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District/Colour coded event incorporating East Anglian league (EAGAL)
Roman Valley, Colchester
Sunday April 23rd

*** Note on splits - control 104 (White and Yellow) was reporting an incorrect time ***

Officials' Comments

Organisers report - Lyn West

Organising this event was interesting. When Jack (our fixtures sec) was looking for an organiser, my thought processes went something like this – I’m free that weekend, I’ve organised at Roman Valley before, I’ve worked with Martin before and know we have the same style – last minute! So yes, I’ll do that one. What I failed to consider was that I would only have one day at home in April prior to the event – the previous Thursday so that is probably why I failed to arrange my customary sunshine.

Fortunately I had the presence of mind to order the toilet (I hope you appreciated the convenience – the senior charge was increased by £1 to help towards the cost) and Email SOS members for help before departing to Canada on my skiing holiday. As usual, SOS members came up trumps and I had plenty of offers of help. Thank you to all those who helped and to those who approached me on the day with offers that weren’t needed. This support really does make an organisers life easier. I don’t think there were any major glitches. It was just a shame that the turnout was low for an EAGAL event. Now back to the pile of dirty ski gear!

Controller’s Comments - Clarissa Napier (NOR)

Roman Valley is unique in East Anglia. The variety in the type of terrain makes for interesting orienteering, particularly as it all looks so simple on the surface. I got off my bearing more than once while checking controls in the open and then had trouble relocating. The map had been much improved for this event which made course planning more straightforward and my job much simpler. Martin’s courses needed very little input, just the odd change of an East for a West and an extra control on the White.

We could perhaps have hung No.125 a little higher in the pit, but in mitigation the control was only 5 to 10 metres from good attack points on paths, like junctions and sharp bends… And I found it when it was only tape!

Many thanks to SOS for their usual excellent organisation, and sorry, but none of us were responsible for the weather.

String Course

Pos     Name             Age   Club   Time
1.      Thomas Birkett     8   SOS    10:45 mins
2.      Rhiannon Ware      9   SOS    11:10 mins
3.      Ben Wetherill      6   WAOC   12:45 mins
4.      Stephanie Ware     7   SOS    15:15 mins
5.      Alex Birkett       6   SOS    19:20 mins
6.      Jacob Schroeder    3   SOS    38:00 mins
2nd run Rhiannon Ware      9   SOS    12:45 mins
2nd run Stephanie Ware     7   SOS    17:20 mins
2nd run Alex Birkett       6   SOS    21:00 mins

Cour-Coded Par times

Par times are included in the Results table below.

Roman ValleySun 23/04/2006 16:26
Final resultscreated by OE2002 © Stephan Krämer 2002

   Pl Name                   AgeClass   Club          Time School/Group          YB 

WHITE  (5/5)   Final results  16:25  

    1 Thomas Birkett         M10        SOS          17:01                          
    2 Arran Weed             M10        SUFFOC       22:59                          
    3 Ben Wetherill          M6         WAOC         31:06                          
    4 Stephanie Ware         W10        SOS          36:51                          
    5 Aleisha & Sheila Lowe  W2 + 1     SUFFOC     1:25:51 
----------------------------par time---------------------------                         

YELLOW  (3/3)  Final results  16:25  

    1 Bryn Wilkinson         M10        SUFFOC       16:57                          
    2 Alister & Jonathan     M10        IND          31:13 
-------------------------par time---------------------------                         
    3 Rhiannan Ware          W10        SOS          42:52                          

ORANGE  (13/13 Final results  16:25  

    1 Matthew Johnson        M18        SOS          30:21                          
    2 Will Hooton            M12        SUFFOC       39:40                          
    3 George Meloney Kevin   Family     IND          41:58                          
    4 Scott Callender        M22        IND          45:30                          
    5 Duncan Harrison        M35        IND          46:21                          
    6 Claire Belshaw         W16        NOR          56:04                          
    7 Julia Robertson        W50        SOS        1:00:21 
--------------------------par time--------------------------                         
    8 Roy Munston +3         M34        IND        1:04:06                          
    9 Amanda Flett           W21        IND        1:04:15                          
   10 Sally Johnson          W40        SOS        1:06:24                          
   11 Christine Callender    W60        SOS        1:19:19                          
   12 Hughes                 Mixed      IND        1:22:11                          
   13 Ellie Read             W7         IND        1:23:10                          

RED  (5/5)     Final results  16:25  

    1 David Stanhope         M21        IND        1:09:12                          
    2 Nick Sale              M9         IND        1:35:02
--------------------------par time--------------------------                          
    3 Heather Craig          W7         BAOC       2:16:37                          
    4 Holly Craig            W4         BAOC       2:17:12                          

      Richard Vail           M21        IND             mp                          

LT GREEN  (11/ Final results  16:25  

    1 Annika Richards        W21        NOR          40:30                          
    2 Jaqueline Heybrock     W16        WAOC         45:32                          
    3 Alan Alford            M55        SOS          45:45                          
    4 Trisha O'Mahony        W21        IND          48:36                          
    5 Conor Weed             M14        SUFFOC       49:26                          
    6 Susha Chandraker       W14        WAOC         54:03                          
    7 Bob Cathmoir           M65        SOS          57:13 
-------------------------par time--------------------------                         
    8 Rachel Barford         W40        SOS        1:01:25                          
    9 Rebecca Lyne +1        W12        SOS        1:08:35                          
   10 Norman Howarth         M75        NOR        1:09:09                          
   11 Sandra Stincic         W21        OK Jelen   1:40:06                          

GREEN  (27/27) Final results  16:25  

    1 Lindsey Freeman        W50        WAOC         44:17                          
    2 John Collyer           M60        SOS          44:30                          
    3 Geraldine Russell      W60        SOS          50:23                          
    4 Jenny Collyer          W60        SOS          50:42                          
    5 Richard Barker         M50        SOS          51:53                          
    6 Barry Pilgrim          M60        NOR          55:17                          
    7 Sally Wilkinson        W40        SUFFOC       56:17                          
    8 Tim Leedham            M60        SUFFOC       57:07                          
    9 Frankie Hardie                    WAOC         57:46                          
   10 Gillian Pilgrim        W60        NOR        1:01:53                          
   11 Frederick Smith        M45        GO         1:03:08                          
   12 Colin Curtis           M70        WAOC       1:04:43                          
   13 John Russell           M65        SOS        1:05:07 
------------------------par time----------------------------                          
   14 Jane Howsam            W55        WAOC       1:07:34
   15 Estella Ward           W55        NOR        1:11:28                          
   16 Ellen Sanderson        W16        SOS        1:12:45                          
   17 Jack Isbester          M70        SOS        1:13:57                          
   18 Veronica Machin        W45        SOS        1:15:18                          
   19 Maria Marshall         W50        WAOC       1:15:48                          
   20 Sue Vine               W65        NOR        1:19:20                          
   21 S Chandler N Williams  M40        SUFFOC     1:21:39                          
   22 David Skinner          M55        SOS        1:31:33                          
   23 Alan Coddington        M70        NOR        1:47:59                          
   24 Paul Kruzycki          M30        IND        1:59:13                          

   nc James Lyne             M18        SOS          26:39  
      Jo Kemp                W21        SUFFOC          mp                          
      Mark Stringer          M40        SUFFOC          mp                          

BLUE  (31/31)  Final results  16:25  

    1 Mick Liston            M55        NOR          52:32                          
    2 Pat Martin             M60        NOR          53:19                          
    3 Steve Robertson        M50        SOS          54:05                          
    4 Mike Bickle            M55        WAOC         56:14                          
    5 John Ward              M60        NOR          57:05                          
    6 Martin Hore            M55        SUFFOC       57:06                          
    7 Gary Woods             M40        SOS        1:00:47                          
    8 Clive Wilkinson        M40        SUFFOC     1:00:53                          
    9 Tom Edelsten           M60        CHIG       1:01:28                          
   10 Paul Lowe              M45        SUFFOC     1:02:09                          
   11 Geoff  Pye             M50        SOS        1:04:01                          
   12 Clive Tant Howard Curt M18 + 1    SOS        1:04:02                          
   13 Colin West             M50        SOS        1:05:30                          
   14 Mat Blacoe             M40        SUFFOC     1:05:35                          
   15 David Sanderson        M45        SOS        1:06:02                          
   16 Simon Hooton           M50        SUFFOC     1:08:33                          
   17 Emma Johnson           W20        SOS        1:08:42                          
   18 Bruce Marshall         M50        WAOC       1:09:06                          
   19 Simon Peck             M50        SUFFOC     1:09:33                          
   20 Steve Nobbs            M50        NOR        1:10:00                          
   21 Peter Howsam           M55        WAOC       1:10:55                          
   22 Eddie Banks            M50        SOS        1:14:32                          
   23 Chris Childs           M55        IND        1:14:58                          
   24 David Burkett          M45        SOS        1:16:40                          
   25 Louise Walker          W40        SUFFOC     1:17:15                          
   26 Hilary Sellens         W50        SOS        1:18:32
------------------------par time----------------------------                          
   27 Laurie Anderson        M21        IND        1:23:28                          
   28 Rakesh Chandraker      M40        WAOC       1:23:51                          
   29 Tom Collins            M45        SOS        1:26:13                          
   30 Rob Coulter            M55        SUFFOC     1:37:41                          
   31 Graham Ward            M60        NOR        2:01:04                          

BROWN  (14/14) Final results  16:25  

    1 Michael Belshaw        M40        NOR        1:03:25                          
    2 Dil Wetherill          M40        WAOC       1:04:38                          
    3 Glen Richardson        M21        NOR        1:06:29                          
    4 Richard Bonnett        M50        SOS        1:13:50                          
    5 Bert Park              M40        SOS        1:15:58                          
    6 Robin Weed             M40        SUFFOC     1:23:39                          
    7 Keith Francis          M40        NOR        1:25:59                          
    8 Kevin Machin           M45        SOS        1:30:08                          
    9 Andrew Elliott         M35        SUFFOC     1:32:01                          
   10 Mark Lyne              M45        SOS        1:33:33 
--------------------------par time--------------------------                         
   11 Oliver Cooper          M21        SUFFOC     1:38:06                          
   12 Neil Carter            M21        SUFFOC     2:07:53                          
   13 Alan Anstead           M40        SUFFOC     2:11:14                          
   14 Lenka Milonova         W21        SUFFOC     2:18:36                          


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