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Stragglers Relays
Hylands Park, Chelmsford
Sunday 11th July 2010
Family fun day with Stragglers' unique relay format
Provisional Results

Officials' comments

Organiser - Dave Skinner dave.skinner@btinternet.com

Having never experienced the SOS Relays before it was with some trepidation that I journeyed to Hylands Park - I was however buoyed up by, and grateful for, the advice that SOS Relays guru Nancy Powell Davies had given me prior to the event. Thankfully it was not quite so hot as it has been on the Saturday, and I for one appreciated the occasional cloud cover and hint of rain. With 13 teams (one constructed on the day) it was a good competitive event - congratulations to SUFFOC Flying Monkeys who are now the proud holders of the much-coveted SOS Relays Trophy. I have attempted to put together individual results for all those who ran in the Relays as well as those who ran individually. A certain amount of guesswork has been necessary in some cases. If there are major errors in the results which are of significant concern please let me know. All runners completed their courses with no mispunches. I intend to publish a more comprehensive review of the event in the next SOS Newsletter.

Personally I enjoyed the event despite the chaos that generally surrounded my activities! Thank you all for coming - I hope you too enjoyed the day. The event would not have been possible without the tremendous contribution and support from many - particular thanks to:

  • Julie Laver for Planning, collecting/returning equipment, checking punched control cards
  • John and Jenny Collyer, who had just returned from an 8-day orienteering-fest in Sweden, for Controlling and covering other needs as necessary
  • Sally and Matthew Johnson for effectively covering Registration needs in splendid isolation in the car park
  • Jon Beaumont, who efficiently managed the Start of both teams and individual runners
  • Kevin Machin for his timely production of maps
  • All those who helped with set-up and close-down activities
  • Chelmsford Borough Council for permission to use Hylands Park.

As ever I am very happy to receive any comments, positive or negative, on the event. My email address is shown above.

Planner - Julie Laver

Planning the yellow course through open parkland was interesting as there was a lack of connecting line features to keep the course short enough. The other two courses were easier but the nature of the scattered trees meant some areas were difficult to show in detail on the map - when does a loose group of trees become a copse or white forest? I was also conscious that some people would be running multiple courses so I tried not to duplicate too many controls between courses as you can at normal events. Thanks to John and Jenny Collyer for controlling in a sympathetic manner and also for helping set out controls on the day. Also thanks to those keen runners who helped collect them in after the event. I hope you all enjoyed the day and your team did as well as you hoped!

Relay Results

Flying Monkeys
Congratulations to the winning Flying Monkeys!
PositionTeam NumberNameClubFinish TimeStart TimeRun Time (hh:mm)
12Flying MonkeysSUFFOC12:1811:0701:11
27HAVOC SnailsHAVOC12:2811:2001:08
31Hash HaresSOS/IND12:2911:0601:23
48CHIG Boys Don't CryCHIG12:3011:2601:04
66Hey CHIG SpendersCHIG12:3611:2101:15
710Straggly SpidersSOS/IND12:3911:3001:09
104Singing PenguinsSUFFOC12:5011:1401:36
11=9Waifs & StraysSOS12:5611:2801:28
11=13Late ArrivalsSOS/HAVOC12:5611:1001:46
1311Stansted FlyersSOS/IND13:0711:3501:32
Note: Late Arrivals actually Departed Late some 10-15 minutes after the start time shown above.

Individual Results

Individual Results based on the assumption that second and subsequent runs started as soon as the map and runner were available. All times are approximate. Those who did not run in the Relays are shown as 'Individual' under Team Name.
Yellow2.2 km13 Controls
Hey CHIG SpendersHarold WyberM21CHIG00:10
CHIG Boys Don't CryJason HaighM40CHIG00:12
HAVOC SnailsChris ShawM60HAVOC00:13
HAVOC SnailsMichael MuggeridgeM45HAVOC00:13
CHIG Boys Don't CryJosh JennerM21CHIG00:13
Nor'eastJohn J WardM40NOR00:13
Flying MonkeysBryn WilkinsonM14SUFFOC00:13
HAVOC SnailsGarry ParmenterM60HAVOC00:14
Straggly SpidersJohn WilliamsM55SOS00:14
Straggly SpidersGary WrightM45SOS00:14
Flying MonkeysRoderick ManselM14SUFFOC00:14
LandBanksPeter WarlandM45SOS00:15
HAVOC SnailsAndrew WelshM55HAVOC00:15
CHIG Boys Don't CryTom EddelstenM65CHIG00:15
Singing PenguinsSarah ManselW45SUFFOC00:15
Singing PenguinsAndrew ElliotM35SUFFOC00:15
Waifs & StraysDani BrohmW21SOS00:15
Late ArrivalsClive TantM55SOS00:15
Flying MonkeysLouise WalkerW45SUFFOC00:15
LandBanksEddie BanksM55SOS00:16
Hash HaresSimon ClampM50IND00:16
Straggly SpidersAndrew MasonM45IND00:16
Waifs & StraysDavid LumbyM45SOS00:16
Waifs & StraysMichael ArcherM16SOS00:16
Hash HaresSue ClampW50IND00:18
Hash HaresPeter SwanstonM70IND00:18
Nor'eastJohn T WardM65NOR00:18
Stansted FlyersLouise ParishW35IND00:18
Flying MonkeysGoff HillM65SUFFOC00:18
LandBanksSharon WarlandW45SOS00:19
Hey CHIG SpendersJulie Warwick-MondayW50CHIG00:20
Hey CHIG SpendersHelen HamptonW45CHIG00:20
Stansted FlyersChris FloydM18IND00:20
Hash HaresChris ChildsM60SOS00:21
Stansted FlyersJohn MillsM35SOS00:21
Late ArrivalsAndrew CordleM60SOS00:21
Late ArrivalsKarenW50IND00:21
Stansted FlyersAnn MillsW35SOS00:22
CHIG Boys Don't CryOwen HaighM12CHIG00:24
Nor'eastLes JarraldM60NOR00:24
Nor'eastNancy Powell DaviesW60SOS00:24
Hey CHIG SpendersRay CurtisM55CHIG00:25
Singing PenguinsSally WilkinsonW35SUFFOC00:26
Waifs & StraysRachel BarfordW45SOS00:27
IndividualLachlan HaighM7 CHIG00:28
LandBanksBen WarlandM12SOS00:30
IndividualJoscelyn HilderW11IND00:31
Late ArrivalsTony BiggsM60HAVOC00:35Late start - time overstated 10-15 mins
Singing PenguinsBronwen ManselW12SUFFOC00:40
IndividualCraig & Ryan Carter&Lucy WarlandM5+2SUFFOC00:50
Straggly SpidersKevin Ellis M50SOS?Combined time for LG and Yellow was 00:41
Orange3.1 km9 Controls
Hey CHIG SpendersHarold WyberM21CHIG00:15
CHIG Boys Don't CryJosh JennerM21CHIG00:15
CHIG Boys Don't CryJason HaighM40CHIG00:16
Nor'eastJohn J WardM40NOR00:17
Straggly SpidersAndrew MasonM45IND00:17
LandBanksPeter WarlandM45SOS00:18
HAVOC SnailsChris ShawM60HAVOC00:18
Straggly SpidersKevin Ellis M50SOS00:18
Singing PenguinsAndrew ElliotM35SUFFOC00:18
HAVOC SnailsMichael MuggeridgeM45HAVOC00:19
Straggly SpidersJohn WilliamsM55SOS00:19
Flying MonkeysBryn WilkinsonM14SUFFOC00:19
HAVOC SnailsGarry ParmenterM60HAVOC00:22
Hash HaresSue ClampW50IND00:22
Hash HaresChris ChildsM60SOS00:22
Waifs & StraysDani BrohmW21SOS00:22
Flying MonkeysGoff HillM65SUFFOC00:22
CHIG Boys Don't CryTom EddelstenM65CHIG00:23
Singing PenguinsSally WilkinsonW35SUFFOC00:24
Hey CHIG SpendersJulie Warwick-MondayW50CHIG00:25
Flying MonkeysRoderick ManselM14SUFFOC00:26
Stansted FlyersJohn MillsM35SOS00:27
Stansted FlyersChris FloydM18IND00:28
Stansted FlyersLouise ParishW35IND00:28
IndividualSarah AlbonW21IND00:29
IndividualBeth AlbonW16IND00:29
LandBanksSharon WarlandW45SOS00:30
Hey CHIG SpendersHelen HamptonW45CHIG00:31
Waifs & StraysRachel BarfordW45SOS00:32
Late ArrivalsAndrew CordleM60SOS00:32
Nor'eastLes JarraldM60NOR00:33
Late ArrivalsClive TantM55SOS00:33Late start - time overstated 10-15 mins
Nor'eastNancy Powell DaviesW60SOS00:34
Waifs & StraysMichael ArcherM16SOS00:34
Late ArrivalsTony BiggsM60HAVOC00:34
LandBanksBen WarlandM12SOS00:38
Hash HaresPeter SwanstonM70IND00:39
Singing PenguinsBronwen ManselW12SUFFOC00:44
Light Green4.2 km10 Controls
Hey CHIG SpendersHarold WyberM21CHIG00:21
IndividualJon AlbonM21SOK00:24
CHIG Boys Don't CryJason HaighM40CHIG00:25
CHIG Boys Don't CryJosh JennerM21CHIG00:25
IndividualNeil CarterM21SUFFOC00:25
HAVOC SnailsAndrew WelshM55HAVOC00:26
Singing PenguinsAndrew ElliotM35SUFFOC00:26
IndividualHenriette KlovstadW20SOK00:27
Straggly SpidersGary WrightM45SOS00:28
HAVOC SnailsMichael MuggeridgeM45HAVOC00:29
Waifs & StraysDani BrohmW21SOS00:30
LandBanksEddie BanksM55SOS00:31
Nor'eastJohn J WardM40NOR00:31
Nor'eastJohn T WardM65NOR00:31
Flying MonkeysGoff HillM65SUFFOC00:31
LandBanksPeter WarlandM45SOS00:32
Late ArrivalsClive TantM55SOS00:32
Hash HaresSimon ClampM50IND00:33
Hey CHIG SpendersRay CurtisM55CHIG00:35
Hash HaresChris ChildsM60SOS00:35
Flying MonkeysLouise WalkerW45SUFFOC00:35
Singing PenguinsSarah ManselW45SUFFOC00:38
Waifs & StraysDavid LumbyM45SOS00:42
Stansted FlyersJohn MillsM35SOS00:43
IndividualPaul LoweM50SUFFOC00:46
Stansted FlyersAnn MillsW35SOS00:49
Late ArrivalsAndrew CordleM60SOS00:53Late start - time overstated 10-15 mins
IndividualBob CathmoirM70SOS00:53
IndividualLucy CarterW21SUFFOC01:11
Straggly SpidersKevin Ellis M50SOS?Combined time for LG and Yellow was 00:41

Course maps are here.

Rules are here.

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