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Essex Stragglers Orienteering Society (SOS)

Badge Event
September 22nd 2002

Preliminary results are here.

Splits are here.

Provisional Badge times are here.

String Course results are here.

Controller's Report

Richard is an experienced planner who used all the latest computer technology to good effect and controlling was merely the careful checking job it ideally always should be. Everyone appeared to enjoy their course so the object of the exercise was fulfilled.

Jim Prowting (TVOC)

Planner's Report

I would like to thank you all for turning up. I would like to thank Jim for his help and guidance, for being controller. Hatfield Forest is a very fast running area. I tried to keep you in the forest most of the time, so that you could navigate. Some of the forest can't be used due to the dark green and out of bounds areas, so I hope you liked the areas you did run in. The feedback was all good and it made my job as Planner worthwhile. Many thanks.

Richard Bonnett (SOS)

Organiser's Report

My grateful thanks go to everyone who helped. We are only a small club and at one point I was worried that we might not have enough helpers. In particular I would like to thank Dave Birkett and his team on Registration. It is never easy trying to anticipate the queue for entry on the day. I hope you didn't have to wait too long and you enjoyed your run. All in all things went relatively smoothly with only a couple of lessons to learn! Finally, I would like to thank the staff of The National Trust who were extremely helpful throughout the planning and the actual day and to you for entering.

Hilary Sellens (SOS)

Provisional Badge Times

	Gold	Silver	Bronze		Gold	Silver	Bronze	
M10A	37.08	44.33	59.24	W10A				
M10B	22.51	27.25		W10B		38.19	45.59	
M12A	43.56	52.44	70.18	W12A	63.23	76.04	101.25	
M12B		37.08	44.33	W12B		27.04	32.29	
M14A	48.06	57.42	76.58	W14A	50.45	60.54	81.12	
M14B		87.31	100.01	W14B				
M16A	98.52	117.45	157.00	W16A	72.35	87.05	116.07	
M16B		75.23	90.27	W16B				
M18A	66.58	99.52	107.08	W18A	48.28	58.09	77.32	
M18B		88.02	140.52	W18B				
M20L				W20L	70.05	84.05	112.07	
M20S	61.34	82.17	109.42	W20S				
M21L	87.06	104.47	139.18	W21L	79.38	94.18	127.24	
M21S	62.24	74.53	99.49	W21S	49.09	58.59	78.38	
M35L	80.03	96.04	128.05	W35L	71.59	86.22	115.10	
M35S	59.49	71.46	95.42	W35S	52.56	63.31	84.49	
M40L	74.33	89.28	119.17	W40L	69.28	83.21	111.08	
M40S	55.43	66.51	89.08	W40S	60.13	72.15	96.20	
M45L	85.49	102.59	137.19	W45L	61.56	74.20	99.06	
M45S	52.57	63.34	84.46	W45S	50.51	61.01	81.22	
M50L	74.40	89.36	119.29	W50L	46.32	55.51	74.28	
M50S	46.07	55.21	73.48	W50S	39.09	46.54	62.32	
M55L	61.28	73.45	98.20	W55L	50.47	60.57	81.16	
M55S	45.12	54.13	72.18	W55S				
M60L	68.34	82.17	109.42	W60L	63.24	76.05	101.26	
M60S				W60S				
M65L	52.56	63.32	84.42	W65L	66.13	79.27	105.56	
M65S				W65S	43.47	52.32	70.02	
M70L	73.32	88.15	117.40	W70L	100.47	120.57	161.16	
M70S	61.47	74.08	98.50	W70S				
M75L	113.10	135.48	181.04	W75L				
M75S	78.31	93.45	125.02	W75S				

String Course

Dylan Campbell 		M4	WAOC	18.00
Calum Machin		M7	SOS	7.0
Emily Havers		W4	IND	20.58
Vicki & James CraneW6 & M4	HH	10.48
James Errington		M4 	HH	16.00
Peter Errington		M3	HH	22.00
Gemma Gostick		W2	HH	25.00
Amy Kimberley		W7	DVO	8.00
Samual Francis		M7	SN	7.00
Vicky Crane		W6	HH	8.16
James Crane		M4	HH	8.17
Sarah Horsler		W1	SMOC	32.00
Alexandra Fox		W4 	WAOC	21.00
Alistair Gardener	M6	OD	8.20
Alex Renalds		M3	BAOC	21.00
Georgie Renalds		W1	BAOC	21.00
Abigail Machin		W14	SOS	3.22
Sophie Louth		W10	WAOC	8.00
Alex Ware		M10	SOS	10.00
Stephanie ware		W3	IND	10.00
Rhiannon Ware		W6	IND	13.00
Katrina Taylor		W11	WAOC	6.00
Katy Woods		W11	WAOC	6.00
Duncan Taylor		M8	WAOC	7.00
Bethany Hanson		W6	HH	7.00
Brendon Hanson		M8	HH	6.00
Alistair Gardener	M6	OD	5.00
Robert Barker		M8	IND	4.00
Alex Bibby		M10	IND	3.45
Matthew Brolly		M8	HAVOC	9.00
Heather Brolly		W10	HAVOC	11.00
Amy Kimberly		W7	DVO	9.00
William Gardener	M9	OD	5.00	
Thomas Hemingway	M6	WAOC	4.00
Catherine Hemingway	W3	WAOC	12.00
Lawrence Jones		M5	NGOC	21.00
Georgia Jones		W3	NGOC	21.00
Leanne & Olga		W12	NOR	3.20
Klye Kass		M70 	MEROC	3.00	

DirectionsGrid reference: TL 547203. Approach Hatfield Forest from the A120. Turn south 2.5 miles east of M11/A120 junction. Follow brown signs for "Hatfield Forest". The car park entrance is less than 1 mile from the A120. The event will be "O"sign-posted from the A120. Click here for location map.
PLEASE NOTE THAT THE FOREST GATES WILL NOT BE OPEN UNTIL 10.00am. TO AVOID CONGESTION AT THE ENTRANCE PLEASE DO NOT ARRIVE UNNECESSARILY EARLY FOR YOUR START. Start times from 10.45 am to give competitors plenty of time between entering forest and start.
EntranceThe forest is National Trust property. Entrance fee is 3 for Cars, 5 Mini buses, 20 Coaches, free to National Trust members. Please have your money ready at the entrance and pay at the kiosk.
ParkingParking will be on a grassed area adjoining the assembly area. Unless there is exceptionally wet weather this should not cause any difficulty for most vehicles. Please do not park in the road outside the forest entrance as your vehicle may be towed away.
Assembly AreaThe following will be found in the assembly area:
  • Registration for badge entry on the day
  • Colour coded registration
  • Enquiries
  • Control descriptions for all courses
  • Download
  • Results
The National Trust has its own catering and toilet facilities, which are 600 metres south from the assembly area. The route will be signed and taped. The route adjoins the competition area, any competitors found straying from the taped route before they start will be disqualified. The route also crosses the string course - please be considerate to young competitors.
RegistrationRegistration will be between 10.00am and 12.00noon.
Badge event entry-on-the-day (as long as maps available).
EOD fees:
  • BOF members 9.00 seniors and 3.50 juniors, students and senior citizens.
  • Non BOF members 10 seniors and 4.00 juniors, students and senior citizens.
  • Colour coded courses: White, Yellow, Orange & Light Green 3.00
.Please provide your BOF registration and Sport Ident number.
StartsThere are two Starts.

RED Start: Courses 1 - 7. From Car Park entrance 500 metres, follow red tapes to Red Start. Call-up will be at -2 minutes. Punching Start. Late starters will be allowed to start at the discretion of the start official. No warm up area available prior to Start box.

WHITE Start: Courses 8, 9 &10. From Car Park 300metres south, follow white tapes to White Start. Call-up will be at -2 minutes. Punching Start. Late starters will be allowed to start at the discretion of the start official.

Course details
CourseStartClassesLength (km)Climb (m)Controls
1RedM21L Part 1 3.5km Part 2 7.8km
Both parts will be in same map bag
2RedM20L, M35L, M40L9.13028
3RedM18A, M21S, M45L, M50L, W21L8.12523
4RedM16A, M18B, M20S, M35S, M40S, M55L, M60L, W20L, W35L, W40L6.82518
5RedM14A, M16B, M45S, M50S, M55S, M65L, M70L, W16A, W18A, W20S, W21S, W35S, W45L, W50L, W55L5.02515
6RedM60S, M65S, M70S, M75L W14A, W16B, W18B, W40S, W45S, W50S, W55S, W60L, W65L, W70L, W75L, Light Green4.22513
7RedM75S W60S, W65S, W70S, W75S2.9209
8WhiteM12A, M14B W12A, W14B, Orange3.61510
9WhiteM10A, M12B W10A, W12B, Yellow2.4109
10WhiteM10B W10B, White1.9109
String CourseA string course will be available in an area adjoining the car park/assembly area and is free to all children.
MapThe scale is 1:10000 with 5 metre contours, updated August 2003. The same map will be used for all badge and colour coded courses. Maps for badge and colour courses will be overprinted and bagged. Control descriptions will be printed on the maps. Courses 8, 9 & 10 will have written descriptions. There are no unusual symbols or descriptions.
Out of boundsNational Trust regeneration policy has meant a number of areas of the forest will be out of bounds. Out of bound areas will be overprinted on the map and made obvious by uncrossable fences. All out of bounds areas must be strictly adhered to. Valuable forests of this kind are in short supply in East Anglia region and we do not wish their numbers to dwindle.
TerrainHatfield Forest is an ancient woodland with mixed areas varying from dense vegetation to open treeless areas. Livestock graze in the forest as well as on the open pasture and may be encountered at any stage of your run. Areas of slow run and walk are variable due to animal tracks and cattle grazing. These areas are often thicker around the edge than deeper into the wooded area where running may be easier.Many of the dry ditches and depressions are very shallow and may not always be detectable at running speed, particularly below thicker undergrowth.
Take care crossing the forest roads. The traffic tends to be slow but if the weather is good there could be a large number of visitors to the forest. Give due respect and give way. There may be temporary animal enclosures that must not be crossed. Please close any gates. Do not cross any fences other than at a gate or stile.
Map collectionMaps will not be collected from competitors who will be entrusted to conduct their course post mortem only with other finishers ....... or retirees!
FinishThere is one finish for all badge and colour coded courses. Don't forget to punch at the finish. It is your responsibility. Download at entrance to Car Park. Any queries must be reported at the finish tent. Orange squash will be available in Car Park.
ResultsResults in the assembly area. All results displayed on the day will be provisional.
RetirementsCourses will close at 3.00pm. You must retire and report to the finish if you have not completed your course by this time. All competitors who retire must report to the finish.
DogsDogs are permitted in the forest but they must be under careful control. Please bear in mind the notes about livestock in the forest.
Other usersPlease be mindful and courteous (as usual) to other users of the forest.
SafetyAlthough Hatfield Forest is a lowland area and this event is taking place in September competitors always compete at their own risk, must always be mindful of their own safety and dress accordingly. Whistles are always recommended to be carried.
PlannerRichard Bonnett (SOS)
ControllerJim Prowting (TVOC)
OrganiserHilary Sellens (01206 766560)
EntriesDave Birkett (01245 352365)