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Essex Stragglers Orienteering Society (SOS)

Local event incorporating Schools’ League (ESSOL) and Stragglers’ Club Championship

Highwoods Country Park, Colchester
Sunday 11th December
Final Rresults

Organiser's Comments - Colin West

The car parking facility at the Gilberd School/Highwoods Leisure Centre was most useful for this size of event, and allowed a different angle of approach to Highwoods from some other events.

Thanks to all helpers for the smooth running of the event.

Congratulations to Kevin Machin on becoming Essex Stragglers Club Champion 2005, fighting off several close challenges. The planning of the Score course and the handicap system worked well together to keep things tight at the top!

Planner's Comments - Jenny Collyer

The brambles have invaded even more of High Woods so I used the few better bits of wood and hoped that the route choices would be interesting.

Having added the new field at the north end of the map I wanted to make use of it. I think it made a good setting for the Finish with the final controls in view to spectators. Unfortunately I couldn’t have the Start in the field as well as there is only one safe way in and out of the adjacent block for the younger competitors.

I think I gauged the score event right with the number and spread of controls. I worked out possible routes for a cross selection of competitors – the straight line distance of what I thought to be the optimum route was 7.4km so was possible in the 45mins allowed (6 min km’s ?).

Controller’s Comments - John Collyer

High Woods has suffered from vandalism in the past, this time we escaped with no apparent problems, although 130 on the knoll was returned by the Rangers, who said it was found “a bit off the beaten track”!

Congratulations to Kevin Machin who becomes the new Club Champion, we look forward to his courses next year.

B WilkinsonSuffocM810:35
Lewis ReynoldsBarnardiston/SOS16:24
Ellie Read+1IndW722:19
Par time
Nichols Thornton1st Heybridge19:27
Katie Layley1st Heybridge19:35
Rebecca Baker1st Heybridge19:37
A Lean/R LeanInd26:14
M Lean/S LeanInd26:36
Rhiannon WareSOSW1034:54
Par time
Stephanie WareSOSW644:41
Beth/Harriet PunterIndW046:56
Charlotte ReynoldsSOS44:20
Peter Fleming1st Heybridge57:17
Robert Phillips1st Heybridge57:20
Par time
E Shipp60:03
Alex WareSOSM1272:06
Light Green
Paul LoweSuffocM4533:10
M SherwinSuffocM5048:20
Tom SherwinSuffocM1650:00
L AndersonIndM2151:08
David StarsmeareIndM3551:50
R PuncharpIndM4056:52
Par time
I&A HowellsIndW/M3557:48
Chris ChildsMIHHHM5558:54
Tricia o'MahonyIndW2164:25
F ChanIndW3575:05
Veronica Machin/Nigel Richardson93:18
Kevin MachinSOSM452232542:35
Jeff Powell-DaviesSOSM212402444:05
Bert ParkSOSM402122344:31
Andrew CordleSOSM551842244:34
S PeckSuffocM451932244:23
Clive TantSOSM501832144:48
Tom CollsIndM451832143:02
Nichola RobertsonSOSW2120222046:13
Lyn WestSOSW501552042:35
Louise SimeNORW2118211945:19
Michael ParkSOSM121261839:51
Nacy Powell-DaviesSOSW551161744:29
Kevin OliverNORM211701744:28
Gary WoodsSOSM4017221746:17
Jack IsbesterSOSM7012611745:52
Rob CoulterSuffocM551341740:59
Julia RobertsonSOSW5013521646:35
Robert HammondSOSM351511641:50
S WilkinsonSuffocM401421637:07
Emma JohnsonSOSW1814421646:06
Matt JohnsonSOSM161331644:21
C WilkinsonSuffocM401421644:40
G WomackIndM451331641:46
Gerry RussellSOSW6013641548:30
Alan AlfordSOSM5013321446:56
David SandersonSOSM4017281152:37
A GreenIndM18821042:23
Neil CarterSuffocM211203947:17
Alex MachinSOSM1820219363:26