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Essex Stragglers Orienteering Society (SOS)

New Year's Novelty Score Event
Great Notley Country Park
Saturday 1st January 2005

Splits are here.

Official's comments are here.

NameClubAge Class Normal Controls Extra Controls HandicapTotal
Jenny CollyerSOSW601441230
Ursula OxburghWAOCW701141429
Martin SellensSOSM50203629
Steve RobertsonSOSM50175628
Lyn WestSOSW501431027
Chris ShawHAVOCM55183627
Geraldine RussellSOSW601221226
Gill RossAIREW551421026
Jessica VincentBAOCW121221226
John CollyerSOSM60144826
Richard BarkerSOSM50155626
Geoff PyeSOSM50164626
Colin WestSOSM50155626
Will & Katie SunnocksIndM45 W121221226
Michael MuggeridgeHAVOCM40175426
Wattebot O'BrienIndM21 W60?1131226
Infamous FiveIndFamily1331026
Julia RobertsonSOSW501231025
Alan AlfordSOSM50154625
Nancy Powell DaviesSOSW551131024
Jo WestSOSW18153624
Lydia TewIndW10911424
Eleanor TewIndW101001424
John RussellSOSM60142824
Kevin MachinSOSM45155424
Gary WoodsSOSM40155424
Chris SellensSOSM21204024
Alex MachinSOSM18175224
Calum Machin Ivan SmithSOSM12 M701131024
Gregory VincentBAOCM101221024
The Dale FamilyIndFamily1121023
E Johnson A GreenSOSW18 M18133622
Fred RossAIREM60131822
Tony BiggsHAVOCM55142622
Chris and Heather BrollyHAVOCM45 W141021022
Paul LoweSUFFOCM45153422
Hugo & Georgie SunnocksIndM14 W16122822
Ben MunsonIndM14123621
Veronica Machin + 3SOSFamily921021
Simon ChandlerSOSM40151420
Andrew ElliotSUFFOCM21173020
Matthew and Anne BrollyHAVOCM12 W40?102820
Katie SellensSOSW20121619
Louise ChandlerSOSFamily811019
Marcus RocheIndM10801018
Alex PikeIndW21101415

Organiser/PlannerAndrew Cordle 07968 567529.

Congratulations to Jenny on winning the event. Thank you all for coming, and thanks to John for the map and to Emily for helping on the day. Sorry about the delay in printing split times - I left the splits printer at home and by the time Emily had fetched it we were in the middle of our busiest period for both registration and downloads.

The format of the event seemed to work well. An accademic mathematician interpreted the instruction 'Visit as many of controls 101 to 120 in order' to mean that she could score some extra points by punching 118 and 120 at the end of her course whilst missing out eight other controls. Since the instructions were slightly ambiguous I have given her the extra points, but I'll try to find a way at next year's event to knock two points off her score in retaliation.

Let me know if I have mistakenly given you too few (or too many) points. The handicapping seemed to favour the older competitors this year, but appart from that seemed to be fair - the average solo M and the average solo W both scored 24 points, the average pair 23 and the average family 22, and half the competitors scored within two points of each other.

Your map says that "Possession of a map does give right of access for orienteering". This is, of course, a misprint - it should say "does not".