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Local Colour Coded incorporating Essex & Suffolk Schools League (ESSOL)
Hockley Woods
Sunday 22nd March 2009
Final Results

Officials' Comments

Organiser's report - Dave Skinner dave.skinner@btinternet.com

Not unsurprisingly I received tremendous support in carrying my role, and send a big thank you to Paul Beckett (HAVOC) and Kevin Machin for their pre-event advice and their considerable planning and controlling efforts, and to my willing and flexible band of helpers (too many to name here) who were all brilliant. I also thank Rochford District Council who supported this event by giving their permission for use Hockley Woods.

Thankfully the weather on the day was dry and sunny. It was rewarding that the numbers taking part were some 30% up on previous entry levels at Hockley, and particularly pleasing that there were a good number of newcomers to the sport - we very much hope to see you again at our future events and activities. Thank you all for coming. I heard nothing but positive comments on the day - well done to all concerned.

FOUND - A red hood which attaches to a coat. Contact dave.skinner@btinternet.com.

Planner's report - Kevin Machin

Thanks to everyone who turned out in such splendid weather and well done to all the people who came for the first time. Thank you for all the kind comments. Following a harsh winter and a recent dry spell the woods were at their best. The brambles on the bulk of the map were very low and all the tracks were dry. Perfect! We did have a couple of glitches with a failed control box and a slightly (?) wrong control code on one of the last controls, but hopefully they did not adversely affect you. Some of the times were a bit on the high side, but hopefully you were just making the most of the fine weather! A big thank you also to Paul Beckett for controlling, and for his helpful comments and advice in getting the fairest and best routes for all the courses. Thanks also to Dave Skinner for his tireless efforts in arranging everything (including the weather!) and making sure everything was in the right place at the right time in the run up to the event.

Controller's report - Paul Beckett (HAVOC)

Kevin Machin took great care to provide a good range of colour-coded courses that provided navigational challenges appropriate to the colour. He also updated the mapped vegetation to give scope for direct route choices across country where possible. I heard many appreciative comments at the Finish and I consider most people enjoyed both the physical and mental challenges set. The finish times for the Orange course are unusually long but the course was planned to standard. I attribute the slower than expected times on the Orange course to the high number of independent competitors who found it technically difficult for them or simply enjoyed it as a structured walk in the Spring sunshine. One control (102) was moved mischievously during the event and those adversly affected have been re-instated. One SI unit battery failed during the event but it was replaced and the results adjusted accordingly. The organisation went smoothly with Dave Skinner leading the well-drilled SOS team. Congratulations to SOS for an enjoyable event that clearly attracted a range of newcomers as well as the established orienteers.

Par Times

White        41 mins (all starters)
Yellow       45 mins (50% of starters)        
Orange      100 mins (50% of starters)  
Light Green  64 mins (150% of winner)
Green        78 mins (50% of starters)   
Blue         70 mins (150% of winner)     

Final Results

Hockley WoodsMon 23/03/09 11:26
Resultscreated by OE2003 © Stephan Krämer 2008

   Pl Name                             Club    AgeClass       Time School                SchYr    

White  (15)               1.8 km  30 m   12 C     
    1 Angus Dudley                     SOS     M9                  11:37 Barnardiston          4        
    2 Thomas Addison                   SOS     M9                  12:42 Barnardiston          4        
    3 Olivia Jones                     SOS     W10                 12:53 Barnardiston          5        
    4 Emma Clarke                      SOS     W10                 14:28 Barnardiston          5        
    5 Timmy Harrison                   SOS     M10                 17:11 Barnardiston          5        
    6 Jessica Woodgate                 SOS     W10                 21:24 Barnardiston          5        
    7 Oliver Brett                     CHIG    M7                  27:18 Forest                2        
    8 Jocelyn Brett                    CHIG    W9                  31:52 Forest                5        
    9 Isabel West                      IND     W10                 32:53                                
   10 Jenny West                       IND     W10                 33:04                                
   11 Saskia Baldrey                   SOS     W9                  33:27 Barnardiston          4        
   12 MA,RY,RA,AY, AR Llloret, Tanseli IND     M5+                 40:31                                
   13 Angus Parsonson                  SOS     M10                 40:59 Barnardiston          5        
      David Jimoh                      SOS     M9                     mp Barnardiston          4        
      Poppy Gurney                     SOS     W10                    mp Barnardiston          5        

Yellow  (28)              2.1 km  40 m   10 C     
    1 Rachael Harrison                 SOS     W12                 16:43 Barnardiston          7        
    2 Ben Warland                      SUFF    M12                 23:52 Ixworth Middle        6        
    3 Owen Bourne                      WAOC    M12                 24:47                                
    4 Alexander Parsonson              SOS     M12                 24:54 Bardardiston          7        
    5 Jamie Worrell                    IND     M16                 25:54 2187 ATC              9        
    6 Matilda Selby Charlotte Leake    SOS     W12                 26:59 Barnardiston          7        
    7 Kitty Becher Gabriella Jones     SOS     W11                 29:09 Barnardiston          6        
    8 Dipper Family+R.Davies           IND     W17+M11             31:56                                
    9 Catherine Mole                   SOS     W10                 32:07 Stonham Aspal         4        
   10 Rachel Lawrence+3                IND     W6                  38:20 Riverside Infants     1        
   11 Flossie Mills Martha Beaton      SOS     W12                 39:05 Barnardiston          7        
   12 Stott-Davies+Dipper              SOS     IND                 40:22                                
   13 Ray, Rachel, Mel Price           IND     M50, W40, W20       41:46                                
   14 Tony Cooper+3                    IND     M21                 41:51                                
   15 Callum Thompson +2               IND                         50:31                                
   16 Stephanie Ware                   SOS     W10                 51:50 Alresford Primary     5        
   17 Ben +Eddie Pickwick              IND                         55:48                                
   18 Tony Simpson                     IND     M48                 56:47                                
   19 Portway Family                   IND     W8,W5,W2            57:35                                
   20 Thomas Hopkin+1                  IND     M6                1:00:55 St. Joseph's          1        
   21 Katie Hopkins                    IND     W4                1:00:57 St. Joseph's          ?        
   22 Alesha Lowe +1                   SUFF    W5                1:10:52                                
   23 HW, JS, RK                       IND     W14, W14, M15     1:18:42 2187 ATC              9        
      Rustman Family                   IND                            mp                                
      Verity Mole                      SOS     W45                    mp                                
      Thomas Burgess                   SOS     M12                    mp                                
      Alex Birkett                     SOS     M10                   dnf Meadgate              4        
   nc Cristina Montero                 SOS     W12                 28:13 Barnardiston          7        

Orange  (23)              3.2 km  60 m   14 C     
    1 Thomas Birkett                   SOS     M12                 36:17 Headgate              6        
    2 Bryn Wilkinson                   SUFF    M12                 36:30 Copleston High        7        
    3 Catie Butler                     IND     W21                 51:05                                
    4 Ad. Jas. Maisie Waller-Toyne     SOS     M40 M10 M10         54:26                                
    5 Henry Mole                       SOS     M12               1:03:45 Stonham Apsal         7        
    6 Rachel Barford                   SOS     W45               1:08:26                                
    7 Antoinette Allan Rees            IND     W12               1:08:46 Maldon Court          5        
    8 Bronwen Mansel                   SUFF    W12               1:13:41 Beyton Middle         5        
    9 Rhiannon Ware                    SOS     W14               1:14:24 Colne Community       9        
   10 Michael Archer                   SOS     M14               1:21:41 Moulsham High         9        
   11 family Stukalin                  IND                       1:24:08                                
   12 Julie Lowe                       SUFF    W21               1:39:03                                
   13 B, M, J, M, S Sims               IND     2 - 9             1:56:05                                
   14 Ian,Gillian,Chri Pessell         IND     ?                 2:01:53                                
   15 Skye Young                       IND     M18               2:06:27 Colbayns              ?        
   16 Susan McLaren                    IND     W21               2:06:32                                
   17 Claire Louise Hawes              IND     W17               2:06:36 Colbayns High School  13       
   18 Yasmin Hirst                     IND     W17               2:06:51 Colbayns              13       
      Grant Connell Saptiste Tom       IND     M14, M15               mp 2187 ATC              9        
      family Van de Ven                IND     M8                     mp                                
      Worrell Nick +1                  IND                           dnf 2187 ATC              9        
      Lynn Houlding                    IND     W45                   dnf                                
      Howard +Elysia Farell            IND     W12                   dnf                                

Light Green  (14)         3.9 km  50 m   13 C     
    1 Alex Houlding                    IND     M18                 42:39                                
    2 Nicholas Harrison                SOS     M14                 48:44 Debenham High         7        
    3 John Burgess                     SOS     M45                 50:50                                
    4 Alastair Houlding                IND     M45                 52:41                                
    5 Jennifer Taylor                  CHIG    W65                 54:28                                
    6 Robin Bourne                     WAOC    M45                 56:50                                
    7 Simon Swaby                      LOK     M21                 57:28                                
    8 Julia Robertson                  SOS     W55               1:18:30                                
    9 Jane Daniel                      HAVOC   W60               1:22:44                                
   10 Thomas Robertson                 SOS     M18               1:54:57                                
   11 June Webb                        SUFF    W75               2:00:00                                
      Alex Wood                        SOS     M45                    mp                                
      Carmel Johnson                   SOS     W65                   dnf                                
   nc Duncan Harrison                  SOS     M35                 35:42                                

Green  (17)               4.8 km  70 m   15 C     
    1 Geoff Pye                        SOS     M50                 41:09                                
    2 Richard Barker                   SOS     M55                 47:34                                
    3 Hilary Sellens                   SOS     W50                 53:57                                
    4 Hannah Newton                    SOS     W18                 55:26 Chelmsford CHS        12       
    5 Catherine Galvin                 LOK     W40               1:02:46                                
    6 Alex Ware                        SOS     M16               1:03:23 Philip Morant         10       
    7 John Webb                        SUFF    M70               1:07:04                                
    8 Emma Johnson                     SOS     W21               1:09:09                                
    9 Steve Kemp                       HAVOC   M45               1:17:35                                
   10 Ted Johnson                      SOS     M65               1:18:28                                
   11 Colin Curtis                     WAOC    M75               1:18:54                                
   12 Janet Biggs                      HAVOC   W55               1:22:18                                
   13 Sally Wilkinson                  SUFF    W45               1:28:43                                
   14 Susan Waller-Toyne               SOS     W40               1:37:11                                
   15 Anne Power                       LOK     W75               1:39:32                                
   16 Estella Ward                     NOR     W55               1:39:55                                
      Maria Marshall                   WAOC    W55                    mp                                

Blue  (36)                6.6 km  95 m   20 C     
    1 Ian Hargreaves                   KERNO   M21                 45:47                                
    2 Mark Burley                      NOC     M21                 54:09                                
    3 Peter Warland                    SUFF    M40                 54:21                                
    4 Martin Sellens                   SOS     M55                 56:42                                
    5 Daniela Brohm                    SOS     W21                 56:57                                
    6 Andrew Elliott                   SUFF    M35                 58:28                                
    7 Andrew Cummings                  HH      M55                 58:41                                
    8 David Sanderson                  SOS     M45                 59:41                                
    8 Clive Wilkinson                  SUFF    M45                 59:41                                
   10 Bert Park                        SOS     M40               1:01:10                                
   11 Steve Robertson                  SOS     M55               1:03:09                                
   12 Andrew Welsh                     SMOC    M55               1:03:15                                
   13 Andrew Stimson                   WAOC    M21               1:05:25                                
   14 Mark Lyne                        SOS     M50               1:05:44                                
   15 Louise Walker                    SUFF    W40               1:07:16                                
   16 Bruce Marshall                   WAOC    M55               1:07:28                                
   17 Tracey Apperley                  SOS     W40               1:07:48                                
   18 Brian Daniel                     HAVOC   M60               1:09:28                                
   19 Gary Wright                      IND     M45               1:10:16                                
   20 Perry Mole                       SOS     M40               1:10:35                                
   21 Rod Mansel                       SUFF    M50               1:10:51                                
   22 Paul Lowe                        SUFF    M50               1:13:29                                
   23 Kate Brett                       CHIG    W40               1:14:56                                
   24 Ian Smith                        WAOC    M50               1:16:34                                
   25 Claire Harrison                  SOS     W35               1:16:52                                
   26 Sarah Mansel                     SUFF    W40               1:19:08                                
   27 Graham Perry                     HH      M45               1:26:25                                
   28 Mark Williams                    HAVOC   M40               1:27:23                                
   29 Colin Jackson                    HAVOC   M50               1:29:47                                
   30 Alan Brett                       CHIG    M35               1:30:01                                
   31 Chris Childs                     SOS     M60               1:30:08                                
   32 Andrew Mason                     IND     M45               1:31:15                                
   33 Anthony Biggs                    HAVOC   M60               1:32:48                                
   34 Graham Ward                      NOR     M60               1:44:15                                
      Duncan Harrison                  SOS     M35                    mp                                
   nc Alex Machin                      SOS     M21                 57:16                                

Helpers  (3)              0.0 km   0 C            
      Kath Birkett                     SOS                           dns                                
      Jenny Collyer                    SOS                           dns                                
      John Collyer                     SOS                           dns                                

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