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District event incorporating Essex & Suffolk Schools League (ESSOL)
Broaks Wood, Gosfield
Sunday 28th January 2007
Final Results

Officials' Comments

Organiser - John Collyer jcollyer48@btinternet.com

Thanks to all our helpers, plus the major officials (Paul Lowe and Chris Sellens) in helping the event go smoothly. My plea for help elicited responses from the "usual suspects" so I was confident about how things would run. Perhaps we should be encouraging newer, less-familiar members to staff some of the jobs. Most teams could function very well as long as an experienced member was given overall charge.

Planner - Chris Sellens

Firstly many thanks to all of you who attended, and to those who helped out in making this event a success (approx. 150 runners). Thank you. I would also like to express my gratitude to Paul who was a very understanding controller.

I fool heartedly agreed to plan this event back in October and shortly afterwards forgot about it, that was until new years day when Paul asked if I had any courses for him to look at. I instantly replied I did and would let him have them shortly. Then panic set in!!! I rushed in planning some courses that were quite honestly; rubbish and too long (the blue was 9.5km!!!). However, after some prompting and guidance in the right direction the courses were improved and I hope we were able to give you some courses which were enjoyable and not too brambly.

Once again thank you for attending.

Controller - Paul Lowe (Suffoc)

When it got to Christmas and I still hadn't been sent any courses, I thought Chris was probably working on them. So when I saw him at the new years day event, I asked when he would be sending them to me (the look on his face sort of gave the game away). They'll be with you by the weekend he said. Well they duly turned up with a yellow course that was a very long white and a blue that was only 500m short of black.

After some recommendations (one of which was to read the guidelines) he came back with courses that were much better, and which, with a bit of tweaking here and there, were the courses you all ran. He did very well to keep you all from being permanently stuck in bramble and mud. All comments I heard were favourable.

I must apologise for the unusual symbol (lake) on the control descriptions. I hadn't realised that IOF sheets were being used and concentrated on the written descriptions.

On the organisation front all went smoothly under John's co-ordination. It is nice to have a building for download instead of a cold tent with the drone on a generator nearby. The showers seemed to get good use too.

One thing that must be said is that ALL competitors MUST report to download after finishing or retiring. This prevents the officials from having to think about sending out search parties when there is one runner still showing as not downloaded and had started quite some time earlier.

See you in the Forest

Par times

WhiteAll Finishers
Light Green1:23:15

Final Results

BroaksSun 28/01/2007 15:25
Resultscreated by OE2003 © Stephan Krämer 2006

   Pl    Time Name                                Club          AgeClass School         SchoolY 

White  (17)               1.5 km  0 m   9 C       

    1   10:04 J Merceron                          SOS/SUFFOC    M10      Barnardiston   Y5      
    2   10:36 Olivia Becher                       SOS/SUFFOC    W10      Barnardiston   Y6      
    3   11:24 Freddy Gurney                       SOS/SUFFOC    M9       Barnardiston   Y5      
    4   11:57 A Gardiner                          SOS/SUFFOC    W9       Bardnardiston  Y5      
    5   13:31 Lewis Reynolds                      SOS/SUFFOC    M11      Barnardiston   Y6      
    6   14:17 Lucinda Wilkinson                   SOS/SUFFOC    W10      Barnardiston   Y6      
    7   15:12 Hugo Seacombe                       SOS/SUFFOC    M9       Barnardiston   Y5      
    8   17:38 P + Maddy Gurney/Gardiner           SOS/SUFFOC    W7       Barnardiston   Y3      
    9   18:31 Joshua Foot                         SOS           M10      Meadgate       Y2      
   10   20:46 M Selby                             SOS/SUFFOC    W9       Barnardiston   Y5      
   11   20:51 Eleanor Foot                        SOS           W10      Meadgate       Y4      
   12   22:03 Simon Foster                        IND           M14      Explorers      Y10     
   13   22:11 Flossie Mills                       SOS/SUFFOC    W9       Barnardiston   Y5      
   14   26:29 Martha Beaton                       SOS/SUFFOC             Barnardiston   Y5      
   15   49:47 Amber Richardson                    SOS           W6                              

           mp Dominic Lathan                      SOS/SUFFOC    M9       Barnardiston   Y5      
   nc   39:38 Alex Birkett                        SOS           M10                     Y2      

Yellow  (16)              2.3 km  0 m   13 C      

    1   20:56 Nicholas Harrison                   SOS           M12      Stonham Aspal  Y5      
    2   22:47 Bryn Wilkinson                      SUFFOC        M10      Clifford Rd    Y5      
    3   23:10 Flora Mol                           SOS           W11      Barnardiston   Y7      
    4   23:49 Thomas Birkett                      SOS           M10      Meadgate       Y4      
    5   27:23 Emma Vidler                         SOS           W11      Barnardiston   Y7      
    6   28:19 Elizabeth Merceron                  SOS/SUFFOC    W11      Barnardiston   Y7      
    7   30:38 Jim Bartley                         IND           M40                             
    8   33:38 Flora Hamilton                      SOS/SUFFOC    W11      barnardiston   Y7      
    9   36:15 Andrea Weed                         SUFFOC        W35                             
   10   37:27 Arran Weed                          SUFFOC        M10      Heath          Y5      
   11   44:17 Family Archer                       SOS                                           
   12   51:50 Mihir Chandrakar                    WAOC          M10                             
   13   58:39 A & E Boakes                        HAVOC         W45                             
   14 1:20:15 Eleanor + Emma Turner/Williams      IND           W12      Northgate      Y8      

           mp Jessica Mol                         SOS/SUFFOC    W11      Barnardiston   Y6      
           mp Matthew Poole                       IND           M14      St Helena      Y9      

Orange  (22)              3.2 km  0 m   12 C      

    1   40:41 David Southgate                     IND                                           
    2   42:19 Nick & Claire harrison              SOS           M12                             
    3   47:17 Jack Lag                            IND           M14      SD Scouts      Y9      
    4   47:50 Eleanor Farrow                      WAOC          W10                             
    5   48:10 Russ Edwards                        SUFFOC        M50                             
    6   49:09 Robert Armitage                     WAOC          M12      Bourne primary Y6      
    7   51:04 Alex Thompson                       IND           W21                             
    8   51:07 Burgess Family                      SOS                                           
    9   55:26 Dan Wright                          IND           M21                             
   10   58:30 Carmel Johnson                      SOS           W65                             
   11 1:06:45 Nicholas Sale                       IND           M10      Gosfield CP    Y5      
   12 1:09:54 Katy Amy Mike Meekings Symonds Pott IND           W14      Sudbury YL grp Y10     
   13 1:15:48 Helen Hampton                       CHIG          W40                             
   13 1:15:48 Rosa Hampton                        CHIG          W14                     Y7      
   15 1:18:44 Isabel Farr & Friend                IND                                           
   16 1:18:54 Thomas Robertson                    SOS           M16      CRGS           Y10     
   17 1:20:23 Christine/Lynn Callender/Alderson   IND           W65/50                          

           mp Hester Gartnell                     IND           W14      Sudbury YL grp Y10     
           mp Belinda Bardwell                    SOS           W21                             
          dnf Guy Grimwade                        IND                    SYL Scouts     Y10     
          dnf Adam Crichton                       IND           M16      SYL Scouts     Y10     
          dnf Alan Fairweather                    IND           M70                             

Lt Grn  (13)              3.6 km  0 m   17 C      

    1   55:30 Ben Cooke                           IND           M21                             
    2 1:02:10 Murray Allen                        SOS           M21                             
    3 1:03:25 Claire Harrison                     SOS           W21                             
    4 1:04:11 Michael Park                        SOS           M14      Copleston      Y8      
    5 1:07:54 Alan Alford                         SOS           M50                             
    6 1:11:18 Conor Weed                          SUFFOC        M16      Kesgrave High  Y10     
    7 1:13:57 Sally Wilkinson                     SUFFOC        W40                             
    8 1:15:46 Hannah Newton                       SOS           W14      Chelmsford CHS Y10     
    9 1:17:27 Janet Cronk                         WAOC          W50                             
   10 1:19:49 Nancy Powell-Davies                 SOS           W55                             
   11 1:43:04 Jean Emery                          CHIG          M40                             
   12 2:04:22 Family Campen                       IND                                           

   nc      mp Dave Birkett                        SOS           M45                             

Green  (24)               4.6 km  0 m   19 C      

    1   51:09 Keith Cameron                       BAOC          M45                             
    2   55:05 Kevin Robinson                      BAOC          M45                             
    3   56:24 Clive Wilkinson                     SUFFOC        M45                             
    4   57:45 Geoff Pye                           SOS           M50                             
    5 1:01:29 Jonathan Cronk                      WAOC          M16                             
    6 1:10:10 Wendy Welham                        SOS           W45                             
    7 1:11:03 Rob Sibley                          SAXONS        M50                             
    8 1:11:10 Ted Johnson                         SOS           M65                             
    9 1:11:51 Robert Hammond                      SOS           M40                             
   10 1:15:33 Nigel Richardson                    IND           M35                             
   11 1:18:44 Greg Ehlen                          IND           M40                             
   12 1:19:21 Eddie Banks                         SOS           M50                             
   13 1:22:19 Susha Chandraker                    WAOC          W16                             
   14 1:23:08 Jack Isbester                       SOS           M70                             
   15 1:24:04 Anthony Biggs                       HAVOC         M55                             
   16 1:31:46 Sarah Park                          SOS           W18      Northgate      Y12     
   17 1:40:38 David Skinner                       SOS           M55                             
   18 1:44:36 Alison Rothery                      WAOC          W21                             
   19 1:47:51 Maria Marshall                      WAOC          W55                             
   20 1:51:15 Derek Ladkin                        SOS           M75                             

           mp Rakesh Chandrakar                   WAOC          M45                             
           mp Phil Davies                         IND           M40                             
           mp Ellen Sanderson                     SOS           W16      St Mary's      Y11     
          dnf Clarissa Napier                     NOR           W65                             

Blue  (35)                6.9 km  0 m   28 C      

    1   51:15 James Lyne                          SOS           M20                             
    2 1:01:37 Mike Capper                         WAOC          M50                             
    3 1:02:47 Hazel Tant                          SOS           W21                             
    4 1:03:32 Peter Lake                          IND           M40                             
    5 1:04:06 Bert Park                           SOS           M40                             
    6 1:04:28 Martin Sellens                      SOS           M55                             
    7 1:07:11 Clive Tant                          SOS           M50                             
    8 1:09:16 Louise Sime                         WAOC          W21                             
    9 1:10:54 Robin Weed                          SUFFOC        M40                             
   10 1:13:13 Daniela Brohm                       SOS           W21                             
   11 1:13:20 Duncan Harrison                     SOS           M35                             
   12 1:14:47 Richard Newton                      SOS           M40                             
   13 1:15:15 Mark Lyne                           SOS           M45                             
   14 1:17:27 Kevin Machin                        SOS           M45                             
   15 1:19:21 James Park                          SOS           M16      Copleston      Y10     
   16 1:20:04 Martin Hore                         SUFFOC        M55                             
   17 1:22:48 Andryi Dyadyusha                    SOC           M40                             
   18 1:23:47 David Sanderson                     SOS           M45                             
   19 1:26:57 Colin West                          SOS           M50                             
   20 1:27:22 Damien Smith                        WAOC          M21                             
   21 1:27:57 Neil Carter                         SUFFOC        M21                             
   22 1:28:35 Ben Holland                         WAOC          M21                             
   23 1:33:39 Rob Shephard                        IND           M40                             
   24 1:35:21 Bruce Marshall                      WAOC          M55                             
   25 1:36:51 Emma Johnson                        SOS           W20                             
   26 1:37:42 Alan Turner                         IND           M40                             
   27 1:42:16 Peter Allen                         WAOC          M55                             
   28 1:44:26 Oliver Calver                       SUFFOC        M21                             
   29 1:46:28 Lyn West                            SOS           W50                             
   30 1:52:17 Davis Schroeder                     IND           M21                             
   31 1:58:15 Geraldine Russel                    SOS           W60                             
   32 1:59:53 Phil Halford                        IND           M50                             
   33 2:17:51 Ken Wickham                         SO            M65                             

           mp Chris Childs                        SOS           M55                             
          dnf John Russel                         SOS           M65                             

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