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Essex Stragglers Orienteering Society (SOS)

Colour Coded Event including ESSOL (Schools' League)
High Woods, Colchester
Sunday 6th June 2004

Splits are here.

Organisers Comments

Greg Deacon

We were blessed with a day of excellent weather of warm sunshine and little wind. This was fortunate as the tent had to be held in place by bricks pinched from a stack destined for the Robertson’s new extension. Luckily the bricks and the rest of the equipment were returned in a reasonable time and the building work wasn’t held up for too long!

On a more serious note, the success of the event was again down to the hard work of all the team of helpers involved. I must particularly thank the start team of Stephen Cartwright and Jack Isbester who coped fantastically well with a mass of schoolchildren early on in the day and also Mark Lyne for planning such enjoyable and interesting courses.

My thanks also to Tony Biggs of HAVOC who not only brought his generator with which to run the SI equipment but who also gave an early hand in setting it up. Any comments that I heard about the event were positive. However staging the event at this venue at an earlier time during the year to avoid the overgrowth of nettles, weeds and grasses would probably be advisable. Finally I would like to congratulate Mark Lyne (planner) and Paul Lowe (controller) for dealing with the ‘vandalism’ of two of the controls both effectively and efficiently with very little disruption to those out on the courses.

Controllers notes

Paul Lowe SUFFOC

On receiving Mark's initial draft courses it was with a bit of concern that all of his courses were well over length. However, Mark was able to quickly revise them all to bring them down to within guidelines. My initial foray into the area negated a couple of control sites (already surrounded by knee high brambles), but Mark already had alternatives up his sleeve. One control site had to be taken out as just a week before the event - I couldn't even find the ditch any more, let alone the tag that I had had no problems finding 2 weeks earlier.

Neither Mark or I realised that it was the presentation event for the Essol and therefore not enough white maps were printed. I would like to thank Barnadiston School's Head Teacher for his help in returning some of their maps.

The day was spoilt by the mindless vandalism of 2 controls on the white course. (One was found up in a nearby tree the other in the middle of a big bed of waist high - head high to some of the kids - nettles).

See you in the forest

Planner’s Report

Mark Lyne

Although, with the best of intentions, we started planning way back in February, a variety of factors still resulted in something of a last minute rush. I am therefore greatly indebted to the controller, Paul Lowe, and Andrew Cordle for their invaluable help with OCAD and SI which enabled me to get things sorted in time. The map update by Kevin Machin was a great help and something of an evolutionary process as planning proceeded. Some areas which appeared reasonably runnable early on had sprouted waist high brambles by May but fortunately we were able to adjust some controls to avoid the worst areas. Draft courses were all over length but once again with Paul’s help we managed to pull these back to within guidelines.

The day itself appeared to go off well, with the exception of some minor vandalism to controls and which we attempted to deal with swiftly. We hope that this did not cause runners too many problems and that everyone enjoyed their run. My final thanks go to James for his enthusiastic help with planning and to Greg for making everything happen on the day.

Par Times as Follows:
White:All Finishers
Yellow:Between 5 & 6 (1/2 Entries)
Orange:Between 8 & 9 (1/2 Entries ignoring the nc runner)
Light Green:Between 5 & 6 (1/2 Entries)

High WoodsSun 06/06/2004 21:30
Resultscreated by OE2002 © Stephan Krämer 2002

   Pl Name                          School           Age Class Club           Time 

White  (27)    1.700 km  0 m   8 C         

    1 Annabel Duthie                Barnardiston     W10       SOS            9:20 
    2 Helen Laurie/Isabelle C       Barnardiston     W10       SOS            9:41 
    3 India Hayes/Leonora Cash      Barnardiston     W10       SOS            9:51 
    4 Sarah Bibby                   Barnardiston     W10       SOS           10:10 
    5 Alex Davidson                 Barnardiston     M12       SOS           10:14 
    6 Bryn Wilkinson                Clifford Road    M7        SUFFOC        10:19 
    7 Angus Beaton                  Barnardiston     M9        SOS           10:39 
    8 Robert Barker                 Barnardiston     M11       SOS           11:37 
    9 Helen Vidler                  Barnardiston     W12       SOS           11:57 
   10 Madeleine S/Robyn D           Barnardiston     W10       SOS           12:38 
   11 Thomas Greenwood              Barnardiston     M12       SOS           12:42 
   12 Monty Beaton                  Barnardiston     M10       SOS           13:36 
   13 B Kershaw                     Barnardiston     M12       SOS           14:04 
   14 Hugh Cashir                   Barnardiston     M10       SOS           14:18 
   15 L Cocks                       Barnardiston     M10       SOS           14:19 
   16 Ivo Hayes                     Barnardiston     M10       SOS           14:36 
   17 Nina Alcamar                                   W21       Ind           14:58 
   18 Emma Vidler                   Barnardiston     W10       SOS           14:59 
   19 Oliver Jones                  Barnardiston     M9        SOS           15:02 
   20 Thomas Birkett                Meadgate         M10       SOS           17:37 
   21 Emily Werb                    Cherry Tree      W10       SOS           20:39 
   22 Nicholas Sale                 Gosfield Primary M7        SOS           21:47 
   23 H Craig                                        W5        BAOC          24:41 
   24 Stephanie Ware                Cherry Tree      W12       SOS           28:27 
   25 Rebecca Wastell               Cherry Tree      W10       SOS           30:30 
   26 Georgie Coppin                Broadwater Worth W4        Ind           35:32 
   27 Jack Turner                   Cherry Tree      W8        SOS           35:35 

Yellow  (10)   2.500 km  10 m   9 C        

    1 Alex Bibby                    Barnardiston     M12       SOS           15:20 
    2 Stephen Dickens               Barnardiston     M12       SOS           18:02 
    3 Wilkinson Family                               M40/W45   SUFFOC        20:06 
    4 Alishia Cocks                 Barnardiston     W12       SOS           20:42 
    5 Nicholas Axford               Moulsham Junior  M12       SOS           28:19 
    6 Michael Park                  Broke Hall       M12       SOS           40:18 
    7 Christopher Buckingham        Barnardiston     M12       SOS           52:17 

      Alex Ware                     Cherry Tree      M12       SOS              mp 
      L Selby                       Barnardiston     W12       SOS              mp 
      Kathryn Smith                                  W40       SOS             dnf 

Orange  (17)   3.100 km  10 m   10 C       

    1 Clive Wilkinson                                M40       SUFFOC        25:23 
    2 Nicola Barker                 Culford School   W16       SOS           27:18 
    3 James Park                    Copleston        M14       SOS           34:32 
    4 Sarah Park                    Copleston        W16       SOS           36:41 
    5 Joe + Simon Hooton                                       SUFFOC        40:13 
    6 Will Hooton                                    M10       SUFFOC        40:25 
    7 Julia Robertson                                W50       SOS           46:09 
    8 Thomas Robertson                               M12       SOS           50:11 
    9 Ellen Sanderson                                W14       SOS           51:10 
   10 Burgess Family                                           Ind           51:38 
   11 Caroline Goldsworthy                           W45       Ind           54:14 
   12 Robert Sale                   Hedingham        M11       SOS           55:49 
   13 Alex PD/Sam Taylor                             M10       Ind         1:20:29 
   14 Christine Callender                            W60       SOS         1:25:42 

      Birkett family                                           SOS              mp 
      Rebecca L/Matt P + 1                           W10/M12   Ind             dnf 
   nc James Lyne                    KEGS             M16       SOS           26:25 

Light Green  ( 3.600 km  15 m   11 C       

    1 Louise Walker                                  W35       SUFFOC        52:18 
    2 John Collyer                                   M55       SOS         1:06:33 
    3 Nancy Powell Davies                            W50       SOS         1:09:22 
    4 Neil Dalley                                    M21       Ind         1:16:05 
    5 J Adams                                        M50       Ind         1:26:39 
    6 Gillian Powell Davies                          W         Ind         1:27:33 
    7 Robert Powell Davies          CRGS             M12       Ind         1:39:49 
    8 Rachel/Sarah                  Heddingham       W14       Ind         1:40:03 

      Steven McGregor               Deanes           M16       SOS              mp 
      John Float                                     M70       HAVOC           dnf 

Green  (19)    4.900 km  25 m   14 C       

    1 David Float                                    M35       HAVOC         46:39 
    2 Tom Edelsten                                             CHIG          46:41 
    3 Jo West                       Ipswich          W16       SOS           49:18 
    4 Alison Gourd                                   W35       CROC          51:18 
    5 Gary Woods                                               SOS           52:07 
    6 Emma Johnson                                   W18       SOS           53:20 
    7 T Craig                                        W35       BAOC          58:06 
    8 Andrew Cordle                                  M50       SOS           59:01 
    9 Tony Biggs                                     M55       HAVOC       1:01:04 
   10 Wendy Welham                                   W45       SOS         1:08:21 
   11 Jack Isbester                                  M70       SOS         1:11:07 
   12 David Sanderson                                M40       SOS         1:14:50 
   13 Richard Barker                                 M50       SOS         1:17:54 
   14 I Howells                                      W35       Ind         1:18:14 
   15 Lyn West                                       W50       SOS         1:20:19 
   16 Kiri Alford                   Colchester       W18       SOS         1:25:52 
   17 Mark Powell Davies                             M         Ind         1:26:38 
   18 Alan Alford                                    M45       SOS         1:27:26 
   19 Anna Welch                                     W35       Ind         1:30:29 

Blue  (14)     7.200 km  20 m   20 C       

    1 Phil Stuart                                    M45       BAOC          59:31 
    2 Steve Robertson                                M50       SOS         1:00:04 
    3 Richard Bonnett                                M45       SOS         1:02:04 
    4 Bert Park                                      M35       SOS         1:03:18 
    5 Colin West                                     M45       SOS         1:17:00 
    6 D W Craig                                      M40       BAOC        1:20:04 
    7 Perry Mole                                     M35       SUFFOC      1:23:09 
    8 Jenny Collyer                                  W55       SOS         1:24:24 
    9 Kevin Howard                                   M21       HAVOC       1:28:36 
   10 Graham Bearman                                 M21       SOS         1:36:01 
   11 G Wisken                                       M35       Ind         1:57:44 
   12 Clive Coles                                    M60       SUFFOC      2:00:51 
   13 Robert Hammond                                 m35       SOS         2:04:55 

      Hardisty                                       M40       SOS              mp