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District event incorporating Essex & Suffolk Schools League (ESSOL) and East Anglian School Championship
Wivenhoe Park, University of Essex, Colchester
Sunday June 15th 2008
Final Results

East Anglian Schools’ Championship 2008

Overall Champions: Barnardiston Preparatory School (Harrison, Merceron, Coutts, +1 x 2nd)
Runner-up: Kings College School (Louth, S Woods, Corcoran, W Woods)

Individual Class Winners
Primary1stRachael HarrisonBarnardistonWilliam LoutdKings
2ndScarlett SimmonsBarnardistonGregory RobinsonBarnardiston
3rdJessica WoodgateBarnardistonJack GilbyBarnardiston
Yr 7&81stElizabetd MerceronBarnardistonRory CouttsBarnardiston
2ndEmma VidlerBarnardistonMichael WilkinsonBarnardiston
3rdFlora MollBarnardistonArran WeedHeatd Primary
Yr 9&101stSarah RoachSt Mary?sJonatdon CronkComberton
2ndRoderick ManselBeyton Middle
3rdMichael ParkCoppleston
Yr11+1stHannah NewtonChelmsford CHSJames ParkCoppleston
2ndSarah ParkNortdgateConor WeedKesgrave
3rdAlex WarePhilip Morant
Year Team Winners
(Harrison Simmons Woodgate)
(Robinson Gilby Bradnam)
Yr 7 & 8Barnardiston
(Merceron Vidler Moll)

Officials' Comments

Organiser's report - Colin West colin@grovehillhouse.wanadoo.co.uk

Future planners in the club will be pleased to know that Martin took the time to prepare an Idiots' Guide to SI Use in Planning during his tussle with the hardware and software for this event.

His move from Planner to Controller came late in the scheme of things, but he and Chris were able to work well together to deliver the event on the day.

I must mention in these despatches the marvellous matrix start box erected by Jack and Dave, which enabled the flow of Championship competitors to be unimpeded whilst imposing the mandatory four-minute break between runners from the same club or school. Also, on the subject of the Start, thanks to Barnardiston pupils for their (as usual) exemplary conduct while queuing for their runs.

And of course thanks to the other helpers for their reliably stalwart efforts at Download, Registration, String Course and Enquiries.

I would be interested to hear from anyone who has tried managing entries at an event using the BOF or EA members' database. There is a lot of duplication of effort that appears unnecessary, and adds to the burden of the volunteer helpers - can we do it more easily?

Finally congratulations to the individual medal winners in the East Anglian Schools' Championships, and to Barnardiston, the winning team.

Planners's report - Martin and Chris Sellens

In retrospect it wasn’t such a good idea to volunteer to plan an event in the middle of examination marking period. However, it’s difficult to say “no” when the event is at your place of work and you have updated the map through several editions. Despite a revision only a year ago, I’d have to admit that the map is far from perfect. The University the grounds staff will insist on chopping stuff down and Estates seem intent on covering the entire area in concrete and rearranging the furniture like a demented houseperson. Even Wivenhoe Woods is in a constant state of flux, with rampant coppicing and what appears to be a local plate tectonics hot-spot that has stretched out some bits and compressed others since the last remapping. Anyway, we hope you didn’t notice too much the deficiencies of the map and that you had an enjoyable run. Wivenhoe Park and Woods may not offer very challenging orienteering, but with grazing marshes, salt marsh, close cropped grass, fast open parkland, muddy mixed woodland and suburban street O for the adventurous, at least there is plenty of variety. On the basis of our planning/controlling experience we have formulated a few cautionary rues for casual event planners intent on leaving everything until the last possible minute.

  1. The map will be a lot worse than you think.
  2. It will take you twice as long to plan the courses as you expect.
  3. Even if you know the area like the back of your hand you can’t put out more than 15 controls in an hour.
  4. If you put a control more than 10m from the centre of the circle, Bert Park will notice.

Incidentally, congratulations to the winners of the EAOA Schools Champs and the ESSOL schools league, and many thanks to Paul Lowe for presenting the trophies, Colin and his team for seamless organisation on the day and Julie Laver for the brilliant job that she does with the ESSOL results. Have a good summer!

Par times

White36:00All finishers
Yellow26:30Winner's time + 50%
Orange45:0050% of starters
Light Green53:0050% of starters
Green60:06Winner's time + 50%
Blue83:37Winner's time + 50%

String Course Results

NameAgeClubTime taken
1stStephanie Ware9SOS4mins 47 secs
2ndAustin Leivers3IND5mins 21 secs
3rdImogen Leivers5IND6mins 38 secs
4thCraig Carter (2nd run)3SUFFOC7mins 16 secs
Craig Carter3SUFFOC9min 16 secs

Final Results

Wivenhoe Park_June08 Wed 25/06/2008 23:24
Results created by OE2002 © Stephan Krämer 2002

   Pl Name                      AgeClass   Club                    Time School/Group            SchYr     

WHITE  (40)             1.700 km   12 C             

    1 William Louth                        Kings College School    8:26 Kings College School    5         
    2 Gregory Robinison                    Barnardiston            8:46 Barnardiston            5         
    3 Rachael Harrison                     Barnardiston            8:48 Barnardiston            6         
    4 Scarlett Simmons                     Barnardiston            8:57 Barnardiston            5         
    5 Jack Gilbey                          Barnardiston           10:17 Barnardiston            5         
    6 Ben Bradnam                          Barnardiston           10:49 Barnardiston            4         
    7 Dominic Latham                       Barnardiston           10:56 Barnardiston            6         
    8 Alexander Parsonson                  Barnardiston           11:08 Barnardiston            6         
    9 Jessica Woodgate                     Barnardiston           11:26 Barnardiston            4         
    9 Isabella Coutts                      Barnardiston           11:26 Barnardiston            6         
   11 Sam Woods                            Kings College School   11:35 Kings College School    6         
   12 Timmy Harrison                       Barnardiston           11:45 Barnardiston            4         
   13 Gabriella Jones                      Barnardiston           11:51 Barnardiston            5         
   14 Annabel Gardiner                     Barnardiston           12:01 Barnardiston            6         
   15 Sam Rowbotham                        Bourn Primary          12:04 Bourn Primary           5         
   16 Elspeth Harrison                     Barnardiston           12:16 Barnardiston            4         
   17 Maddie Gardiner                      Barnardiston           12:22 Barnardiston            4         
   18 F Mills+M Beaton                     Barnardiston           12:26 Barnardiston            6         
   19 Hugo Seacombe                        Barnardiston           12:43 Barnardiston            6         
   20 Kit Phillips                         Barnardiston           12:47 Barnardiston            5         
   21 Jeremy Corcoran                      Kings College School   12:50 Kings College School    6         
   22 Kitty Becher                         Barnardiston           12:56 Barnardiston            5         
   23 Wiliam Woods                         Kings College School   12:59 Kings College School    6         
   24 James Merceron                       Barnardiston           13:02 Barnardiston            6         
   25 Owen Bourne                          Bourn Primary          13:16 Bourn Primary           5         
   26 Phoebe Howe                          Barnardiston           13:21 Barnardiston            5         
   27 Thomas Burgess                       SOS                    13:42 Mersea Island           5         
   28 Angus Parsonson                      Barnardiston           13:48 Barnardiston            4         
   29 Freddie Statham                      Barnardiston           15:21 Barnardiston            5         
   30 Poppy Gurney                         Barnardiston           15:41 Barnardiston            4         
   31 Imogen Leivers + Paul     W10        IND                    16:16 Sheldon School Camb     R         
   32 William Dyer-Bartlett                Barnardiston           16:31 Barnardiston            5         
   33 Adam Burgess              M10        SOS                    17:01 Mersea Island           3         
   34 Lucy Holder                          Barnardiston           17:32 Barnardiston            5         
   35 Ben Warland               M10        Suffoc                 17:59 Ixworth Middle          5         
   36 Alex Birkett              M10        SOS                    19:51 Meadgate Primary        3         
   37 Craig Carter+Lucy,Neil,Ryan          Suffoc                 30:43 Happy Tots Playgroup              
   38 Stephanie Ware            W10        SOS                    30:46 Alresford               4         
   39 Elaine & Charlotte Jones  W18        IND                    35:04                                   

      Sam Hicks                            Bourn Primary             mp Bourn Primary           6         

YELLOW  (22)            2.700 km   17 C             

    1 Elizabeth Merceron                   Barnardiston           17:39 Barnardiston            8         
    2 Rory Coutts                          Barnardiston           18:20 Barnardiston            8         
    3 Emma Vidler                          Barnardiston           18:53 Barnardiston            8         
    4 Flora Mol                            Barnardiston           20:15 Barnardiston            8         
    5 Jessica Mol                          Barnardiston           20:23 Barnardiston            8         
    6 Flora Hamilton                       Barnardiston           20:36 Barnardiston            8         
    7 Olivia Becher                        Barnardiston           21:41 Barnardiston            7         
    8 Reyes de Andres                      Barnardiston           22:28 Barnardiston            7         
    9 Lucinda Wilkinson                    Barnardiston           22:50 Barnardiston            7         
   10 Michael Wilkinson                    Barnardiston           22:59 Barnardiston            8         
   11 Arran Weed                           Suffoc                 23:46 Heath Primary           6         
   12 Natasha Jones                        Barnardiston           29:52 Barnardiston            7         
   13 Bronwen Mansel            W10        Suffoc                 32:13 Elmswell Cubs           4         
   14 Michael Archer/GeorgeWood M14/M12    SOS                    36:20 Moulsham High           7/8       
   15 Joshua Jones              M14        IND                    39:15 St Helena               7         
   16 Julija & Marina Stukalina W14/45     IND                    43:35                                   
   17 Kieran/Cathryn/Derrick Hyde          IND                    47:20                                   
   18 Lucy & Sharon Warland     W4         Suffoc                 50:18                                   

      Beth Barker                          Kings College School      mp Kings College School    7         
   nc Sam Rowbotham 		M10        Bourn Primary          21:10                                   
   nc Owen Bourne               M10        Bourn Primary          41:12                                   
   nc Sam Hicks                 M10        Bourn Primary          18:48                                   

ORANGE  (25)            3.200 km   17 C             

    1 Jonathan Cronk                       IND                    16:16                         10        
    2 Rob Weed                  M40        Suffoc                 27:31                                   
    3 Roderick Mansel           M12        Suffoc                 31:27 Beyton Middle           6         
    4 Michael Park              M16        SOS                    32:03 Coplestone              9         
    5 Matthew Newton            M14        SOS                    32:35 KEGS                    9         
    6 Thomas Birkett            M12        SOS                    32:56 Meadgate Primary        5         
    7 Nicholas Harrison         M12        SOS                    33:03 Stonham Aspal Prim      6         
    8 Bryn Wilkinson            M12        Suffoc                 33:48 Clifford Road           6         
    9 Wendy Newton              W45        SOS                    34:36                                   
   10 Rachel Barford            W45        SOS                    40:06                                   
   11 Mark Jeffcock             M46        IND                    40:55                                   
   12 Matt Stringer             M16        Suffoc                 44:51                                   
   13 R Jeffcock/Tiggy Hayward  W14        IND                    45:12 The Gilberd             9         
   14 Stukalin/Feigin           M21/45     IND                    49:56                                   
   15 Sarah Roach               W16                               51:22 St Mary's,Cambridge     10        
   16 P Jeffcock,Coward&Stewart M/W17      IND                    53:51                         12        
   17 Susan Waller-Toyne        W40/W4     SOS                    56:31                                   
   18 Sarah Corcoran            W50        IND                    57:03                                   
   19 Chris McKenna                        IND                    57:56                                   
   20 Sylvia Ann Jeffock                   IND                  1:36:47                                   
   21 Frances Goldsmith         W65        SOS                  1:47:23                                   

      Rhiannon Ware             W12        SOS                       mp Colne Community         7         
      Will Hooton               M14        WAOC                      mp Hartismere              9         
      Sharon Warland            W40        Suffoc                    mp                                   
   nc Kieran & Cathryn Hyde                IND                       mp                                   

LT GREEN  (8)           4.000 km   15 C             

    1 James Park                M18        SOS                    27:40 Copleston               11        
    2 Hannah Newton             W16        SOS                    39:48 Chelmsford CHG          11        
    3 Mark Stringer             M45        Suffoc                 46:02                                   
    4 Sarah Park                W20        SOS                    52:54 North Gate              13        
    5 Conor Weed                M16        Suffoc                 53:38 Kesgrave High           11        
    6 Adam/Jasper Waller-Toyne  M40/M7     SOS                    55:38                                   
    7 Alex Ware                 M16        SOS                  1:01:36 Phillip Morant          9         

    nc Michael Park 2nd run     M16        SOS                    48:59                                   

GREEN  (18)             5.000 km   16 C             

    1 Bert Park                 M40        SOS                    40:04                                   
    2 David Sanderson           M45        SOS                    43:11                                   
    3 Chris Childs              M60        SOS                    47:27                                   
    4 Robin Campbell            M70        CHIG                   47:30                                   
    5 John Starkey              M60        SOS                    48:09                                   
    6 Steve Cartwright          M50        Suffoc                 48:27                                   
    7 Emma Johnson              W21        SOS                    50:22                                   
    8 Lyn West                  W50        SOS                    51:16                                   
    9 Sarah Mansel              W40        Suffoc                 54:07                                   
   10 Simon  Hooton             M50        Suffoc                 54:11                                   
   11 Dave Skinner              M55        SOS                    57:57                                   
   12 Rod Mansel                M45        Suffoc               1:01:06                                   
   13 Steven Mills              M35        IND                  1:11:11                                   
   14 Sally  Wilkinson          W40        Suffoc               1:13:16                                   
   15 Jack Isbester             M70        SOS                  1:17:50                                   
   16 Hazel  Bickle             W55        WAOC                 1:18:43                                   
   17 John Harris               M60        WAOC                 1:19:57                                   
   18 Debbie & Liam Eaton       TBE        IND                  2:06:46 
BLUE  (19)              7.400 km   20 C             

    1 Rich Newton               M40        Chelmsford CHG         55:45                                   
    2 Duncan Harrison           M35        SOS                    57:25                                   
    3 Steve Robertson           M55        SOS                    58:10                                   
    4 Ben Cooke                 M21        SOS                  1:00:39                                   
    5 Clive Wilkinson           M45        Suffoc               1:00:47                                   
    6 Mike Bickle               M60        WAOC                 1:03:50                                   
    7 Peter Warland             M40        Suffoc               1:06:49                                   
    8 Perry Mole                M40        SOS                  1:07:19                                   
    9 Andrew Elliott            M35        Suffoc               1:09:20                                   
   10 Ian Smith                 M50        WAOC                 1:12:44                                   
   11 Louise Walker             W40        Suffoc               1:16:15                                   
   12 Phil Halford              M50        Suffoc               1:16:42                                   
   13 Paul Lowe                 M45        Suffoc               1:21:34                                   
   14 Claire Harrison           W35        SOS                  1:25:43                                   
   15 Helen Bickle              W21        WAOC                 1:30:31                                   
   16 Anthony Biggs             M55        HAVOC                1:34:32                                   
   17 Leslie Childs             M55        SOS                  2:17:02                                   

   nc Bert Park 2nd run         M40        SOS                    56:39                                   
   nc James Park 2nd run        M18        SOS                    59:36                               

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