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Local event incorporating Essex & Suffolk Schools League (ESSOL) and SOS Club Championships
The Naze, Walton on the Naze
Sunday 11th November 2007
Preliminary Results

Officials' Reports

Planner's Report - Steve Cartwright

Obviously it was a pleasure to see lots of happy faces near the download tent even where some had struggled a little on their course and to be congratulated by a few too. I tried to create some courses that would provide challenge and interest while keeping within the rules, yet also largely avoiding brambles and nettles. (Personally I'm getting fed-up of going to bed with legs still stinging and my thighs cut to pieces ! ). I apologise where some nettles hadn't died back quite as far as expected and where some got confused by a taped section of the white course. I hope the views were pleasant and you enjoyed the break in the weather the competition period afforded us.

Par times

White22:36All finishers
Yellow23:0050% of starters
Orange43:21Winner's time + 50%
Light Green39:52Winner's time + 50%
Green43:58Winner's time + 50%

Preliminary Results

NazeSun 11/11/2007 17:51
Resultscreated by OE2003 © Stephan Krämer 2007

   Pl    Time Name                                      Club          Age      SchYr   School                   

White  (26)               1.2 km  15 m   14 C     

    1    6:37 JAMES MERCERON                            SOS           M10      6       BARN                     
    2    7:19 KIT PHILLIPS                              SOS           M9       5       BARN                     
    3    7:37 ISABELLA COUTTS                           SOS           W10      6       BARN                     
    4    7:59 HUGO ALEXANDER SEACOMBE PARSONSON         SOS           M10      6       BARN                     
    5    8:19 EDWARD JONES                              SOS           M9       5       BARN                     
    6    8:31 RACHEL HARRISON                           SOS           W10      6       BARN                     
    7    8:49 JACK BEN GILBEY BRADNAN                   SOS           M9       5       BARN                     
    8    9:16 SCARLETT SIMMONS                          SOS           W9       5       BARN                     
    9    9:20 ELSPETH MADDY HARRISON GARDINER           SOS           W9       5       BARN                     
   10    9:52 FLOSSIE MARTHA MILLS BEATON               SOS           W10      6       BARN                     
   11    9:57 GREGORY ROBINSON                          SOS           M9       5       BARN                     
   12   10:00 FREDDIE TIMMY STATHAM HARRISON            SOS           M9       5       BARN                     
   13   10:55 KITTY PHOEBE BECHER HOWE                  SOS           W9       5       BARN                     
   14   11:16 ANNIBEL GARDNER                           SOS           W10      6       BARN                     
   15   11:19 THOMAS BURGESS                            SOS           M10                                       
   16   13:02 LUCY HOLDER                               SOS           W9       5       BARN                     
   17   14:28 WILLIAM DYER-BARTLETT                     SOS           M9       5       BARN                     
   18   18:04 CATHERINE MOLE                            SOS           W8       ?       STONHAM                  
   19   19:35 ALEX BIRKETT                              SOS           M8       3       MEADGATE                 
   20   22:15 POPPY JESSICA GURNEY WOODGATE             SOS           W9       5       BARN                     

           mp GABRIELLA OLIVIA JONES JONES              SOS           W9       5       BARN                     
           mp MATILDA SELBY                             SOS           W10      6       BARN                     
           mp FREDDY GURNEY                             SOS           M10      6       BARN                     
           mp DOMINIC BEN LATHAM NORTH                  SOS           M10      6       BARN                     
           mp MCDONAGH FAMIILY                          IND                                                     
           mp ANGUS PARSONSON                           SOS           M9       4       BARN                     

Yellow  (23)              1.8 km  20 m   13 C     

    1   13:11 EMMA VIDLER                               SOS           W12      8       BARN                     
    2   13:13 LUCINDA WILKINSON                         SOS           W11      7       BARN                     
    3   13:36 NICK HARRISON                             SOS           M12              STONHAM                  
    4   13:46 TOM BIRKETT                               SOS           M10      5       MEADGATE                 
    5   13:59 ELIZABETH MERCERON                        SOS           W12      8       BARN                     
    6   14:21 BRYN WILKINSON                            SUFFOC        M10      6       CLIFFORD RD              
    7   14:42 JESSICA MOL                               SOS           W12      8       BARN                     
    8   15:22 FLORA MOL                                 SOS           W12      8       BARN                     
    9   17:04 REYES ANDRES                              SOS           W11      7       BARN                     
   10   18:05 RORY COUTTS                               SOS           M12      8       BARN                     
   11   20:08 OLIVIA BECHER                             SOS           W11      7       BARN                     
   12   22:21 MICHAEL ARCHER                            SOS           M12                                       
   13   24:25 ELIAN SHIPP                               IND           M7       ?       HIGHFIELDS               
   14   28:07 IVO HAYES                                 IND                    8       CULFORD                  
   15   30:21 JOSH JONES                                IND                            ST HELENA                
   16   30:54 SAM BOLAM                                 IND                            ST HELENA                
   17   33:01 STUKALIN FAMILY                           IND                                                     
   18   34:25 FAMILY DUPUY                              IND                                                     
   19   39:54 MELANIE SHIPP                             IND           W3               HIGHFIELDS               
   20   41:05 ALESHA + SHEILA LOWE                      SUFFOC        W3                                        

           mp NATASHA JONES                             SOS           W11      7       BARN                     
           mp FLORA HAMILTON                            SOS           W12      8       BARN                     
           mp MICHAEL WILKINSON                         SOS           M12      8       BARN                     

Orange  (9)               2.6 km  20 m   17 C     

    1   28:54 BURGESS FAMILY                            SOS                                                     
    2   29:01 SARAH INDIA RACH HAYES                    IND                    10 9    ST MARY & CULFORD        
    3   33:26 KAREN SMITH                               IND           W45                                       
    4   37:23 JUNE WEBB                                 SUFFOC        W70                                       
    5   43:18 RHIANNON WARE                             SOS                            COLNE                    
    6   44:23 CHRISTINE LINDA CALLENDAR ALDERSON        SOS           W65                                       
    7   56:32 BELINDA ANN BARDWELL LUCAS                SOS           W21                                       
    8 1:06:59 NICK SALE                                 IND           M10                                       
    9 1:09:24 KATHY SMITH                               SOS           W45                                       

Lt Grn  (5)               2.9 km  25 m   17 C     

    1   26:35 WILL HOOTON                               SUFFOC        M14      9       HARTESMERE HIGH          
    2   32:29 JACK MARK WAINWRIGHT WHITFIELD            IND                                                     
    3   33:24 RACHAEL BARFORD                           SOS                                                     
    4   46:50 MURRAY COLIN ALLEN LUCAS                  SOS           M21                                       
    5   50:05 DEREK KEEBLE                              SOS           M70                                       

Grn  (16)                 3.8 km  45 m   18 C     

    1   29:19 ALAN ANSTEAD                              SUFFOC        M45                                       
    2   32:27 NEIL CARTER                               SUFFOC        M21                                       
    3   35:53 PAUL LOWE                                 SUFFOC        M45                                       
    4   37:48 EMMA JOHNSON                              SOS           W20                                       
    5   39:18 LENKA ANSTEAD                             SUFFOC        W21                                       
    6   39:35 JOHN WEBB                                 SUFFOC        M70                                       
    7   40:05 SIMON PECK                                SUFFOC        M50                                       
    8   43:10 HELEN BICKLE                              WAOC          W21                                       
    9   44:17 C CHILDS                                  SOS                                                     
   10   51:01 HAZEL BICKLE                              WAOC          W55                                       
   11   56:31 L CHILDS                                  IND                                                     
   12   56:38 JONATHAN BURLS                            IND           M45                                       
   13   57:35 R PUNCHARD                                IND                                                     

           mp RICHARD BARKER                            SOS           M45                                       
           mp HANNAH NEWTON                             SOS           W16      11      CHELMSFORD CO HIGH       
           mp JOHN RUSSELL                              SOS           M65                                       

Score  (31)                                       

ClubControlsHandicapTime Bonus
Martin SellensM55SOS304+135
Mike BickleM55WAOC294-132
Clive WilkinsonM45Suffoc29332
Steve RobertsonM50SOS29332
Jenny CollyerW60SOS26632
Bert ParkM40SOS30232
Perry MoleM40SOS29231
John CollyerM60SOS27431
Martin HoreM55Suffoc26430
Duncan HarrisonM35SOS28129
Geraldine RussellW60SOS256-229
Geoff PyeM50SOS26329
Nancy Powell DavisW55SOS23629
Jack IsbesterM70SOS22628
Clive TantM50SOS25328
Sarah ParkW18SOS24428
Simon HootonM50Suffoc25328
Wendy WelhamW45SOS22527
Andrew CordleM55SOS23427
Michael ParkM16SOS 23326
Dave SkinnerM55SOS22426
Clare HarrisonW21SOS24226
James ParkM18SOS23225
Sally WilkinsonW40 Suffoc214-124
Conor WeedM15Suffoc18321
Julie LaverW40SOS15419
Alex WareM16SOS203-419
John RussellM65SOS6511
Neil CarterN/CM21Suffoc300-624
Martin/Jack Whitfield/WainwrightN/CM21Ind24024

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