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Local Colour Coded incorporating SOS Club Championships
Hockley Woods
Sunday 12th September 2010

Officials' Comments Colour Coded Awards SOS Championship Final Results Splits Splitsbrowser RouteGadget

Officials' Comments

Organiser's report - Dave Skinner dave.skinner@btinternet.com

As always I received superb support in carrying my role. Many thanks to Clive Tant and Kevin Machin for their pre-event advice and their considerable planning and controlling efforts, to John Williams for assisting with planning activities,and to my willing and flexible band of helpers (too many to name here) who were all brilliant. I also thank Rochford District Council who supported this event by giving permission for use Hockley Woods and Tony Biggs (HAVOC) for emailing SI event and results files to me after I discovered my memory stick was not compatible with the SI laptops!

It was gratifying that a number of newcomers to orienteering took part, some attracted by radio advertising (well done Rachel!), and we were pleased to welcome 'guests' from distant WHITEO and WIM clubs. All competitors I spoke to after their runs were complimentary about the courses and most found them challenging. I hope you enjoyed the day - thank you for coming. I would very much welcome any feedback on the event - my email address is above.

Planner's Report - Clive Tant

Hockley Woods is always surprisingly more interesting and more fun than many may expect and I hope that all participants found this to be so. This year's undergrowth was more of a challenge on courses both for planning and competition on the day. It didn't spoil my enjoyment and I hope the courses didn't spoil your enjoyment. Kevin Machin (controller) was, as ever, a great assistance and it was very useful to have John Williams working alongside me. Finally, there should always be praise of the organiser who has the toughest job of all and Dave Skinner certainly does a good job.

Controller's Report - Kevin Machin

It was a pleasure to work with Clive who I feel made an excellent fist of planning fair and challenging courses, in what was a very difficult area. Recent felling over several years has made large areas of Hockley unusable, and what with the recent wet weather providing fuel for the brambles, it made it very difficult to create good courses. But I think Clive did it well and I only heard compliments about the courses afterwards. Dave Skinner did a wonderful job of organising everything and all went beautifully smoothly until it came to saving the results! The very last thing. Not your fault though Dave. Thanks to all Dave's helpers and also to John Williams in assisting Clive with the planning and indeed on the day. Congratulations to Jenny Collyer on becoming club champion, narrowly beating John. Well done! Great weather, great event, it is just a shame more people did not come along. Their loss!

Par Times

Light Green1:02:31

SOS Club Championships

NameCourseLengthTimemin/kmClassSpeed FactorAdj min/kmPoints
Jenny CollyerGreen5.501:06:4600:12:08W655000:06:04100
John CollyerGreen5.500:53:1000:09:40M656700:06:2993
Peter WarlandGreen5.50:40:0200:07:17M459000:06:3392
Geoff PyeBlue7.201:10:0500:09:44M558100:07:5376
Nina TantGreen5.500:52:1800:09:31W218400:07:5975
David SandersonBlue7.201:05:1800:09:04M459000:08:1074
Sue CartonGreen5.501:14:3500:13:34W556100:08:1673
Claire HarrisonBlue7.201:20:4300:11:13W357500:08:2472
Duncan HarrisonBlue7.201:02:3500:08:42M359700:08:2671
Jack IsbesterLight Green3.650:59:1200:16:13M755300:08:3670
Perry MoleBlue7.201:13:3400:10:13M459000:09:1266
Stephen CartwrightGreen5.500:59:3000:10:49M508600:09:1865
Julie PringleLight Green3.650:48:4900:13:22W457000:09:2264
Emma JohnsonGreen5.501:06:0400:12:01W218400:10:0560
Gary WrightBlue7.201:24:4800:11:47M459000:10:3657
Tom BirkettGreen5.501:14:0500:13:28M148600:11:3552
Rachel BarfordLight Green3.651:02:3100:17:08W457000:11:5950
Rhiannon WareGreen5.501:39:5400:18:10W146600:11:5950
Nick HarrisonBlue7.202:15:3800:18:50M148600:16:1237

Final Results

HockleyMon 13/09/2010 08:56
Resultscreated by OE2003 © Stephan Krämer 2008

 Pl Name                             Club       AgeClass     Time School               Year 

White  (4)                1.8 km  25 m   9 C      

  1 Oliver Brett                     CHIG       M10         27:21                           
  2 Craig & Ryan Carter              SUFFOC     M5, M2      44:15 Cliff Lane Primary   1    
    Family Zondo                     IND                       mp                           
 nc William Wilson + 1               IND                    35:08                           

Yellow  (4)               2.8 km  40 m   12 C     

  1 Shane Muggeridge                 HAVOC      M12         21:04                           
  2 Emma Spicer                      WIGHTO     W21         26:40                           
  3 David+4 Pycraft                  IND                    45:04                           
  4 Family Hagon                     IND                    59:15                           

Orange  (11)              2.9 km  45 m   11 C     

  1 Mark Williams                    HAVOC      M40         31:27                           
  2 Jon Beaumont                     SOS        M40         42:01                           
  3 Jacquie &Terry Deacon/Whalley    IND        W40, M60    45:29                           
  4 Henry Mole                       SOS        M14         48:12 Debenham High School 9    
  5 Ben Warland                      SOS        M12         53:44 Ixworth Middle Schoo 8    
  6 Verity Mole                      SOS        W50       1:15:21                           
  7 Catherine Mole                   SOS        W12       1:19:00 Stonham Aspal Primar 6    
    Jocelyn Brett                    CHIG       W12            mp Forest               7    
    Alex Birkett                     SOS        M12            mp Meadgate             6    
    Robert Gordon                    IND                       mp                           
 nc Michael Muggeridge               HAVOC      M12         45:08 James Hornsby        8    

Light Green  (8)          3.2 km  45 m   13 C     

  1 Julie Pringle                    SOS        W45         48:49                           
  2 Jack Isbester                    SOS        M75         59:12                           
  3 Clare Tomalin                    IND                    59:28                           
  4 Rachel Barford                   SOS        W45       1:02:31                           
  5 Lucy Carter                      SUFFOC     W21       1:15:39                           
  6 Chris & Pat Childs               SOS        M60       1:33:39                           
  7 Chris Cammidge                   IND        M45       1:34:05                           
 nc Kev, Mel, Greta Dale/Taylor      IND        M45,M45,M 1:29:47                           

Green  (16)               4.7 km  80 m   15 C     

  1 Peter Warland                    SOS        M45         40:02                           
  2 Nina Tant                        SOS        W21         52:18                           
  3 John Collyer                     SOS        M65         53:10                           
  4 Stephen Cartwright               SOS        M50         59:30                           
  5 Greg Deacon                      IND        M35       1:00:32                           
  6 Ian Smith                        WAOC       M50       1:00:34                           
  7 Simon Peck                       SUFFOC     M50       1:02:33                           
  8 Emma Johnson                     SOS        W21       1:06:04                           
  9 Jenny Collyer                    SOS        W65       1:06:46                           
 10 Chris Baker                      DFOK       M75       1:11:45                           
 11 Tom Birkett                      SOS        M14       1:14:05 Boswells             8    
 12 Sue Carton                       SOS        W55       1:14:35                           
 13 Rodney Freeburn                  NOR        M70       1:20:32                           
 14 Rhiannon Ware                    SOS        W14       1:39:54 Colne Community      10   
    Alex Ware                        SOS        M18            mp Colchester Sixth For 12   
    Trevor & Yan Hammond/Stile       IND        M50, M55       mp                           

Blue  (21)                6.3 km  90 m   18 C     

  1 Ben Roberts                      WIM        M21         47:50                           
  2 Clive Wilkinson                  SUFFOC     M45         57:10                           
  3 Mike Brett                       CHIG       M45       1:00:20                           
  4 Daniel Williams                  WIGHTO     M21       1:00:34                           
  5 Yehuda Alon                      SLOW       M55       1:02:12                           
  6 Duncan Harrison                  SOS        M35       1:02:35                           
  7 Michael Muggeridge               HAVOC      M45       1:02:52                           
  8 Garry Parmenter                  HAVOC      M60       1:04:11                           
  9 David Sanderson                  SOS        M45       1:05:18                           
 10 Kate Brett                       CHIG       W45       1:09:33                           
 11 Andrew Elliott                   SUFFOC     M35       1:10:02                           
 12 Geoff Pye                        SOS        M55       1:10:05                           
 13 Neil Carter                      SUFFOC     M21       1:10:37                           
 14 Perry Mole                       SOS        M45       1:13:34                           
 15 Claire Harrison                  SOS        W35       1:20:43                           
 16 Gary Wright                      SOS        M45       1:24:48                           
 17 Andrew Mason                     IND        M45       1:29:37                           
 18 Tim Jones                        HAVOC      M45       1:30:33                           
 19 Anthony Biggs                    HAVOC      M60       1:35:56                           
 20 Sally Wilkinson                  SUFFOC     W45       1:47:39                           
 21 Nick Harrison                    SOS        M14       2:15:38 Debenham High School 9    

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