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Colour coded event incorporating Essex & Suffolk Schools League (ESSOL) and SOS Club Championship
The Broaks, Halstead
Sunday 29th November 2009
Final Results

Officials' Comments

Organiser's Comments - Mark Lyne

My thanks go to Andrew Cordle (Planner) and Colin West (Controller) for the efficient way in which they got things ready for this event. This was despite the changing scene at Broaks due to felling which has sadly affected much of the previously runnable woodland.

It was good to see a novice group of youngsters from St Andrew's school. They seemed to enjoy their day despite the mud and the length of time out in the woods. Hopefully we will see them at future events honing their skills on the White course.

Despite the absence of some of the regular helpers I was able to get a team together who all did an excellent job on the day. Events at Broaks are always helped by having access to the Gosfield School facilities for which we were very grateful.

Planner's Comments - Andrew Cordle

I'm not normally a believer in conspiracy theories, but I'm beginning to suspect that someone at the Forestry Commission looks through the event registration forms for my name, and then sends in the fellers. One group removed some bramble-infested conifers which was no great loss. The other is in the process of thinning the nice runable area to the SE of the wildlife hide. After felling a tree with a control site tag, they considerately replaced the branch with the tag at the correct location.

Although some areas of the woods are getting more runnable, others are going the other way and there are now many areas which have been felled and haven't yet grown back to runnable maturity. I did my best to keep you in the best areas, but some slow run/walk was inevitable. I suspect that there is one ideal weekend each autumn - after the summer vegetation has died down, before the mud returns for the winter. Unfortunately, I don't think you can predict in advance which weekend it will be!

Controller's Comments - Colin West

Broaks Wood changes from year to year - with Andrew's influence as planner it changes week to week. Some parts of the wood have improved, and are a delight - Andrew did use these, but also included some more difficult terrain. The torrential rain of the wettest November in my living memory - six inches in most of Essex - had not made much difference to an area that always boasts a few soggy patches. The ponds were back to being full after some depletion. Many runners tried to plumb the depths of the wood, and appeared at download with souvenir mud - please return it when you've finished with it!

With a good number of first-timers, the event was challenging enough - but all commented on the enjoyment level, and I hope to see them at future events to continue their education in orienteering skills and fun.

Congratulations to John Collyer who won the Club Championship by a whisker from 'er indoors (Jenny Collyer) - perhaps better described in orienteering circles as 'er outdoors.

Stragglers Club Championship 2009

The club Championships were decided on Stragglers League points - the calculation is explained here.

Congratulations to John Collyer on becoming Club Champion 2009!
CourseNameClassTimeLengthSpeed Factormin/kmAdj min/kmPoints
GreenJohn CollyerM600:53:564.97400:11:0000:08:09100
GreenJenny CollyerW6001:13:094.95600:14:5600:08:2297
BlueJames ParkM1801:06:037.39300:09:0300:08:2596
BlueEddie BanksM5501:19:117.38100:10:5100:08:4792
BlueBert ParkM4001:10:137.39300:09:3700:08:5791
BlueChris ChildsM6001:30:057.37400:12:2000:09:0889
BlueDavid SandersonM4501:15:467.39000:10:2300:09:2087
BlueKevin MachinM4501:16:297.39000:10:2900:09:2686
GreenLyn WestW5501:17:264.96100:15:4800:09:3884
BlueGeoff PyeM5001:24:137.38600:11:3200:09:5582
BlueJohn WilliamsM5501:29:047.38100:12:1200:09:5382
GreenJohn StarkeyM6501:13:434.96700:15:0300:10:0580
BlueAdam Waller-ToyneM4001:26:077.39300:11:4800:10:5874
Light GreenEmma JohnsonW210:51:093.88400:13:2800:11:1872
BlueAndrew MurphyM2101:21:387.310000:11:1100:11:1172
Light GreenWendy WelhamW5001:05:153.86600:17:1000:11:2071
GreenNancy Powell DaviesW5501:40:254.96100:20:3000:12:3065
BlueKevin EllisM5001:45:207.38600:14:2600:12:2565
Light GreenRhiannon WareW1401:12:203.86600:19:0200:12:3464
GreenDavid LumbyM4501:15:244.99000:15:2300:13:5158
Light GreenRachel BarfordW4501:20:383.87000:21:1300:14:5154
Light GreenNicholas HarrisonM1401:09:023.88600:18:1000:15:3752
BlueAlex WareM1602:25:247.39000:19:5500:17:5645

Colour Coded par times

White35:00All competitors
Yellow1:18:0050% of competitors
Orange57:03winner's time + 50%
Light Green1:10:0050% of competitors
Green1:16:51winner's time + 50%
Blue1:32:27winner's time + 50%

Final Results

The Broaks 29/11/09Mon 30/11/2009 10:28
Resultscreated by OE2003 © Stephan Krämer 2008

 Pl Name                             Club       AgeClass     Time School                  Year 

White  (5)                1.4 km  5 m   11 C      

  1 Thomas Addison                   SUFFOC     M10          9:52 Barnadiston             5    
  2 Haydn Garrod                     SUFFOC     M9          15:29 Barnardiston            4    
  3 Matthew Clarke                   SUFFOC     M9          25:33 Barnardiston            4    
  4 Jasper&Maisie Waller-Toyne +1    SOS        M8/W6       26:01                              
  5 Callum Turner Jacob Howlett      SOS        M10         34:38 St Andrew's             5    

Yellow  (12)              2.2 km  10 m   11 C     

  1 Timmy Harrison                   SUFFOC     M11         25:19 Barnardiston            6    
  2 Thomas Burgess                   SOS        M11         28:08 Philip Morant           7    
  3 Margaret Moody                   IND        W45         48:20                              
  4 Owen George Nathan Lodge         SOS        M12         58:12 St Andrew's             6    
  5 Stephanie Ware                   SOS        w10       1:10:56 Arlesford Primary       6    
  6 Thomas Howlett Joe Firmin        SOS        M10       1:16:56 St Andrew's             5    
  7 Lewis Crow Callum Broadbent      SOS        M10       1:19:54 St Andrew's             5    
  8 Lucie Sharpe Halimah Babor       SOS        W10       1:24:25 St Andrew's             6    
  9 Jordan Findlater Jessica Pidgeon SOS        W10       1:36:07 St Andrew's             6    

    Alex Birkett                     SOS        M10            mp Meadgate                5    
    Bethany Quinn Sophie Dennison    SOS        W10            mp St Andrew's             6    
    Georgia Gower Eleanor Joyce      SOS        W10            mp St Andrew's             6    

Orange  (6)               3.0 km  35 m   9 C      

  1 Rachael Harrison                 SUFFOC     W14         38:02 Barnardiston            8    
  2 John Hadler                      IND        M50         40:12                              
  3 Thomas Birkett                   SOS        M12         43:58 Boswells                7    
  4 Jon Beaumont                     SOS        M35         57:37                              
  5 Bronwen Mansel                   SUFFOC     W12       1:10:55 Beyton Middle           6    
  6 Belinda Bardwell + 3             IND        W21       1:23:29                              

Light Green  (12)         3.4 km  40 m   13 C     

  1 Bryn Wilkinson                   SUFFOC     M12         42:38                              
  2 Emma Johnson                     SOS        W21         51:09                              
  3 Lewis Hadler                     IND        M21         52:01                              
  4 Wendy Welham                     SOS        W50       1:05:15                              
  5 Roderick Mansel                  SUFFOC     M12       1:08:13 Beyton Middle           8    
  6 Nicholas Harrison                SOS        M14       1:09:02 Debenham High School         
  7 Rhiannon Ware                    SOS        W14       1:12:20 Colne                   9    
  8 Rachel Barford                   SOS        W45       1:20:38                              
  9 Murray Allen Sam Rogan           IND        M21       1:31:18                              

    John Burgess                     SOS        M45            mp                              
    Susan Waller-Toyne               SOS        W40            mp                              
    Elspeth & Chris Missen           SOS        W/M50          mp                              

Green  (18)               4.4 km  50 m   18 C     

  1 Martin Hore                      SUFFOC     M55         51:14                              
  2 John Collyer                     SOS        M60         53:56                              
  3 Sean Blanchflower                IND        M35       1:01:21                              
  4 Simon Peck                       SUFFOC     M50       1:07:31                              
  5 Jenny Collyer                    SOS        W60       1:13:09                              
  6 John Starkey                     SOS        M65       1:13:43                              
  7 David Lumby                      SOS        M45       1:15:24                              
  8 Lyn West                         SOS        W55       1:17:26                              
  9 David Float                      HAVOC      M40       1:18:41                              
 10 Sally Wilkinson                  SUFFOC     W45       1:23:34                              
 11 Chris Marshall                   CHIG       M35       1:25:37                              
 12 Frances Heath                    NOR        W21       1:27:24                              
 13 Barbara Fothergill               HAVOC      W50       1:29:18                              
 14 John Webb                        SUFFOC     M70       1:32:16                              
 15 Rob Coulter                      SUFFOC     M60       1:39:29                              
 16 Nancy Powell Davies              SOS        W55       1:40:25                              
 17 Estella Ward                     NOR        W55       1:53:25                              

    Dan Wilson                       SOS        M21            mp                              

Blue  (24)                6.5 km  90 m   19 C     

  1 Paul Beckett                     HAVOC      M45       1:01:38                              
  2 James Park                       SOS        M18       1:06:03                              
  3 Clive Wilkinson                  SUFFOC     M45       1:08:08                              
  4 Bert Park                        SOS        M40       1:10:13                              
  5 David Sanderson                  SOS        M45       1:15:46                              
  6 Kevin Machin                     SOS        M45       1:16:29                              
  7 Eddie Banks                      SOS        M55       1:19:11                              
  8 Andrew Murphy                    SOS        M21       1:21:38                              
  9 Simon Hooton                     SUFFOC     M50       1:22:56                              
 10 Geoff Pye                        SOS        M50       1:24:13                              
 11 Sarah Mansel                     SUFFOC     W40       1:25:41                              
 12 Adam Waller-Toyne                SOS        M40       1:26:07                              
 13 John Williams                    SOS        M55       1:29:04                              
 14 Chris Childs                     SOS        M60       1:30:05                              
 15 Will Hooton                      SUFFOC     M16       1:36:16                              
 16 Rod Mansel                       SUFFOC     M50       1:37:24                              
 17 John Clarke                      IND        M40       1:38:45                              
 18 Kevin Ellis                      SOS        M50       1:45:20                              
 19 Antony Biggs                     HAVOC      M60       1:56:54                              
 20 Ken Wickham                      SO         M65       1:59:59                              
 21 Graham Ward                      NOR        M60       2:08:12                              
 22 Alex Ware                        SOS        M16       2:25:24 Philip Morant           11   

    Trevor Hammond Van Stile         IND        M50            mp                              
 nc David Phillips                   IND        M45       2:25:36                              

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