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District event incorporating Essex & Suffolk Schools League (ESSOL) and East Anglian League
Roman Valley, Colchester
Sunday September 13th 2009
Final Results

There were two issues with the results -
- one of the Finish boxes was 29 seconds slow. We know who used this box and the results have been amended.
- The Organiser and Controller considered the mapping at control 122 (Green and Brown courses) and have to decided to let the results stand.

Otganiser's report - John Collyer johncollyer@live.co.uk

Thanks to all the SOS helpers who turned up on the day and helped the event organisation run smoothly.

Some concern was expressed about the siting of control 122 and the Controller having gone back and revisited the area feels that; "the control was in the right place, there was a path nearby, the problem was due to the way the vegetation was represented around the area". As such he feels that to interfere with the actual results would not be satisfactory and suggests the results should stand. I have agrreed with him.

This event was a long time coming as it was originally scheduled for last January. Steve's courses had to wait several months for fruition and although the undergrowth was never going to be at it's best in September, at least the ground was dry, in stark contrast to the memories of several orienteers I have spoken to recently.

Planner's report - Steve Cartwright

Thanks to all those who turned out on a somewhat colder day than the one before. It was nice to hear very positive comments at the finish as I stood there for quite a while following the start of the event and as people finished various courses. One of the Barnardiston teachers was particularly pleased that the white course was a winding and interesting one. Obviously it was somewhat of a surprise to me yesterday when I went to check stinging nettles on the yellow that new paths had been cut through the forest badly affecting that course. Additional taping seemed the only option but even so comments still seemed positive.

Unfortunately things started to turn sour at about 12 noon today when it was noticed one competitor had a negative split time to the finish. Although I had checked the boxes for their numbers and battery life, I understood it was not necessary to check the clocks with the new kit. Apparently that is not t rue and times had drifted quite considerably over the last couple of months. Fortunately it is a problem than can be sorted to some extent by those that are clever. Then came the dreaded 122 problem. The map is out of date in places and time didn?t permit any serious map update. Apologies where it spoiled the course for some. Somehow it seemed relatively straightforward as a control to me and I honestly didn?t hide it.

Thanks must of course go to the Army for their permission to use the area, and Martin Sellens for his on the day controlling due to a hopitalisation in Bert Parks family.

Controller's report - Martin Sellens

First of all, thank you all for coming and I hope you enjoyed orienteering through an unusually mud-free and well-groomed Roman Valley. I don?t recall the area ever being in better shape, though the mowing activities of the army did mean that some areas were considerably more runnable that the green screen suggested. Better that than the other way round, I think.

Thanks also to John Collyer and the Straggler?s organising team and to Steve Cartwright, who resuscitated his courses from the cancelled event last summer.

Apologies to those of you on the Green and Brown courses who spent a long time looking for control 122 (pit imprecisely mapped). In retrospect, this control site should not have been used or the mapping within the circle should have been refined. As on-the-day controller, in retrospect, I should probably have moved the control flag to make it more visible from the open area, even though that would have involved placing it where there was no pit. As with most planning/controlling ?errors? this one was a result of a combination of unusual circumstances and debatable decisions, the details of which I won?t chew over here. Assuming that those of you on the courses in question would still like some EAGAL points (and therefore would prefer the courses not to be voided) I will consider the options of allowing the results to stand or adjusting times by deleting the offending leg in the next couple of days (after scrutinising the event statistics).

A second minor problem was the use of two finish boxes that were not accurately synchronised. Some of you will be disappointed to learn that you did not, actually, complete the run in to the finish in a negative time, perhaps by inadvertently sprinting through a discontinuity in the space-time continuum. Reality is more prosaic. Times will be adjusted for those who selected the ?earlier? finish box before it was removed.

So, not my best day as a controller, but I trust that most of you were blissfully unaware of the gremlins and had a satisfying run.

Par Times

White - all finishers
Yellow        30:00
Orange        55:00
Light Green 1:05:00
Green       1:05:00
Blue        1:10:00
Brown       1:35:00

String Course Results

Tom Birkett11SOS06:15
Nick Harrison13SOS07:16
Ben Wetherill10WAOC07:50
Thomas Burgess11SOS07:51
Alex Birkett9SOS08:00
Alex Wetherill6WAOC12:12
Emily Fowler9BAOC12:54
Stephanie Ware10SOS14:30
Lucy Warland6SOS15:25
Cath and Adam9 + 11SOS16:31
Alesha Lowe5SUFFOC18:28
Jacob Schroeder6IND19:30
Alex Schroeder4IND21:55
Tom Rowe and Dan4 + 2WAOC23:49
Mila Schroeder3IND24:05
Craig and Ben Carter1 + 4SUFFOC25:50


Roman ValleyMon 12/10/2009 11:57
Resultscreated by OE2003 © Stephan Krämer 2008

   Pl Name                             Club      AgeClass          Time School                 SchYr    

White  (15)               1.2 km  15 m   11 C     
    1 Jimoh, David                     SOS       M9                6:20 Barnardiston           5        
    2 Harrison, Ellie                  SOS       W10               6:32 Barnardiston           6        
    3 Jones, Olivia                    SOS       W10               6:39 Barnardiston           6        
    4 Harrison, Timmy                  SOS       M10               6:57 Barnardiston           6        
    5 Robinson, Lizzie                 SOS       W9                7:26 Barnardiston           5        
    6 Clarke, Emma                     SOS       W10               7:58 Barnardiston           6        
    7 Woodgate, Jessica                SOS       W10               8:00 Barnardiston           6        
    8 Lloyd, Eve + 1                   SOS       W4               10:39                                 
    9 Baldrey, Saskia                  SOS       W9               11:42 Barnardiston           5        
   10 Mugliston, Adam                  IND       W45              11:50 Thomas Mills           7        
   11 Addison, Thomas                  SOS       M9               12:54 Barnardiston           5        
   12 Waller-Toyne, Jasper+Maisie+1    SOS       M8 W6            14:59                                 
   13 Wetherill+1, Alex                WAOC      M6               17:06 Pirton                 2        
   14 Carter, Craig & Ryan             SUFFOC    M10              18:09                                 
   15 Warland, Lucy+Peter              SOS       W6               18:11 Ixworth Junior         1        

Yellow  (22)              2.0 km  20 m   13 C     
    1 Phillips, Kit                    SOS       M11              12:51 Barnardiston           7        
    2 Jones, Edward                    SOS       M11              14:50 Barnardiston           7        
    3 Wetherill, Ben                   WAOC      M10              18:07 Pirton School          6        
    4 Robinson, Gregory                SOS       M11              18:38 Barnardiston           7        
    5 Shipp, Elian                     IND       M9               21:00 Highfields             5        
    6 Griggs, Abbie + 1                IND       W10              24:33 St John's C&E          5        
    7 Grigg+1, Sam                     IND       M8               24:44 ST John's C of E       2        
    8 Gilbey, Jack                     SOS       M11              25:58 Barnardiston           7        
    9 Lloyd, Eve +1                    SOS       W4               28:25 Mersea Island          R        
   10 Statham & Seacomb, Freddie Hugo  SOS       M11              28:54 Barnardiston           7        
   11 Becher & Howe, Kitty Phobe       SOS       W11              33:47 Barnardiston           7        
   12 Beaumont, Jon                    IND       M35              34:42                                 
   13 Shipp, Melanie + 1               IND       W5               35:59 Highfields             1        
   14 Jones, Beckie                    HAVOC     W12              37:12 Brentwood              8        
   15 Birkett, Alex                    SOS       M10              37:52 Meadgate               5        
   16 Jones Selby, Gaby Matilda        SOS       W11              40:13 Barnardiston           7        
   17 Mugliston+1, Adam                IND       M12              43:54 Thomas Mills           7        
   18 Farrell, Howard                  IND       M40              44:11                                 
      Lowe, Alesha & Sheila            SUFFOC    W5                  mp                                 
      Ware, Steffi                     SOS       W10                 mp Arlesford              6        
      Farrell, Helen                   SOS       W40                 mp                                 
      Holder, Lucy                     SOS       W11                dns Barnardiston           7        

Orange  (12)              3.1 km  35 m   10 C     
    1 Birkett, Thomas                  SOS       M12              19:46 Boswells               7        
    2 Hooton, Sue                      SUFFOC    W45              38:56                                 
    3 Mole, Henry                      SOS       M12              39:56 Debenham High          8        
    4 Mansel, Roderick                 SUFFOC    M12              41:56 Beyton Middle          8        
    5 Harrison, Rachael                SOS       W12              48:52 Barnardiston           8        
    6 Mole, Catherine                  SOS       W10              50:16 Stonham Aspal          5        
    7 Carter, Lucy                     SUFFOC    W21              52:28                                 
    8 Weed, Andrea                     SUFFOC    M40            1:00:54                                 
    9 Weed, Arran                      SUFFOC    M12            1:01:35 Kesgrave High          8        
   10 Eaton+1, Beth                    IND       W9             1:10:32                                 
      Burgess, Thomas                  SOS       M11                 mp Phillip Morant         7        
   nc Beaumont, Jon                    IND       M35                 mp                                 

Lt Green  (11)            3.8 km  55 m   9 C      

    1 Wilkinson, Bryn                  SOS                        38:20 Copleston High         8        
    2 Harrison, Nicholas               SOS       M14              50:00 Denham High            8        
    3 Burgess, John                    SOS       M45              59:33                                 
    4 Barford, Rachel                  SOS       W45            1:02:15                                 
    5 Curtis, Colin                    WAOC      M75            1:03:10                                 
    6 Roach, Sarah                     SOS       W16            1:03:42 Barnardiston           12       
    7 Warland, Sharon                  SOS       W40            1:10:25                                 
    8 McLean, Yvonne                   SUFFOC    W70            1:12:19                                 
    9 Lumby, David + Harriet           IND       Mixed          1:16:09                                 
   10 Isbester, Jack                   SOS       M75            1:28:51                                 
   11 Robertson, Julia                 SOS       W55            1:31:45                                 

Green  (29)               4.4 km  55 m   9 C      

    1 Ward, John                       NOR       M65              47:42                                 
    2 Wilkinson, Sally                 SUFFOC    W45              51:46                                 
    3 Russell, John                    SOS       M65              54:22                                 
    4 Starkey, John                    SOS       M65              54:24                                 
    5 Mole, Perry                      SOS       M40              55:09                                 
    6 Collyer, Jenny                   SOS       W60              55:48                                 
    7 Hooton, Will                     SUFFOC    M16              57:17 Hartesmere High        11       
    8 Sinclair, Jean                   IND       W40              58:02                                 
    9 Marshall, Bruce                  WAOC      M55              59:57                                 
   10 West, Lyn                        SOS       W55            1:00:58                                 
   11 Harris, John                     WAOC      M60            1:01:37                                 
   12 Coulter, Rob                     SUFFOC    M60            1:01:53                                 
   13 Russell, Geraldine               SOS       W65            1:04:29                                 
   14 Alford, Alan                     SOS       M55            1:05:11                                 
   15 Marshall, Maria                  WAOC      M55            1:07:12                                 
   16 Jussup, John                     IND       M21            1:08:23                                 
   17 Ward, Estella                    NOR       W55            1:08:32                                 
   18 Musall, Wesley                   IND       M60            1:08:53                                 
   19 Wetherill, Judith                WAOC      W45            1:09:27                                 
   20 Waller-Toyne, Susan              SOS       W40            1:12:47                                 
   21 Smith, Bryan + Sean              IND       M21            1:18:41                                 
   22 Bickle, Hazel                    WAOC      W55            1:19:13                                 
   23 Skinner, Dave                    SOS       M60            1:22:12                                 
   24 King, Bridget                    IND       W45            1:24:10                                 
   25 Fothergill, Barbara              HAVOC     W50            1:24:40                                 
   26 Robertson, Thomas                SOS       M18            2:04:52                                 
      McLean, Bill                     SUFFOC    M70                 mp                                 
      Oxburgh, Ursula                  WAOC      W75                 mp                                 
   nc Cordle+Mullis, Andrew+Sue        SOS       M/W55          1:12:00                                 

Blue  (23)                6.5 km  75 m   16 C     

    1 Bonnett, Richard                 SOS       M50              44:37                                 
    2 Wilkinson, Clive                 SUFFOC    M45              54:01                                 
    3 Robertson, Steve                 SOS       M55              54:06                                 
    4 Beckett, Paul                    HAVOC     M45              54:38                                 
    5 Newton, Richard                  SOS       M45              56:11                                 
    6 Bickle, Michael                  WAOC      M60              56:22                                 
    7 Liston, Mick                     NOR       M60              56:58                                 
    8 Woods, Clare                     WAOC      W21            1:00:58                                 
    9 Harrison, Claire                 SOS       W35            1:05:22                                 
   10 Smith, Ian                       WAOC      M50            1:06:24                                 
   11 Sellens, Hilary                  SOS       W50            1:06:27                                 
   12 Mansel, Sarah                    SUFFOC    W40            1:08:24                                 
   13 Weed, Rob                        SUFFOC    M40            1:08:39                                 
   14 Jones, Tim                       HAVOC     M45            1:09:38                                 
   15 Waller-Toyne, Adam               SOS       M40            1:12:22                                 
   16 Halford, Philip                  SUFFOC    M55            1:12:23                                 
   17 Mansel, Rod                      SUFFOC    M50            1:13:15                                 
   18 Johnson, Emma                    SOS       W21            1:14:30                                 
   19 Lowe, Paul                       SUFFOC    M50            1:15:52                                 
   20 Peck, Simon                      SUFFOC    M50            1:20:20                                 
   21 Ward, Graham                     NOR       M60            1:23:52                                 
   22 Waldron, Peter                   NOR       M50            1:28:45                                 
   23 Biggs, Anthony                   HAVOC     M60            1:30:41                                 

Brown  (14)               8.5 km  95 m   20 C     

    1 Hargreaves, Ian                  KERNO     M21            1:05:33                                 
    2 Lyne, Mark                       SOS       M50            1:10:04                                 
    3 Harrison, Duncan                 SOS       M35            1:12:33                                 
    4 Tant, Clive                      SOS       M50            1:16:20                                 
    5 Wetherill, Dil                   WAOC      M45            1:21:38                                 
    6 Carter, Neil                     SUFFOC    M21            1:22:42                                 
    6 Machin, kevin                    SOS       M45            1:22:42                                 
    8 Stimson, Andrew                  WAOC      M21            1:22:55                                 
    9 Schroeder, Andreas               IND       M35            1:24:39                                 
   10 King, Daniel+Dominic             IND       M21            1:29:59                                 
   11 King, Steven                     IND       M45            1:42:18                                 
   12 Elliott, Andrew                  SUFFOC    M35            2:03:23                                 
   13 Wickham, Ken                     SUFFOC    M65            2:32:12                                 
      Clarke, John                     IND       M40                 mp                                 

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