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Regional Event incorporating East Anglian League (EAL) and Essex & Suffolk Schools League (ESSOL)
Hatfield Forest West
Sunday 28th November 2010
Final Results

Comments Awards Final Results Splits Splitsbrowser RouteGadget ESSOL League EAL

Officials' Comments

Ocganiser's Comments - Jack Isbester IsbesterEntries@aol.com

I take personal credit for the fact that on this first occasion competitors entered the forest from the West, which I hope meant that some of you visited parts of the forest that you had never seen before. I only received one complaint - that the distance to the Start was less than advised. For that I blame my Assistant Organiser Eddie Banks, who shortened the route and in doing so led competitors clear of muddy tracks splattered by cows! Assistant Organisers are happy inventions and I owe a very considerable debt of gratitude to Eddie for his patience, his thoroughness, his tact and his willingness to relieve me of all the more demanding aspects of the job.

It was a privilege to put on an event which attracted a competitor prepared to take the train from London to Bishop's Stortford, then the bus to Junction 8 on the M11, and then to walk the final 0.8 miles to the carpark. He got his reward, coming 2nd on the Black course!

One unfortunate competitor lost his hired dibber and paid the £20 penalty. I know of no other mishaps and the landlord of the Sir John Houblon would be happy to see us back at any time. I hope that some of you took the opportunity to sample his excellent wares.

Thank you to the ranks of SOS helpers who worked so willingly and efficiently as always and to you, the competitors who, with your achievements, your navigational disasters, your efforts and your enjoyment made the whole process worthwhile.

Thanks, finally to the Controller Graham Louth and to Planner Steve Robertson for their meticulous attention to detail, to the National Trust for use of the venue and to the weather for smiling kindly upon us.

Planner's Report - Steve Robertson

For Planners of my generation we have moved a long way from 'John Bull' course overprinting and needle punches. As a result of email, OCAD and other software tools the Planner and Controller for this event did not have to meet until control 180 (bridge) at 08:00 on Sunday morning!

The change in parking location for this event allowed the use the forest blocks on the west side of the map for the majority of the courses rather than the relatively monotonous open areas on the east side. At this time of year, after the leaf fall and undergrowth die back, the forest becomes more runnable and although the heavy frost kept the temperatures below zero it did prevent the mud from reducing enjoyment on some of the courses - particularly the shorter courses on tracks that had been churned up by the Hatfield cow herd.

The majority of the feedback received on the day was positive although we do recognise that there is a need to update the map to improve the consistency of runnabilty across the map.

My apologies to those of you who received some strange split times on your results at download. Due to an error introduced during the late reprogramming of some of the control boxes the internal clocks on some boxes were incorrect by exactly one hour. This did not impact the functioning of the control box but confused the SI software. The times have been corrected in the final results and you can see your split times on the Essex Stragglers web site (thank you Tony Biggs for making the corrections).

My thanks to Graham Louth who provided excellent Controller feedback and whose helpful advice improved the quality of the courses.

Finally, thanks to Jack Isbester for excellent organisation and whose initiative resulted in us being able to enjoy a new western perspective of Hatfield Forest.

Controller's Report - Graham Louth (WAOC)

Congratulations to Steve, Jack, Eddie and all the SOS helpers for a well planned, well organised and well run event, and thanks to Tony Biggs for post-processing the results to correct the problem that we had with the split times (caused by some SI boxes being on BST and some on GMT!) The only other issue I'm aware of was that the map could have done with being updated in a couple more places to reflect changes in the vegetation - my apologies to any of you whose run was affected by this. Otherwise I heard nothing but praise for the planning and organisation from everyone I spoke to.

I look forward to seeing you all again in the forest soon - in particular at the EA Champs at Croxton Heath in January.

Par Times

Long Orange1:32:42
Light Green1:04:21
Short Green1:07:39

Final Results

Hatfield Forest Regional Nov 2011Sun 28/11/2010 21:53
Resultscreated by OE2003 © Stephan Krämer 2008

 Pl Name                             Club       AgeClass     Time School             SchYear 

Black  (7)                12.5 km  45 m   27 C    
  1 Harold Wyber                     CHIG       M21       1:14:11                            
  2 Lawrence Ball                    NOR        M21       1:14:25                            
  3 Ian Hargreaves                   KERNO      M21       1:22:43                            
  4 Steve Hinshelwood                WAOC       M45       1:27:38                            
  5 Alan Anstead                     SUFFOC     M45       1:39:05                            
  6 Neil Carter                      SUFFOC     M21       2:00:52                            
  7 Gopal Chand                      WAOC       M40       2:54:36                            

Brown  (16)               10.2 km  40 m   23 C    
  1 David Cooper                     WAOC       M45       1:07:15                            
  2 Alan Hickling                    SAX        M45       1:10:36                            
  3 Ben Green                        IND        M21       1:14:37                            
  4 Mike Capper                      WAOC       M55       1:14:52                            
  5 Andrew Elliott                   SUFFOC     M35       1:16:20                            
  6 Clive Tant                       SOS        M55       1:17:56                            
  7 Paul Rushmer                     SMOC       M45       1:18:31                            
  8 Stephen Borrill                  WAOC       M35       1:20:14                            
  9 Toby Fisher                      SMOC       M35       1:22:10                            
 10 Philip Brown                     NOR        M55       1:22:17                            
 11 Sean Blanchflower                IND        M35       1:26:06                            
 12 Daniela Brohm                    SOS        W21       1:29:01                            
 13 Geoff Pye                        SOS        M55       1:29:19                            
 14 John Clarke                      SUFFOC     M40       1:41:52                            
 15 Alastair Houlding                IND        M45       1:58:20                            
 16 Ken Wickham                      SO         M70       2:15:21                            

Blue  (61)                7.0 km  25 m   19 C     
  1 Ian Maynard                      HAVOC      M45         47:22                            
  2 Andy Strakova                    CUOC       W20         49:57                            
  3 David Sanderson                  SOS        M45         50:25                            
  4 Andrew Welsh                     HAVOC      M55         51:17                            
  5 Richard Bonnett                  SOS        M55         51:21                            
  6 Peter Warland                    SOS        M45         52:07                            
  7 Paul Redstone                    DEE        M18         53:00                            
  8 Tom Edelsten                     CHIG       M65         53:03                            
  9 Clive Wilkinson                  SUFFOC     M45         53:11                            
 10 Paul Beckett                     HAVOC      M45         53:44                            
 11 David Cronk                      WAOC       M50         54:35                            
 12 Peter Duthie                     WAOC       M50         56:32                            
 13 Alun Roberts                     IND        M50         57:19                            
 14 Jonny Cronk                      WAOC       M18         57:23 Hills Road 6th Form     13 
 15 Michael Bickle                   WAOC       M60         57:34                            
 16 Martin Sellens                   SOS        M55         58:15                            
 17 Tom Beskeen                      IND        M18         58:22                            
 18 John Duffield                    CHIG       M60         58:35                            
 19 Peter Woods                      WAOC       M50         59:08                            
 20 Rachel Pocock                    WAOC       W40         59:37                            
 21 Martin Hore                      SUFFOC     M60       1:01:24                            
 22 David Phillips                   IND        M50       1:01:38                            
 23 Philip Halford                   SUFFOC     M55       1:01:50                            
 24 Mike Hampton                     OD         M60       1:01:55                            
 25 Kevin Machin                     SOS        M50       1:02:23                            
 26 Adam Leaf                        HH         M45       1:02:46                            
 27 Ian Smith                        WAOC       M50       1:02:52                            
 28 Robin Stevens                    LOG        M45       1:03:21                            
 29 Rod Mansel                       SUFFOC     M50       1:05:21                            
 30 Simon Wightman                   IND        M30       1:05:56                            
 31 Stephen Cartwright               SOS        M50       1:07:16                            
 32 John Ward                        OD         M65       1:07:39                            
 33 David Lumby                      SOS        M45       1:08:44                            
 34 Chris Brolly                     HAVOC      M50       1:10:03                            
 35 Mark Lyne                        SOS        M50       1:10:44                            
 36 Mike Jones                       SMOC       M55       1:10:52                            
 37 Bruce Marshall                   WAOC       M55       1:11:22                            
 38 Alison Fox                       WAOC       W40       1:13:02                            
 39 Christopher Childs               SOS        M60       1:14:15                            
 40 Robin Bourne                     WAOC       M45       1:14:36                            
 41 Alan Brett                       CHIG       M35       1:16:12                            
 42 Richard Barker                   SOS        M55       1:16:27                            
 43 Ian Lawson                       WAOC       M55       1:17:29                            
 44 Mike Shires                      TVOC       M35       1:19:17                            
 45 Tracey Apperley                  SOS        W40       1:20:02                            
 46 Keith Verralls                   IND        M55       1:20:54                            
 47 Steven King                      SOC        m45       1:21:23                            
 48 Peter Ryall                      WAOC       M60       1:23:26                            
 49 Tim Jones                        HAVOC      M45       1:23:27                            
 50 Rob Sibley                       SAX        M55       1:24:03                            
 51 Alan Cohen                       IND        M45       1:29:07                            
 52 Sacha Fisher                     SMOC       W35       1:35:22                            
 53 Sue Woods                        WAOC       W50       1:42:06                            
 54 Anthony Biggs                    HAVOC      M60       1:45:38                            
    John Wankowski                   IND        M21            mp                            
    Helen Bickle                     WAOC       W21           dns                            
    Peter Waldron                    NOR        M50           dns                            
    Charles Taylor-Keane             TVOC       M55           dns                            
    Emma Johnson                     SOS        W21           dns                            
    Simon Peck                       SUFFOC     M50           dns                            
    Emily Lester                     CUOC       W21           dns                            

Green  (51)               5.0 km  15 m   13 C     
  1 Richard Newton                   SOS        M45         40:01                            
  2 John Ward                        NOR        M65         40:52                            
  3 Louise Walker                    SUFFOC     W45         42:49                            
  4 Todd Cooper                      WAOC       M14         43:03                            
  5 John Mills                       SOS        M35         43:31                            
  6 Martin Rigby                     BAOC       M55         44:06                            
  7 Joanne Hickling                  SAX        W45         44:31                            
  8 John Collyer                     SOS        M65         45:15                            
  9 Derek Jenner                     CHIG       M55         45:16                            
 10 Hilary Sellens                   SOS        W55         47:02                            
 11 Will Harrison                    SUFFOC     M45         48:28                            
 12 Chris Marshall                   CHIG       M35         48:30                            
 13 Sarah Mansel                     SUFFOC     W45         48:53                            
 14 Michael Hill                     HAVOC      M55         49:57                            
 15 Sally Wilkinson                  SUFFOC     W45         50:46                            
 16 Robin Campbell                   CHIG       M70         50:51                            
 17 John Russell                     SOS        M65         53:25                            
 18 Roderick Mansel                  SUFFOC     M14         53:31                            
 19 Chris Burgues                    HAVOC      M55         53:36                            
 20 Dawn Figg                        HH         W40         56:05                            
 20 Helen Nisbet                     SMOC       W45         56:05                            
 22 Rodney Freeburn                  NOR        M70         56:50                            
 23 Alan Alford                      SOS        M55         57:43                            
 24 Peter Lomas                      MDOC       M70         58:35                            
 25 John Wickersham                  WAOC       M65         58:54                            
 26 Janis Ryall                      WAOC       W55       1:00:05                            
 27 Erica Pilkinton                  WAOC       W45       1:00:48                            
 28 Ann Mills                        SOS        W35       1:02:47                            
 29 Dylan Newman                     SOS        M45       1:02:52                            
 30 Susan Waller-Toyne               SOS        W45       1:03:49                            
 31 Barbara Fothergill               HAVOC      W55       1:05:43                            
 32 Janet Cronk                      WAOC       w50       1:06:25                            
 33 Beth Albon                       IND        W16       1:09:20                            
 34 Wendy Welham                     SOS        W50       1:10:07                            
 35 Nancy Powell Davies              SOS        W60       1:12:32                            
 36 Lois Matthews                    SMOC       W45       1:12:43                            
 37 David Skinner                    SOS        M60       1:18:43                            
 38 John Harris                      WAOC       M60       1:19:06                            
 39 Maria Marshall                   WAOC       W55       1:19:24                            
 40 Leanne Bailey                    NOR        W21       1:20:51                            
 41 Clare Woods                      WAOC       W21       1:22:11                            
 42 Paul Garton                      NOR        M60       1:26:40                            
 43 Veronica Machin                  SOS        W45       1:32:33                            
 44 Bob Cathmoir                     SOS        M70       1:44:11                            
 45 David Puttick                    IND                  1:46:18                            
    Hazel Bickle                     WAOC       W55           dns                            
    Janet Biggs                      HAVOC      W55           dns                            
    Peter Leverington                NOR        M70           dns                            
    John Starkey                     SOS        M65           dns                            
    Harriet Burdett                  CUOC       W20           dns                            
 nc Tim Pribul                       CHIG       M60         35:27   
Short Green  (16)         3.9 km  15 m   12 C     
  1 Geraldine Russell                SOS        W65         45:06                            
  2 Jenny Collyer                    SOS        W65         47:11                            
  3 Ros West                         CHIG       W60         52:15                            
  4 Seonaid Dudley                   WAOC       W70         52:22                            
  5 Colin Curtis                     WAOC       M75         59:57                            
  6 Sally Pribul                     CHIG       W55       1:00:17                            
  7 Sharon Warland                   SOS        W45       1:00:29                            
  8 Julie Pringle                    SOS        W40       1:04:02                            
  9 Barbara George                   NOR        W75       1:04:33                            
 10 Julia Robertson                  SOS        W55       1:09:08                            
 11 Ruby Campbell                    CHIG       W70       1:09:29                            
 12 Lorraine Houghton                WAOC       W50       1:10:53                            
 13 Sue Vine                         NOR        W70       1:11:54                            
 14 Alan Coddington                  NOR        M75       1:38:32                            
    Anne Power                       LOK        W75           dns                            
    Paul Lowe                        SUFFOC     M50           dns                            

Light Green  (15)         4.2 km  25 m   11 C     
  1 Tim Harrison                     SUFFOC     M12         42:17 Barnardiston             7 
  2 Gary Jenkins                     HH         M35         50:33                            
  3 Noreen Ives                      WAOC       W55         50:52                            
  4 Simon Horwood                    IND        M45         57:31                            
  5 Jonathan Gilbert                 NOR        M50         58:44                            
  6 Lewis Cooper                     WAOC       M12       1:00:28                            
  7 Jon Beaumont                     SOS        M40       1:04:21                            
  8 Stuart Whittingham               CHIG       M21       1:07:00                            
  9 Owen Bourne                      WAOC       M12       1:10:02                            
 10 Rachel Barford                   SOS        W45       1:11:27                            
 11 Karen Ezard                      SOS        W50       1:19:02                            
 12 Rachael Harrison                 SUFFOC     W14       1:26:31 Perse                    9 
    Alice Hodkinson                  WAOC       W35            mp                            
    Rebecca Lyne                     SOS        W16           dns                            
    Hugh Chatfield                   IND        M16           dns                            

Long Orange  (1)          6.0 km  20 m   12 C     
  1 Geoff Fletcher                   IND        M45       1:32:42                            

Orange  (8)               3.3 km  15 m   8 C      
  1 Daniel Figg                      HH         M12       1:00:23                            
  2 Bronwen Mansel                   SUFFOC     W12       1:05:15                            
  3 Ellie/Emma Harrison/ Clarke      SUFFOC     W12       1:19:08 Barnardiston               
  4 Caroline Edwards                 IND        W21       1:22:07                            
  5 Jaya Chand                       WAOC       W12       1:29:29                            
  6 Lakshmi Chand                    WAOC       W35       1:59:55                            
    Ben Warland                      SOS        M12            mp                            
    Duncan Cooper                    WAOC       M10            mp                            

Yellow  (14)              2.6 km  5 m   10 C      
  1 James/William Young              IND        M12         24:11                            
  2 Ella Gilbert                     NOR        W12         27:17                            
  3 Molly +1 Pocock                  WAOC       W12         27:25                            
  4 Chloe Daisy Cracknell Partridge  IND        W9 10       31:22 St Andrews               5 
  5 Matthew Clarke                   SUFFOC     M10         33:31                            
  6 Beckie Jones                     IND        W14         38:02 Brentwood School         9 
  7 Edward Low                       WAOC       M10         48:42 Kings Cambridge          4                            
  8 Jacob Fisher                     SMOC       M10         56:11                            
  9 Stephanie Ware                   SOS        W12       1:09:52 Philip Morant            7 
    Bokan Betany Scott               NOR        w12            mp                            
    Georgia/ Molly Watson/John       NOR        W12            mp                            
    Max Kaberry                      NOR        M12            mp                            
    Isabella/Rebecca Hugger/ Condlif NOR        W12            mp                            
    Alban Rigby                      IND        M9             mp                            

White  (21)               1.8 km  5 m   12 C      
  1 Elliott Joshua Swallow Buist     SOS        M10         11:42 St Andrews              64 
  2 Dominic Luke Emerson Harrington  SOS        M10         12:34 St Andrews              44 
  3 Callum Turner                    SOS        M10         12:39 St Andrews               6 
  4 Lewis Crow                       SOS        M10         12:51 St Andrews               6 
  5 Georgia Gower                    SOS        W10         13:00 St Andrews               6 
  6 Hayden + 1 Challis + 1           SOS        M10         13:03 St Andrews               5 
  7 Amber Georgia Greaves Burr       SOS        W10         13:57 St Andrews              65 
  8 Daisy Lily Partridge Amos        SOS        W10         14:21 St Andrews               5 
  9 BenjaminNicholas Harrington Suck SOS        M10         14:45 St Andrews              55 
 10 Jonathan Joshua Quinn Palmer     SOS        M10         14:48 St Andrews              55 
 11 Thomas Olivia Howlett Baldwin    SOS        M10 W10     15:13 St Andrews              65 
 12 Chloe Elena Cracknell Gower      SOS        W10         15:34 St Andrews              54 
 13 Lucy Lucy Edwards Swainsbury     SOS        W10         16:18 St Andrews              65 
 14 Charlie Tupman                   IND        W8          17:29 Bishops Stortford Co       
 15 Poppy Amelia Holttum Juniper     SOS        W10         18:56 St Andrews              64 
 16 Elizabeth +1 Tupman              IND        W8          19:59 Bishops Stortford Co       
 17 Alfie +1 Pocock                  WAOC       M8          24:32                            
 18 Helen Puttick                    IND        W10         29:53 Shalford                 5 
 19 Lucy +1 Warland                  SOS        W8          30:20 Ixworth Primary            
 20 Erica Fox                        WAOC       W10         33:59                            
 21 Elizabeth + Popp Roberts         IND                    39:26                            

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