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Local event incorporating SOS Club Championship and Essex & Suffolk Schools League (ESSOL)
Danbury Park
Sunday 21st September 2008
Final Results

Officials' Comments

Organiser's report - Mark Lyne Mark.Lyne@writtle.ac.uk

It was pleasing to see many more competitors appear on the day than I had expected. No doubt you were lured out by the gorgeous weather and the challenge of the club championships and Geoff’s courses. The 1:5,000 map really helped to make the most of the area and the score course seemed to provide a suitable challenge. Well done to Chris Sellens for getting all of the controls in less than 45 mins. The only hiccup that I was aware of was a few of you who lost your way to the start. Hopefully we sorted that out in time and it added to the excitement of your day!

Many thanks to the willing band of helpers who ensured that the day went to plan. In particular thanks to Steve Cartwright and Kevin Machin for their sterling work in the lead up to the event.

Planners's report - Geoff Pye

Thank you for all your kind comments about the courses. We, of course, were helped by the very unusual sunny weather which had dried out the area and made it look at its best! The repeat of controls on the blue was not deliberate. I had to make changes to the course but did it a little too quickly and got careless. As it was with SI this was not a problem and perhaps helped the run. No one that I spoke to had noticed that 3 controls were repeated.

We made the large out of Bounds area as a precaution in case groups turned up for archery or mountain bikes. In the end no one was using these areas but better safe than sorry!

Danbury is small but with Kevin’s excellent 1 to 5000 map I was able to use many control sites which on a larger scale probably would not have been available. I aimed to keep runners in the woods but out of the rubbish and hopefully having to navigate. Hence the large number of controls.

Thank you to Jonathan for helping me put out controls. This was essential as I had pulled a calf muscle and was unable to run. Also to Kevin for making my courses printable and then printing them!

Finally thanks to all the competitors who turned up and ran. Without you my efforts would be pointless!

Controller's report - Steve Cartwright

Obviously well done to Geoff for his planning and Mark for his Organising. It was nice that people's comments seemed positive and everyone seemed to enjoy the lovely weather. Sorry if a few found some low barbed wire in the North West, fortunately non were badly injured. What may of been a cess pit in the same area was also filled-in prior to the event but hopefully it wasn't too confusing - and obviously potentially less smelly!

The little controlling I've done can seem strange at times. The courses are meant to be the planners with the controller overseeing them, the maps, the organization and the results. The Officials leading what at times can be very busy lives may mean the Controller doesn't necessarily see courses finalized at the last minute, may not see the maps or any final map corrections before the event, and may not be as involved as would be good in the organization and results calculations etc including approving the results. Yet we still have successful events - Well done to all.

Par times

White31:00All finishers
Yellow26:0050% of starters
Orange40:0050% of starters
Light Green1:06:57Winner's time + 50%
Green60:0050% of starters
Blue1:08:0050% of starters

Final Results

DanburySun 21/09/2008 16:08
Resultscreated by OE2003 © Stephan Krämer 2007

   Pl    Time Name                              Club          Age      SchYr   School                   

White  (26)               1.1 km   10 C           

    1    5:28 Kit Phillips                      SOS           M10      6       Barnardiston             
    2    5:53 Gregory Robinson                  SOS           M10      6       Barnardiston             
    3    6:22 Jack Gilbey                       SOS           M10      6       Barnardiston             
    4    6:24 Lucy Holder                       SOS           W10      6       Barnardiston             
    5    7:13 William Dyer-Bartlett             SOS           M10      6       Barnardiston             
    6    8:23 Ben Bradnam                       SOS           M9       5       Barnardiston             
    7    8:39 Timmy Harrison                    SOS           M9       5       Barnardiston             
    8    9:15 Olivia Jones                      SOS           W9       5       Barnardiston             
    9   10:02 Catherine Mole                    SOS           W9               Stonham Aspal            
   10   10:41 Edward Jones                      SOS           M10      6       Barnardiston             
   11   10:54 Jessica Woodgate                  SOS           W9       5       Barnardiston             
   12   11:32 David Jimoh                       SOS           M8+1     4       Barnardiston             
   13   11:33 George Williams                   SOS           W9+1     5       Barnardiston             
   14   11:44 Angus Dudley                      SOS           W8+1     4       Barnardiston             
   15   11:46 Thomas Addison                    SOS           M8+1     4       Barnardiston             
   16   12:21 Angus Parsonson                   SOS           M9       5       Barnardiston             
   17   12:55 Gabriella Jones                   SOS           W10      6       Barnardiston             
   18   14:46 Saskia Baldrey                    SOS           W7+1     3       Barnardiston             
   19   15:01 Lizzie Robinson                   SOS           W8+1     4       Barnardiston             
   19   15:01 Georgina Seymour                  SOS           W9+1     5       Barnardiston             
   21   15:16 Lucy Warland                      SUFFOC        W5                                        
   22   16:23 Ellie Harrison                    SOS           W9       5       Barnardiston             
   23   17:10 Adam Burgess                      SOS           M8       4       Mersea Island            
   24   22:57 Elaine+2 Jones                    IND                                                     
   25   30:29 Harriet Punter                    IND           W3                                        

           mp Poppy Gurney                      SOS           W9       5       Barnardiston             

Yellow  (25)              2.0 km   13 C           

    1   15:03 Heugo Seacombe                    SOS           M11      7       Barnardiston             
    2   15:56 Rachael Harrison                  SOS           W11      7       Barnardiston             
    3   18:20 Michael Archer                    SOS           M14      9                                
    4   19:34 Flossie/Martha Mills/Beaton       SOS           W11+1    7       Barnardiston             
    5   20:10 Jamie+1 Worrell                   IND           M15                                       
    6   21:31 Thomas Burgess                    SOS           M10      6       Mersea Island            
    7   21:56 Peter Errington                   HH            M10 +1                                    
    8   23:04 Alexander Parsonson               SOS           M11      7       Barnardiston             
    9   23:33 Melanie Shipp + 1                 SUFFOC        W4               Highfields Mtree         
   10   23:45 Ben Warland                       SUFFOC        M10      6                                
   11   24:55 Ben North                         SOS           M11      7       Barnardiston             
   12   25:14 Elian Shipp + 1                   SUFFOC        M8       4       Highfields Mtree         
   13   25:32 Matthew Hearn                     HH            M11                                       
   13   25:32 Verity Mole                       SOS           W45                                       
   15   26:05 Bronwen Mansel                    SUFFOC        W10      5       Beyton Middle            
   16   27:00 Natasha Jones                     SOS           W12+1    8       Barnardiston             
   17   27:04 Katey Gardiner                    SOS           W12+1    8       Barnardiston             
   18   28:02 Matilda Selby                     SOS           W11      7       Barnardiston             
   19   29:08 Nick+Caz Mills+Lancaster          IND           M50                                       
   20   42:48 Lily Belle                        IND           W8       4                                
   21   48:27 Gabriel Hudson +1                 IND           M14              Ramsey                   
   22   58:46 Sheila Lowe + Alesha + Cameron    SUFFOC                                                  

           mp Charlotte Leake                   SOS           W11+1    7       Barnardiston             
           mp Olivia Seymour                    SOS           W12+1    8       Barnardiston             
           mp Oliver Armitage+1                 WAOC          M7       3                                

Orange  (15)              2.9 km   13 C           

    1   21:08 Bryn Wilkinson                    SUFFOC        M12      7       Copleston High Sch       
    2   23:11 Roderick Mansel                   SUFFOC        M12      7                                
    3   25:43 Nicholas Harrison                 SOS           M12              Debenham High            
    4   26:18 Ivana Trhlikova                   IND           W35                                       
    5   26:57 Sharon Warland                    SUFFOC        W40                                       
    6   30:50 James Errington                   HH            M12 +1                                    
    7   35:03 Henry Mole                        SOS           M12                                       
    8   35:05 Rachel Barford                    SOS           W45                                       
    9   40:26 Susan+2 Waller-Toyne              SOS           W40                                       
   10   43:40 Elliot Engwell                    HAVOC         M11                                       
   11   46:27 S Burgess                         SOS                                                     
   12   48:39 Rhiannon Ware                     SOS           W12      8                                
   13 1:01:36 Josh & Sam Jones & Adam           SOS           M14      8       St Helena                
   14 1:02:00 Sue Kingman                       IND           W50                                       

           mp Hannah+2 Worrell+2                SOS                    9                                

Light Green  (13)         3.3 km   17 C           

    1   44:38 Alan Alford                       SOS           M50                                       
    2   46:17 Alex Ware                         SOS           M16      10                               
    3   49:53 Ben Armitage                      WAOC          M16              Comberton                
    4   50:39 Janet Crunk                       WAOC          W50                                       
    5 1:00:18 Keith Ryder                       HAVOC         M70                                       
    6 1:01:43 Phil Armitage                     WAOC          M40                                       
    7 1:04:04 Wesley Musall                     SUFFOC        M55                                       
    8 1:08:09 Robert Armitage                   WAOC          M12              Comberton                
    9 1:16:21 Clive Coles                       SUFFOC        M60                                       
   10 1:19:40 Anna Engwell                      HAVOC         W40                                       
   11 1:21:32 Derek Keeble                      SOS           M75                                       
   12 1:32:18 Debbie Eaton                      IND           W36                                       
   13 1:42:44 John Jessup                       IND           M21                                       

Green  (19)               4.0 km   22 C           

    1   37:34 Tomas Trhlik                      IND           M21                                       
    2   40:34 Helen Errington                   HH            W45                                       
    3   47:25 Paul Hearn                        HH            M40                                       
    4   51:07 Hilary Sellens                    SOS           W50                                       
    5   52:23 Sally Wilkinson                   SUFFOC        W40                                       
    6   54:10 Adam Wallwer-Toyne                SOS           M40                                       
    7   57:31 Jennifer Taylor                   CHIG          W65                                       
    8   58:58 Chris Baker                       DFOK          M70                                       
    9   59:52 Janet Biggs                       HAVOC         W55                                       
   10 1:01:47 Steve Kemp                        HAVOC         M40                                       
   11 1:02:57 Rob Coulter                       SUFFOC        M60                                       
   12 1:04:13 John Russell                      SOS           M65                                       
   13 1:12:09 Colin Curtis                      WAOC          M70                                       
   14 1:13:16 Barbara Fothergill                HAVOC         W50                                       
   15 1:13:22 Anne Power                        LOK           W75                                       
   16 1:25:21 Ken Livermore                     HH            M75                                       

           mp Elspeth Missen                    IND                                                     
           mp Ursula Oxburgh                    WAOC          W70                                       
   nc   46:18 Hannah Newton                     SOS           W16      12      Chelmsford High          

Blue  (22)                6.4 km   28 C           

    1   43:32 Simon Errington                   HH            M45                                       
    2   47:14 Ian Maynard                       HAVOC         M45                                       
    3   52:04 Peter Warland                     SUFFOC        M40                                       
    4   52:57 Dauiela Bnohu                     SOS           W21                                       
    5   55:11 Clive Wilkinson                   SUFFOC        M45                                       
    6   55:29 Andrew Murphy                     SOS           M21                                       
    7   57:41 Chris Shaw                        HAVOC         M55                                       
    8   58:03 Kate Brett                        LOK           W40                                       
    9 1:01:18 Neil Carter                       SUFFOC        M21                                       
   10 1:04:15 Graham Perry                      HH            M40                                       
   11 1:06:45 Paul Lowe                         SUFFOC        M45                                       
   12 1:08:41 Claire Harrison                   SOS           W35                                       
   13 1:09:15 Sarah Mansel                      SUFFOC        W40                                       
   14 1:11:08 David Battison                    SARUM         M60                                       
   15 1:15:42 Chris Childs                      SOS           M60                                       
   16 1:19:41 Gerald Engwell                    HAVOC         M40                                       
   17 1:25:37 Andrew Childs                     SOS           M50                                       
   18 1:30:40 Anthony Biggs                     HAVOC         M55                                       
   19 1:39:25 Rod Mansel                        SUFFOC        M45                                       
   20 1:47:08 Leslie Childs                     SOS           M55                                       

           mp Paul Beckett                      HAVOC         M45                                       
           mp Tracey Apperley                   SOS           W40                                       

Score Course

NamePart 1Part 2HandicapEarly (+)Late (-)Total
SOS Club Champs
Chris Sellens151402031
Kevin Machin15930027
Martin Sellens151240427
Clive Tant151030127
Andrew Cordle13940026
Duncan Harrison141030126
Rich Newton131120026
Nick Pugh14940126
Alex Machin151000025
Hannah Newton11950025
Perry Mole15820124
David Sanderson14730024
Eddie Banks13640023
Rob Hammond10820020
Ellen Sanderson10640020
Wendy Welham12350020
Jack Isbester7660019
Geraldine Russell8460018
David Skinner8640117
Non-Club Champs (IND)
Tom Elgood10520017
Ben Tyler230005

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