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District Event Incorporating Essex & Suffolk Schools League (ESSOL)
Hylands Park, Chelmsford
Sunday 20th May 2007
Preliminary Results

Officials' Comments

Organiser - David Birkett david.birkett@blueyonder.co.uk

Thanks to all the SOS members who helped out on the day and to Steve for planning and Brian and Martin for controlling the event. The day went very smoothly with no major hiccups. Thank you to David Roach from Barnardiston School for providing a list of competitors the day before the start. This really helped to avoid the initial rush with the inputting of participants. I hope the Young Farmers meet in the next door field didn’t cause too much disturbance. Clive Tant made us laugh when he turned up with the theme tune to 2001 A Space Odyssey playing in the background. He commented,” Well done Dave you really excelled yourself with the organising this time”. Next time I will remember to bring some club loo rolls for the toilets, unfortunately by all accounts they lived up to normal expectations. Well done Simon Gardner from WAOC who managed to do all the courses on the day. I can only assume he was getting some practice in for the SOS relays at Danbury on 1st July 2007 which are not to be missed. It was good to see so many at the event from different clubs around the south east and further a field. Also good to see some new faces young and old and so many people enjoying what was a lovely day in the park.

Planner - Steve Robertson

Controller - Brian Daniel (HAVOC)

Thanks to Martin Sellens for control checking on the day in my absence (watching the Test Match at Lords). I thought Hylands looked very nice when going round control sites on the Saturday, the scars of all the Repton 'improvements' and pipe laying having finally healed. There was a surge in vegetation growth during the two weeks leading up to the event and both Steve and I did a fair bit of trampling and gardening to try to keep things fair for competitors. Steve provided a good set of courses, given the limitations of the area, which (judging from the results) seemed to provide a sufficient challenge for most competitors.

Par times

WhiteAll Finishers
Light Green1:07:21

Preliminary Results

Hylands Park -- District Event & ESSOLSun 20/05/2007 18:42
Resultscreated by OE2003 © Stephan Krämer 2006

   Pl    Time Name                              Club          Age      SchYr   School             

White  (35)               1.6 km  10 m   11 C     
    1    9:59 RACHEL HARRISON                   SOS/SUFFOC    W10      Y5      BARNARDISTON       
    2   10:43 LUCINDA WILKINSON                 SOS/SUFFOC    W12      Y6      BARNARDISTON       
    3   11:16 JAMES MERCERON                    SOS/SUFFOC    M10      Y5      BARNARDISTON       
    4   11:49 OLIVIA BECHER                     SOS/SUFFOC    W12      Y6      BARNARDISTON       
    5   12:07 LEWIS REYNOLDS                    SOS/SUFFOC    M12      Y6      BARNARDISTON       
    6   12:22 ISABELLA COUTTS                   SOS/SUFFOC    W10      Y5      BARNARDISTON       
    7   12:58 HUGO SEACOMBE                     SOS/SUFFOC    M10      Y5      BARNARDISTON       
    8   14:08 WILLIAM DYER-BARTLETT             SOS/SUFFOC    M10      Y4      BARNARDISTON       
    9   14:10 KIT PHILLIPS                      SOS/SUFFOC    M10      Y4      BARNARDISTON       
   10   14:25 FLOSSIE MILLS                     SOS/SUFFOC    W10      Y5      BARNARDISTON       
   11   15:08 DOMINIC LATHAM                    SOS/SUFFOC    M10      Y5      BARNARDISTON       
   12   15:37 DUNCAN COOPER                     WAOC          M10      Y1                         
   13   16:21 PHOEBE HOWE                       SOS/SUFFOC    W10      Y4      BARNARDISTON       
   14   18:16 BRUNO BUTCHER                     IND           M10      Y1      EASINGWOOD         
   15   18:34 GREGORY ROBINSON                  SOS/SUFFOC    M10      Y4      BARNARDISTON       
   15   18:34 TIMOTHY HARRISON                  SOS/SUFFOC    M10      Y4      BARNARDISTON       
   17   18:39 JACK GILBEY                       SOS/SUFFOC    M10      Y4      BARNARDISTON       
   18   18:41 EDWARD JONES                      SOS/SUFFOC    M10      Y4      BARNARDISTON       
   19   19:17 MATILDA SELBY                     SOS/SUFFOC    W10      Y5      BARNARDISTON       
   20   19:36 OLIVIA JONES                      SOS/SUFFOC    W10      Y3      BARNARDISTON       
   20   19:36 LOUIS GOODEN                      SOS/SUFFOC    M12      Y6      BARNARDISTON       
   22   19:40 MADDIE GARDINER                   SOS/SUFFOC    W10      Y3      BARNARDISTON       
   23   19:43 POPPY GURNEY                      SOS/SUFFOC    W10      Y3      BARNARDISTON       
   24   19:45 ISABELLA MCKEEVER                 SOS/SUFFOC    W10      Y4      BARNARDISTON       
   24   19:45 GABRIELLA JONES                   SOS/SUFFOC    W10      Y4      BARNARDISTON       
   26   20:55 JOSHUA FOOT                       SOS           M10      Y2      MEADGATE           
   27   22:44 OLIVER ARMITAGE                   WAOC          M10      Y1      BOURN              
   28   23:59 HAL BUTCHER                       IND           M10      Y1      EASINGWOOD         
   29   24:44 CATHERINE MOLE                    SOS           W10      Y2      STONHAM ASPAL      
   30   25:31 SAMUEL DEARMAN                    IND           M10      Y5      MEADGATE           
   31   25:32 PETER DEARMAN                     IND           M10      Y4      MEADGATE           
   32   30:26 JOE SNEDDON                       HH            M10                                 
   33   36:35 HARRIET PUNTER                    IND           W10                                 
   34   49:35 CRAIG + 1 CARTER                  SUFFOC        M10                                 

   nc    8:00 SIMON GARDNER                     WAOC          M20                                 

Yellow  (19)              2.4 km  15 m   10 C     
    1   15:43 THOMAS BIRKETT                    SOS           M10      Y4      MEADGATE           
    2   16:52 EMMA VIDLER                       SOS/SUFFOC    W12      Y7      BARNARDISTON       
    3   17:32 RORY COUTTS                       SOS/SUFFOC    M12      Y7      BARNARDISTON       
    4   18:59 FLORA MOL                         IND           W12      Y7      BARNARDISTON       
    5   19:04 FLORA HAMILTON                    SOS/SUFFOC    W12      Y7      BARNARDISTON       
    6   20:05 ROSA HAMPTON                      CHIG          W14                                 
    7   20:32 JESSICA MOL                       SOS/SUFFOC    W12      Y7      BARNARDISTON       
    8   20:42 KATE SNEDDON                      HH                                                
    9   28:32 JACOB + JIM ROTHERO + BARTLETT    SOS           M                                   
   10   31:12 SUSAN ET AL WALLER-TOYNE          IND           W40                                 
   11   33:17 REBECCA LYNE                      SOS           W12      Y7      HEDINGHAM          
   12   35:44 MICHAEL/GEORGE ARCHER/WOOD        SOS           M12      Y7/Y6   MOULSHAM/MILDMAY   
   13   40:05 CHRISTOPHER ALEX                  IND           M                                   
   14   44:43 ARRAN WEED                        SUFFOC        M10      Y5      HEATH KESGRAVE     
   15   49:33 MICHAEL WILKINSON                 IND           M12      Y7      BARNARDISTON       
   16   58:36 CHARTLOTTE ET AL R + O            IND           W12              SHENFIELD HIGH     

           mp ELIZABETH MERCERON                SOS/SUFFOC    W12      Y7      BARNARDISTON       
           mp ALESHA+SHEILA LOWE                SUFFOC        W40                                 
   nc   12:13 SIMON GARDNER                     WAOC          M20                                 

Orange  (14)              3.4 km  20 m   13 C     
    1   33:51 PHILIP PHILIP                     WAOC          M40                                 
    2   34:58 BRYN WILKINSON                    SUFFOC        M10      Y5      CLIFFORD READ      
    3   36:39 KYLE BENDY                        IND           M14      Y9      CLARE SCOUTS       
    4   42:03 RACHEL BARFORD                    SOS           W45                                 
    5   47:38 HAYLEY COLLINS                    SO            W16                                 
    6   58:57 WILL COOPER                       GO            M16      Y10                        
    7 1:02:24 THOMAS WALL                       GO            M14      Y8                         
    8 1:05:49 JULIE COLLINS                     DFOK          W45                                 
    9 1:06:30 CONNOR STIFF                      IND           M12      Y9      CLARE SCOUTS       
   10 1:08:26 JULIE LOWE                        SUFFOC        W21                                 
   11 1:11:48 JACK LAY                          IND           M14      Y9      CLARE SCOUTS       
   12 1:14:04 LEWIS COOPER                      WAOC          M10      Y3                         

   nc   23:45 SIMON GARDNER                     WAOC          M20                                 
   nc   48:18 KATH SMITH                        SOS           W45                                 

Lt Green  (15)            3.9 km  20 m   11 C     
    1   44:54 BEN COOKE                         IND           M21                                 
    2   55:28 JITKA SENGEROVA                   WAOC          W50                                 
    3   55:42 HELEN HAMPTON                     CHIG          W40                                 
    4   57:29 KEN TULLUS                        SLOW          M55                                 
    5 1:00:18 TODD COOPER                       WAOC          M12      Y5                         
    6 1:00:36 MATT JOHNSON                      HH            M18                                 
    7 1:02:45 MARCUS POLAND                     GO            M14      Y8                         
    8 1:03:55 CONNOR WEED                       SUFFOC        M16      Y10     KESGRAVE HIGH      
    9 1:10:16 DOMINIC RIGBY                     IND           W16                                 
   10 1:10:55 ALEX WARE                         SOS           M14                                 
   11 1:15:37 ALEX CHILVERS                     GO            M14                                 
   12 1:26:09 EMILY CORDLE                      SOS           W21                                 
   13 1:33:54 BEN ARMITAGE                      WAOC          M16      Y9      CAMBERTON VILLAGE  

           mp ALICE RIGBY                       WAOC          W16                                 
   nc   28:04 SIMON GARDNER                     WAOC          M20                                 

Green  (27)               4.8 km  35 m   14 C     
    1   31:42 SIMON GARDNER                     WAOC          M20                                 
    2   36:00 CARYS MORGAN                      DFOK          W21                                 
    3   38:22 MARTIN RIGBY                      BAOC          M50                                 
    4   38:47 DAVID SANDERSON                   SOS           M45                                 
    5   43:20 EMMA JOHNSON                      SOS           W20                                 
    6   44:00 DAVID FLOAT                       HAVOC         M35                                 
    7   45:32 ROB HAMMOND                       SOS           M40                                 
    8   46:15 MURRAY ALLEN                      SOS           M21                                 
    9   47:03 HILARY SELLENS                    SOS           W50                                 
   10   52:43 ANDY SNEDDON                      HH            M40                                 
   11   53:17 RACHEL COLLINS                    SO            W14                                 
   12   55:00 ELLEN SANDERSON                   SOS           W16      Y11     ST MARY'S          
   13   55:46 SALLY WILKINSON                   SUFFOC        W40                                 
   14 1:00:36 YVONNE HODSON                     TVOC          W60                                 
   15 1:01:18 SARAH PARK                        SOS           W18      Y12     NORTHGATE          
   16 1:02:05 JACK ISBESTER                     SOS           M70                                 
   17 1:02:58 MARTIN SENGER                     WAOC          M55                                 
   18 1:06:22 DAVID SKINNER                     SOS           M55                                 
   19 1:07:29 HELEN BICKLE                      WAOC          W21                                 
   20 1:19:06 ALAN ALFORD                       SOS           M50                                 
   21 1:20:19 TONY WOOD                         IND                                               
   22 1:24:29 JANET CRONK                       WAOC          W50                                 
   23 1:28:58 RINA HILL                         HAVOC         W55                                 

           mp CHRIS BAKER                       DFOK          M70                                 
           mp STEPHEN CARTWRIGHT                SOS           M45                                 
           mp RICHARD BARKER                    SOS           M50                                 
          dnf MARK COLLINS                      DFOK          M45                                 

Blue  (38)                6.6 km  45 m   19 C     
    1   37:54 PAUL KEEBLE                       SN            M35                                 
    2   39:09 JAMES LYNE                        SOS           M20      Y13     KEGGS              
    3   42:42 ERIC LE ROUX                      LOK           M21                                 
    4   43:42 PETER HAYNES                      SLOW          M45                                 
    5   47:31 BERT PARK                         SOS           M40                                 
    6   49:59 CLIVE TANT                        SOS           M50                                 
    7   50:29 DUNCAN HARRISON                   SOS           M35                                 
    8   50:42 ROB WEED                          SUFFOC        M40                                 
    9   52:20 MARK LYNE                         SOS           M45                                 
   10   53:00 BEN HOLLAND                       WAOC          M21                                 
   11   54:14 JONATHAN CRONK                    WAOC          M16      Y9      CAMBERTON VILLAGE  
   12   55:23 CLIVE WILKINSON                   SUFFOC        M45                                 
   13   55:33 JAMES HAYNES                      WAOC          M14                                 
   14   56:03 MIKE BICKLE                       WAOC          M55                                 
   15   56:07 KEVIN MACHIN                      SOS           M45                                 
   16   56:46 BLANKA SENGEROVA                  WAOC          W21                                 
   17   57:46 PERRY MOLE                        SOS           M21                                 
   18   58:17 JOHN COLLYER                      SOS           M60                                 
   19   59:10 NEILL WATES                       DFOK          M21                                 
   20   59:54 PAUL LOWE                         SUFFOC        M45                                 
   21 1:00:10 MARK COLLIS                       CROC          M21                                 
   22 1:02:13 DAVID COOPER                      WAOC          M40                                 
   23 1:02:57 JENNY COLLYER                     SOS           W60                                 
   24 1:03:41 KELVIN HOWARD                     HAVOC         M21                                 
   25 1:04:07 JAMES PARK                        SOS           M16      Y10     COPPLESTON         
   26 1:07:53 DAVE CAVE-AYLAND                  DFOK          M50                                 
   27 1:08:11 IAN WELLS                         LEI           M50                                 
   28 1:08:38 ANDREW CORDLE                     SOS           M55                                 
   29 1:08:46 NICOLA GARDNER                    WAOC          W50                                 
   30 1:11:47 GRAHAM PERRY                      HH            M40                                 
   31 1:12:21 MICHAEL HILL                      HAVOC         M50                                 
   32 1:13:43 JOHN WILLIAMS                     IND           M55                                 
   33 1:15:33 CHRIS CHILDS                      SOS           M55                                 
   34 1:18:36 ADAM WALLER-TOYNE                 IND           M40                                 
   35 1:21:51 PHIL HALFORD                      SUFFOC        M50                                 
   36 1:43:11 KEN WICKHAM                       SO            M65                                 

          dnf CLAIRE HARRISON                   SOS           W21                                 
   nc 1:14:54 SIMON GARDNER                     WAOC          M20                                 

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