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Colour-Coded event incorporating Essex & Suffolk Schools League (ESSOL) and Club Championship
Layer Wood, Tiptree
Sunday 12th November 2006

Officials' Comments

Organiser - Mark Lyne

I was relieved that the weather on the day turned out to be ideal and extremely grateful to Mr Moore, the farmer, for use of the parking field which made organising so much easier than it might have been. I would like to thank all of those who so willingly volunteered to help on the day. Particular thanks to Kevin Machin, for his excellent planning in such a small area and for making the club championships so enjoyable. Thanks also to Jack Isbester for assistance in a variety of ways, as the “local man.” I was very pleased to see Barnardiston out in such force and would like to thank Stephen Cartwright and Dave Birkett for putting on some training activities for the juniors. Hopefully, in due course we will be able to link this map up to the adjacent Pod’s Wood area with much more scope for the longer courses. Once again, thanks to all concerned for helping to make the organiser’s job straightforward and the event a successful one.

Planner - Kevin Machin

It was very interesting managing to fit all the courses into such a small area. It is of course a new area and was quite varied. Hopefully I managed it so that everyone could had a decent run and those that found the bramble and brashings hard going I do apologise. Apologies also for one control located incorrectly in an adjacent unmarked depression (I know it affected a few people). The wood is not much used by the public so it was good to see a lot people in there for a change. Many congratulations to James Lyne on winning the club championships so comprehensively. Also well done to Chris Sellens on producing a rather creditable map on his first attempt. Many thanks too to Mark, for his sterling efforts in finding the parking and doing an excellent job of organising. Even the weather came good!

Par Times

Lt Green74.57

Layer Wood2Mon 13/11/2006 11:57
Resultscreated by OE2002 © Stephan Krämer 2002

   Pl Name                        AgeClass  Club        Time School/Group         SchYr     

White  (23)             1.500 km  0 m   10 C        

    1 Oliva Becher                W11       SOS         7:42 Barnardiston         Yr6       
    2 Freddie Gurney              M10       SOS         8:24 Barnardiston         Yr5       
    3 Nicholas Harrison           M10       SOS         8:26 Stonham Aspal        Yr5       
    4 Lucinda Wilkinson           W11       SOS         8:43 Barnardiston         Yr6       
    5 Rachel  Harrison            W10       SOS         8:53 Barnardiston         Yr5       
    6 Harrison Bilner-King        M10       SOS         9:48 Barnardiston         Yr5       
    7 Lewis Reynolds              M11       SOS        10:07 Barnardiston         Yr6       
    8 Zoe Weston                  W11       SOS        10:23 Barnardiston         Yr6       
    9 Hugo Seacombe               M10       SOS        10:45 Barnardiston         Yr5       
   10 Dominic Lathan              M10       SOS        11:04 Barnardiston         Yr5       
   11 James Merceran              M10       SOS        11:25 Barnardiston         Yr5       
   12 Henry Mole                  M10       SUFFOC     11:45 Stonham Aspal        Yr5       
   13 Isabella Coutts             W10       SOS        11:54 Barnardiston         Yr5       
   14 Annabel  Gardine            W10       SOS        13:17 Barnardiston         Yr5       
   15 Samuel Bolam                M12       IND        13:22 Cherry Tree          Yr6       
   16 Flossie Mills               W10       SOS        16:15 Barnardiston         Yr5       
   17 Matilda Selby               W10       SOS        16:20 Barnardiston         Yr5       
   18 Alex Birkett + 1            M10       SOS        19:09 Meadgate             Yr2       
   19 Martha Beaton               W10       SOS        19:25 Barnardiston         Yr5       
   20 Stephanie Ware              W8        SOS        19:36 Cherry Tree          Yr3       
   21 Catherine Mole              W7        SUFFOC     19:38 Stonham Aspal        Yr2       
   22 E + J + K Cockman                     IND        28:50                                

      Ben North                   M10       SOS           mp Barnardiston         Yr5       

Yellow  (25)            2.300 km  0 m   9 C         

    1 Marcus Turner               M13       SOS        17:08 Barnardiston         Yr8       
    2 James Symes-Thompson        M13       SOS        19:02 Barnardiston         Yr8       
    3 Helen Laurie                W13       SOS        19:16 Barnardiston         Yr8       
    4 Elizabeth Merorer           W12       SOS        19:50 Barnardiston         Yr7       
    5 Rory Coults                 M12       SOS        20:20 Barnardiston         Yr7       
    6 Ivo Hayes                   M12       SOS        21:08 Bard                 Yr7       
    7 Julia Dyer-Bartlett         W13       SOS        21:40 Barnardiston         Yr8       
    8 India Hayes                 W13       SOS        22:13 Barnardiston         Yr8       
    9 Thomas Birkett              M10       SOS        23:16 Meadgate             Yr4       
   10 Emma Vidler                 W12       SOS        23:17 Barnardiston         Yr7       
   11 Bryn Wilkinson              M10       SUFFOC     23:24 Clifford Road        Yr5       
   12 Peter Walsh                 M45       IND        32:49                                
   13 Rebecca Walsh               W12       IND        33:40                      Yr8       
   14 Annabel Duthie              W13       SOS        35:33 Barnardiston         Yr8       
   15 John Houslay                M10       IND        35:54 Bishops              Yr3       
   16 Rhiannon Ware               W12       SOS        36:46 Cherry Tree          Yr6       
   17 Mihir Chandraker            M10       WAOC       36:48                                
   18 Harry + Ellie               8         IND        55:10                      Yr4       
   19 Peter + Grace               M4        IND        55:14                      YrR       

      Matthew Davies              M14       IND           mp Colchester High      Yr8       
      Alesha & Sheila Lowe        W2        SUFFOC        mp                                
      Flora Hamilton              W12       SOS           mp Barnardiston         Yr7       
      Jessica Mol                 W12       SOS           mp Barnardiston         Yr7       
      Flora Mol                   W12       SOS           mp Barnardiston         Yr7       
      Michell  Williamson         M12       SOS           mp Barnardiston         Yr7       

Orange  (11)            3.000 km  0 m   15 C        

    1 Hannah Newton               W14       SOS        44:49 Chelmsford CHS       Yr10      
    2 Alice & Nick Wood           W12       IND      1:01:09 Sandon               Yr 7      
    3 Michael Archer +1           M12       SOS      1:03:18                                
    4 Thomas Robertson            M14       SOS      1:05:28 CRGS                 Yr10      
    5 Calum Machin/Tim Wood       M12       SOS      1:08:28 Westcliff            Yr7       
    6 Burgess Family                        SOS      1:10:21                                
    7 Oliver Hazell               M21       IND      1:11:41                                
    8 Alex Ware                   M14       SOS      1:15:04 Philip Morant        Yr8       
    9 Belinda Bardwell            W21       IND      1:29:57                                
   10 A & E Boakes                          HAVOC    1:41:47                                

      Nick Sale                   M10       IND           mp Gosfield             Yr5       

Light Green  (9)        3.200 km  0 m   17 C        

    1 Richard Newton              M40       SOS        36:33                                
    2 Murray Allen                M21       IND        51:47                                
    3 Claire Harrison             W21       SOS      1:08:28                                
    4 Steve Czyzewicz             M50       IND      1:13:29                                
    5 Susha Chandraker            W14       WAOC     1:14:56                      Yr10      
    6 Kelly Stapls                W20       IND      1:59:19                                
    7 Sarah McCarty               W20       IND      1:59:24                                
    8 Jessie Keeble               W70       SOS      2:05:34                                

      Clive Coles                 M60       SUFFOC       dnf                                

Green  (23)             4.600 km  0 m   18 C        

    1 Duncan Harrison             M35       SOS        56:52                                
    2 Neil Carter                 M21       SUFFOC     58:35                                
    3 Mike Bickle                 M55       WAOC       59:03                                
    4 Paul Lowe                   M45       SUFFOC   1:01:57                                
    5 Perry   Mole                M40       SUFFOC   1:05:36                                
    6 Ellen Sanderson             W16       SOS      1:06:11 St Mary's            Yr11      
    7 Martin Hore                 M55       SUFFOC   1:06:42                                
    8 Simon Peck                  M50       SUFFOC   1:08:27                                
    9 Rakesh Chandraker           M40       WAOC     1:10:07                                
   10 Bruce Marshall              M50       WAOC     1:10:12                                
   11 Graham Perry                M40       HH       1:11:39                                
   12 Emma Johnson                W20       SOS      1:11:41                                
   13 Mitch Lock                  M50       IND      1:17:14                                
   14 Gary Woods                  M40       SOS      1:18:55                                
   15 Anthony Biggs               M55       HAVOC    1:19:17                                
   16 Helen Bickle                W21       WAOC     1:24:26                                
   17 Lenka Anstead               W21       SUFFOC   1:32:25                                
   18 Alan Anstead                M40       SUFFOC   1:35:20                                
   19 Maria Marshall              W50       WAOC     1:38:22                                

      David Carter                M50       WAOC          mp                                
      Diane Williamson            W40       WAOC         dnf                                
      John Adams                  M50       IND          dnf                                
      Peter Allen                 M55       WAOC         dnf                                

Score  (25)             0.000 km  0 m   1 C         
Part 1.
Part 2.
1James LyneM18SOS15153020133
2James ParkM16SOS1572230025
3Bert ParkM45SOS1572231024
3Clive WilkinsonM40SUFFOC11122321024
5Ian WhissonM45IND1482232023
6Steve RobertsonM50SOS1552031022
6Geoff PyeM50SOS1472132022
8Colin WestM50SOS1441830021
8Nick PughM55SOS1251740021
8Chris ChildsM55IND1341740021
11David BirkettM45SOS1361932020
11Jack IsbesterM70SOS1221460020
13David SandersonM45SOS1161731019
14Clive TantM50SOS871530018
15Sally WilkinsonW40SUFFOC961542017
15Veronica MachinW45SOS1111250017
15Wendy WelhamW45SOS851351017
18Michael ParkM14SOS841240016
19Daniela BrohmW21IND851320015
19Lyn WestW50SOS1121353015
21Martin PughM21SOS0151500015
22David SkinnerM55SOS1051546013
23Martin SellensM50SOS54931011
24Geraldine RussellW60SOS7296609
25John RussellM65SOS1345108

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