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Stragglers Relays
The Naze, Walton
Sunday 5th July 2009

Officials' comments

Organiser - Nancy Powell Davies powell.davies@btinternet.com

A week before this event I was all ready to cancel. Only one team had entered. But, aware that orienteers are notorious for leaving things until the last minute, I held off until the following day - when entries were due and was rewarded with a few more. Still more dribbled in during the week and I hope that you all agree that it was an enjoyable day.

The Naze is a lovely area for our unique relays formula. The area has lots of facilities and we were rewarded with a beautiful day. It?s just a shame that it?s such a long journey to get there.

It was disappointing to have to disqualify two teams for mispunching, including the fastest finishers but at least that made it possible for a Stragglers team to win ? our congratulations to Lynn and Colin West, Tracey Apperley and Richard Barker running as ?West Barkley?. The last time a Stragglers team won was in 2001 when ?Western Front? comprising 4 members of the West family won at High Woods.

My heartfelt thanks go to those who helped in the setting up, clearing up and, especially Andrew who helped all the way through.

Planner - Jenny Collyer

When I started planning the courses in May most of the rough open areas were accessible but on successive visits the undergrowth had increased and controls were gradually moved out closer to paths! My main aim was to make the three courses as different as possible knowing that competitors would be running two or even three of them. With most of the controls being on or near paths I aimed to give route choices through the haphazard path / ride network. I think I reached the limit of what could be planned on this area, especially with pin punching being used. I am still waiting for an event to be arranged when the tide is low so that we can use the beach!

Controller - John Collyer

A Controller's tasks have been added to by all the formal Risk Assessment work (we used to call it event safety) required by various bodies (BOF, Insurers, Land Owners - in this case Tendring District Council). As usual, the blanket details required by all users for the Naze, were paricularly aimed at keeping people off the cliffs - Nancy was even advised to inform the local Cliff Rescue Team!

However, we had not been advised that the radio people would be there, and we found problems in siting one control which was about 5 metres away from one of their rope ends. Jenny moved it to the rope end as we thought it would be safer to have it where you could not miss the rope, and I negotiated with the radio hams to mark some of the ropes and all of the electric cables from their generator with red and white tape. They were most accomodating to our requests, and I felt were somewhat oblivious to any problems that their masts, ropes and generators could cause within a highly public area. Perhaps they just thought that everyone would be sensible - those were the days! Jenny however, thinks that the dangers from dogs and their mess were worthy of more mention than the radios!

Apart from that everyone appeared to have a good day, although I was unable to spot again the Little Egret fishing in the salt lagoons on the northern coastal edge.

Relay Results

7West BarclaySOS12.17
9Motley KrewSOS +12.28
5Grumpy Old MenSUFFOC12.29
6Fighting FerretsWAOC
2Stragglers StrugglersSOS

Individual Results

Based on the assumption that second and subsequent runs start as soon as the map and runner are available...
Team NoTeam NameClubNamesclassCourseTime
3ArmageddonSUFFOCNeil CarterM210:09:00
3ArmageddonSUFFOCGoff HillM650:09:00
3ArmageddonSUFFOCBryn WilkinsonM120:09:00
5Grumpy Old Men SUFFOCRod ManselM500:09:00
4BattlefrontSUFFOCAndrew ElliottM350:09:00
7West BarkleySOSColin WestM500:09:00
7West BarkleySOSLyn WestW550:10:00
2Stragglers StrugglersSOSChris ChildsM600:10:00
4BattlefrontSUFFOCSarah ManselW400:10:00
7West BarkleySOSTracey ApperleyW400:10:00
9Motley KrewSOSKevin MachinM450:10:00
4BattlefrontSUFFOCRoderick ManselM120:10:00
6Fighting FerretsWAOCTodd CooperM140:10:00
9Motley KrewSOSSteve CartwrightM500:10:00
2Stragglers StrugglersSOSAndrew ChildsM500:10:00
6Fighting FerretsWAOCFrances CooperW450:11:00
5Grumpy Old Men SUFFOCPaul LoweM500:11:00
8SostenutiSOSGeraldine RussellW600:11:00
8SostenutiSOSEddie BanksM550:11:00
1MaggotsSOSJames ParkM180:11:00
5Grumpy Old Men SUFFOCSimon HootonM500:12:00
1MaggotsSOSSarah ParkW200:12:00
2Stragglers StrugglersSOSGregory SwanstonM700:13:00
5Grumpy Old Men SUFFOCJohn WebbM700:13:00
1MaggotsSOSMichael ParkM160:14:00
4BattlefrontSUFFOCSimon PeckM500:14:00
7West BarkleySOSRichard BarkerM550:14:00
8SostenutiSOSJohn StarkeyM650:15:00
3ArmageddonSUFFOCClive WilkinsonM450:16:00
1MaggotsSOSBert ParkM400:17:00
6Fighting FerretsWAOCDuncan CooperM100:17:00
9Motley KrewSOSVeronica MachinW450:17:00
2Stragglers StrugglersSOSChris O'MearaM450:19:00
6Fighting FerretsWAOCLewis CooperM100:22:00
9Motley KrewSOSDavid CooperM450:24:00
8SostenutiSOSJohn RussellM650:39:00
3ArmageddonSUFFOCGoff HillM650:18:00
3ArmageddonSUFFOCClive WilkinsonM450:18:00
7West BarkleySOSColin WestM500:18:00
1MaggotsSOSBert ParkM400:18:00
4BattlefrontSUFFOCAndrew ElliottM350:18:00
2Stragglers StrugglersSOSAndrew ChildsM500:20:00
7West BarkleySOSTracey ApperleyW400:20:00
9Motley KrewSOSSteve CartwrightM500:20:00
9Motley KrewSOSDavid CooperM450:20:00
3ArmageddonSUFFOCBryn WilkinsonM120:21:00
9Motley KrewSOSKevin MachinM450:21:00
6Fighting FerretsWAOCFrances CooperW450:21:00
5Grumpy Old Men SUFFOCSimon HootonM500:22:00
5Grumpy Old Men SUFFOCPaul LoweM500:22:00
6Fighting FerretsWAOCDuncan CooperM100:23:00
1MaggotsSOSJames ParkM180:24:00
1MaggotsSOSMichael ParkM160:24:00
8SostenutiSOSJohn RussellM650:25:00
4BattlefrontSUFFOCSimon PeckM500:25:00
7West BarkleySOSLyn WestW550:26:00
2Stragglers StrugglersSOSChris O'MearaM450:26:00
4BattlefrontSUFFOCRoderick ManselM120:27:00
5Grumpy Old Men SUFFOCJohn WebbM700:27:00
2Stragglers StrugglersSOSChris ChildsM600:28:00
8SostenutiSOSGeraldine RussellW600:29:00
8SostenutiSOSJohn StarkeyM650:32:00
6Fighting FerretsWAOCLewis CooperM100:34:00
IndSOSAlan AlfordM500:36:00
IndSUFFOCBronwen ManselW120:40:00
Light Green
4BattlefrontSUFFOCAndrew ElliottM350:22:00
3ArmageddonSUFFOCNeil CarterM210:24:00
3ArmageddonSUFFOCClive WilkinsonM450:24:00
9Motley KrewSOSKevin MachinM450:25:00
1MaggotsSOSJames ParkM180:26:00
9Motley KrewSOSDavid CooperM450:26:00
8SostenutiSOSEddie BanksM550:27:00
5Grumpy Old Men SUFFOCSimon HootonM500:28:00
6Fighting FerretsWAOCFrances CooperW450:30:00
7West BarkleySOSTracey ApperleyW400:30:00
7West BarkleySOSRichard BarkerM550:30:00
5Grumpy Old Men SUFFOCRod ManselM500:31:00
1MaggotsSOSBert ParkM400:31:00
2Stragglers StrugglersSOSChris ChildsM600:31:00
2Stragglers StrugglersSOSGregory SwanstonM700:32:00
4BattlefrontSUFFOCSarah ManselW400:32:00
6Fighting FerretsWAOCTodd CooperM140:33:00
IndSOSAlan AlfordM500:38:00
8SostenutiSOSJohn StarkeyM650:45:00

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