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Local event incorporating East Anglian Schools Championships
Danbury Park and Outdoor Cenre
Sunday 9th May 2010
Preliminary Results

Officials' Comments

Organiser's Comments - Nancy Powell Davies powell.davies@btinternet.com

Thank you to everyone who came along to enjoy the delights of Danbury Park. We were fortunate to have the facilities offered by the Outdoor Centre for Registration, Enquiries and Download.

It was lovely to see the school children supporting their schools, although a shame that more schools did not field a team. Congratulations to all the class and team winners and, especially to Barnardiston Preparatory School who retained the East Anglian Schools Trophy. Thank you to Caroline Louth, Chair of the East Anglian Orienteering Association for presenting the prizes.

Of course, the event would not have happened without the help of our various volunteers, both before and on the day. I fear that we were a bit short staffed and some helpers were asked to do too long a shift. That strikes me as the quickest way of becoming even more short staffed so it would be helpful if more members volunteered.

Planner's/Controller's Comments - John and Jenny Collyer

The combination of Danbury Park and the Youth Camp provides a compact area with lots of interesting features in a variety of terrain. We decided a Norwegian course would provide an opportunity for the planner and competitors, to make use of the more challenging parts of each area. As usual, the Youth Camp had lots of out-of-bounds areas due to equipment and other activities (at least the archery butts were not in use this time!). The string course area was occupied by DoE campers until quite late, leaving Claire to negotiate her string around tents as they were being dismantled.

Congratulations to all the winners, commiserations to those who mispunched - splitbrowsing gave evidence of some White Course groups appearing to meet up whilst lost and continuing around together (?). A case of the lost being led by those who don't really know where they are. Most junior orienteers quickly learn to ask a sympathetic adult orienteer if really lost, following your peers can be a merry dance.

East Anglian Schools Champions 2010

Primary Girls1Emma ClarkeBarnardiston
2Ellie HarrisonBarnardiston
3Jessica WoodgateBarnardiston
Primary Boys1Charlie StevensBarnardiston
2Ben WetherillPirton
3Angus ParsonsonBarnardiston
Yr 7 & 8 Girls1Rachel HarrisonBarnardiston
2Scarlet SimmonsBarnardiston
3Kitty Becher & Lucy HolderBarnardiston
Yr 7 & 8 Boys1Thomas BirkettBoswells
2William LouthKings College School
3Edward JonesBarnardiston
Yr 9 & 10 Girls1Bronwen MansellBeyton Middle
Yr 9 & 10 Boys1Michael ArcherMoulsham High
Yr 11 + Girls1Hannah NewtonChelmsford High
2Rhiannon WareColne Community
Yr 11 + Boys1James ParkSuffolk New College
2Alex WarePhilip Morant
3Roderick ManselBeyton Middle

Colour Coded Awards

Light Green41:00

String Course Results

Tom Birkett12SOS1.04
Alex Darling10WAOC1.08
Nick Harrison13SOS1.11
James Wyatt10Pirton1.29
Tim Harrison11Barnardiston1.39
Thomas Addison10Barnardiston1.40
Thomas Wyatt8Pirton1.41
Alex Wetherill7SUFFOC1.43
Emily Simmons10Pirton1.48
Matthew Addison6Barnardiston1.56
Anna Darling9WAOC1.57
Alex Birkett10SOS2.49
George Simmons10Pirton2.57
Ella Darling4WAOC3.36
Skye Simmons3IND3.54

Preliminary Results

Danbury ParksWed 12/05/2010
Resultscreated by OE2003 © Stephan Krämer 2008

 Pl Name                             Club       AgeClass     Time School               Year 

White  (48)               1.3 km   11 C           
  1 Charlie Stevens                  Barnardist              7:46 Barnardiston         6     
  2 Ben Wetherill                    SUFFOC     M10          7:51 Pirton                    
  3 Emma Clarke                      Barnardist              8:04 Barnardiston         6     
  4 Angus Parsonson                  Barnardist              8:13 Barnardiston         6    
  5 Christopher Jobe                 Barnardist              8:14 Barnardiston         5     
  6 Ellie Harrison                   Barnardist              8:16 Barnardiston         6     
  7 Jessica Woodgate                 Barnardist              8:29 Barnardiston         6     
  8 Annie Macdonald                  Barnardist              8:31 Barnardiston         6     
  9 Jordan Findlater                 St Andrews              8:35 St Andrews Halstead  5    
 10 Angus Dudley                     Barnardist              8:39 Barnardiston         5     
 11 Matthew Clarke                   Barnardist              8:42 Barnardiston         5     
 12 James Wyatt                      Pirton     M12          9:00 Pirton               6    
 13 Lizzie Robinson                  Barnardist              9:18 Barnardiston         5     
 14 Alex Birkett                     SOS                     9:30 Meadgate             5    
 15 Alys Phillips Holly McGirty      Barnardist              9:33 Barnardiston         4    
 16 Timmy Harrison                   Barnardist              9:36 Barnardiston         6     
 17 Ben Bradnam                      Barnardist             10:14 Barnardiston         6     
 18 Alex Wetherill                   SUFFOC     M8          10:30 Pirton                    
 19 Nicholas Budenberg               IND                    10:33 Kings Coll Cambridge 5    
 20 Dominic Emmerson BenjaminHarring St Andrews             10:40 St Andrews Halstead  4,3  
 21 Thomas Addison                   Barnardist             10:43 Barnardiston         5     
 22 Emily Simmons                    Pirton     W10         11:25 Pirton                    
 23 Stephanie Budenberg              IND                    11:33 Kings Coll Cambridge 6    
 24 Juliette Agazari Phoebe Mayhew   Barnardist             12:00 Barnardiston         4,5  
 25 Lewis Crow                       St Andrews             12:04 St Andrews Halstead  5    
 26 Callum Turner                    St Andrews             12:11 St Andrews Halstead  5    
 27 Edward Low                       WAOC                   12:22 Kings Coll Cambridge 3    
 28 Haydn Garrod                     Barnardist             12:38 Barnardiston         5     
 29 Georgia Gower                    St Andrews             13:18 St Andrews Halstead  5    
 30 Kieran Palmer                    St Andrews             13:19 St Andrews Halstead  6    
 31 James Hamman Jonathan Quinn      St Andrews             14:38 St Andrews Halstead  4,3  
 32 James Jeffrey                    Kings Coll             15:13 Kings Coll Cambridge 5    
 33 George Williams                  Barnardist             15:17 Barnardiston         6     
 34 Jessica Pidgeon                  St Andrews             16:38 St Andrews Halstead  6    
 35 Charlotte Gilbey                 Barnardist             16:51 Barnardiston         5    
 36 William Young                    Kings Coll             19:10 Kings Coll Cambridge 5    
 37 Jack Edwards Daisy Partridge     St Andrews             19:43 St Andrews Halstead  4,3  
 38 Saskia Baldrey                   Barnardist             20:56 Barnardiston         5     
    Thomas Wyatt, George Simmons     Pirton     M8             mp Pirton               3    
    David Jimoh                      Barnardist                mp Barnardiston         5     
    Nick Butler Jack Kremple         Barnardist                mp Barnardiston         5     
    Poppy Gurney                     Barnardist                mp Barnardiston         6      
    Olivia Jones                     Barnardist                mp Barnardiston         6     
    Elliot Swallow                   St Andrews                mp St Andrews Halstead  5    
    Bethany Quinn                    St Andrews                mp St Andrews Halstead  6    
    Poppy Holttum                    St Andrews                mp St Andrews Halstead  5    
    Wilson & Guy Jeffery             Kings Coll M10, M8        mp Kings Coll Cambridge 4,2     
    Alexi Budenberg +1               IND        M8             mp Kings Coll Cambridge                          

Yellow  (22)              1.9 km   11 C           
  1 Thomas Birkett                   SOS        M14          9:00 Boswells             7    
  2 William Louth                    WAOC       M12          9:16 Kings Coll Cambridge 7     
  3 Rachael Harrison                 Barnardist             10:43 Barnardiston         8     
  4 Scarlet Simmons                  Barnardist             12:27 Barnardiston         7     
  5 Edward Jones                     Barnardist             14:43 Barnardiston         7     
  6 Hugo Seacombe                    Barnardist             15:52 Barnardiston         8     
  7 Kitty Becher Lucy Holder         Barnardist             16:59 Barnardiston         7     
  8 Kit Phillips                     Barnardist             17:20 Barnardiston         7     
  9 Howard Farrell + Family          SOS                    20:43                           
 10 Gregory Robinson                 Barnardist             21:03 Barnardiston         7     
 11 Jack Gilbey                      Barnardist             21:37 Barnardiston         7     
 12 Flossie Mills                    Barnardist             22:34 Barnardiston         8     
 13 Ben North James Merceron         Barnardist             23:47 Barnardiston         8     
 14 William Dyer-Bartlett            Barnardist             25:01 Barnardiston         7     
 15 Matilda Selby Charlotte Leake    Barnardist             26:33 Barnardiston         8     
 16 Stephanie Ware                   SOS        W12         26:47 Arlesford Primary    6    
 17 Ben Tyler Emily Cordle           SOS        M21/W21     28:44                           
 18 Andrew Jessica Cordle            SOS        M60/W21     29:57                           
 nc Nicholas Budenberg               IND                    13:43 Kings Coll Cambridge 5     
 nc Julija Stukalina                 Boswells   W16         40:39 Boswells             11
    Gabriella Jones Phoebe Howe      Barnardist                mp Barnardiston         7     
    James Young                      Kings Coll                mp Kings Coll Cambridge 7    

Orange  (8)               2.5 km   17 C           
  1 Nigel Low                        WAOC       M40         29:44                           
  2 Bronwen Mansel                   SUFFOC     W12         41:37 Beyton Middle	       6	                          
  3 Michael Archer                   SOS        M16         45:33 Moulsham High	       10                       
  4 Elias Marin,J Lin, J Jiminez     IND                    47:49                           
  5 Keith Jeary + Family             IND                    48:34                           
  6 Beckie & Tim Jones + 1           HAVOC      W14         49:13                           
  7 Gabriela Gheorgh Amanda Blunden  IND                  1:00:17                           
  8 Fadi Moussa +1 Adrianna Tyrek    IND                  1:15:07                           

L.Grn  (23)               3.3 km   18 C           
  1 Dil Wetherill                    WAOC       M45         20:31                           
  2 James Park                       SOS        M20         24:43 Suffolk New College  13                        
  3 Hannah Newton                    SOS        W18         28:50 Chelmsford CHS       13   
  4 Tim Jones                        HAVOC      M45         31:49                           
  5 Alex Ware                        SOS        M18         32:36 Philip Morant        11   
  6 Roderick Mansel                  SUFFOC     M14         38:04 Beyton Middle	       8                       
  7 Rhiannon Ware                    SOS        W14         38:29 Colne School         9     
  8 Paul Lowe                        SUFFOC     M50         38:48                           
  9 Kiell Tullus                     SLOW       M60         40:00                           
 10 Nick Harrison                    SOS        M14         40:28 Debenham High	       8                       
 11 Simon Peck                       SUFFOC     M50         40:54                           
 12 Michael Park                     SOS        M18         42:03 Copleston High       11                      
 13 Dylan Newman                     SOS        M45         43:55                           
 14 Ian Smith                        SOS        M50         45:11                           
 15 Elspeth Missen                   SOS        W50         45:26                           
 16 George Johnson                   NOR        M16         46:27                      10   
 17 Julie Warwick-Munday             CHIG       W50         47:24                           
 18 Jon Beaumont                     SOS        M40         50:08                           
 19 Jack Isbester                    SOS        M75         50:38                           
 20 Julia Robertson                  SOS        W55         57:18                           
 20 Janet Hill                       IND        W55         57:18                           
 21 Bob Cathmoir                     SOS        M65       1:23:24                           
 nc Tom Birkett                      SOS        M14         31:17 Boswells                  

Norw  (17)                5.2 km   16 C           
  1 Clive Wilkinson                  SUFFOC     M45         42:09                           
  2 Richard Bonnett                  SOS        M50         44:22                           
  3 Kevin Machin                     SOS        M50         45:43                           
  4 Geoff Pye                        SOS        M55         46:05                           
  5 Bert Park                        SOS        M45         51:35                           
  6 John Williams                    SOS        M55         52:16                           
  7 Sarah Mansel                     SUFFOC     W45         56:27                           
  8 Emma Johnson                     SOS        W21         58:39                           
  9 Rod Mansel                       SUFFOC     M50       1:02:04                           
 10 David Lumby                      SOS        M45       1:04:44                           
 11 Anthony Biggs                    HAVOC      M60       1:09:42                           
 12 Ann Mills                        SOS        W35       1:10:31                           
 13 John Mills                       SOS        M35       1:11:12                           
 14 Alexander Houlding               IND        M17       1:13:53                           
 15 Alastair Houlding                IND        M45       1:26:44                           
    Steve Robertson                  SOS        M55            mp                           
    Sally Wilkinson                  SUFFOC     W45            mp                           

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