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Level B Event & East Anglian League
Writtle Forest
Sunday 13th February 2011
Final Results

Comments Awards Final Results Splits Splitsbrowser RouteGadget League EAL BO Ranking

Officials' Comments

Organiser's Comments - Geraldine & John Russell grmrussell@gmail.com

We arrived at Writtle Park to find a barrier prevented access to the designated assembly area and the empty barn we had been given permission to use was now half full of chipped bark. Our best laid plans had gone by the wayside as nearly an hour elapsed before access was gained and valuable time had been lost in setting up the equipment. We were grateful for the understanding and patience of the helpers and the runners who arrived early.

Thank you all for coming to our first event in the estate and hope you enjoyed the day despite the cold wind - at least it kept dry. It was nice to see so many younger people taking part although some parents took additional maps to follow their children which caused us to run out of yellow maps.

Our sincere thanks to the Controller, Brian Daniel, Planner, Clive Tant, Mappers Kevin Machin and Tom Edelsten and to Webmaster Andrew Cordle for their excellent work and all of whom were extremely supportive. Many thanks also to the band of willing helpers for their excellent contribution to making the event a success with 230 competitors taking part.

Finally grateful thanks to Lord Petre for the use of his lovely estate and for sparing the time to come and speak to a number of the helpers and runners. The good news is that Lord Petre has confirmed that he would be happy for our Club to hold future events at Writtle Park.

Planner's Report - Clive Tant

It seems that the SOS excitement about this new area lived up to expectations with many competitors expressing appreciation for the opportunity to visit Writtle Forest.

The longer courses were able to reach the intricate contour detail in the far west and hopefully at another event (if we can secure a relocated assembly area), we might succeed in getting more courses to enjoy this part as well as the very fast and runnable near-western parts.

The separate areas of woodland presented a real challenge to find a start and a finish close enough to assembly but far enough into the forest to get the medium courses into some of the better parts of the forest, achieve the distance for the longer courses and keep the shorter courses away from the road crossings. Compromises had to be made with the white course probably suffering most but I took the view that it was better to have a long white than not to have one at all.

I had great fun visiting the area for planning and enjoyed the variety of wildlife and abundance of control sites. The course limitations led to some restrictive use of control sites and I know that future planners will find plenty more sites to keep us all interested in visiting Writtle.

Throughout the planning process, our principal mapper, Kevin Machin (who put in tremendous effort to get the area mapped in time) was a good guide. Later and right up to the courses closed, Brian Daniel was as helpful, as involved and as accommodating a controller as a planner could wish. I learned from Brian's knowledge and experience and I am truly grateful for his contribution to this event.

Thank you to my control collectors, Jenny, John, Steve and Geoff and to Karen who was so supportive throughout the last hectic weeks and particularly this last weekend. Congratulations Geraldine (and John) for overcoming all the organisational difficulties and thanks to Kevin and Andrew for their OCAD and SI guidance.

Let us hope that we might enjoy this lovely forest again sometime soon on a sunny and warm day.

Controller's Report - Brian Daniel (HAVOC)

Previous attempts by my own club HAVOC to obtain land permission from the Petre Estate for orienteering, in the area that you now know as Writtle Forest, were unsuccessful partly because of the access rights of existing shooting tenants. So we should all be very grateful to Geraldine Russell (SOS) and the current Lord Petre for, respectively, negotiating and granting access for this event. Every visit to the area for mapping, planning, controlling and control setting has been coordinated through the estate gamekeeper, Peter Stanford-Hope, to ensure that the shooting and orienteering related activities could co-exist. I'm sure you will all agree that it was worth the effort.

Clive Tant's final positions for Start and Finish were heavily influenced by the location of the available car parking and the shape of the available woodland. As is often the case, it was the shorter courses that required most consideration together with the routeing of all competitors across the Writtle Park access track. The marshalled timed route for junior courses and a suitable track crossing control for the longer courses were the outcome.

Clive's course lengths were based upon a nominal length for the Black course of 14k, assuming an M21 speed of around 5 mins/k in this largely highly runnable area. The shape of the various blocks of woodland resulted in three groups of courses: White to Short Green stayed on the eastern side of Ingatestone Road; Green and Short Blue crossed the road for a circuit of Stoneymore Wood; and the longest courses all visited a complex area of depressions to the west of Blackmore Road. The Black and Brown courses also had a few controls east of the Finish. This all resulted in a few courses (Blue, Green and White) being longer than normally recommended, but the winning times and range of times on each course suggest that the progressive set of course lengths provided were appropriate.

There were many favourable comments on the day for Clive's courses, although some felt that harder control sites could have been used in some areas. Nevertheless, Clive and the mapping team of Kevin Machin and Tom Edelsten should be congratulated for the outcome of all their efforts; well supported on the day by Geraldine and her team of helpers.

Par Times

Light Green48:19
Short Green51:09
Short Blue1:04:19
Short Brown1:32:14

Final Results

Writtle ForestFri 18/02/2011
Resultscreated by OE2003 © Stephan Krämer 2008

 Pl Name                             Club       AgeClass        Time 
Black  (8)                13.7 km  150 m   30 C   
  1 Anthony Squire                   INT        M21          1:10:30 
  2 Mark Ford                        CHIG       M35          1:16:52 
  3 Jonathan Albon                   SOK        M21          1:18:08 
  4 Pete Jones                       SN         M55          1:28:59 
  5 Tim Platt                        HH         M21          1:38:02 
  6 Duncan Harrison                  SOS        M40          1:45:18 
  7 Neil Carter                      SUFFOC     M21          1:47:16 
  8 Ben Holland                      WAOC       M21          2:07:29 

Brown  (14)               12.0 km  135 m   27 C   
  1 Kevin Fielding                   HH         M40          1:20:07 
  2 Kostya Lutsenko                  CHIG       M35          1:20:26 
  3 Stephen McKinley                 SN         M45          1:22:21 
  4 Alan Hickling                    SAX        M45          1:23:23 
  5 John Ward                        NOR        M40          1:25:11 
  6 Jacob Sharpe                     HH         M35          1:28:47 
  7 Jon Coles                        SUFFOC     M40          1:31:49 
  8 Mike Capper                      WAOC       M55          1:35:05 
  9 Sarah Louise Francis             SN         W40          1:46:34 
 10 Andrew Elliott                   SUFFOC     M40          1:57:35 
 11 Stephen Borrill                  WAOC       M40          1:59:14 
 12 David Schroeder                  WAOC       M35          2:01:52 
    Kevin Ellis                      SOS        M50              dnf 
 nc Kevin Machin                     SOS        M50              dnf 

Short Brown  (26)         9.8 km  100 m   27 C   
  1 Mark Salmon                      CUOC       M20          1:01:29 
  2 Ian Hargreaves                   KERNO      M35          1:03:29 
  3 Richard Hime                     LOK        M45          1:06:21 
  4 Martin Hime                      LOK        M50          1:08:51 
  5 David Maliphant                  CUOC       M20          1:10:52 
  6 Paul Beckett                     HAVOC      M50          1:11:24 
  7 Paul Rushmer                     SMOC       M45          1:14:31 
  8 David Cronk                      WAOC       M50          1:15:19 
  9 Michael Muggeridge               HAVOC      M50          1:15:48 
 10 Andrea Rebora                    SLOW       M40          1:16:20 
 11 Peter Duthie                     WAOC       M50          1:21:33 
 12 Kevin Parkes                     HH         M50          1:23:36 
 13 Clive Wilkinson                  SUFFOC     M45          1:24:11 
 14 Bert Park                        SOS        M45          1:26:06 
 15 James Park                       SOS        M20          1:26:41 
 16 Adam Leaf                        HH         M45          1:29:08 
 17 Perry Mole                       SOS        M45          1:30:18 
 18 Raffaella Marin                  SLOW       W40          1:42:32 
 19 Louise Sime                      WAOC       W21          1:42:43 
 20 Emma Johnson                     SOS        W21          1:48:21 
 21 Michael Park                     SOS        M18          2:06:18 
 22 Ken Wickham                      SO         M70          2:40:00 
    Tim Jones                        HAVOC      M45              dns 
    Richard Freeman                  HH         M45              dns 
    David Sanderson                  SOS        M50              dns 
    Gary Simmons                     GO         M50              dns 

Blue  (48)                8.1 km  100 m   24 C    
  1 Alun Jones                       TVOC       M55            54:18 
  2 Peter Martin                     SAX        M60            59:00 
  3 Richard Bonnett                  SOS        M55            59:30 
  4 Martin Sellens                   SOS        M55          1:04:00 
  5 Michael Bickle                   WAOC       M60          1:04:39 
  6 Sheralee Bailey                  DFOK       W40          1:05:07 
  7 Andrew Welsh                     HAVOC      M55          1:05:11 
  8 Alan Rosen                       HH         M55          1:06:24 
  9 Martin Hore                      SUFFOC     M60          1:07:36 
 10 Mark Purkis                      SAX        M16          1:07:44 
 11 John Duffield                    CHIG       M60          1:08:07 
 12 Paul Langston                    HH         M55          1:09:07 
 13 Garry Parmenter                  HAVOC      M65          1:09:23 
 14 John Chappell                    MDDXO      M60          1:09:54 
 15 Jerry Purkis                     SAX        M55          1:10:09 
 16 Sarah Howes                      SAX        W50          1:10:54 
 17 Colin West                       SOS        M55          1:14:33 
 18 Chris Shaw                       HAVOC      M60          1:14:47 
 19 Adam Waller-Toyne                SOS        M40          1:15:11 
 20 Andrew Crosby                    CUOC       M21          1:17:08 
 21 Geoff Pye                        SOS        M55          1:17:16 
 22 Simon Hooton                     SUFFOC     M55          1:17:24 
 23 Tracey Apperley                  SOS        W40          1:18:12 
 24 Guy Lidbury                      HAVOC      M40          1:18:53 
 25 Claire Harrison                  SOS        W35          1:20:45 
 26 Tom Dobra                        CUOC       M20          1:21:43 
 27 Philip Halford                   SUFFOC     M55          1:23:05 
 28 Bruce Marshall                   WAOC       M55          1:26:10 
 29 Neil Brough                      IND        M40          1:27:47 
 30 Pat Squire                       INT        M60          1:28:42 
 31 Dave Crane                       IND        M50          1:29:39 
 32 Barry Breed                      HH         M65          1:29:49 
 33 Edwin Banks                      SOS        M55          1:30:00 
 34 Colin Webster                    HH         M60          1:30:10 
 35 Richard Barker                   SOS        M55          1:30:24 
 36 Ian Lawson                       WAOC       M55          1:31:52 
 37 Murray Allen                     SOS        M35          1:35:57 
 38 Christopher Childs               SOS        M60          1:41:24 
 39 Andrew Mason                     IND        M45          1:42:57 
 40 Andrew Childs                    SOS        M50          1:43:39 
 41 Rod Mansel                       SUFFOC     M50          1:51:25 
 42 Anthony Biggs                    HAVOC      M60          1:57:09 
 43 Paul Garton                      NOR        M60          2:22:02 
    Jon Chandler                     LOK        M40               mp 
    Andrew Cordle                    SOS        M60              dns 
    George Simmons                   GO         M16              dns 
    Mark Lyne                        SOS        M50              dns 
 nc Harriet Burdett + 1              CUOC       W20          1:28:32 

Short Blue  (22)          6.0 km  85 m   20 C     
  1 Victoria Stevens                 CUOC       W21            36:26 
  2 Peter Cheetham                   CHIG       M50            54:57 
  3 Louise Walker                    SUFFOC     W45            55:30 
  4 John Collyer                     SOS        M65            56:22 
  5 Louise Jones                     LOK        W45            56:26 
  6 John Ward                        NOR        M65            56:30 
  7 Greg Birdseye                    LOK        M65            58:27 
  8 Peter Waldron                    NOR        M55          1:00:17 
  9 Graham Batty                     HAVOC      M50          1:00:31 
 10 John Wickersham                  WAOC       M65          1:03:08 
 11 Sarah Mansel                     SUFFOC     W45          1:04:18 
 12 Hilary Sellens                   SOS        W55          1:06:15 
 13 Colin Jackson                    HAVOC      M50          1:08:58 
 14 Stephen Cartwright               SOS        M50          1:11:07 
 15 Sally Wilkinson                  SUFFOC     W45          1:13:05 
 16 Wendy Welham                     SOS        W50          1:19:01 
 17 Graham Ward                      NOR        M65          1:20:19 
 18 Graham Williams                  LOK        M50          1:24:19 
 19 Penny Parkes                     HH         W50          1:25:26 
 20 Lois Matthews                    SMOC       W50          1:38:34 
 21 Simon Blessing                   IND        M35          1:41:31 
    Denise Ellis                     IND        W50              dnf 

Green  (53)               5.3 km  80 m   17 C     
  1 Tim Pribul                       CHIG       M60            38:53 
  2 David Dorling                    DFOK       M35            47:04 
  3 Roderick Mansel                  SUFFOC     M14            48:22 
  4 Gillian Hanson                   HH         W40            50:10 
  5 Janet Rosen                      HH         W55            50:40 
  6 Chris Morley                     WAOC       M70            50:51 
  7 Bryn Wilkinson                   SUFFOC     M14            51:39 
  8 David Skinner                    SOS        M60            53:28 
  9 John Russell                     SOS        M70            53:33 
 10 Ian Smith                        WAOC       M55            55:25 
 11 Jonathan Gilbert                 NOR        M50            57:19 
 12 Pat Martin                       NOR        M65            57:27 
 13 Sarah Albon                      IND        W21            58:58 
 14 Beth Albon                       IND        W18            59:03 
 15 Lyn West                         SOS        W55            59:57 
 16 Gillian Edgar                    HAVOC      W45          1:00:54 
 17 Helen Hampton                    CHIG       W45          1:01:20 
 18 Robert Carver                    IND        M16          1:02:26 
 19 Michael Hill                     HAVOC      M55          1:04:27 
 20 Harry Williams                   IND        M18          1:04:30 
 21 Helen Nisbet                     SMOC       W50          1:05:14 
 22 James Cook                       IND        M18          1:05:40 
 23 Callum Banks                     IND        M16          1:05:50 
 24 Jane Breed                       HH         W55          1:07:38 
 25 Elspeth Missen                   SOS        W50          1:08:14 
 26 Chris Davies                     SUFFOC     M60          1:10:21 
 27 Les Childs                       SOS        M55          1:10:32 
 28 Tom Prior                        SOS        M21          1:10:42 
 29 Ray Curtis                       CHIG       M55          1:11:45 
 30 Rob Coulter                      SUFFOC     M60          1:12:06 
 31 Mathew Evans                     IND        M35          1:12:27 
 32 Jon Beaumont                     SOS        M40          1:13:00 
 33 Edward Johnson                   SOS        M70          1:15:05 
 34 Barbara Fothergill               HAVOC      W55          1:15:27 
 35 Maria Marshall                   WAOC       W55          1:15:57 
 36 Rodney Freeburn                  NOR        M70          1:16:32 
 37 Estella Ward                     NOR        W60          1:17:11 
 38 Rhiannon Ware                    SOS        W16          1:19:32 
 39 John Harris                      WAOC       M65          1:19:50 
 40 Susan Waller-Toyne               SOS        W45          1:20:47 
 41 Janet Biggs                      HAVOC      W55          1:21:20 
 42 Alex Ware                        SOS        M18          1:24:05 
 43 Veronica Machin                  SOS        W50          1:29:43 
 44 Hazel Bickle                     WAOC       W60          1:30:53 
    Derek Jenner                     CHIG       M55               mp 
    Toby Hardaker                    IND        M16               mp 
    Ian Wilson                       SAX        M60              dnf 
    Joanne Hickling                  SAX        W45              dns 
    Julie Laver                      SOS        W45              dns 
    John Starkey                     SOS        M70              dns 
    Michael Foreman                  IND        M16              dns 
    Matthew Peckham                  IND        M16              dns 
 nc Tom Edelsten                     CHIG       M65            43:42 

Short Green  (19)         3.5 km  55 m   16 C     
  1 Chris Sparkman                   SAX        M60            33:21 
  2 Jenny Collyer                    SOS        W65            38:08 
  3 Robin Barris                     HH         M75            41:30 
  4 Julie Warwick-Munday             CHIG       W50            44:22 
  5 Michael Dudley                   WAOC       M75            46:43 
  6 Alison Curtis                    CHIG       W55            47:11 
  7 Paul Lowe                        SUFFOC     M50            47:20 
  8 Geraldine Russell                SOS        W65            50:06 
  9 Barbara Sparkman                 SAX        W55            51:08 
 10 Ros West                         CHIG       W60            51:30 
 11 Jennifer Taylor                  CHIG       W65            51:59 
 12 Jack Isbester                    SOS        M75            53:02 
 13 Colin Curtis                     WAOC       M75            55:48 
 14 Charlotte Cheetham               CHIG       W50            56:17 
 15 Sharon Warland                   SOS        W45            57:43 
 16 Norman Howarth                   NOR        M80          1:02:44 
 17 Rachel Barford                   SOS        W45          1:07:42 
    Anne Power                       LOK        W75               mp 
    Sue Hartley                      SOS        W55              dns 
                                                                Time  Crossing Adjusted Time
Light Green  (10)         3.5 km  60 m   17 C     
  1 Samuel Fielding                  HH         M14            28:40      2:15         26:25
  2 Thomas Birkett                   SOS        M14            31:32      2:34         28:58
  3 Beth Hanson                      HH         W16            32:43      1:39         31:04
  4 Richard Bolam                    IND        M45            43:08      1:21         41:47
  5 Rose Macmillan                   CUOC       W21            50:38      2:20         48:18
  6 Dawn Figg                        HH         W40            51:27      1:35         49:52
  7 Lucy Carter                      SUFFOC     W21            55:29      2:25         53:04
  8 Daniel Figg                      HH         M14            57:22      1:45         55:37
  9 Bronwen Mansel                   SUFFOC     W14          1:08:30      2:07       1:06:23
 10 Mara Wilden Ollie Akin-George    IND                     1:13:43      1:20       1:12:23

Orange  (9)               3.0 km  50 m   12 C     
  1 Ben Warland                      SOS        M14            42:43      2:40         40:03
  2 Alex Birkett                     SOS        M12            46:09      1:41         44:28
  3 Samuel Bolam                     IND        M15            47:15      1:20         45:55
  4 Shane Muggeridge                 HAVOC      M14            48:20      1:27         46:53
  5 Caroline Edwards                 HAVOC      W35            53:17      2:55         50:22
  6 Martin Luk                       IND        M18          1:00:11      1:27         58:44
    Stephanie Ware Anna Bolam        SOS        W12               mp 
    Clive Coles                      SUFFOC     M65              dnf 
 nc Ella Gilbert                     NOR        W14            34:57      1:47         33:10 

Yellow  (12)              2.7 km  45 m   14 C     
  1 Chloe Cracknell                  SOS        W10            27:55      1:49         26:06
  2 Ella Gilbert                     NOR        W14            30:37      1:55         28:42
  3 Amber Greaves Ben Harrrington    SOS        W/M10          30:38      1:20         29:18
  4 Daisy Partridge                  SOS        W10            37:18      1:23         35:55
  5 Callum Turner                    SOS        M10            39:11      1:36         37:35
  6 Thomas Howlett                   SOS        M10            39:04      1:10         37:54
  7 Dominic Emerson                  SOS        M10            39:16      1:08         38:08
  8 Georgia Gower                    SOS        W10            43:10      1:37         41:33
  9 Lucy Edwards                     SOS        W10            43:55      2:00         41:55 
 10 Lucy Peter Warland               SOS        M/W10          52:38      2:51         49:47
 11 Lauren Tai                       IND        W18          1:02:18      1:47       1:00:31
 12 Hanna Higgins                    IND        W16          1:02:18      1:43       1:00:35

White  (9)                2.4 km  40 m   14 C     
  1 Jasper Waller-Toyne              SOS        M10            22:26      2:35         19:51
  2 Jodie Smith Jack Edwards         SOS        W/M10          27:14      1:46         25:28
  3 Joshua Buist                     SOS        M10            27:53      1:07         26:46
  4 Elena Gower Lily Amos            SOS        W10            35:42      1:37         34:05
  5 Georgia Burr Hayden Challis      SOS        W/M10          37:21      1:21         36:00
  6 William Chandler                 LOK        M10            38:26      1:27         36:59
  7 Craig+Ryan Carter                SUFFOC     M10            53:54      2:44         51:10
  8 Amelia Juniper Lucy Swainsbury   SOS        W10            53:04      1:35         51:29  
 nc Thomas Turner Georgia Gower      SOS        M/W10          28:56      1:54         27:02

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