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District event incorporating East Anglian School Championship & Essex & Suffolk Schools League (ESSOL)
Part of Summer Series of Introductory Events
Highwoods Country Park, Colchester
Sunday June 17th
Preliminary Results

East Anglian Schools' Championship 2007

Overall Champions: Kings College School (Louth, Brown, Woods, Barker)
Runners-up:Barnardiston Preparatory School (Wilkinson, Vidler, J Moll, F Moll)

Individual Class Winners
Primary 1stLucinda WilkinsonBarnardistonWilliam LouthKings
2ndAnna DutkaThe PerseSam WoodsKings
3rdGrace Vandin & Eleanor FarrowBourn PrimaryRobert ArmitageBourn Primary
Yr 7 & 8 1stEmma VidlerBarnardistonTim BrownKings
2ndFlora MollBarnardistonFelix BarkerKings
3rdJessica MollBarnardistonMichael ParkCoppleston
Yr 9 & 10 1stJacqueline HeybrookThe PerseJonathon CronkComberton
2ndRhiannon WareCherryTreeJames ParkCoppleston
3rdConor WeedKesgrave
Yr 11+ 1stHannah NewtonChelmsford CHSAlex WarePhilip Morant
2ndSarah ParkNorthgate
3rdAnna MachinWilliam de Ferrers

Year Team Winners
PrimaryBarnardiston (Wilkinson, Harrison, Beecher)Kings (Louth, Woods, Corcoran)
Yr 7 & 8Barnardiston (Vidler, F Moll, J Moll)Kings (Brown, Barker, Sansom)

Officials' Comments

Organiser - Colin West colin@grovehillhouse.wanadoo.co.uk

Planner - Martin Sellens

Controller - John Webb (SUFFOC)

I am sorry that several of the competitors on the White Course had problems on the leg from 4 to 5. With hindsight we should have put the control marker further to the north west to get people thinking in that direction, but hindsight is a wonderful thing. When the courses were checked earlier, the undergrowth was very different and the correct route was much more obvious.

I hope that people enjoyed themselves despite that problem. It is a surprisingly interesting and challenging area for a "town park", and unlike in some parts of the region the weather was kind.

The rapid growth of the previous week has highlighted a problem with the new control stakes. They are much easier to put out, but the kites would have been completely obscured by the grass and other vegetation if Martin hadn't raced round at the last minute and raised several of them.

It is interesting that although the use of computers solves a lot of problems for planners, it also introduces new ones, and when things are printed they don't always come out as expected, so everything must still be checked.

Finally, I would like to thank Martin and his colleagues for giving me the information that I asked for in good time, so that I didn't have a frantic last minute rush as sometimes happens.

Par times

WhiteAll Finishers
Light Green1:06:27

Preliminary Results

High Woods District and EA Schools ChampsSun 17/06/2007 18:49
Preliminary Resultscreated by OE2003 © Stephan Krämer 2006

      Pl    Time Name                                           Age     Year      School
White  (45)               1.2 km  10 m   10 C     

    1    6:13 William Louth                                            B5      Kings College Scho 
    2    7:40 Lucinda Wilkinson                               G6       G6      Barnardiston       
    3    7:45 Sam Woods                                                B5      Kings College Scho 
    4    7:55 Robert Armitage                                 B6       B6      Bourn              
    5    9:18 Dominic Latham                                  B5       B5      Barnardiston       
    6    9:32 Anna Dutka                                               G6      Perse              
    7   10:19 Grace Vandin                                    G5       G5      Bourn              
    8   10:30 Beth barker                                              G6      Kings College Scho 
    9   10:47 Rachel Harrison                                 G5       G5      Barnardiston       
   10   11:15 Lewis Reynolds                                  B6       B6      Barnardiston       
   11   11:22 Honey Hodgson / Jordan Butterwort               G5       G5      Bourn              
   12   11:39 Jeremy Corcoran                                          B5      Kings College Scho 
   13   11:44 Alex Meta / Jacob Butterworth                   B6       B6      Bourn              
   14   12:47 Mathilda Stevenson                                       G5      Perse              
   15   13:16 Imogen Grant                                             G6      Perse              
   16   13:26 Olivia Beecher                                  G6       G6      Barnardiston       
   17   14:25 Alex Birkett                                             B2      Meadgate           
   18   14:36 Henry Mole                        SOS           M10      B5      Stonham Aspal      
   19   15:15 Annabel Gardiner                                G5       G5      Barnardiston       
   20   15:18 Peter Errington                   HH            M10      B3                         
   21   16:03 James Errington                   HH            M10      B4                         
   22   16:07 Oliver Armitage                   WAOC          M6       B1                         
   23   16:08 Roderick Mansel                   IND           M10      B5                         
   24   16:14 Andrea Weed                       SUFFOC        W35                                 
   25   16:25 Helen Judd                                               G6      Kings College Scho 
   26   16:32 Arran Weed                        SUFFOC        M10      B5      Heath primary      
   27   17:38 Eleanor Foot                                             G4      Meadgate           
   28   17:47 Catherine Mole / Amber Shenfield  SOS           W8               Stonham Aspal      
   29   19:08 Harrison Bilner King                            B5       B5      Barnardiston       
   30   19:10 Martha Beaton                                   G5       G5      Barnardiston       
   31   19:39 William Woods                                            B5      Kings College Scho 
   32   20:31 Miia Roller                       IND           M3                                  
   33   22:26 Fiona hampton                     CHIG          W12      G6                         
   34   26:35 Matilda Selby                                   G5       G5      Barnardiston       
   35   33:21 Natalia Abell                                            G5      Perse              
   36   37:09 Imogen Rose                                              G5      Perse              
   37   37:15 Isabella Coutts                                 G5       G5      Barnardiston       
   38   40:18 Georgia Crawford                                         G5      Perse              
   39   50:58 Hugo Seacombe                                   B5       B5      Barnardiston       

           mp Flossie Mills                                   G5       G5      Barnardiston       
           mp James Merceron                                  B5       B5      Barnardiston       
           mp Imogen Saunders                                          G5      Perse              
          dnf Stephaine Ware                    SOS           W10      G3      Cherrytree         
          dns Freddie Gurney                                  B5       B5      Barnardiston       
          dns Louis Gooden                                    B6       B6      Barnardiston       

Yellow  (26)              2.2 km  20 m   13 C     

    1   18:50 Tim Brown                                                B7      Kings College Scho 
    2   19:05 Felix Barker                                             B7      Kings College Scho 
    3   19:40 Michael Park                      SOS           M14      B8      Copleston          
    4   20:10 Rory Coutts                                     B7       B7      Barnardiston       
    5   20:50 Emma Vidler                                     G7       G7      Barnardiston       
    6   21:26 Philip Sansom                                            B7      Kings College Scho 
    7   23:18 James Symes-Thompson                            B8       B8      Barnardiston       
    8   26:53 Thomas Birkett                                           B4      Meadgate           
    9   27:20 Craig Youngs                      RAFO          M14      B8                         
   10   28:21 Marcus Turner                                   B8       B8      Barnardiston       
   11   30:59 Flora Mol                                       G7       G7      Barnardiston       
   12   36:45 Joshua Hope                                              B7      Kings College Scho 
   13   37:48 Jessica Mol                                     G7       G7      Barnardiston       
   14   38:34 Scott Anderson                    RAFO          M14      B9                         
   15   43:49 Michael Archer                    SOS           M12      B7      Moulsham High      
   16   43:52 Julia Dyer-Bartlett                             G8       G8      Barnardiston       
   17   44:31 Helen Laurie                                    G8       G8      Barnardiston       
   18   45:08 Emily Hayes                                              G8      Perse              
   19   49:07 Molly Farrow                                    G7       G7      Comberton          
   20   49:27 Annabel Duthie                                  G8       G8      Barnardiston       
   21 1:15:03 Elizabeth Merceron                              G7       G7      Barnardiston       
   22 1:35:11 Frances Goldsmith                               W50                                 

           mp Flora Hamilton                                  G7       G7      Barnardiston       
           mp Michael Wilkinson                               B7       B7      Barnardiston       
           mp Teddy Elbourn                                   B7       B7      Comberton          
   nc   53:22 Amber Shenfield/ Catharine Mole   SOS                                               

Orange  (37)              3.0 km  30 m   11 C     

    1   23:14 Jonathan Cronk                                  B9       B9      Comberton          
    2   33:51 Jacqueline Haybrook                                      G10     Perse              
    3   35:18 James Park                        SOS           M16      B10     Copleston          
    4   37:17 Phil Armitage                     WAOC          M40                                 
    5   38:16 Conor Weed                        SUFFOC        M16      B10     Kesgrave High      
    6   47:27 Angela/ Rachel                    IND           W21                                 
    7   48:54 Matt Johnson                                             B13                        
    8   49:00 Bryn Wilkinson                    SUFFOC        B5               Clifford Road      
    9   49:04 Bronwen/ Sarah                    HH                                                
    9   49:04 Ben Armitage                      IND                    B9      Comberton          
   11   51:17 Nicholas Harrison                 SOS           M12      B5      Stonham Aspal      
   12   58:26 Matthew Haynes                    WAOC          M12                                 
   13   58:48 Will Hooton                       SUFFOC        M14      M14     Hartismere High    
   14 1:00:19 Davis Payne                       IND                                               
   15 1:02:03 Julia Robertson                   SOS           W50                                 
   16 1:02:34 Rhiannon Ware                     SOS           W12      G6      Cherry Tree        
   17 1:04:08 Rebecca Monaghan                  RAFO                                              
   18 1:06:49 Waller-Toyne Family                                      G6      Perse              
   19 1:07:40 Tom George                        RAFO                                              
   20 1:10:35 Kevin Kirk                        RAFO                                              
   21 1:15:12 Kieran Sherriff                   RAFO                                              
   22 1:25:18 John / Esther                     IND           M65                                 
   23 1:26:54 Karen Smith                       IND           W45                                 
   24 1:28:08 Chris Spraggett                   IND           M16      B10     CSW                
   25 1:28:12 Melissa Wares                     IND           W16      g9      CSW                
   26 1:28:15 Karri Westcott                    IND           W16      G10     CSW                
   27 1:28:18 Bronte Westcott                   IND           W14      G7      CSW                
   28 1:28:25 Tony Coppin                       IND           M14      B9      CSW                
   29 1:31:55 Smith Sage                        IND           Fam                                 
   30 1:42:10 Sam Fletcher                      RAFO          W16      G12                        

           mp Alison Cronk                      WAOC          W40                                 
           mp Grisha Stukalin                   IND           M45                                 
           mp Kai Wilson                        IND           M14      B9      CSW                
           mp Liam Amos                         IND           M13      B9      CSW                
           mp Jack Rooers                       IND           M14      B9      CSW                
          dnf Rosa Hampton                      CHIG          W14      G7                         
   nc   50:27 Henry Mole                        SOS           M10                                 

Light Green  (13)         3.4 km  45 m   12 C     

    1   41:16 Stephen Cartwright                SOS           M45                                 
    2   48:42 Dean Miller                       HAVOC         M18      B12                        
    3   56:18 Janet Cronk                       WAOC          W50                                 
    4   57:53 Hannah Newton                     SOS           W16      G10     Chelmsford CHS     
    5 1:02:30 Taylor Savidge                    RAFO                                              
    6 1:04:11 Joe/Sue Hooton                    SUFFOC        M10                                 
    7 1:06:26 Philip Goodley                    RAFO          M18      B12                        
    8 1:10:39 Rod Mansel                        IND                                               
    9 1:11:13 Sarah Park                        SOS           W18      G12     Northgate          
   10 1:23:48 Alex Ware                         SOS           M14                                 
   11 1:41:23 Anna Machin                       SOS           W16      G11     William de Ferrers 
   12 2:54:22 Boakes FAMILY                     HAVOC                                             

   nc 1:12:37 Michael Park                      SOS           M14      M8      Copleston          

Green  (20)               4.8 km  55 m   11 C     

    1   46:44 John Collyer                      SOS           M60                                 
    2   48:14 Dave Birkett                      SOS           M45                                 
    3   50:53 Jenny Collyer                     SOS           W60                                 
    4   53:38 Joanne Nell                       RAFO          W40                                 
    5   56:54 Sally Wilkinson                   SUFFOC        W40                                 
    6   57:08 Ben Cooke                         SOS           M21                                 
    7   58:16 Richard Barker                    SOS           M50                                 
    8   59:21 Emma Johnson                      SOS           W20                                 
    9 1:00:35 Ellen Sanderson                   SOS           W16      B11     St Mary's          
   10 1:02:58 Caroline Louth                    WAOC          W45                                 
   11 1:04:02 Lyn West                          SOS           W50                                 
   12 1:05:45 Helen Bickle                      WAOC          W21                                 
   13 1:15:02 Colin Curtis                      WAOC          M70                                 
   14 1:15:55 Jack Isbester                     SOS           M70                                 
   15 1:22:22 Nancy Powell Davies               SOS           W55                                 
   16 1:26:37 Ursula Oxburgh                    WAOC          W70                                 
   17 1:26:52 Maria Marshall                    WAOC          W55                                 
   18 1:35:55 Susan Waller-Toyne                IND           W40                                 

   nc      mp James Park                        SOS           M16              Copleston          
   nc   37:52 Bert Park                         SOS           M40                                 

Blue  (32)                6.7 km  70 m   19 C     

    1   49:33 Edward Louth                      WAOC          M18      B12                        
    2   52:01 Pete Jones                        SN            M50                                 
    3   52:45 Peter Haynes                      SLOW          M45                                 
    4   52:56 Simon Errington                   HH            M40                                 
    5   53:00 Anna Falk                         IND           W21                                 
    6   59:01 Ann Roller                        SOS           W35                                 
    7   59:42 Steve Robertson                   SOS           M50                                 
    8   59:48 Ronny Falk                        IND           M21                                 
    9 1:00:33 Mark Lyne                         SOS           M45                                 
   10 1:04:05 Duncan Harrison                   SOS           M35                                 
   11 1:04:34 Bert Park                         SOS           M40                                 
   12 1:05:42 David Cronk                       WAOC          M45                                 
   13 1:05:55 Kevin Machin                      SOS           M45                                 
   14 1:09:24 Sebastian Pugh                    SOS           M20                                 
   15 1:10:56 Clive Wilkinson                   SUFFOC        M45                                 
   16 1:11:30 Mike Bickle                       WAOC          M55                                 
   17 1:13:20 Helen Errington                   HH            W45                                 
   18 1:15:05 David Sanderson                   SOS           M45                                 
   19 1:15:42 Nick Pugh                         SOS           M55                                 
   20 1:15:57 Anthony Wadeson                   WAOC          M50                                 
   21 1:16:00 Bruce Marshall                    WAOC          M55                                 
   22 1:17:27 Andrew Cordle                     SOS           M55                                 
   23 1:20:24 Simon Hooton                      SUFFOC        M50                                 
   24 1:20:54 James Haynes                      WAOC          M14                                 
   25 1:24:03 Michael Nell                      RAFO          M55                                 
   26 1:27:06 Paul Lowe                         SUFFOC        M45                                 
   27 1:30:31 Steven King                       IND           M45                                 
   28 1:34:08 Claire Harrison                   SOS           W21                                 
   29 1:35:24 Jeremy Gray                       IND           M45                                 

           mp Christopher Childs                SOS           M55                                 
           mp Wesley Musall                     SUFFOC        M55                                 
          dnf Geoff Pye                         SOS           M50                                 

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