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District event incorporating Essex and Suffolk Schools League and East Anglian Schools Championships
Hylands Park, Chelmsford
Sunday 11th June 2006

Officials' Comments EA Schools Champions Par Times String Course Final Results Splits Splitsbrowser Splitsbrowser home ESSOL Points

Officials' Comments

Organisers report - Nancy Powell Davies

Well, it was quite a full day in the sunshine at Hylands Park. The East Anglian Schools Championships and final event in the Essex and Suffolk Schools Orienteering League meant that we attracted a good number of children but there were fewer runners on the longer courses. A shame because, with the extension of the park towards Widford Church, Clive had been able to plan Red, Blue and even a Brown course.

The String Course organised and manned by the Birkett family and some training activities organised by Steve Cartwright and Dave Birkett meant that there were some things for the juniors to do during the inevitable delay while we waited for all the runners to complete and calculated the results. Julie says that she will find it easier to calculate the ESSOL results next year having now done it once!

Again, Barnadiston Hall School are to be congratulated on their many successes, including gaining the East Anglian Schools Championships Silver Plate from Kings College School. It would be nice if more schools could make a bigger competition of it.

I really must thank the stalwart band of SOS members, including a couple of less experienced hands, who helped in so many ways, especially Julie Laver who 'donned a number of hats' through the day and Martin and Hilary Sellens who increased their knowledge of the SI programs the hard way.

And, of course, I want to thank all those who came and sweated it out in the heat. I hope that you enjoyed your run and that we will see you again another time.

Coach's Comments - Stephen Cartwright

Thank you to everyone who took part in the coaching at Hylands. I'm glad that people seemed to find the session on 'Elements of Fitness' enjoyable.

EA Schools Champions

Primary Girls: 1 Olivia Becher, Barnadiston Hall; 2 Lucinda Wilkinson, Barnadiston Hall; 3 Emma Vidler, Barnadiston Hall.
Primary Boys: 1 Tim Brown, Kings College School; 2 William Louth, Kings College School; 3 Joshua Hope, Kings College School.
Year 7 & 8 Girls: 1 Helen Vidler, Barnadiston Hall; 2 Sarah Roach, Barnadiston Hall, 3 Millie Duthie, Barnadiston Hall.
Year 7 & 8 Boys: 1 Jonathan Cronk, Comberton; 2 Alex Davidson, Barnadiston Hall; 3 Thomas Greenwell, Barnadiston Hall.
Year 9 & 10 Girls: there were no runners.
Year 9 & 10 Boys: 1 James Park, Coppleston; 2 Will Hooton; 3 Alex Ware, Philip Morant.
Year 11 upwards Girls: 1 Sarah Park
Year 11 upwards Boys: 1 James Lyne, KEGS; Simon Gardner, HRSFC; 3 Matthew Johnson, Chelmer Valley High.

Primary Girls Team: Barnadiston Hall
Primary Boys Team: Kings College School
Year 7 & 8 Girls Team: Barnadiston Hall
Year 7 & 8 Boys Team: Barnadiston Hall
Overall School Team Winner: Barnadiston Hall
Overall School Team Runner Up: Kings College School

Cour-Coded Par times

White: 28:20
Yellow: 30:28
Orange: 51:58
Red: 79:58
Light Green: 56:07
Green: 85.33
Blue: 84.49
Brown: 88.39

String Course

PositionNameAgeClubTime taken
1Michael, Ivo, Liz?Barnardiston2mins 15secs
2Marcus Turner12Barnardiston2min 21sec
Alex Davidson12Barnardiston2min 21sec
Thomas Greenwell13Barnardiston2min 21sec
3Emma Vidler11Barnardiston2min 25sec
4Bryn Wilkinson9SUFFOC2 min 45 sec
Ivo Hayes10Barnardiston2min 45sec
Thomas Greenwell (2nd run)13Barnardiston2min 45sec
Alex Davidson (2nd run)12Barnardiston2min 45sec
Marcus Turner (2nd run)12Barnardiston2min 45sec
5Thomas Birkett8SOS2min 50sec
Charlotte Reynolds12SOS2min 50sec
6Gregory Jones11Barnardiston3min
Michael Wilkinson11Barnardiston3 min
Lucinda Wilkinson10Barnardiston3 min
7Philip Sansom11Kings College School3 min 1 sec
8James Errington8HH3 min 15 sec
9Lewis Reynolds9SOS3 min 20 sec
Gregory Jones (2nd run)11Barnardiston3 min 20 sec
Ivo Hayes (2nd run)10Barnardiston3 min 20 sec
Michael Wilkinson (2nd run)11Barnardiston3 min 20 sec
10Helen Judd10Kings College School3 min 40 sec
Lucinda Wilkinson (2nd run)10Barnardiston3 min 40 sec
11Jessica Mol11Barnardiston4 min 55 sec
12Flora Mol11Barnardiston5 min 15 sec
Olivia Becher10Barnardiston5 min 15 sec
13James Synes-Thompson11Barnardiston5 min 50 sec
14Julie Deyer- Bartlett12Barnardiston7 min 20 sec
India Hayes11Barnardiston7 min 20 sec
15Rhiannon Ware9SOS7 min 30 sec
16Peter Errington7HH8 min
17Danny Figg7HH8 min 50 sec


HylandsFri 30/06/2006 15:22
Resultscreated by OE2002 © Stephan Krämer 2002

   Pl Name                        AgeClass  Club        Time School/Group           YB 

WHITE  (29)             1.700 km  5 m   12 C        

    1 SIMON GARDNER               M18       WAOC        7:45                           
    2 TIM BROWN                   M         WAOC        9:01 KINGS COLLEGE             
    3 WILLIAM LOUTH               M         WAOC        9:33 KINGS COLLEGE             
    4 JOSHUA HOPE                 M         WAOC        9:39 KINGS COLLEGE             
    5 OLIVIA BECHER               W10       SOS        10:19 BARNARDISTON              
    6 GREGORY JONES               M10       SOS        10:40 BARNARDISTON              
    7 IVO HAYES                   M10       SOS        10:49 BARNARDISTON              
    8 MICHAEL WILKINSON           M10       SOS        11:15 BARNARDISTON              
    9 BRYN WILKINSON              M9        SUFFOC     11:31 CLIFFORD ROAD             
   10 LUCINDA WILKINSON           W10       SOS        11:41 BARNARDISTON              
   11 EMMA VIDLER                 W10       SOS        12:05 BARNARDISTON              
   12 FLORA MOL                   W10       SOS        13:15 BARNARDISTON              
   13 LOUISE SCOTT                W         WAOC       13:34 KINGS COLLEGE             
   14 ROBERT ARMITAGE             M         IND        13:58 BOURN                     
   15 MOLLY FARROW                W         IND        14:29 BOURN                     
   16 JESSICA MOL                 W10       SOS        15:05 BARNARDISTON              
   17 ELIZABETH MERCERON          W10       SOS        15:15 BARNARDISTON              
   18 PHILIP SAMSON               M         WAOC       15:32 KINGS COLLEGE             
   19 HELEN JUDD                  W         WAOC       15:39 KINGS COLLEGE             
   20 LEWIS REYNOLDS              M10       SOS        15:43 BARNARDISTON              
   21 PETROS LEONARD              M10       SOS        17:08 BARNARDISTON              
   22 DANIEL FIGG                 M10       HH         19:55                           
   23 JAMES ERRINGTON             M9        HH         20:18                           
   24 JOSHUA FOOT                 M10       SOS        21:27 MEADGATE                  
   25 ELEANOR FOOT                W8        SOS        22:26 MEADGATE                  
   26 ALEX BIRKETT                M10       SOS        22:47 MEADGATE SCHOOL           
   27 TEDDY ELBOURN               M         IND        22:56 BOURN                     
   28 PETER ERRINGTON             M7        HH         24:30                           
   29 EMILY PLANE                 W         WAOC       28:19 KINGS COLLEGE             

YELLOW  (19)            2.000 km  5 m   11 C        

    1 JONATHAN CRONK              M         IND        13:13 COMBERTON                 
    2 ALEX DAVIDSON               M12       SOS        13:52 BARNARDISTON              
    3 HELEN VIDLER                W12       SOS        14:51 BARNARDISTON              
    4 THOMAS GREENWELL            M12       SOS        16:47 BARNARDISTON              
    5 SARAH ROACH                 W12       SOS        18:31 BARNARDISTON              
    6 BEN ARMITAGE                M14       IND        19:41 COMERTON                  
    7 MARCUS TURNER               M12       SOS        21:53 BARNARDISTON              
    8 MILLIE DUTHIE               W12       SOS        26:27 BARNARDISTON              
    9 I HAYES + J DYER-BARTLET    W12 +W12  SOS        27:26 BARNARDISTON              
   10 MARTHA CROWHURST            W12       SOS        30:27 BARNARDISTON              
   11 JAMES SYMES-THOMPSON        M12       SOS        34:24 BARNARDISTON              
   12 LUKE FREELAND + JOSHUA                IND        41:07 1ST CRESSING SCOUTS       
   13 J DENTON + P MORTIMER       W10 + W11 IND        43:16 1ST CRESSING SCOUTS       
   14 JEMMA ELLIS                 W10       SOS        43:33 1ST CRESSING SCOUTS       
   15 RHIANNON WARE               W10       SOS        43:57 CHERRY TREE               
   16 L CHALMERS & C ELLIS        W12       IND        47:41 1ST CRESSING SCOUTS       
   17 CATHERINE RICHARDS          W12       SOS        59:04 BARNARDISTON              
   18 MAX SMITH                   M12       SOS      1:04:23 BARNARDISTON              

      THOMAS BIRKETT              M10       SOS           mp MEADGATE SCHOOL           

ORANGE  (8)             2.500 km  10 m   12 C       

    1 JAMES PARK                  M16       SOS        18:48 COPPLESTON                
    2 RACHEL BARFORD              W40       SOS        34:43                           
    3 WILL HOOTON                 M12       SUFFOC     45:10                           
    4 ALEX WARE                   M14       SOS        51:57 PHILIP MORANT             
    5 C + N HARRISON              W21 + M10 IND        59:47                           
    6 JOSE MENDER & PABLO MURC    M21       HAVOC    1:07:29                           
    7 TOM LAWRENCE & MAHMUD AH    M21       IND      1:31:23                           

      MIRANDA LEAF                W12       HH            mp                           

RED  (3)                5.800 km  25 m   14 C       

    1 ALEC WATERHOUSE             M40       IND      1:19:57                           

      GRANT STEVENSON             M35       IND           mp                           
      ANDREAS BAUMGAERTNER        M21       IND           mp                           

LT GRN  (9)             3.700 km  20 m   13 C       

    1 JAMES LYNE                  M18       SOS        27:51 KEGS                      
    2 SIMON GARDNER               M18       WAOC       29:24 HRSFC                     
    3 JAMES PARK                  M16       SOS        42:01                           
    4 ALAN ALFORD                 M50       SOS        52:51                           
    5 SARAH PARK                  W18       SOS        56:06                           
    6 MATTHEW JOHNSON             M18       SOS      1:08:28                           
    7 EMILY AYRE                  W18       IND      1:17:16 CCHS                      
    8 SABINE OAKLEY               W40       IND      1:17:44                           
    9 ROD + BEN OAKLEY            M45 + M9  IND      1:38:49                           

GREEN  (13)             5.000 km  30 m   16 C       

    1 NICOLA GARDNER              W50       WAOC       57:02                           
    2 RICHARD BARKER              M50       SOS        58:04                           
    3 KEITH DUNCAN                M35       IND      1:07:35                           
    4 DEREK LADKIN                M70       SOS      1:08:57                           
    5 EMMA JOHNSON + 1            W20 +  M2 SOS      1:12:20                           
    6 JACK ISBESTER               M70       SOS      1:15:38                           
    7 ESTELLA WARD                W55       NOR      1:16:15                           
    8 ANNE POWER                  W70       LOK      1:19:34                           
    9 TONY BIGGS                  M55       HAVOC    1:21:43                           
   10 ALISON ROTHERY              W21       WAOC     1:31:55                           
   11 SALLY WILKINSON             W40       SUFFOC   1:35:51                           
   12 DAVID SKINNER               M55       SOS      1:40:24                           
   13 JEAN SINCLAIR               W40       WAOC     1:44:57                           

BLUE  (16)              6.600 km  40 m   21 C       

    1 TOM EDELSTEN                M60       CHIG       56:33                           
    2 MAT BLACOE                  M40       SUFFOC     57:59                           
    3 GARY WOODS                  M40       SOS      1:01:58                           
    4 MARK LYNE                   M45       SOS      1:02:37                           
    5 HELEN ERRINGTON             W45       HH       1:04:33                           
    6 CHARLES NEIL                M15       RAFO     1:05:10                           
    7 CLIVE WIKINSON              M40       SUFFOC   1:06:36                           
    8 EDDIE BANKS                 M50       SOS      1:10:15                           
    9 JOHN DUFFIELD               M55       CHIG     1:12:02                           
   10 PAUL LOWE                   M45       SUFFOC   1:12:38                           
   11 NEIL CARTER                 M21       SUFFOC   1:25:50                           
   12 LAIA SANTAMARIA             W21       HAVOC    1:30:48                           
   13 GERALDINE RUSSELL           W60       SOS      1:30:49                           
   14 CATHENNE GALVIN             W40       LOK      1:37:51                           
   15 GRAHAM WARD                 M60       NOR      1:44:53                           

      DAVID CROFK                 M50       WAOC          mp                           

BROWN  (13)             8.500 km  45 m   26 C       

    1 JEFF POWELL DAVIES          M21       SOS        59:06                           
    2 RUSS LADKIN                 M40       WAOC     1:02:16                           
    3 BERT PARK                   M40       SOS      1:07:02                           
    4 SIMON ERRINGTON             M40       HH       1:09:56                           
    5 SIMON GARDNER               M18       WAOC     1:12:00                           
    6 KEVIN MACHIN                M45       SOS      1:13:59                           
    7 MARTIN SELLENS              M50       SOS      1:17:53                           
    8 ANDREAS SCHROEDER           M21       SOS      1:19:23                           
    9 DAMIEN SMITH                M21       WAOC     1:23:36                           
   10 ERIC HERITAGE               M45       LEI      1:27:06                           
   11 DUNCAN HARRISON             M35       IND      1:28:48                           
   12 DAVID BURKETT               M45       SOS      1:41:12                           
   13 GEOFF PYE                   M50       SOS      1:48:47                           


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