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Officials' Comments Results Splits Splitsbrowser RouteGadget ESSOL Points League

Colour coded event incorporating Essex & Suffolk Schools League (ESSOL)
Chalkney Wood, Earls Colne
Sunday 7th February 2010
Preliminary Results

Officials' Comments

Organiser's Comments - Dave Skinner dave.skinner@btinternet.com

Not unsurprisingly I received tremendous support in carrying my role, and send a big thank you to Kevin Machin and Clive Tant for their pre-event advice and their considerable planning and controlling efforts, and to my willing and flexible band of helpers (too many to name here) who were all brilliant. I also thank the Forestry Commission and Essex County Council who supported this event by giving their permission for use Hockley Woods, Mrs Sally Tippett who allowed us to make use of her farm for assembly and car parking (the proceeds from the car parking charge went to her), and Simon Hooton/Steve Bones of SUFFOC who kindly accommodated our use of the newer lighter SI equipment - we were originally assigned the older heavier equipment and had concerns about our ability to install controls on the day in the few hours of daylight available before 10.30, concerns that were well-founded - we only just made it with the new equipment! I also appreciated Barnardiston School's help in returning some of their maps for re-use when it became apparent that we were in danger of running out on White.

The good number of entrants who took part (approaching 150) was very rewarding, and it was particularly pleasing that there were a number of newcomers to the sport - we very much hope to see you again at our future events and activities. I apologise for the 'challenging' car parking arrangements - it was always going to be tight, but owing to wet ground conditions the areas we could use were further limited on the day. The only alternative car parking/assembly possibility we have for this venue is on tracks in the woods which I feel is less satisfactory, partly because of uncertainty regarding the condition of the tracks and also because this potentially restricts course planning options. I hope you enjoyed the day - thank you for coming. I would very much welcome any feedback on the event - my email address is above.

Planner's Comments - Kenin Machin

It was always going to be tight once we knew that a significant amount of felling was going to take place on the East side of the area, as we knew that the vehicles were going to have to exit through the NE. Also we knew that a significant amount of remapping was going to be needed as not much had been done for at least five years. So it was a great relief to see that the damage was not so bad and that the event could go ahead. Then the work began in earnest, made a little worse by the weather, but frozen paths are much easier to travel over than the ones we were blessed with on Sunday! Just in case we were a little too comfortable, Essex county council decided to fell three blocks on the West side without prior warning, which meant significant re-routing of the short courses. All in all though, the area is much more runnable now and hopefully you benefited from being able to cross blocks of woodland rather than having to use the very sticky and muddy paths. Thankfully I was able to spare the white and yellow the worst of the paths. Apologies to those on the blue that were affected by the 'missing' control on the map which meant that the descriptions went out of sync. Hopefully it did not spoil your enjoyment. Thanks to Dave for listening and enabling everything go so smoothly, and to Clive for his advice and tireless work on the day. Thanks also to all who came, it makes all our efforts worthwhile.

Controller's Comments - Clive Tant

Chalkney Woods were in as good a condition for orienteering as I can remember and Kevin certainly made good use of the better parts. In fact, I thought his courses were very good and I hope everyone enjoyed them. I am sorry that the difficulty of the control numbering which affected the blue course had not been spotted earlier but everyone completed the course. There were surprisingly few mis-punches and non-finishers which adds credit to the quality of the courses. Well done to Dave Skinner also for another smooth operation as organiser.

Preliminay Results

Chalkney Local & ESSOLMon 08/02/2010 10:38
Resultscreated by OE2003 © Stephan Krämer 2008

 Pl Name                             Club       AgeClass     Time School                  Year 

White  (22)               1.6 km   11 C           

  1 Kieran Palmer Elliot Swallow     SOS        M12         11:54 St Andrews Halstead     6 5  
  2 Matthew Clarke                   SUFFOC     M9          12:20 Barnardiston            4    
  3 Jessica Woodgate                 SUFFOC     W11         12:25 Barnardiston            6    
  4 Emma Clarke                      SUFFOC     W11         13:07 Barnardiston            6    
  5 Charlotte Gilbey                 SUFFOC     W9          13:32 Barnardiston            4    
  6 Juliette Agazarian               SUFFOC     W10         13:33 Barnardiston            5    
  7 Saskia Baldrey                   SUFFOC     W10         13:50 Barnardiston            5    
  8 Haydn Garrod                     SUFFOC     M9          14:54 Barnardiston            4    
  9 Christopher Jobe                 SUFFOC     M9          16:11 Barnardiston            4    
 10 Alys Phillips                    SUFFOC     W9          16:16 Barnardiston            4    
 11 Jasper Waller-Toyne              SOS        M10         16:48                              
 12 Thomas Amass Callum Turner       SOS        M12         19:15 St Andrews Halstead     6 5  
 13 Holly McGirty                    SUFFOC     W9          21:15 Barnardiston            4    
 14 Georgia Gower Poppy Holttum      SOS        W10         25:18 St Andrews Halstead     5 5  
 15 Lewis Crow Daniel Chapman        SOS        M10         27:20 St Andrews Halstead     5 5  
 16 Thomas Howlett Amber Greaves     SOS        M/W10       29:05 St Andrews Halstead     5 5  
 17 Jacob Howlett Joe Firman         SOS        M10         33:19 St Andrews Halstead     5 5  
 18 Michael Erin Joseph Rance        IND                    33:35                              
 19 Jo Askew                         IND                    34:41                              
 20 Jordan Findlater Bethany Quinn   SOS        W12         36:52 St Andrews Halstead     5 6  
 21 Melanie Ross                     IND        W40         49:41                              

 nc Craig + Ryan +1 Carter           SUFFOC     M4 M1       36:34 Cliff Lane Primary           

Yellow  (16)              2.0 km   10 C           

  1 Kit Phillips                     SUFFOC     M12         14:17 Barnardiston            7    
  2 Timmy Harrison                   SUFFOC     M11         14:36 Barnardiston            6    
  3 Jack Gilbey                      SUFFOC     M12         14:39 Barnardiston            7    
  4 Ellie Harrison                   SUFFOC     W11         19:38 Barnardiston            6    
  5 Thomas Burgess                   SOS        M11         20:02 Philip Morant           7    
  6 Alex Birkett                     SOS        M12         30:22 Meadgate                5    
  7 Louise Balardo                   IND        W10         30:52 St Johns, Colchester    5    
  8 Joshua Palmer                    IND        M10         35:01                              
  9 Stephanie Ware                   SOS        W12         35:18 Alresford Primary       6    
 10 Julia Robertson                  SOS        W55         38:23                              
 11 Lucy Warland                     SOS        W6          40:34 Ixworth Primary         1    
 12 Meloney Dale Greta Taylor        IND        W45+        45:52                              
 13 Callum Jarvis                    IND        M10         54:12 1st Heybridge Scouts    6    
 14 Evelyn+Claire+Du Harrison        SOS        W75 W35 M 1:01:33                              
 15 Alesha + Sheila Lowe             SUFFOC     W6/45     1:14:39                              

 nc Louise Balardo                   IND        W10         21:23 St John's               5    

Orange  (8)               3.0 km   14 C           

  1 Roderick Mansel                  SUFFOC     M14         34:39 Beyton Middle           8    
  2 Lucy Carter                      SUFFOC     W21         45:46                              
  3 Michael Archer                   SOS        M16         51:15 Moulsham High           10   
  4 Bob Cathmoir                     SOS        M65         53:30                              
  5 Ben Warland                      SOS        M12         59:10 Ixworth Middle          7    
  6 Catherine Mole                   SOS        W12         59:38 Stonham Aspal Prim      5    
  7 Bronwen Mansel                   SUFFOC     W12       1:27:32 Beyton Middle           6    
  8 Andrea Hart                      SOS        W40       1:32:40                              

Red  (1)                  4.7 km   14 C           

 nc Jeanette +Diana Job + Edwards    IND        W45 W50   1:23:35                              

Light Green  (16)         4.2 km   12 C           

  1 Bryn Wilkinson                   SUFFOC     M14         45:06 Copleston High          8    
  2 Tom Birkett                      SOS        M14         50:21 Boswells                7    
  3 Bryan Sean Smith                 IND                  1:00:03                              
  4 Paul Lowe                        SUFFOC     M50       1:00:23                              
  5 John Burgess                     SOS        M45       1:00:47                              
  6 Rhiannon Ware                    SOS        W14       1:05:11 Colne                   9    
  7 Dylan Newman                     SOS        M45       1:05:39                              
  8 Don Askew                        IND        M40       1:07:00                              
  9 Kevin Dale                       IND        M45       1:13:15                              
 10 Sarah Roach                      SUFFOC     W16       1:14:12 St. Mary's Cambridge    12   
 11 Jack Isbester                    SOS        M75       1:16:42                              
 12 Sharon Warland                   SOS        W45       1:22:35                              
 13 Henry Mole                       SOS        M14       1:23:27 Debenham High School    8    
 14 Keith Ryder                      HAVOC      M75       1:24:19                              

    Rachel Barford                   SOS        W45            mp                              
    Sue Speller                      WAOC       W45            mp                              

Green  (31)               4.9 km   16 C           
  1 Peter Warland                    SOS        M45         52:56                              
  2 Rod Mansel                       SUFFOC     M50         57:37                              
  3 Stephen Cartwright               SOS        M50         58:22                              
  4 Nicholas Harrison                SOS        M14       1:00:41 Debenham High School    8    
  5 Emma Johnson                     SOS        W21       1:01:41                              
  6 Alex Ware                        SOS        M18       1:04:19 Philip Morant           11   
  7 Jonathan Houseago                SUFFOC     M50       1:05:28                              
  8 Simon Peck                       SUFFOC     M50       1:08:18                              
  9 John Mills                       SOS        M35       1:09:00                              
 10 Philippa Murphy                  IND        W21       1:09:43                              
 11 Wendy Welham                     SOS        W50       1:10:06                              
 12 Tony Biggs                       HAVOC      M60       1:13:18                              
 13 Perry Mole                       SOS        M45       1:14:05                              
 13 Sally Wilkinson                  SUFFOC     W45       1:14:05                              
 15 Rob Coulter                      SUFFOC     M60       1:19:32                              
 16 Maria Marshall                   WAOC       W55       1:21:01                              
 17 John Starkey                     SOS        M65       1:21:36                              
 18 David Lumby                      SOS        M45       1:21:58                              
 19 John Harris                      WAOC       M60       1:23:21                              
 20 Ann Mills                        SOS        W35       1:23:27                              
 21 Bob Blows                        WAOC       M55       1:26:56                              
 22 Susan Waller-Toyne               SOS        W45       1:29:24                              
 23 Barbara Fothergil                HAVOC      W50       1:32:03                              
 24 Estella Ward                     NOR        W60       1:40:03                              
 25 Wesley Musall                    SUFFOC     M60       1:42:07                              
 25 Denise Ellis                     IND        W50       1:42:07                              
 27 Alastair Holding                 IND        M45       1:56:54                              
 28 Peter Swanston                   IND        M70       2:04:00                              

    Elspeth Missen                   SOS        W50            mp                              
    David Float                      HAVOC      M40            mp                              
 nc John Adams                       IND        M50       2:03:59                              

Blue  (26)                6.8 km   22 C           
  1 Michael Belshaw                  NOR        M45         50:41                              
  2 Jonathan Cronk                   WAOC       M18         50:51 Bourn Cambridge         12   
  3 Ian Maynard                      HAVOC      M45         54:52                              
  4 Paul Beckett                     HAVOC      M45         56:17                              
  5 James Park                       SOS        M20       1:00:21 Suffolk College         13   
  6 Clive Wilkinson                  SUFFOC     M45       1:01:43                              
  7 Andrew Murphy                    SOS        M21       1:02:18                              
  8 Bert Park                        SOS        M45       1:04:02                              
  9 David Sanderson                  SOS        M45       1:04:21                              
 10 Neil Carter                      SUFFOC     M21       1:07:37                              
 11 Steve Robertson                  SOS        M55       1:08:24                              
 12 Andrew Elliott                   SUFFOC     M35       1:09:11                              
 13 Daniela Brohm                    SOS        W21       1:10:49                              
 14 Simon Hooton                     SUFFOC     M50       1:13:52                              
 15 Ian Smith                        WAOC       M50       1:15:32                              
 16 Eddie Banks                      SOS        M55       1:16:01                              
 17 David Cronk                      WAOC       M50       1:17:09                              
 18 Adam Waller-Toyne                SOS        M40       1:20:10                              
 19 Bruce Marshall                   WAOC       M55       1:22:27                              
 20 Phil Halford                     SUFFOC     M55       1:25:31                              
 21 Kevin Ellis                      SOS        M50       1:27:36                              
 22 Chris Childs                     SOS        M60       1:28:58                              
 23 Gary Wright                      SOS        M45       1:29:42                              
 24 David Phillips                   IND        M50       1:46:54                              
 25 Graham Ward                      NOR        M65       1:56:40                              
 26 Ken Wickham                      SO         M70       2:00:45                              

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