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Stragglers' Relays
High Woods, Colchester
Sunday 6th July 2008
Final Results

Organiser's Comments - Nancy Powell Davies powell.davies@btinternet.com

Stragglers’ Relays 2008 nearly didn’t happen. When I came back from a brief trip away just a couple of weeks ago there was e-mail correspondence to say that it was inadvisable to use our original venue, Hylands Park in Chelmsford. This was after Dave had basically finished planning the courses.

So it is thanks to the flexibility and hard work of club members and Colchester Borough Council that we could arrange the event in High Woods at a fortnight’s notice instead. My sincere thanks go to Dave Skinner, Dave Birkett and Steve Cartwright for arranging venue, planning a fresh set of courses and controlling at such short notice and to Kevin Machin for producing the maps in 2 days.

I am also eternally grateful to those who helped today. The difficulty with the relays format is that competitors cannot easily help as well. Those who turned up early to help set up were much appreciated and again I relied on Dave and Steve to help me through the bulk of the day.

I’m sorry that we couldn’t have the normal prize-giving – the trophy didn’t make it to Colchester through no fault of last year’s winning team.

This year I have attempted to provide times for each of the runs. Given that intermediate starts were not noted these have to be treated as indicative rather than precise. I’m sorry that one of the controls on the Orange course went walkabout – we replaced it as soon as we became aware of it.

And thank you to everyone who came. I hope that you enjoyed yourselves. Certainly everyone was very nice to me and I found it a good natured event. Nearly everyone was finished before it started to rain. Tell your friends about it and we hope to see you and them next year.

Planner's Comments - Dave Birkett

This planner's journey had a few twists and turns, a water fight gathering, changing maps and believe it or not a traffic jam at 6.00am on the A12 the morning of the event. However, whilst putting out the controls it all seemed to make sense - skylarks rising on the morning breeze, a swooping Sparrowhawk, paths cutting through fresh wild flower meadows and taking routes less travelled by through woodland shadows.

Learnt a few lessons on the way and tried to get the hobby/duty balance right when volunteering to help out. Not too much time away from normal family life. Highwoods is no Culbin but I hope that the Light Green made you at least think about using a compass once or twice and on one occasion looking for a contour feature. Sorry to those who took the direct route choice down the meadow to the stream junction, 120? This route was not planned but was due to the mysterious changing map. I tried to get the yellow controls off the path and make it more than a long white and the orange could have used different controls but this was down to my inherent laziness.

Thanks to Steve for stepping in at the last minute to control the event and going beyond the call of duty tapping controls and even volunteering to put them out! The Newton family plus James for collecting in controls, that was very much appreciated. Special mention for Nancy who organised so calmly and came up with the switch of venue at the last minute.

I look forward, next year, putting a team together from SOS to challenge the mighty ‘This Little CHIGgy’ and the ‘Havoc Snails’ who came in first and second respectively. Well done to them and I hope you all enjoyed the event.

Controller's Comments - Steve Cartwright

Theres nothing like doing things backwards. Although I'd looked at David's courses and made the odd recommendation.

It was something of a new experience for me taping as Controller and hoping the Planner would be able to find the tapes on the day ! Still there we go. David had been very busy with some schools orienteering and was finding time hard to come by. Fortunately though he did manage a good look round after I'd taped and we actually finalized courses after taping too!

All exciting stuff. I wonder if we may be better going for a JK type relay changeover in future to avoid confusion but obviously that will need discussing. Well done to all and obviously pleased people seemed to enjoy it on the day.

Team Results

2This Little CHIGgyCHIG12:31
10Havoc SnailsHAVOC12:33
4Western FrontSOS12:41
6WAOC WarpspeedWAOC12:51
1Norfolk NuttersNOR12:52
12Justified and Ancient of SuffolkSUFFOC13:01
8Childs' PlaySOS13:01
13SUFFOC Young TeamSUFFOC13:04
3CHIGs Will FlyCHIG13:05
9Russell + FriendsSOS13:05
11HAVOC SlugsHAVOCretired

Individual Results

HAVOCPaul BecketM4500:26:00
SOSKevin MachinM4500:27:00
SUFFOCNeil CarterM2100:28:00
WAOCBen HollandM2100:29:00
SOSColin WestM5000:29:00
SOSRichard NewtonM4000:30:00
SUFFOCAndrew ElliotM3500:30:00
SOSJames ParkM1800:31:00
HAVOCMike MuggeridgeM4500:32:00
CHIGRay WeekesM5500:33:00
SOSEleanor WestW2100:34:00
SOSChris ChildsM6000:35:00
SOSAlex MachinM2100:35:00
CHIGPhilippa Pribul-AllenW2100:36:00
SUFFOCPeter WarlandM4000:36:00
HAVOCChris ShawM5500:36:00
WAOCHelen BickleW2100:38:00
CHIGTim PribulM5500:41:00
SUFFOCSimon PeckM5000:44:00
CHIGAlan BrettM2100:46:00
SUFFOCPaul LoweM4500:47:00
SOSLes ChildsM5500:51:00
HAVOCGuy LidburyM3500:51:00
WAOCMaria MarshallW5500:51:00
WAOCHazel BickleW5500:55:00
IndMr JessupM3001:06:00
CHIGTim PribulM5500:15:00
SOSAlex MachinM2100:18:00
SOSJames ParkM1800:20:00
HAVOCPaul BecketM4500:20:00
WAOCMike BickleM6000:21:00
SOSEleanor WestW2100:22:00
HAVOCGarry ParmenterM6000:23:00
SUFFOCAndrew ElliotM3500:23:00
SOSChris ChildsM6000:23:00
SOSRichard NewtonM4000:24:00
SUFFOCRod ManselM4500:26:00
WAOCBen HollandM2100:27:00
HAVOCMike MuggeridgeM4500:27:00
SOSTracey ApperleyW4000:27:00
SOSAndrew ChildsM5000:28:00
CHIGHelen HamptonW4500:28:00
CHIGAlan BrettM2100:28:00
CHIGJohn PearceM6000:29:00
WAOCBruce MarshallM5500:29:00
SOSAndrew CordleM5500:29:00
CHIGCarol PearceW6000:29:00
SOSHannah NewtonW1600:30:00
HAVOCColin JacksonM4500:30:00
SUFFOCAnne ElvidgeW4500:30:00
SOSLyn WestW5000:31:00
SOSIan ChildsM2100:33:00
SUFFOCSarah ManselW4000:33:00
HAVOCBarbara FothergillW5000:34:00
SUFFOCNeil CarterM2100:36:00
IndNorburn familyFam00:37:00
SOSAnna MachinW1800:38:00
CHIGSally PribulW5000:42:00
SUFFOCRoderick ManselM1200:45:00
SOSCalum MachinM1400:52:00
SUFFOCWarland familyFam01:33:00
SOSAlex MachinM2100:12:00
SOSChris ChildsM6000:13:00
WAOCMike BickleM6000:14:00
HAVOCPaul BecketM4500:14:00
SUFFOCPeter WarlandM4000:14:00
SOSRichard NewtonM4000:15:00
HAVOCChris ShawM5500:15:00
HAVOCGarry ParmenterM6000:15:00
SOSKevin MachinM4500:15:00
WAOCBen HollandM2100:16:00
CHIGTim PribulM5500:16:00
CHIGRay WeekesM5500:16:00
CHIGPhilippa Pribul-AllenW2100:16:00
SOSColin WestM5000:16:00
HAVOCMike MuggeridgeM4500:16:00
SOSLes ChildsM5500:17:00
SUFFOCPaul LoweM4500:17:00
CHIGJohn PearceM6000:17:00
SOSEleanor WestW2100:17:00
SOSHannah NewtonW1600:17:00
SOSAndrew ChildsM5000:17:00
CHIGCarol PearceW6000:17:00
SUFFOCNeil CarterM2100:17:00
SOSLyn WestW5000:18:00
SUFFOCSarah ManselW4000:18:00
WAOCHelen BickleW2100:18:00
WAOCBruce MarshallM5500:18:00
CHIGHelen HamptonW4500:19:00
SUFFOCAnne ElvidgeW4500:19:00
SOSTracey ApperleyW4000:19:00
CHIGAlan BrettM2100:19:00
SUFFOCAndrew ElliotM3500:20:00
SOSJames ParkM1800:20:00
SUFFOCRod ManselM4500:20:00
SOSAndrew CordleM5500:20:00
HAVOCShane MuggeridgeM1000:22:00
SOSWendy NewtonW4500:22:00
SOSAnna MachinW1800:23:00
SUFFOCRoderick ManselM1200:23:00
CHIGSally PribulW5000:24:00
HAVOCBarbara FothergillW5000:25:00
SOSCalum MachinM1400:27:00
SUFFOCBronwen ManselW1000:27:00
SOSIan ChildsM2100:28:00
IndStukalin familyFam00:46:00

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