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Essex Stragglers Orienteering Society (SOS)

Colour Coded, Schools League and Come-and-Try-It Event
Wivenhoe Park and Woods
16th June 2002
Final results

Organisers Comments - Dave Birkett (01245-352365)

Thanks to all the helpers on the day and to those who provided valuable assistance in the preparations for the event. -Peter, Peter`s son, Alan, Dean, Martin, Clive, Steve, Geoff, Julia, Suzy, Thomas, Lyn, Colin, Andrew, Shane, James, Mark, Hilary, Clare plus two (sorry don't remember your names), Wendy, Chris for Planning the course and Steve for Controlling. Thanks also to those who volunteered to help Pauline, Geraldine, the rest of the Tant family, Karen and family and Andrew. You all made the organising of the event a pleasure.

Many thanks to all of you for coming. I hope you enjoyed the day. Two controls were sabotaged during the event and moved to slightly different locations. They were re- positioned. One by a sensible young competitor and I thank him for that. If anyone knows or saw who was responsible for moving the controls please let me know and I will take necessary action. I hope that this act of vandalism did not diminish too much the enjoyment of those who were affected. The controls were credited to those who missed them.

It was great to see the string course being used. Steve's idea to use electronic punching worked and gave it another dimension for those who took part.

I have two items of found property a compass and whistle.

We are grateful to Essex University and Colchester Borough Council for use of their land.

The next SOS event is the Hylands Park relays on 7th July 2002. I hope you can all make it for what is traditionally a lot of fun in the sun.

Planners report - Chris Sellens

This event was origally meant to be planned by David West, then at the British Champs he told me that he was unable to plan the event as he had to attend a field trip. I then offered to replace him and do a event swap so he would plan the Chalkney Woods event in October. When I agreed to plan the event I had no idea when the event was to take place and was shocked when it coinsided with my As exams. Obviously the exams came first which finished 3 days before the event. The Planning therefore was very last minute. In fact the control descriptions weren't photocopied till 9.00 on sunday. Despite the last minute planning the event went well, it is just ashame about the individual that moved controls therefore making some competitors runs that little bit less enjoyable.

When planning the courses I tried to take advantage of the small pockets of beutiful parkland and woodland that the area processes as well as including some park race legs to add varrity and increase interest in parkracing which will debt in the Olympics in 2008.

I would like to thank the SOS members and Police that helped on the day who were managed by the efficient Dave Birket. I would also like to thank Steve Robertson the controler whose perfection made the corses what they were, and would like to thank ENGLAND who were considerate enough to play the day before so I could watch the game.

Be sure to come to the clubs next event at HYLANDS PARK, Chelmsford on the 7th of July, and partisipate in the annual SOS relays, it is bound to be a fun day out.

Controllers Report - Steve Robertson

Chris Sellens managed very well to fit in A level exams and planning of the Wivenhoe courses and upheld the Stragglers tradition of 'everything being allright on the night'. Despite the regular use of Wivenhoe for orienteering Chris utilised a new range of control site combinations to maintain interest on the longer courses, plus the addded interest of the 'twilight' run under the University buildings for some of the courses.

Unfortunately we had some interference with two controls, one on the White (106) and one on the Yellow (101) courses -- one moved into a nettle bed and one hidden in a bush. Both control sites were away from areas frequented by the general public and neither control was moved very far. Unfortunately it looks very likely that both controls were moved by early competitors who may have decided to make the courses a little more challenging for those who followed them. Competitors on white and yellow will not be shown as having`miss punched` if they were unable to punch at 101 or 106.

Next time think how you would feel if someone had done that to your course and spoiled your run!

Dave Birkett managed extremely well organising his first SOS event -- a good base for the future!

Final results created by OE2001 © Stephan Krämer 2001

   Pl   Stno Name                         YB Club                               Time 

    1        Alexandria Phillips             Barnardiston                      10:56 
    2        Stephen Dickens                 Barnardiston                      11:03 
    3        David Eustace                   Barnardiston                      11:17 
    4        Robert Barker                   Barnardiston                      11:40 
    5        Alex Bibbie                     Barnardiston                      11:43 
    6        Nicholas Axford                 SOS                               12:36 
    7        Alicia Cox                      Barnardiston                      12:57 
    8        Tom Bright/Chris Buck'm         Barnardiston                      12:59 
    9        Erin Rose                       Barnardiston                      13:02 
   10        Grace Sanderson                 Independent                       13:29 
   11        Emily Axford                    SOS                               13:43 
   12        Alice Wilson                    Barnardiston                      14:39 
   13        Alex Ware                       SOS                               14:57 
   14        Ralph Knight                    Barnardiston                      14:58 
   15        Georgina Duthie                 Barnardiston                      15:35 
   16        Samantha Ayrton                 Independent                       15:52 
   17        Lucy Hamilton                   Barnardiston                      16:19 
   18        Matthew Dakin                   Barnardiston                      17:15 
   19        Chloe Coles                     Barnardiston                      17:40 
   20        Thomas Rae                      Barnardiston                      18:52 
   21        Joshua Harris                   Barnardiston                      22:16 
   22        Verity Mole/Henry/Cath          Independent                       34:00 
                                  **** PAR TIME ****
             Devon Williamson                Independent                          mp 


    1        Matthew Dickens                 Barnardiston                      18:45 
    2        Samuel Gregory                  Barnardiston                      19:47 
    3        Charlie King                    Barnardiston                      20:33 
    4        Tom King/Chris Moulton          Barnardiston                      25:14 
    5        Sarah Haggie                    Barnardiston                      27:07 
    6        Jodie Kershaw                   Barnardiston                      28:11 
    7        Christine Davies                Barnardiston                      29:11 
    8        Mathew Rowland                  SOS                               30:36 
    9        Ellen Sanderson                 Independent                       32:21 
                                  **** PAR TIME ****
   10        Bridget & Lucy                  Independent                       34:36 
   11        Alex Ritchings                  SOS                               42:08 
   12        William Stacey                  Independent                       44:14 
   13        James Reynolds                  SOS                               48:01 
   14        Terry Reynolds                  SOS                               48:04 
   15        Victoria Pye                    SOS                               64:47 
   16        Harry Biggs                     HAVOC                             78:39 

             Clare Courtney                  SOS                                  mp 


    1        Perry Mole                      Independent                       32:24 
    2        Graham Womack                   Independent                       41:37 
    3        Robert Taylor                   SOS                               44:56 
    4        Debbie Ritchings                SOS                               51:23 
    5        Sam Robinson                    Independent                       58:01 
    6        Juliet Schoonderwoert           Independent                       61:20 
    7        Georgina Czyzewicz              SOS                               63:01 
    8        Nicola Barker                   Barnardiston                      64:31 
                                  **** PAR TIME ****
    9        Nathan Czyzewicz                SOS                               66:33 
   10        Jonathan Delle                  SOS                               69:22 
   11        Euan Arnold                     Independent                       70:30 
   12        Sam Arnold                      Independent                       72:55 
   13        Daniel Robinson                 Independent                       73:10 
   14        Jenny Dale                      SOS                               76:58 

             Wendy Lucy Nicole Ellis         SOS                                  mp 
             Peter Symes-Thompson            Barnardiston                         mp 

Light Green  

    1        Dvaid Thompson                  Independent                       54:43 
    2        David Brew                      HAVOC                             56:27 
    3        Andrew Cordle                   SOS                               61:29 
    4        Alistair Thompson               Independent                       64:27 
    5        Nancy Powell Davies             SOS                               68:45 
    6        Kiri Alford                     SOS                               69:49 
    7        Dean Sykes                      Independent                       72:17 
    8        Alan Alford                     SOS                               72:18 
                                  **** PAR TIME ****
    9        Elspeth Mizzen                  SOS                               87:03 
   10        Ham & Jenny & Amy               SOS                              110:14 

             Elizabeth Bellinger             Independent                          mp 
             Elena Ighatjeva                 CROC                                 mp 


    1        Colin West                      SOS                               44:27 
    2        Geoff Pye                       SOS                               53:10 
    3        James Lyne                      SOS                               53:53 
    4        Joanna Nikandrova               CROC                              54:57 
    5        Stephen Cartwright              HAVOC                             57:15 
    6        Katie Sellens                   SOS                               59:10 
    7        Joanne West                     SOS                               59:11 
    8        Hazel Tant                      SOS                               59:12 
    9        Nina Tant                       SOS                               59:58 
    9        Emma Johnson                    SOS                               59:58 
   11        Lyn West                        SOS                               61:53 
                                  **** PAR TIME ****
   12        Jonathan Pye                    SOS                               69:02 
   13        Maria Marshall                  WAOC                              78:37 
   14        Bob Cathmore                    SOS                               78:49 
   15        Denise Ellis                    SOS                               87:29 
   16        S Russell/D Sanger              Independent                       97:27 
   17        Clive Tant                      SOS                              126:16 

             Dianne                          HH                                   mp 
             Chloe Russell                   SOS                                  mp 


    1        Steve Robertson                 SOS                               54:07 
    2        Chris Cann                      HAVOC                             59:44 
    3        Rick Bayne                      HAVOC                             63:34 
    4        Suzy Robertson                  SOS                               63:46 
    5        Bruce Marshall                  WAOC                              71:17 
    6        Darryll Smith                   Chig                              75:59 
    7        Steven King                     SOS                               76:58 
    8        Kevin Ellis                     SOS                               80:57 
                                  **** PAR TIME ****
    9        Nick Richards                   Independent                       83:01 
   10        Kelvin Howard                   HAVOC                             85:10 
   11        Anthony Biggs                   HAVOC                             85:49 

             David Carter                    WAOC                                 mp 
             John Russell                    SOS                                  mp 
             Geraldine Russell               SOS                                  mp 


    1        Matthew Roland                  SOS                                3:44 
    2        Carl Rowland                    SOS                                3:52 
    3        Nicholas Axford                 SOS                                4:10 
    4        Grace Sanderson                 SOS                                4:53 
    5        Samantha Ayrton                 Independent                        5:26 
    6        Emily Axford                    SOS                                6:46 
    7        Grace Sanderson                 SOS                                7:54 
    8        Alex                            SOS                                8:27 
    9        Joanna Ayrton                   Independent                        8:29 
   10        Thomas Birkett                  Independent                       10:03 
   11        Helen Carter                    Independent                       10:55 
   12        Trent Williamson                Independent                       15:06 

             Stephen Rowland                 SOS                                  mp