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Colour coded event incorporating Essex & Suffolk Schools League (ESSOL)
Wivenhoe Park & Woods, Colchester
Sunday 20th June 2010
Preliminary Results

Officials' Comments

Organiser's Comments - Julia Robertson Moatfields@btinternet.com

Thank you all for coming - sorry that the weather felt more like February than June at times! Duncan's courses attracted some appreciative comments. Organising at Wivenhoe is made much easier with the use of the Glass Pavilion with such luxuries as power, water and real toilets - thanks to the University of Essex for the use of this. Finally a big thank you to Martin for his usual unflappable controlling and to all Stragglers who helped so willingly and therefore made my job very straightforward.

Controller's Comments - Martin Sellens

Working at the University means I can hardly refuse when asked by our long suffering fixtures secretary to plan/control a Wivenhoe Park event. And so it was that, at the most frenetic time of the University year, with piles of marking and deadlines looming I was taking time out to check control sites and provide the occasional bit of OCAD training for Duncan, riding solo as for the first time. Fortunately Duncan did a sterling job and planned with the efficiency and confidence of an old hand. Wivenhoe Woods, with its dense path network and ever-changing pattern of runnability, produced a few challenges on the long courses, but I thought Duncan made the best of a difficult area and I heard nothing but positive comments about the courses. Perhaps I wasn't there to hear from anyone who couldn't climb out of the stream bed or get enough traction to climb the earthbank. Perhaps they're still there.

Apologies to the feral gentleman whose home in the woods we got a bit close to, congratulations to Duncan on a job well done, and thanks to the army of SOS helpers under Julia's direction who did so much to make the event run smoothly. Hope you all enjoyed yourselves.

Colour Coded Awards

Light Green42:35

String Course Results

Tom AddisonBarnardiston2.10
Tom AddisonBarnardiston2.11
Tim HarrisonBarnardiston2.12
Lizzie RobinsonBarnardiston2.14
Ben WarlandSOS2.19
Jack EdwardsInd2.46
Lucy EdwardsInd2.46
Juliet AgazarianBarnardiston2.58
Saskia BaldreyBarnardiston3.02
Matthew ClarkeBarnardiston3.06
Anna BolamInd3.07
Lucy EdwardsInd3.22
Lucy WarlandSOS4.02
Lizzie RobinsonBarnardiston4.02
Maisie Waller-ToyneSOS4.41
Anna BolamInd5.04
Thomas TurnerInd5.26
Steph WareSOS8.55

Preliminary Results

Wivenhoe Park and WoodsMon 21/06/2010 09:49
Preliminary Resultscreated by OE2003 © Stephan Krämer 2008

 Pl Name                             Club       AgeClass     Time School               Year 

White  (14)               1.8 km  25 m   13 C     
  1 Thomas Addison                   SOS        M10         11:22 Barnardiston         5    
  2 Kieran Palmer                    SOS        M11         13:16 St Andrews Halstead  6    
  3 Matthew Clarke                   SOS        M9          13:52 Barnardiston         4    
  4 Jessica Woodgate                 SOS        W11         14:06 Barnardiston         6    
  5 Emma Clarke                      SOS        W11         14:25 Barnardiston         6    
  6 Saskia Juliette Baldrey, Agazari SOS        W10         16:08 Barnardiston         5    
  7 Haydn Garrod                     SOS        M9          18:00 Barnardiston         4    
  8 Lizzie Robinson                  SOS        W10         18:58 Barnardiston         5    
  9 Jasper Waller-Toyne              SOS        M10         23:44                      4    
 10 Chloe Jack Cracknell Edwards     SOS        W9/M8       25:20 St Andrews Halstead  4/3  
 11 Lewis Amber Crow Greaves         SOS        M10/W9      25:38 St Andrews Halstead  5    
 12 Callum Turner                    SOS        M10         28:28 St Andrews Halstead  5    
 13 Jo Ellie Josh Askew              IND                    30:20                           
 14 Benjamin Amelia Harrington Junip SOS        M8/W8       30:31 St Andrews Halstead  4/3  

Yellow  (10)              2.2 km  35 m   11 C     
  1 Ellie Harrison                   SOS        W11         17:24 Barnardiston         6    
  2 Thomas Burgess                   SOS        M12         19:02 Philip Morant        7    
  3 Kitty Beacher                    SOS        W12         19:17 Barnardiston         7    
  4 Liz & Alice Jeary                IND        W12         24:01                           
  5 Joshua Sharon Palmer             IND        M10         24:31 St Andrews                
  6 Keith Helen Jeary                IND        W14         27:38                           
  7 Charl Georg Ella Baillie-Sillett IND                    33:03                           
  8 Anna Stephanie Bolam Ware        SOS        W12         38:18 St Hellena Artsford  7 &  
  9 Adam Burgess                     SOS        M10         43:18 Mersea               5    
 10 Frances Goldsmith                SOS        W65         48:51                           

Orange  (7)               2.8 km  45 m   13 C     
  1 William Harrison                 IND        M45         30:01                           
  2 Timmy Harrrison                  SOS        M11         31:54 Barnardiston         6    
  3 Ben Warland                      SOS        M12         32:55                           
  4 Michael Archer                   SOS        M16         36:40 Moulsham             10   
  5 Bronwen Mansel                   SUFFOC     W12         37:51 Beyton               6    
    Alex Birkett                     SOS        M12            mp Meadgate             5    
 nc Julia Grisha Bor Stukalina Feigi SOS        W16       1:13:46                           

Light Green  (13)         3.3 km  50 m   14 C     
  1 John Collyer                     SOS        M65         28:23                           
  2 Jenny Collyer                    SOS        W65         32:16                           
  3 Dan Askew                        IND        M40         34:05                           
  4 Roderick Mansel                  SUFFOC     M14         36:12 Beyton               8    
  5 Paul Lowe                        SUFFOC     M50         37:08                           
  6 Sarah Roach                      SOS        W17         37:46 St Marys Cambridge   12   
  7 Rachael Harrison                 SOS        W13         38:42 Barnardiston         8    
  8 Pippa Sarah West Perkins         IND                    38:49                           
  9 Alan Alford                      SOS        M55         43:54                           
 10 Rachel Barford                   SOS        W45         47:38                           
 11 Bob Caithmoir                    SOS        M70         48:15                           
 12 Christine Lin Callender Alderson SOS        W65       1:04:19                           
 13 Katharine Hill                   IND        W21       1:05:52                           

Green  (24)               5.0 km  55 m   17 C     
  1 Peter Warland                    SOS        M45         42:55                           
  2 Dylan Newman                     SOS        M45         43:05                           
  3 Nicholas Harrison                SOS        M14         43:48 Debenham             8    
  4 Bryn Wilkinson                   SUFFOC     M14         45:22 Copleston            8    
  5 Tom Birkett                      SOS        M14         53:07 Boswells             7    
  6 Stephen Cartwright               SOS        M50         54:28                           
  7 Andrew Cordle                    SOS        M60         55:11                           
  8 Richard Barker                   SOS        M55         56:16                           
  9 Geraldine Russell                SOS        W65         57:25                           
 10 Eddie Banks                      SOS        M55       1:00:09                           
 11 Rhiannon Ware                    SOS        W14       1:02:39 Colne                9    
 12 Ian Smith                        WAOC       M50       1:02:49                           
 13 Simon Peck                       SUFFOC     M50       1:05:36                           
 14 Dave Skinner                     SOS        M60       1:06:27                           
 15 Sally Wilkinson                  SUFFOC     W45       1:06:37                           
 16 Sim Sus Reb Clamp                IND        M50       1:08:40                           
 17 Alex Ware                        SOS        M18       1:08:54 Phillip Morant       11   
 18 Geoffrey Hill                    IND        M55       1:14:32                           
 19 Alex Houlding                    IND        M17       1:15:34                           
 20 Bryan Smith                      IND        M40       1:16:49                           
 21 Susan Waller-Toyne               SOS        W45       1:21:02                           
 22 John Harris                      WAOC       M60       1:28:40                           
 23 Leanne Bailey                    NOR        W21       1:30:37                           
 24 Alastair Houlding                IND        M45       1:34:41                           

Blue  (14)                7.0 km  90 m   23 C     
  1 Clive Wilkinson                  SUFFOC     M45       1:07:11                           
  2 Chris Childs                     SOS        M60       1:11:14                           
  3 Richard Bonnett                  SOS        M55       1:15:03                           
  4 Adam Waller-Toyne                SOS        M40       1:18:34                           
  5 Gary Wright                      SOS        M45       1:22:45                           
  6 Simon Hooton                     SUFFOC     M50       1:23:24                           
  7 Dean Whiten                                 M30       1:25:06                           
  8 Phil Halford                     SUFFOC     M55       1:25:29                           
  9 Sara Mansel                      SUFFOC     W45       1:34:13                           
 10 Will Hooton                      SUFFOC     M16       1:35:14 Hartismere High      11   
 11 Lewis Hopkins                    IND        M40       1:43:10                           
 12 Nicola Bates                     IND        W40       1:43:11                           
 13 Debbie Eaton                     IND        W35       2:17:19                           
    David Matthews                   ESOC       M50           dnf                           

Training -- Long  (3)     8.1 km  105 m   24 C    
  1 Daniela Brohm                    SOS        W21       1:12:51                           
  2 Tracey Apperley                  SOS        W40       2:12:00                           
    John Clarke                      IND        M40            mp                           

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