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Local event incorporating Essex & Suffolk Schools League (ESSOL)
Baddow Ridge, Danbury
Sunday 10th October 2010
Final Results

Comments Awards String Course Final Results Splits Splitsbrowser RouteGadget ESSOL League

Officials' Comments

Organiser's report - Nancy Powell Davies powell.davies@btinternet.com

Well, we were blessed with wonderful sunshine that made being in the field a joy and Baddow Ridge is one of our better areas allowing for some more technically challenging courses.

Thanks are due to Geoff for planning and Paul for controlling. I am particularly grateful to Dave for all the support that he gave me and all who helped on the day in so many ways. A number of landowners are involved but especial thanks are due to Mr Hindmarch and Mr Green for use of their fields for car parking and the String course.

It was a delight to see so many newcomers to the sport and some returning after a number of years. Also the young families that made a day of it with picnics and second runs on the String course.

I certainly enjoyed my day and hope that everyone else did too.

Planner's Report - Geoff Pye

What a joy to plan on a technical area where there are strange brown lines on the map! Even bigger bonus when Nancy managed to organise the weather as well so that I was hanging controls in the fabled sunlit forest! Thank you all for turning up and running on the SOS best area. This is only possible due to the negotiating skills of the committee who managed to re-gain access to Baddow after it was unavailable for many years.

My sincere apologies for the slightly delayed start time and for control 129 which was placed 20m East of where it should have been. Looking at the times for the control though I do not think many runners were seriously affected.

The times were on the long side for a SOS event but that I think reflects the nature of the terrain and that TD3/4/5 were actually at the correct technical level which often cannot be possible in Essex. This meant the unwary were caught out.

Many thanks to Paul for his many helpful comments as controller; to Kevin for sorting out the map printing; to Nancy for her wonderful organization and not least to my son Jonathan for hanging all the controls in Blakes Wood. I dragged him out of bed at 6am after he arrived home at 1.30am from a concert at the O2!

Controller's Report - Paul Beckett (HAVOC)

Geoff provided some challenging courses on what is one of Stragglers best areas. The technical and physical challenge was reflected in the finish times that were generally on the long side. However that did not seem to matter much as most people enjoyed the challenge and the fine 'late summer' weather. Apologies for control no 129 (marsh) which with hindsight was probably placed a little too far north on the ditch rather than beside the marsh itself. Nancy organised her helpers with calm efficiency and overall the event was a credit to Stragglers.

Par Times

Light Green1:29:24

String Course Results

NameClubAgeTime2nd Run
James KingsnorthSOS102.553.04
Catriona GladmanSOS93.535.38
Megan Lloyd-GaneSOS93.544.30
Sophie Lloyd-GaneSOS55.205.29
Amy KingsnorthSOS65.254.42
Harriet PunterSOS510.09
Emma KingsnorthSOS311.316.46
Mikey & Alex WilsonSOS2 & 416.27

Final Results

Baddow RidgeMon 11/10/2010 22:23
Resultscreated by OE2003 © Stephan Krämer 2008

 Pl Name                             Club       AgeClass     Time School               Year 

White  (7)                1.5 km  30 m   9 C      
  1 James Kingsworth  + 4            SOS        M10         16:46 East Hanningfield    5    
  2 Megan Lloyd-Gane +3              IND        W10         18:47 Stock Primary        5    
  3 Catriona Gladman + 1             SOS        W10         22:23 Newland Spring       5    
  4 Helen Puttick                    IND        W10         27:26 Shalford Primary     5    
  5 Harriet Punter + 1               SOS                    33:03 Cathedral            1    
  6 Robin Maria Bromham              IND        W12         43:35 Brentwood            7    
    Alex Wilson + 1                  IND                       mp Coldnorton PS        Rec  

Yellow  (3)               2.0 km  50 m   9 C      
  1 Luke Zafira + Rahmat Balogun     SOS        M12/W12     48:33 Brentwood            8&7  
  2 Henry Wenham + Fayez Fahal       IND        M12       1:02:48 Brentwood                 
    David Pycraft + 3                IND                       mp                           

Orange  (9)               2.8 km  55 m   10 C     
  1 Catherine Mole                   SOS        W12         58:45 Stonham Aspal        6    
  2 Bronwen Mansel                   SUFFOC     W12       1:03:59 Beyton Middle        7    
  3 Michael Archer                   SOS        M16       1:14:16 Moulsham High        11   
  4 Alex Birkett                     SOS        M12       1:19:42 Meadgate             6    
  5 William Wilson + 1               IND                  1:29:41 Coldnorton PS        2    
  6 Adrian + Denise Gigg             IND                  1:37:46 Shelley Primary      6    
    Catherine+Darren Hall            IND                      dnf                           
    Family of Farrell                SOS        W10           dnf                           
 nc Susan + Terence Hull             IND        W65 &M70      dnf                           

Light Green  (19)         3.3 km  80 m   15 C     
  1 Nick Harrison                    SOS        M14         51:08 Debenham High        9    
  2 Alan Brett                       CHIG       M35       1:02:26                           
  3 Alison Curtis                    CHIG       W50       1:04:44                           
  4 Bryan Sean Smith                 IND        M40       1:06:49                           
  5 Claire Tomalin                   SOS        W45       1:10:17                           
  6 Roderick Mansel                  SUFFOC     M14       1:12:31 County Upper         9    
  7 Tom Birkett                      SOS        M14       1:12:39 Boswells             8    
  8 Jennifer Taylor                  CHIG       W65       1:15:11                           
  9 Kevin Dale                       IND        M45       1:25:24                           
 10 Russ Dean                        IND        W21       1:29:24                           
 11 Shirley Short                    IND        W21       1:29:34                           
 12 Dawn Redler                      IND        W21       1:29:47                           
 13 Abigail Grigg +1                 IND        W10       1:39:47 St John's Primary    6    
 14 Sam Grigg +1                     IND        M8        1:39:55 St John's Primary    3    
 15 David Puttick                    IND        M55       1:40:13                           
 16 Susan Mullis + 1                 SOS        W55       1:41:08                           
 17 Jon Beaumont                     SOS        M40       1:54:55                           
 18 June Webb                        SUFFOC     W75       2:12:16                           
    Carmel Johnson                   SOS        W65           dnf                           

Green  (39)               4.6 km  120 m   14 C    
  1 Peter Warland                    SOS        M45         47:18                           
  2 Bryn Wilkinson                   SUFFOC     M14         58:46 Copleston High       9    
  3 Louise Walker                    SUFFOC     W45       1:02:54                           
  4 Ray Curtis                       CHIG       M55       1:03:29                           
  5 Paul Beckford                    IND        M21       1:03:49                           
  6 Gary Wright                      SOS        M45       1:04:27                           
  7 Stephen Cartwright               SOS        M50       1:07:35                           
  8 Robin Campell                    CHIG       M70       1:08:58                           
  8 Dave Skinner                     SOS        M60       1:08:58                           
 10 Hilary Sellens                   SOS        W55       1:10:57                           
 11 Alan Alford                      SOS        M55       1:13:28                           
 12 Helen Hampton                    CHIG       W45       1:14:26                           
 13 Perry Mole                       SOS        M45       1:14:38                           
 14 Paul Lowe                        SUFFOC     M50       1:16:08                           
 15 Janet Hill                       IND        W55       1:18:02                           
 16 Alex Ware                        SOS        M18       1:18:42 Colchester 6th Form       
 17 Alistair Houlding                HAVOC      M60       1:21:50                           
 18 Barbara Fothergill               HAVOC      W55       1:22:43                           
 19 Veronica Machin                  SOS        W45       1:25:34                           
 20 Maria Marshall                   WAOC       W55       1:27:22                           
 21 Chris Davies                     SUFFOC     M60       1:27:30                           
 22 John Starkey                     SOS        M65       1:32:43                           
 23 Rhiannon Ware                    SOS        W14       1:36:10 Colne Community           
 24 Ted Johnson                      SOS        M65       1:38:10                           
 25 Neil Bradley                     IND        M50       1:39:52                           
 26 Colin Curtis                     WAOC       M75       1:41:50                           
 27 John Webb                        SUFFOC     M70       1:46:16                           
 28 Robert Hamond                    SOS        M40       1:51:44                           
 29 Matt Rowley                      IND        M40       2:19:16                           
    Emma Johnson                     SOS        W21            mp                           
    Andrew Kettles                   IND        M45            mp                           
    Richard Barker                   SOS        M55            mp                           
    Geraldine Russell                SOS        W65            mp                           
    Ruby Campell                     CHIG       W70           dnf                           
    Rob Coulter                      SUFFOC     M60           dnf                           
    Richard Taylor                   IND        M50           dnf                           
    Neil + Michael Dalley            IND        M40           dnf                           
    John Hardy                       LOK        M65           dnf                           
    John Russell                     SOS        M65           dnf                           

Blue  (32)                6.6 km  130 m   23 C    
  1 Martin Sellens                   SOS        M55       1:07:48                           
  2 John Williams                    SOS        M55       1:09:43                           
  3 Tom Edelsten                     CHIG       M65       1:10:13                           
  4 Mike Capper                      WAOC       M55       1:10:23                           
  5 Chris Shaw                       HAVOC      M60       1:11:21                           
  6 Nick Pugh                        SOS        M55       1:12:32                           
  7 Richard Bonnett                  SOS        M55       1:12:46                           
  8 John Duffield                    CHIG       M60       1:14:09                           
  9 Garry Parmenter                  HAVOC      M60       1:15:22                           
 10 Peter Duthie                     WAOC       M50       1:21:18                           
 11 David Sanderson                  SOS        M45       1:23:00                           
 12 John Fryer                       IND        M21       1:23:25                           
 13 Colin Peck                       IND        M21       1:24:28                           
 14 Phillipa Murphy                  IND        W21       1:26:34                           
 15 Graham Perry                     HH         M45       1:27:08                           
 16 John Mills                       SOS        M35       1:33:08                           
 17 Rod Mansel                       SUFFOC     M50       1:33:17                           
 18 Bruce Marshall                   WAOC       M55       1:34:43                           
 19 Sarah Mansel                     SUFFOC     W45       1:35:45                           
 20 Keith Downing                    SMOC       M55       1:35:51                           
 21 Brian Daniel                     HAVOC      M60       1:42:21                           
 22 Chris Childs                     SOS        M60       1:45:01                           
 23 Ann Mills                        SOS        W35       1:45:16                           
 24 Anne Elvidge                     SUFFOC     W50       1:45:48                           
 25 David Lumby                      SOS        M45       1:46:15                           
 26 Colin Jackson                    HAVOC      M50       1:48:18                           
 27 Simon Peck                       SUFFOC     M50       1:50:20                           
 28 Catherine Galvin                 LOK        W45       1:54:01                           
 29 Ian Smith                        WAOC       M50       1:57:22                           
 30 Tony Biggs                       HAVOC      M60       2:03:41                           
 31 Sally Wilkinson                  SUFFOC     W45       2:16:54                           
    Phil Halford                     SUFFOC     M55            mp                           

Brown  (16)               8.8 km  180 m   26 C    
  1 Josh Jenner                      CHIG       M21       1:14:57                           
  2 Harold Wyber                     CHIG       M21       1:17:31                           
  3 Duncan Harrison                  SOS        M35       1:26:42                           
  4 John Van Rooyen                  SAX        M60       1:28:30                           
  5 Kevin Machin                     SOS        M50       1:34:09                           
  6 Ian Maynard                      HAVOC      M45       1:34:43                           
  7 Neill Wates                      DFOK       M35       1:38:13                           
  8 Gareth Radcliffe                 IND        M21       1:40:44                           
  9 Clive Wilkinson                  SUFFOC     M45       1:41:35                           
 10 James Park                       SOS        M20       1:42:12                           
 11 Daniela Brohm                    SOS        W21       1:47:38                           
 12 Andrew Elliott                   SUFFOC     M35       1:53:54                           
 13 Tracey Apperley                  SOS        W40       2:07:31                           
 14 Kevin Wright                     IND        M55       2:15:39                           
    Ken Wickham                      SO         M70            mp                           
    Bert Park                        SOS        M45           dnf                           

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