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District event incorporating Essex & Suffolk Schools League (ESSOL)
Hockley Wood, Hockley, Essex
Sunday 24th September 2006

Officials' Comments

Organiser's Comments - Hilary Sellens

Many thanks to all those people who helped on the day. My special thanks to Martin who took over organising on the day, everyone's help was much appreciated. All competitors who were affected by the two vandalised controls: numbers 133 and 120 will of course be reinstated. Apologies if it affected your run but as you saw Hockley Woods is a very busy area enjoyed by many different people so it is always difficult to safe guard the controls.

Planner's Comments - Geoff Pye

Firstly a huge thank you to Jeff Powell-Davis who spent the summer re-mapping Hockley Woods. I hope everyone agrees that he did an excellent job making sense of the numerous paths created by the dog walkers, the vegetation changes due to the coppicing and the brambles which have grown to man eating proportions this summer.

The longer courses had rather a large number of controls; this was a deliberate ploy to keep you in the good bits of the wood and seems to have worked judging by your comments at the finish. I hope that those on the blue course enjoyed my sense of humour with the spectator control. I certainly enjoyed watching many of you go through it and then seeing how accurate, or not, you were on your direction to the next control. Hockley does offer a challenge to the unwary.

I hope nobody had a run that was too compromised by the mindless vandalism that we had on three controls. They were replaced as soon as possible and anyone shown as mis-punched on 120 and 133 were placed as correct punches for these controls. 117 was moved 200m and thrown in a holly bush. Thanks to the competitor who saw the control and stood it up, it meant we did not lose this box. Apologies to those who saw it and cursed the planner believing he placed 2 controls in ditches 50m apart!

Thanks to Paul Beckett for controlling. As ever he was meticulous in his job and he made many excellent suggestions which allowed an improvement to the courses.

This was my first time planning using OCAD. It took time in the beginning to learn the basics of the programme but it really is fantastic for allowing quick changes to the courses and for taking the worry out of matching control descriptions to the map of the course.

Finally thanks to Kevin Machin for printing the maps and putting the extra important text on them that I did not know how to do! To Jonathan for carrying the stakes and flags to strategic parts of the wood so that I could quickly put the controls out and to all those who brought the controls in for me.

Controller's Comments - Paul Beckett (HAVOC)

I would like to congratulate SOS for a well run event. The organisation seemed to run smoothly and Geoff's courses were as challenging as the area would allow and more challenging than many competitors expected.

Par Times

Lt Green59.38

   Pl Name                        AgeClass  Club        Time School/Group            

White  (16)             1.300 km  0 m   10 C        
    1 Lucinda Wilkinson           W10       SOS         8:29 Barnardiston              
    2 Shane Muggeridge            M10       HAVOC       9:33                           
    3 Olivia Becher               W10       SOS         9:48 Barnardiston              
    4 Harrison BK + Dominic L     M9        SOS         9:57 Barnardiston              
    5 Freddie S & Ben N           M9        SOS        10:51 Barnardiston              
    6 Imogen G + Plossie M        W9        SOS        11:21 Barnardiston              
    7 Rachael H & Annabel G       W9        SOS        15:47 Barnardiston              
    8 Stephanie Ware              W8        SOS        16:41 Cherry Tree               
    9 Isabella Coutts             W9        SOS        17:08 Barnardiston              
   10 Lewis Reynolds              M10       SOS        18:27 Barnardiston              
   11 Evelyn & Callum Fawkes      M5 & W3   IND        19:55                           
   12 Samuel Bolam                M12       IND        20:11 Cherry Tree               
   13 Nicholas Harrison                     IND        21:31 Stonham Aspal Primar      
   14 Vicky & Ben Squire          M10 & W21 IND        30:05                           
   15 Claire Emery                W35       CHIG       30:50                           

      Matilda Selky               W9        SOS           mp Barnardiston              

Yellow  (14)            2.260 km  0 m   11 C        
    1 Julia Dyer-Bartlett         W12       SOS        15:53 Barnardiston              
    2 Marcus Turner               M12       SOS        16:50 Barnardiston              
    3 Bryan Muggeridge            M14       HAVOC      19:04                           
    4 Annabel Duthie              W12       SOS        20:29 Barnardiston              
    5 Rory Coutts                 M11       SOS        20:47 Barnardiston              
    6 Helen Laurie                W12       SOS        21:35 Barnardiston              
    7 Thomas Birkett              M10       SOS        22:57 Meadgate Primary          
    8 Flora Mol                   W11       SOS        26:07 Barnardiston              
    9 Tom Wall                    M12       GO         28:26                           
   10 Jessica Mol                 W11       SOS        30:20 Barnardiston              
   11 Flora Hamilton              W11       SOS        32:16 Barnardiston              
   12 Rhiannon  Ware                        SOS        32:23 Cherry Tree               
   13 Michael Wilson              M11       SOS        33:23 Barnardiston              
   14 Alesha & Shelia Lowe        W2 & W40  SUFFOC     41:56                           

Orange  (6)             2.590 km  0 m   10 C        
    1 Katrin Sengerova            W14       WAOC       30:58                           
    2 Sue Clark                   W35       IND        36:17                           
    3 Julia Robertson             W50       SOS        39:23                           
    4 Connor Yarmouth                       HAVOC      62:36 2187 ATC                  
    5 Calum Machin                M12       SOS        70:37                           
    6 Alex Ware                   M14       SOS        74:52 Philip Morant             

Lt Green  (11)          3.360 km  0 m   13 C        
    1 Dean Miller                 M16       HAVOC      38:05 Latymer                   
    2 Jitka Sengerova             W50       WAOC       54:08                           
    3 Hazel Bickle                W55       WAOC       54:13                           
    4 Claire Harrison             W21       IND        57:14                           
    5 Chris Bradford                        HAVOC      58:31                           
    6 Nancy Powell Davies         W55       SOS        59:37                           
    7 Michael Park                M14       SOS        67:22 Copleston                 
    8 Dean Emery                  M35       CHIG       72:43                           
    9 Dale Family                           IND        74:09                           
   10 Murray A + Belinda B        M21       IND        83:08                           
   11 Anna Machin                 W16       SOS        89:48 William De Ferrers        

Green  (25)             4.620 km  0 m   21 C        
    1 Joanne West                 W18       SOS        52:14                           
    2 Colin West                  M50       SOS        58:47                           
    3 Emma Johnson                W20       SOS        67:06                           
    4 Chris Baker                 M70       DFOK .     68:45                           
    5 Sue Carton                  W50       SOS        69:56                           
    6 Stephen Cartwright          M45       SOS        71:51                           
    7 Chris Burgues               M50       HAVOC      75:15                           
    8 Anne Elvidge                W45       SUFFOC     75:47                           
    9 Jack Isbester               M70       SOS        77:33                           
   10 Anthony Biggs               M55       HAVOC      78:06                           
   11 Sarah Fawkes                W35       WSX        79:44                           
   12 Ellen Sanderson             W16       SOS        82:18 St Mary's                 
   13 Lyn West                    W50       SOS        84:28                           
   14 Martin Senger                M55      WAOC       85:22                           
   15 David Skinner               M55       SOS        88:06                           
   16 Barbara Fothergill          W50       HAVOC      91:13                           
   17 Eddie Banks                 M50       SOS        91:42                           
   18 Veronica Machin             W45       SOS        93:33                           
   19 Helen Bickle                W21       WAOC       99:09                           
   20 Richard Barker              M50       SOS        99:26                           
   21 Sarah Park                  W18       SOS       102:43 Northgate                 
   22 Maria Marshall              W50       WAOC      109:29                           
   23 Rod Oakley                  M45       HAVOC     109:46                           
   24 Julie Collins               W45       DFOK      121:32                           

      Steve Kemp                  m45       HAVOC         mp                           

Blue  (30)              6.820 km   28 C             
    1 Chris Sellens               M21       SOS        44:17                           
    2 Jeff Powell Davies          M21       SOS        47:27                           
    3 Anthony Squire              M21       IND        47:55                           
    4 James Lyne                  M18       SOS        50:34 Kegs                      
    5 Ian Maynard                 M45       HAVOC      56:40                           
    6 Bert Park                   M40       SOS        59:15                           
    7 Michael Muggeridge          M45       HAVOC      65:11                           
    8 Martin sellens              M50       SOS        68:56                           
    9 Kevin Machin                M45       SOS        71:06                           
   10 Mike Bickle                 M55       WAOC       71:15                           
   11 Alex Machin                 M20       SOS        72:31                           
   12 Mark Lyne                   M45       SOS        72:39                           
   13 Jonathan Creak              M21       BAOC       74:09                           
   14 Daviela Buoliue             W21       IND        75:26                           
   15 Jonathan Pye                M20       SOS        75:35                           
   16 Garry Paramenter            M60       HAVOC      76:18                           
   17 Duncan Harrison             M35       IND        76:41                           
   18 Ray Weekes                  M55       CHIG       78:10                           
   19 Simon Peck                  M50       SUFFOC     83:39                           
   20 David Sanderson             M45       SOS        88:16                           
   21 Paul Lowe                   M45       SUFFOC     89:20                           
   22 David Birkett               M45       SOS        92:35                           
   23 Bruce Marshall              M50       WAOC       95:33                           
   24 Clive Tant                  M50       SOS       101:25                           
   25 Colin Jackson               M45       HAVOC     103:38                           
   26 James Park                  M14       SOS       104:25 Copleston                 
   27 Lenka Anstead               W21       SUFFOC    108:13                           
   28 David Crane                 M45       BAOC      127:25                           

      Alan Anstead                M40       SUFFOC        mp                           
      Steve Robertson             M50       SOS           mp                           


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