W16/M45Kiri & Alan Alford SOS mp
 M50Andrew Breakwell SUFFOCmp
 M35C MiddletonNOR mp
PositionNameClubClassHandicapControls visitedTimeLate penaltyTotal score
1Steve RobertsonSOSM4522543.37027
2Chris SellensSOSM1812442.40025
3Clive TantSOSM4521942.37021
4A. MacGregorBADOM6041744.54021
5Suzy RobertsonSOSW1832046.09221
6John CollyerSOSM5531742.44020
7Steve NobbsNORM4521740.14019
8Nicola RobertsonSOSW1831642.04019
9Jenny CollyerSOSW5551646.02219
10James LyneSOSM1431543.01018
11Ric BayneHAVOCM2101945.19118
12Jo WestSOSW1451239.27017
13John FloatHAVOCM7051242.21017
14David FloatHAVOCM2101744.06017
15Emma JohnsonSOSW1451749.34517
16Geoff PyeSOSM4522251.01717
17Sharon BayneHAVOCW2121437.02016
18Lyn WestSOSW4541242.01016
19Mark LyneSOSM4021949.34516
20Richard BonnetSOSM4522151.31716
21Lawrence BallNORM1622353.42916
22Steve CzyzewiczSOSM4521849.30515
23David BallNORM5531548.04414
24Alison KaySUFFOCW2121040.54012
25Tony BayneINDM503944.39012
26Mark BayneINDM2101245.11111
27Johnathon PyeSOSM1431450.58611
28Steve KingINDM4021348.59510
29Tom Collins and Paul SchofieldSOSM4022472.3928-2
30Roger StensonNORM6552090.0045-20
31Geraldine RussellSOSW55526160.15116-85
32A WelshSUFFOCM45218243.15199-179
n/cNina TantSOSW1451649.35516
n/cHazel TantSOSW1641649.33515
n/cKatie SellensSOSW1641649.33515