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District Event incorporating Essex & Suffolk Schools League (ESSOL)
Chalkney Wood, Earls Colne
Sunday 3rd February 2008
Preliminary Results

Officials' Comments

Organiser's report - Geraldine Russell (geraldine@russell2.fsnet.co.uk)

Whoever said organising was difficult? I had such a fantastic team of helpers that even when there was the merest hint of a blip it was sorted out immediately so everything went beautifully and according to plan.

I was extremely grateful to Mrs. Sally Tippett who let me use the farm canteen and toilets which was such an asset on a cold blustery day. It meant I had electricity for the SI computers, kettle and soup heater. The £1 parking fee was given to her as compensation.

Steve Cartwright planned very good courses and I overheard one comment of “it was a lot trickier out there than you would expect”. There were a few other people expressing the same sentiment. Well done Steve.

Bert carried out his controlling with quiet efficiency.

Thank you again to everybody for making my job so easy.

Planners's report - Steve Cartwright

I was a bit of a last minute appointment as planner, however I did manage to get in a days map update, along with a couple of site visits for control checks etc. Thanks must go to Bert for his professionalism and approach to controlling considering his last minute appointment aswell. Not to be nasty to him, I'm glad he fell down a serious hole near a control site when doing his checks. Somehow I'd looked at the site from a different angle and missed its seriousness. The motto seems to be - Beware old badger warrens! Glad most people seemed to enjoy it. Sorry it was a bit cold.

Controller's Report - Bert Park (SOS)

I was appointed controller only a month before the event, by which time Steve had already planned excellent courses, considering the constraints of the area, successfully avoiding the worst of the mud. Thanks to SOS for putting on a great event & feeding the volunteers with hot drinks, soup and flap-jack! Feedback on the day was overwhelmingly positive, the weather was fair, and the event was well attended. Well done 'Team SOS'.

Preliminary Results

Chalkney 3.2.08Sun 03/02/2008 15:18
Ptreliminary Resultscreated by OE2003 © Stephan Krämer 2007

   Pl    Time Name                                      Club          Age      SchYr   School                   

White  (26)               1.4 km  10 m   10 C     
    1    7:40 Gregory Robinson                          Ind           M10      Y5      Barnardiston             
    2    7:57 Kit Phillips                              Ind           M10      Y5      Barnardiston             
    3    8:00 Edward Jones                              Ind           M10      Y5      Barnardiston             
    4    8:38 Lucy Holder                               Ind           W10      Y5      Barnardiston             
    5    8:39 James Merceron                            Ind           M12      Y6      Barnardiston             
    6    8:50 Jack Gilbey                               Ind           M10      Y5      Barnardiston             
    7    8:51 Elspeth Harrison                          Ind           W10      Y4      Barnardiston             
    8    8:55 Timmy Harrison                            Ind           M10      Y4      Barnardiston             
    9    8:58 Annabel Gardiner                          Ind           W12      Y6      Barnardiston             
   10   10:09 Phoebe Howe                               Ind           W10      Y5      Barnardiston             
   11   10:22 Matilda Selby                             Ind           W12      Y6      Barnardiston             
   12   10:24 Gabriella Jones                           Ind           W10      Y5      Barnardiston             
   13   11:01 Maddy Gardiner                            Ind           W10      Y4      Barnardiston             
   14   11:16 Kitty Becher                              Ind           W10      Y5      Barnardiston             
   15   11:25 Alexander Parsonson                       Ind           M12      Y6      Barnardiston             
   16   11:53 Freddie Statham                           Ind           M10      Y5      Barnardiston             
   17   13:04 Bronwen Mansel                            SUFFOC        W10      Y4      Elmswell Cubs            
   17   13:04 Ben + Adam Rowland                        Ind                    Y2/5                             
   19   14:25 Alex Birkett                              SOS           M10                                       
   20   16:42 Catherine Mole                            Ind           W10      Y3      Stonham Aspal            
   21   17:35 Susan,Jasper+Mai Waller-Toyne             Ind           W40,M6,W4                                  
   22   19:15 Tuva Falk                                 WAOC          W6                                        
   23   20:43 Amber Shenfield                           SOS           W10      Y3      Stonham Aspal            
   24   22:07 Stephanie Ware                            SOS                    Y4                               
   25   31:47 Joanna Askew                              Ind           W10                                       
           mp Olivia Jones                              Ind           W10      Y4      Barnardiston             

Yellow  (23)              2.0 km  20 m   11 C     
    1   13:47 Bryn Wilkinson                            SUFFOC        M12      Y6      Clifford Rd Primary      
    2   14:28 Oliver Belcher                            Ind           W12      Y7      Barnardiston             
    3   15:45 Lucinda Wilkinson                         Ind           W12      Y7      Barnardiston             
    4   16:45 Reyes de Andres                           Ind           W12      Y7      Barnardiston             
    5   17:08 Flora Moll                                Ind           W14      Y8      Barnardiston             
    6   17:16 Jessica Moll                              Ind           W14      Y8      Barnardiston             
    7   17:42 Isabella Coutts                           Ind           W12      Y6      Barnardiston             
    8   19:31 Rowan Speers                              DFOK          M12                                       
    9   20:25 Flossie + Martha Mills + Beaton           Ind           W12      Y6      Barnardiston             
   10   20:37 Hugo Seacombe                             Ind           W12      Y6      Barnardiston             
   11   21:07 Henry Mole                                SOS           M12      Y6      Stonham Aspal            
   12   21:46 Emma Vidler                               Ind           W14      Y8      Barnardiston             
   13   22:32 Rachael Harrison                          Ind           W12      Y6      Barnardiston             
   14   24:44 Elena Redondo                             Ind           W12      Y7      Barnardiston             
   15   25:33 Arran Giles                               SUFFOC        M12              Heath Primary            
   16   26:01 Thomas Burgess                            SOS           M10      Y5      Mersea Island            
   17   33:31 Melanie Shipp                             WAOC          F3                                        
   18   35:24 Elian Shipp                               WAOC          M7               Highfields Lawford       
   19   41:00 Gemma + Natasha Ellis/Woolgar             Ind                    Y7/6    1st Cressing Scouts      
   20   42:02 Alesha + Sheila Lowe                      SUFFOC        W4                                        
   21   48:15 Nathan + Clare Gypps/Ellis                Ind                    Y8      1st Cressing Scouts      
           mp Luke + Joshua Denton/Cole                 Ind                    Y6      1st Cressing Scouts      
           mp Natasha Jones                             Ind           W12      Y7      Barnardiston             

Orange  (16)              2.7 km  25 m   10 C     
    1   23:24 Thomas Birkett                            SOS           M12                                       
    2   29:08 Mihir Chandraker                          WAOC          M12                                       
    3   32:58 Matt Hughes + 2                           Ind           M16                                       
    4   33:22 Paul Rowland                              Ind           M35                                       
    5   34:05 Roderick Mansel                           SUFFOC        M12      Y6      Beyton Middle            
    6   41:50 Lucy Wickens +2                           Ind           M40                                       
    7   44:14 Arran Weed                                SUFFOC        M12              Heath Primary            
    8   45:37 Rhiannon Ware                             SOS           W12              Colne Community          
    9   59:51 Joshua Jones                              Ind           M12              St Helena                
   10 1:08:24 Rowland Family                            Ind                                                     
   11 1:11:13 Yvonne Ferns                              HAVOC         W21                                       
           mp Nicholas Harrison                         SOS           M12              Stonham Aspal            
           mp Sarah Roach                               Ind                    Y10     St Mary's                
           mp Toby Hare + 1                             Ind           M16                                       
          dnf Tracy Apperley                            Ind           W40                                       
          dnf Paul Spencer                              Ind                                                     

Red  (3)                  5.0 km  60 m   17 C     
    1 1:00:39 Darren Beanland                           Ind                                                     
    2 1:01:29 Alex Wood                                 SOS           M45                                       
    3 2:13:18 Russell + Ruth McAliwden                  Ind                                                     

Light Green  (12)         3.4 km  50 m   13 C     
    1   34:45 Perry Mole                                SOS           M40                                       
    2   46:33 Dean Emery                                CHIG          M40                                       
    3   51:24 Conor Weed                                              M16              Kesgrave High School     
    4   51:31 Will Hooton                               SUFFOC        M14      Y9                               
    5   56:32 Kevin Dale                                Ind           M45                                       
    6   58:18 Claire Emery                              CHIG          W35                                       
    7   59:49 John Burgess                              SOS           M45                                       
    8 1:00:54 Rod Mansel                                SUFFOC        M45                                       
    9 1:10:44 Clive Coles                               SUFFOC        M60                                       
   10 1:10:47 Hazel Bickle                              WAOC          W55                                       
   11 1:15:12 Derek Keeble                              SOS           M75                                       
   12 1:27:10 Emily + Jocelyn Davies                    Ind                                                     

Green  (26)               4.5 km  60 m   17 C     
    1   41:51 Robin Weed                                SUFFOC        M40                                       
    2   45:52 John Collyer                              SOS           M60                                       
    3   51:06 Ben Cooke                                 SOS           M21                                       
    4   52:08 Emma Johnson                              SOS           W21                                       
    5   52:23 Jenny Collyer                             SOS           W60                                       
    6   53:00 Sarah Mansel                              SUFFOC        W40                                       
    7   55:05 Andrew Cordle                             SOS           M55                                       
    8   55:41 Andrew Brame                              SOS           M35                                       
    9   57:03 John Starkey                              SOS           M65                                       
   10   57:39 Alex Ware                                 SOS           M16      Y9      Philip Morant            
   11   57:54 Sally Wilkinson                           SUFFOC        W40                                       
   12   59:11 Chris Davies                              SUFFOC        M60                                       
   13   59:36 Rob Coulter                               SUFFOC        M60                                       
   14 1:00:20 Alice Rigby                               WAOC          W16                                       
   15 1:00:38 John Russell                              SOS           M65                                       
   16 1:02:13 Geraldine Russell                         SOS           W60                                       
   17 1:04:13 Ian Smith                                 WAOC          M50                                       
   18 1:05:38 Michael Park                              SOS           M16      Y9                               
   19 1:05:42 Sarah Park                                SOS           W20      Y13                              
   20 1:06:07 Adam Waller-Toyne                         Ind           M40                                       
   21 1:12:09 Nancy Powell Davies                       SOS           W45                                       
   22 1:13:15 Alison Rothery                            WAOC          W21                                       
   23 1:13:23 Jack Isbester                             SOS           M70                                       
   24 1:14:45 Maria Marshall                            WAOC          W55                                       
   25 1:35:49 Peter Swanston                            Ind           M65                                       
           mp David Skinner                             SOS           M55                                       

Blue  (47)                6.3 km  100 m   20 C    
    1   46:48 Ronny Falk                                WAOC          M35                                       
    2   47:59 Alun Roberts                              Ind           M50                                       
    3   48:03 Mat Blacoe                                SUFFOC        M40                                       
    3   48:03 Mark Burley                               NOC           M21                                       
    5   48:15 Anna Falk                                 WAOC          W21                                       
    6   48:25 Neil Speers                               DFOK          M40                                       
    7   49:17 Richard Bonnett                           SOS           M50                                       
    8   49:41 James Park                                SOS           M18      Y11                              
    9   50:29 Jonathan Cronk                            WAOC          M16      Y10     Comberton Village Co     
   10   50:52 Steve Robertson                           SOS           M55                                       
   11   51:55 David Cronk                               WAOC          M45                                       
   12   53:01 Kevin Machin                              SOS           M45                                       
   13   53:06 Duncan Harrison                           SOS           M35                                       
   14   54:15 Martin Rigby                              WAOC          M50                                       
   15   54:23 Andrew Murphy                             SOS           M21                                       
   16   54:30 Clive Wilkinson                           SUFFOC        M45                                       
   17   55:26 Chris Childs                              SOS           M60                                       
   18   55:45 Mike Bickle                               WAOC          M60                                       
   19   56:25 Mark Lyne                                 SOS           M50                                       
   20   57:17 Roger Horton                              WAOC          M60                                       
   21   58:59 Ian Shephard                              Ind           M55                                       
   22   59:09 Damien Smith                              WAOC          M21                                       
   23   59:45 Dean Miller                               HAVOC         M20                                       
   24 1:00:49 Keith Duncan                              Ind           M40                                       
   25 1:01:01 Louise Walker                             SUFFOC        W40                                       
   26 1:01:40 Keith Verrallis                           Ind           M50                                       
   27 1:02:07 Simon Hooton                              SUFFOC        M50                                       
   28 1:02:41 Daniela Brohm                             SOS           W21                                       
   29 1:05:06 Richard Punchard                          Ind           M45                                       
   30 1:05:20 Paul Lowe                                 SUFFOC        M45                                       
   31 1:06:23 David Birkett                             SOS           M45                                       
   32 1:07:00 Rob Shepherd                              SUFFOC        M40                                       
   33 1:08:10 Bruce Marshall                            WAOC          M55                                       
   34 1:08:11 Hannah Newton                             SOS           W16      Y11     Chelmsford CHS           
   35 1:09:19 Darrell Smith                             CHIG          M40                                       
   36 1:10:30 Claire Harrison                           SOS           W35                                       
   37 1:11:33 Phil Halford                              SUFFOC        M50                                       
   38 1:13:07 Colin Jackson                             HAVOC         M45                                       
   39 1:13:16 Andrew Childs                             SOS           M50                                       
   40 1:14:29 Chris Jenkin                              Ind           M50                                       
   41 1:14:34 Helen Bickle                              WAOC          W21                                       
   42 1:15:08 Susha Chandraker                          WAOC          W16                                       
   43 1:15:33 Rakesh Chandraker                         WAOC          M45                                       
   44 1:15:39 Ellen Sanderson                           SOS           W18              CRGS                     
   45 1:16:08 Richard Baker                             SOS           M55                                       
   46 1:32:18 Anthony Biggs                             HAVOC         M55                                       
          dnf David Sanderson                           SOS           M45                                       

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