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Regional Event and East Anglian Championship
Donylands & Middlewick Ranges
Sunday 14th March 2010
Final Results

Officials' Comments

Organiser's Comments - Lyn West orienteering@grovehillhouse.wanadoo.co.uk

Didn't we do well with the weather?! Or at least until we came to packing up and a heavy shower soaked the download tent. I had the impression from comments from finishers that you enjoyed having a dry run in sunshine - something lacking in recent weeks.

All seemed to go well on the day thanks to the wonderful band of helpers. I apologise for the final stile into the finish field; we intended opening the gate but I failed to locate the key holder (there is a long story). I lost count of the number of times I was told that the army issued key opened ALL the gates on the area when it was a totally different style of padlock. I also apologise for not putting a sign at the entrance to the assembly field to send those approaching from the wrong direction to the Whalebone Inn to turn round. The route signed was not the most direct but was a safer choice. Please read final details and comply with instructions rather than relying on satnav or the 'I know better approach'.

Congratulations to all the East Anglian Champions. My thanks to Major Gurung from Colchester Garrison for his support in staging the event, all my helpers and the competitors for coming.

Planner's Comments - Martin Sellens (assisted by Duncan Harrison)

It's difficult to turn down the opportunity to plan an event on an area that is just over the road. I cycle through Donyland Woods on the way to work when the tracks are dry enough and co-planned the only previous event that used the area a few years ago, when it was linked to the Roman Valley area by a dodgy double crossing of the Mersea Road. My son Chris mapped the Middlewick ranges for the Army inter-services night championships in 2007 which produced a new area with an interesting mix of open grassland, patches of woodland and military infrastructure. The main problems of Donyland and Middlewick are getting permissions (with a commitment from the army not to cancel at short notice to allow live firing), the possibility of control vandalism in heavily used areas on the ranges, trespassing motorcyclists and rampant brambles. Several sessions of map tinkering were thwarted by the red flags and the February monsoon flooded a key route on short green, light green and orange, but at least the snow compressed the brambles a bit. I tried to minimize the number of courses that had long running legs over the open areas, and to compress as much as possible into the more runnable areas of Donyland Woods. Personally, I think there are some lovely bits in this patchwork of old conifer, heathland, beech and oak woodland and I hope you will remember them rather than any areas of rampant bramble that you encountered. I regret the incursion of motorcyclists, who are generally 'considerate' but use the area illegally and to the great detriment of other users, wildlife and the tranquility of the environment. I hope you enjoyed your visit to my backyard and found some appropriate orienteering and physical challenges on your courses. Finally, a few votes of thanks, in no particular order. Firstly to Duncan Harrison who planned white to orange and put out half the controls on the day as well as planning and helping Claire to run the string course. Secondly to Stragglers' mapping officer Kevin Machin for formatting and printing the maps to a very tight schedule. Thirdly to Clive and Karen, Duncan and Kevin (again), Chris, Hilary and Steve Cartwright for helping to collect controls at the end of a very tiring day. And finally to Jenny Collyer, ably assisted by John, for her constructive and sympathetic controlling.

Controller's Comments - Jenny Collyer

Martin made good use of the two very different areas finding a balance between the slower wooded area of Donylands and fast open areas of Middlewick Ranges.

We were fortunate this year that the bramble was much lower than usual - thanks to the snow and frost of the winter. We were not so lucky with the water levels though and I apologise to those competitors who had controls 117 and 128 and some paths in that area - the levels were higher after two dry weeks than they had been at the end of the rainy spell. The control we did move (131) would have been alright on the day but two weeks ago was totally submerged.

The event ran smoothly on the day under the direction of Lyn and SOS helpers.

East Anglian Champions 2010

W10No entriesM10Duncan Cooper WAOC
W12Bronwen Mansel SUFFOCM12William Louth WAOC
W14Rhiannon Ware SOSM14Thomas Birkett SOS
W16No entriesM16Will Hooton SUFFOC
W18Sophie Louth WAOCM18Jonny Cronk WAOC
W20No entriesM20James Park SOS
W21Lenka Anstead SUFFOCM21Neil Carter SUFFOC
W35Anna Falk WAOCM35Andrew Elliott SUFFOC
W40Rachel Pocock WAOCM40Ronny Falk WAOC
W45Frances Cooper WAOCM45Michael Belshaw NOR
W50Janet Cronk WAOCM50Mike Capper WAOC
W55Maria Marshall WAOCM55Richard Bonnett SOS
W60Rosie Shaw SMOCM60Michael Bickle WAOC
W65Geraldine Russell SOSM65John Ward NOR
W70Seonaid Dudley WAOCM70Chris Morley WAOC
W75Barbara George NORM75Jack Isbester SOS

Joan George Trophy for the best performance by a Junior – Jonny Cronk

Colour Coded Awards

White31:00All competitors
Yellow44:3050% of competitors
Orange1:23:0050% of competitors
Light Green56:3050% of competitors
Short Green1:17:00Winners time + 50%
Green1:04:0050% of competitors
Short Blue1:25:00Winners time + 50%
Blue1:14:57Winners time + 50%
Short Brown1:21:4750% of competitors
Brown1:26:3050% of competitors

String Course Results

Tom Birkett12SOS3.44
Danny Fig11HH4.47
Alex Wetherill7WAOC5.18
Freddie Grey8SUFFOC5.23
Josh Cathmoir8SOS6.48
Ben Ross6IND6.58
Craig Carter4SUFFOC8.19
Alesha Lowe6SUFFOC8.26
Alex Birkett10SOS10.03
Maja Falk4WAOC13.07
Tuva Falk7WAOC13.5
Ryan Carter1SUFFOC15.22
Roxy Anstead3SUFFOC16.44
Katy Hinshelwood3WAOC32.21
Libby Hinshelwood1WAOC32.3
Ethan Ross2IND6.29 (to no. 5)

Final Results

Donylands & MonkwickMon 15/03/2010 10:25
Resultscreated by OE2003 © Stephan Krämer 2008

   Pl Name                       Club                       Class   ActualAge         Time 

White  (4)              2.0 km 15m   14 C                      
    1 Ben Ross                   IND                        W       M10              25:34 
    2 Freddie Gray               SUFFOC                     W       M10              27:25 
    3 Lucy Warland               SOS                        W       W10              30:35 
      Alex Wetherill             WAOC                       W       M10                 mp 

Yellow  (11)            2.6 km 20m   11 C                      
    1 Duncan Cooper              WAOC                       M10     M10              17:26 
    2 Ben Wetherill              WAOC                       Y       M12              21:26 
    3 Hannah Pocock              WAOC                       Y       W12              33:40 
    4 Josh Caithmoir+ 1          IND                        Y       M10              37:26 
    5 Adam Mugliston             IND                        Y       M12              37:47 
    6 Nadine Randall             NOR                        Y       W45              44:08 
    7 Daisy Randall Savery       NOR                        Y       W12              55:41 
    8 Sheila & Alesha Lowe       SUFFOC                     Y       W45            1:01:05 
    9 Martin Parsons             NOR                        M10     M10            1:10:37 
      Alex Birkett               SOS                        Y       M12                 mp 
      Catherine Girvan           NOR                        Y       W45                 mp 

Orange  (8)             3.0 km 15m   13 C                      
    1 William Louth              WAOC                       M12     M12              25:39 
    2 Timothy Harrison           IND                        M12     M12            1:00:03 
    3 Bronwen Mansel             SUFFOC                     W12     W12            1:03:30 
    4 Daniel Figg                HH                         M12     M12            1:22:30 
    5 Ruth Parsons               NOR                        O       W14            1:45:30 
      Ben Warland                SOS                        M12     M12                 mp 
      Lewis Cooper               WAOC                       M12     M12                 mp 
      Margaret Moody             IND                        O       W45                dns 

Light Green  (9)        3.5 km 20m   16 C                      
    1 Thomas Birkett             SOS                        M14     M14              29:25 
    2 Todd Cooper                WAOC                       M14     M14              35:27 
    3 Rhiannon Ware              SOS                        W14     W14              48:50 
    4 Roderick Mansel            SUFFOC                     M14     M14              56:05 
    5 Jon Beaumont               SOS                        LG      M40              57:29 
    6 Ros James                  SMOC                       LG      W45            1:13:55 
    7 Lucy Carter                SUFFOC                     LG      W21            1:19:52 
      Robert Young               HH                         M14     M14                dns 
      Rachael Harrison           IND                        W14     W14                dns 

Short Green  (16)       3.6 km 20m   18 C                      
    1 Chris Baker                DFOK                       M75     M75              51:20 
    2 Nancy Powell Davies        SOS                        W60S    W60              58:01 
    3 Jack Isbester              SOS                        M75     M75            1:00:00 
    4 Ruby Campbell              CHIG                       W70     W70            1:00:14 
    5 Geraldine Russell          SOS                        W65     W65            1:03:59 
    6 Barbara George             NOR                        W75     W75            1:05:22 
    7 Seonaid Dudley             WAOC                       W70     W70            1:05:24 
    8 Sharon Warland             SOS                        W45S    W45            1:06:09 
    9 Anne Power                 LOK                        W75     W75            1:06:59 
   10 Julia Robertson            SOS                        W55S    W55            1:13:00 
   11 Ursula Oxburgh             WAOC                       W75     W75            1:13:40 
   12 June Webb                  SUFFOC                     W75     W75            1:25:08 
   13 Colin Curtis               WAOC                       M75     M75            1:25:19 
   14 Hazel Bickle               WAOC                       W55S    W55            1:26:21 
      Julia Baker                DFOK                       W70     W70                 mp 
      Angie Hinshelwood          WAOC                       SG                          mp 

Green  (34)             4.4 km 25m   18 C                      
    1 Peter Martin               SAX                        M60S    M60              34:57 
    2 Joanne Hickling            SAX                        W40S    W45              44:52 
    3 Shona Masson               SO                         W16     W16              46:09 
    4 Robin Campbell             CHIG                       M70     M70              46:42 
    5 Chris Morley               WAOC                       M70     M70              47:26 
    6 Alison Saunders            HH                         W40S    W50              47:29 
    7 Derek Jenner               CHIG                       M55S    M55              49:24 
    8 Graham Bridgland           SAX                        M55S    M55              49:31 
    9 Dawn Figg                  HH                         W40S    W40              56:01 
   10 Michael Hill               HAVOC                      M55S    M55              57:58 
   11 Rosie Shaw                 SMOC                       W60     W60              59:08 
   12 John Shaw                  SMOC                       M60S    M60              59:10 
   13 Alex Ware                  SOS                        G       M18            1:00:41 
   14 Andrew Cordle              SOS                        M60S    M60            1:01:45 
   15 Rodney Freeburn            NOR                        M70     M70            1:03:16 
   16 Anita Kingdon              SAX                        W55     W55            1:03:46 
   17 Carys James                SMOC                       G       W18            1:05:04 
   18 Paul Lowe                  SUFFOC                     G       M50            1:06:41 
   19 David Skinner              SOS                        M60S    M60            1:07:26 
   20 Julie Collins              DFOK                       W40S    W50            1:07:30 
   21 Ann Mills                  SOS                        W35S    W35            1:08:55 
   22 John Webb                  SUFFOC                     M70     M70            1:10:48 
   23 Maria Marshall             WAOC                       W55     W55            1:12:24 
   24 Hally Hardie               WAOC                       M70     M70            1:15:13 
   25 Michael Sprague            IND                        G       M21            1:15:45 
   26 Barbara Fothergill         HAVOC                      W55     W55            1:16:33 
   27 Estella Ward               NOR                        W60     W60            1:19:19 
   28 Ros West                   CHIG                       W60     W60            1:20:33 
   29 Janet Biggs                HAVOC                      W55     W55            1:21:34 
      John Harris                WAOC                       M60S    M60                dns 
      Becky Young                HH                         W16     W14                dns 
      Harry Li                   NOR                        G       M16                dns 
   nc Nic Foster                 IND                        G                        52:21 
   nc Clive Tant                 SOS                        G       M55            1:22:30 

Short Blue  (22)        5.6 km 20m   16 C                      
    1 Tom Edelsten               CHIG                       M65     M65              56:40 
    2 John Ward                  NOR                        M65     M65              57:56 
    3 Sophie Louth               WAOC                       W18     W18              58:39 
    4 Frances Cooper             WAOC                       W45     W45            1:03:22 
    5 Helen Bickle               WAOC                       W21S    W21            1:05:15 
    6 Jonathan Houseago          SUFFOC                     M50S    M50            1:05:20 
    7 Stephen Cartwright         SOS                        M50S    M50            1:12:02 
    8 Sarah Mansel               SUFFOC                     W45     W45            1:14:38 
    9 Helen Nisbet               SMOC                       W45     W45            1:15:00 
   10 John Starkey               SOS                        M65     M65            1:15:34 
   11 Rod Mansel                 SUFFOC                     M50S    M50            1:15:50 
   12 Janet Cronk                WAOC                       W50     W50            1:17:03 
   13 Jeremy Gray                SUFFOC                     M45S    M45            1:17:33 
   14 Caroline Louth             WAOC                       W45     W45            1:17:57 
   15 John Russell               SOS                        M65     M65            1:20:00 
   16 Rowan Purkis               SAX                        W50     W55            1:23:36 
   17 Michael Park               SOS                        M18S    M18            1:30:46 
   18 Susan Waller-Toyne         SOS                        W45     W45            1:31:43 
   19 Karen Heybrook             WAOC                       W45     W45            1:35:41 
   20 Judith Wetherill           WAOC                       W45     W45            1:54:27 
      Graham Ward                NOR                        M65     M65                 mp 
      David Ball                 NOR                        M65     M65                dns 

Blue  (38)              6.7 km 35   17 C                      
    1 Richard Bonnett            SOS                        M55     M55              49:58 
    2 Peter Warland              SOS                        M40S    M45              55:40 
    3 Simon Greenwood            SAX                        M55     M55              56:21 
    4 Steve Robertson            SOS                        M55     M55              57:56 
    5 John Duffield              CHIG                       M60     M60              59:17 
    6 David Saunders             HH                         M40S    M50            1:00:31 
    7 Michael Bickle             WAOC                       M60     M60            1:00:33 
    8 Anna Falk                  WAOC                       W35     W35            1:00:47 
    9 Rachel Pocock              WAOC                       W40     W40            1:01:01 
   10 Martin Hore                SUFFOC                     M60     M60            1:01:03 
   11 Stu Levene                 HH                         M40S    M40            1:01:59 
   12 Andrew Cummings            HH                         M55     M55            1:03:20 
   13 Nicholas Pugh              SOS                        M55     M55            1:03:25 
   14 Stan Foster                HH                         M60     M60            1:03:28 
   15 Keith Downing              SMOC                       M55     M55            1:05:03 
   16 Philip Craven              DFOK                       M55     M55            1:05:16 
   17 Chris Shaw                 HAVOC                      M60     M60            1:05:28 
   18 John Williams              SOS                        M55     M55            1:07:36 
   19 Philip Halford             SUFFOC                     M55     M55            1:09:16 
   20 Will Hooton                SUFFOC                     M16     M16            1:09:25 
   21 Garry Parmenter            HAVOC                      M60     M60            1:09:29 
   22 Colin West                 SOS                        M55     M55            1:10:35 
   23 Bruce Marshall             WAOC                       M55     M55            1:11:54 
   24 Rachel Collins             SO                         Blu     W18            1:13:35 
   25 Ali Lea                    BAOC                       W35     W35            1:14:13 
   26 Andrew Welsh               HAVOC                      M55     M55            1:15:14 
   27 Simon Hooton               SUFFOC                     M40S    M50            1:17:10 
   28 Christopher Childs         SOS                        M60     M60            1:18:19 
   29 Edwin Banks                SOS                        M55     M55            1:19:53 
   30 Ian Lawson                 WAOC                       M55     M55            1:19:55 
   31 Sandra Vogel               MV                         W40     W45            1:27:06 
   32 Anthony Biggs              HAVOC                      M60     M60            1:34:36 
   33 John Mills                 SOS                        M35S    M35            1:37:28 
   34 Bryan Smith                IND                        M40S    M40            1:41:48 
   35 Paul Garton                NOR                        M60     M60            2:03:58 
      Laurie Rudling             NOR                        M60     M60                 mp 
      Mick Liston                NOR                        M60     M60                 mp 
      Thomas Louth               WAOC                       M16     M16                dns 

Short Brown  (33)       8.0 km 45m   23 C                      
    1 Keith Masson               MV                         M50     M50              54:31 
    2 Ian Hargreaves             KERNO                      M21S    M21              55:38 
    3 Michael Belshaw            BAOC                       M45     M45              56:57 
    4 Ian Maynard                HAVOC                      M45     M45              58:30 
    5 Steve Hinshelwood          WAOC                       M45     M45              58:43 
    6 Alan Hickling              SAX                        M45     M45              59:07 
    7 Dil Wetherill              WAOC                       M45     M45              59:15 
    8 Jonny Cronk                WAOC                       M18     M18            1:03:50 
    9 Graham Louth               WAOC                       M45     M45            1:04:52 
   10 Mike Capper                WAOC                       M50     M55            1:07:03 
   11 Paul Beckett               HAVOC                      M45     M45            1:09:04 
   12 Michael Muggeridge         HAVOC                      M45     M45            1:09:05 
   13 David Sanderson            SOS                        M45     M45            1:09:52 
   14 Richard Purkis             SAX                        M18     M18            1:10:09 
   15 Clive Wilkinson            SUFFOC                     M45     M45            1:11:09 
   16 Dorien James               SMOC                       M45     M45            1:12:19 
   17 Jon Chandler               LOK                        M21S    M40            1:14:08 
   18 Kevin Machin               SOS                        M50     M50            1:18:05 
   19 Jerry Purkis               SAX                        M50     M50            1:18:25 
   20 Peter Heybrook             WAOC                       M50     M50            1:19:21 
   21 Eric Heritage              LEI                        M50     M50            1:19:34 
   22 James Park                 SOS                        M20     M20            1:20:26 
   23 Bert Park                  SOS                        M45     M45            1:20:44 
   24 Lenka Anstead              SUFFOC                     W21     W21            1:25:30 
   25 Alan Anstead               SUFFOC                     M45     M45            1:28:10 
   26 Jaqueline Heybrook         WAOC                       W21     W20            1:29:01 
   27 Mark Collins               DFOK                       M50     M50            1:39:45 
   28 Emma Johnson               SOS                        W21     W21            1:45:12 
   29 Simon Peck                 SUFFOC                     M50     M50            2:02:22 
      Ian Smith                  WAOC                       M50     M50                 mp 
      David Cooper               WAOC                       M45     M45                dns 
      Chris Young                HH                         M18     M16                dns 
      Richard Freeman            HH                         M45     M45                dns 

Brown  (19)             9.9 km 65m   24 C                      
    1 Jon Pedersen               Halden SK                  M21     M21              56:41 
    2 Andrew Quin                IFK                        M21     M21            1:00:28 
    3 Oyvind Stokseth            Halden SK                  M35     M35            1:01:46 
    4 Mark Ford                  CHIG                       M35     M35            1:02:40 
    5 Ronny Falk                 WAOC                       M40     M40            1:05:17 
    6 Pete Jones                 SN                         M40     M50            1:17:17 
    7 Tony Burton                MV                         M40     M45            1:18:45 
    8 Neil Speers                DFOK                       M40     M40            1:19:43 
    9 John Van Rooyen            SAX                        M40     M60            1:26:09 
   10 Neil Carter                SUFFOC                     M21     M21            1:28:04 
   11 Andrew Elliott             SUFFOC                     M35     M35            1:29:36 
   12 John Ward                  NOR                        M40     M40            1:29:49 
   13 Andrew Stimson             WAOC                       M21     M21            1:32:48 
   14 Becky Kingdon              SLOW                       M21     W21            1:34:39 
   15 Yehuda Alon                SLOW                       M40     M55            1:48:43 
   16 David Kingdon              SAX                        M40     M55            1:51:34 
   17 Ken Wickham                SO                         M40     M70            2:38:55 
      Ian Renfrew                NOR                        M40     M40                dns 
   nc Chris Sellens              SOS                        M21     M21            1:03:19 

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