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Local Cross-Country event (level C) incorporating East Anglian Schools' Championships and Essex & Suffolk Schools League (ESSOL)
Highwoods Country Park, Colchester
Sunday 22nd May 2011
Final Results

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Officials' Comments

Organiser - Eddie Banks, banksy.eddie@gmail.com

It was great to see so many young people participating at Highwoods in the East Anglia Schools' Orienteering Championships and the final round of the ESSOL.

Plenty of adults too turned out on this final SOS event of the season.

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who helped on the day and with the organisation leading up to the event. In particular I must mention Julie Laver, who has energetically run the ESSOL all season and Lyn West for the setting up of the EASC. Thank you too to Caroline Louth, Chair of the EA Orienteering Association for presenting the medals and cups to the worthy winners. Several people came along to help on the day, even though they did not run, so a special thank you to them, and in particular to my mentor Jack Isbester who was there to support despite his current health concerns. Last but not least to Steve and Colin for their excellent planning and controlling. This was my first event as organiser and it all seemed to go fairly smoothly on the day, thanks to this large support team.

The strong wind did play havoc with the signage, so apologies if some of you found the direction signs challenging - but then it is an orienteering event! Thankfully there were no injuries to report with nothing worse than some scratches from the many brambles. Most importantly the road crossing marshalls did a fine job in ensuring everyone got to the start and download safely. A learning point for next time will be to have a holding area at the start for the many competitors and their coaches waiting for the white and yellow courses. This will ensure a calmer process for clearing, checking and maintaining the required gap between competitors from the same school. Being able to hear the beeps is key, as one young competitor unfortunately found to their cost after failing to register a start time.

Clearly there is a need to attract more schools and other youth groups to our fine sport. Also avoiding exam time, especially for the older juniors is important. It would be good if we can encourage even more children to participate next year.

Congratulations to the medal winners and all the participants.

Planner - Stephen Carwright

Although obviously there's a wonderful freedom in running one of the things that can be missed is the nature at times. Wasn't it lovely to see so many buttercups and daisies, the flowers and flowering shrubs, the squirrels and the birds. I loved it. Over 160 people on the results list too.

As a planner it was a shame to hear many of the children say their course was too easy. Perhaps it's good to think of Orienteering as Running Navigation with the emphasis more on the running at the East Anglian Championship event, and with a need for everyone to work on their running speed aswell as their navigation I hope it can be looked on positively. Their certainly seemed a lot of puffed children at the end. It was great that people were trying. As I'm sure most know, the rules stated what courses had to be run by the various age groups.

Thanks to everyone for their kindness and help running up to and on the day of the event.

Controller - Colin West

A busy event is always guaranteed with the East Anglian Schools' Championship, and this event was no exception. The planning started much earlier in the year, and in February the planner was moved to record the following thoughts:

"The top end of wood was very muddy today by the way and I was a little worried about children's courses. Obviously May is a long way off though and tends to be drier."

With hindsight, Steve is seen to be a master of the understatement. Ten or more weeks of dry weather had emptied the wet ditches of water and produced mud pools where once mallards swam contentedly. The lake level remained around normal, and the dipping pond had enough water to sustain its environmental credentials.

The terrain at Highwoods presents challenges to the planner to try to keep the longer courses in the better parts of the woodland - and Steve certainly did so. It is, however, not possible to avoid the less splendid areas completely.

The network of paths does offer good choices for the junior courses, and these were set to challenge the regular competitor without moving out of technical range.

Eddie's organisation managed the event to a good standard, abetted by Jack as mentor and others involved with the Schools' competition.

Congratulations to the champions on the day!

East Anglia Schools' Championships

Girls Primary
1Jordan FindlaterSt Andrew's Halstead
2Georgia GowerSt Andrew's Halstead
3Matilda McManusKing's College
Girls Primary Team
St Andrew's Halstead: Jordan Findlater, Georgia Gower, Daisy Partridge
Boys Primary
1Jack KrempelBarnardiston
2Thomas AddisonBarnardiston
3Wilson JeffreyKing's College
Boys Primary Team
Barnardiston: Jack Krempel, Thomas Addison, Nick Butler
Girls year 7&8
1Ellie HarrisonBarnardiston
2Olivia JonesBarnardiston
3Stephanie BudenbergKing's College
Girls year 7&8 Team
Barnardiston: Ellie Harrison, Olivia Jones, Jessica Woodgate
Boys year 7&8
1William LouthKing's College
2Timmy HarrisonBarnardiston
3James YoungKing's College
Boys year 7&8 Team
King's College: William Louth, James Young, Alex Darling
Girls year 9&10
1Rachel HarrisonPerse School
2Rhiannon WareColne School
3Bronwen ManselBeyton Middle
Boys year 9&10
1Henry MoleDebenham High School
Girls year 11 to 13
1Samantha BaileySpringwood
Boys year 11 to 13
1Alex WareColchester 6th Form Co
(No teams entered for Years 9&10 and 11 to 13)
Overall Team Results
1. Barnardiston Hall School
2. King's College School Cambridge
3. St. Andrew's School Halstead

Par Times

Light Green51:47
Short Green58:35

Maze Results

1stNick Harrison14SOS00:46
*2ndMathew Clarke10Barnidiston00:50
*2ndRichard Barker55SOS00:50
4thLizzy Robinson11Barnidiston00:54
*5thJames Jeffery11King's school01:03
*5thJasper Waller-Toyne9SOS01:03
*7thCharlotte Gilbey10Barnidiston01:04
*7thLeanne B21NOR01:04
*7thMegan Richardson5Barnidiston01:04
*7thOlivia Baldwin10St. Andrews01:04
11thDaisy Partridge10St. Andrews01:07
12thMitchell Clark11IND01:10
13thGeorge Baldwin8St. Andrews01:12
14thIssy Perry9Barnidiston01:16
*15thBen Partridge5IND01:27
*15thAlex Birkett11SOS01:27
17thOscar Clarke8St. Andrews01:29
18thEddie Banks55SOS01:36
*19thTim Harrison12Barnidiston01:37
*19thHolly McGerty10Barnidiston01:37
21stEdward Low9King's school01:39
*22ndCallum Wash12IND01:40
*22ndAdam Mugliston13Thomas Mill's01:40
24thGeorge Wash9St. Andrews01:44
25thElisha Harrington12IND01:49
*26thJosh Partridge11IND01:50
*26thBenjamin Harrington9St. Andrews01:50
28thJack Krempel11Barnidiston01:53
29thMaisie Waller-Toyne7SOS02:26
30thQuentin Jeffery3IND02:34
31stRyan Bargewell13IND02:36
32ndBen Clark6SUFFOC03:29
mpBertie Tweed8Barnidiston-
mpDavid Jimoh11Barnidiston-
mpEllie Low6WAOC-
mpGuy Jeffery8King's school-
mpWilson Jeffery10King's school-

Final Results

SOS HighWoodsMon 23/05/2011 10:36
Final Resultscreated by OE2003 © Stephan Krämer 2008

 Pl Name                              Club                 AgeClass                    Time 
White  (60)               1.5 km  20 m   13 C     
  1 Jack Krempel                      Barnardiston         Boys Primary Yr6            7:28 
  2 Thomas Addison                    Barnardiston         Boys Primary Yr6            8:18 
  3 Wilson Jeffrey                    King's College       Boys Primary Yr5            8:27 
  4 Nick Butler                       Barnardiston         Boys Primary Yr6            8:31 
  5 Dominic Emmerson                  St Andrews Halstead  Boys Primary Yr4            8:48 
  6 Nicholas Budenberg                King's College       Boys Primary Yr6            8:50 
  7 Jordan Findlater                  St Andrews Halstead  Girls Primary Yr6           8:55 
  8 Georgia Gower                     St Andrews Halstead  Girls Primary Yr6           9:00 
  9 Matthew Clarke                    Barnardiston         Boys Primary Yr5            9:26 
 10 Benjamin Harrington               St Andrews Halstead  Boys Primary Yr5            9:30 
 11 William Young                     King's College       Boys Primary Yr6            9:35 
 12 Alexander Parker                  Barnardiston         Boys Primary Yr4            9:41 
 13 Matilda McManus                   King's College       Girls Primary Yr5           9:43 
 14 Lizzie Robinson                   Barnardiston         Girls Primary Yr6          10:01 
 15 Daisy Partridge                   St Andrews Halstead  Girls Primary Yr5          10:08 
 16 David Jimoh                       Barnardiston         Boys Primary Yr6           10:11 
 17 Christopher Jobe                  Barnardiston         Boys Primary Yr5           10:23 
 18 Hester Dewhurst                   King's College       Girls Primary Yr5          10:24 
 18 Lucy Edwards                      St Andrews Halstead  Girls Primary Yr6          10:24 
 20 Joshua Buist                      St Andrews Halstead  Girls Primary Yr4          10:26 
 21 Anthony Ford                      King's College       Boys Primary Yr5           10:30 
 22 Charlotte Gilbey                  Barnardiston         Girls Primary Yr5          10:32 
 23 Jasper Waller-Toyne               SOS/Monkwick Junior  M10 Y5                     10:42 
 24 Saskia Baldrey                    Barnardiston         Girls Primary Yr6          10:45 
 25 Jonathon Quinn                    St Andrews Halstead  Boys Primary Yr5           10:46 
 26 Holly McGerty                     Barnardiston         Girls Primary Yr5          11:01 
 27 Edward Low                        King's College       Boys Primary Yr4           11:13 
 28 Bertie Tweed                      Barnardiston         Boys Primary Yr4           11:14 
 29 E Tufnell L Harrington            St Andrews Halstead  Boys Primary Yr5/4         11:18 
 30 A Becher M Richardso              Barnardiston         Girls Primary Yr5          11:19 
 31 Hope Dudley                       Barnardiston         Girls Primary Yr5          11:28 
 32 Callum Turner                     St Andrews Halstead  Boys Primary Yr6           11:29 
 33 J Palmer T Turner                 St Andrews Halstead  Boys Primary Yr5/3         11:31 
 34 Alex Birkett                      SOS                  M12 Meadgate Y6            11:40 
 35 I Perry T Salmon                  Barnardiston         Girls Primary Yr4/4        12:36 
 36 Harry Ferguson                    Barnardiston         Boys Primary Yr4           12:44 
 37 H Challis O Clark                 St Andrews Halstead  Boys Primary Yr5/4         13:09 
 38 J Hamman S Rayment                St Andrews Halstead  Boys Primary Yr4/4         13:35 
 39 Freddie Gray                      SUFFOC/Ipswich Prep  M9 Y4                      13:38 
 40 Amber Greaves                     St Andrews Halstead  Girls Primary Yr6          13:52 
 41 William Dewhurst                  Kings College        M8 Y3                      14:08 
 42 Tara Ferguson Juliette Agazarian  Barnardiston         Girls Primary Yr6          15:00 
 43 Alys Phillips                     Barnardiston         Girls Primary Yr5          15:29 
 43 J Smith Z Hartnup                 St Andrews Halstead  Girls Primary Yr6/3        15:29 
 45 A Juniper C Warren                St Andrews Halstead  Girls Primary Yr4/4        15:33 
 46 Jack Edwards                      St Andrews Halstead  Boys Primary Yr4           16:24 
 47 Haydn Garrod                      Barnardiston         Boys Primary Yr5           16:38 
 48 Catriona Gladman                  SOS                  Newland Spring Y5          17:00 
 49 Maisie Waller-Toyne               SOS/Monkwick Junior  W8 Y3                      17:48 
 50 Adam Mulgiston +1                 SOS                  M14                        18:08 
 51 T Smith G Wash                    St Andrews Halstead  Boys Primary Yr5/4         22:00 
 52 Eleanor Low                       WAOC/Morley Memorial W10 Y2                     22:43 
 53 David Low + 1                     WAOC                 M10                        24:42 
 54 E Gower M Press                   St Andrews Halstead  Girls Primary Yr4/4        26:38 
 55 James and Keziah Bailey           NOR                  M8 W6                      43:45 
 56 O Baldwin L Swainsbury            St Andrews Halstead  Girls Primary Yr5/5        45:36 
    James Jeffrey                     King's College       Boys Primary Yr6              mp 
    Angus Dudley                      Barnardiston         Boys Primary Yr6              mp 
    Poppy Holttum                     St Andrews Halstead  Girls Primary Yr6             mp 
    Anna Darling                      King's College       Girls Primary Yr5            dns 

Yellow  (20)              2.1 km  25 m   13 C     
  1 William Louth                     King's College       Boys Yr 7/8                10:32 
  2 Timmy Harrison                    Barnardiston         Boys Yr 7/8                12:56 
  3 James Young                       King's College       Boys Yr 7/8                14:52 
  4 Tom Birkett                       SOS                  M14 Meadgate Y8            15:22 
  5 Alex Darling                      King's College       Boys Yr 7/8                15:52 
  6 Angus Parsonson                   Barnardiston         Boys Yr 7/8                18:15 
  7 Ben Warland                       SOS/Ixworth Middle   M14 Y8                     22:43 
  8 Nicholas Budenberg                King's College       Y6                         24:22 
  9 Ellie Harrison                    Barnardiston         Girls Yr 7/8               33:07 
 10 Adam Mugliston + 3                SOS                  M14, Y8                    34:47 
 11 Olivia Jones                      Barnardiston         Girls Yr 7/8               36:23 
 12 Stephanie Budenberg               King's College       Girls Yr 7/8               40:21 
 13 Stephanie Ware                    SOS                  Phillip Morant Y7          48:17 
 14 Lucy and Sharon Warland           SOS                  W7  Y2                   1:06:38 
 15 Jessica Woodgate                  Barnardiston         Girls Yr 7/8             1:21:06 
 16 Moody Margaret                    SUFFOC               W45                      1:21:51 
 17 Emma Clarke                       Barnardiston         Girls Yr 7/8             1:33:59 
 18 Alesha Mia and Sheila Lowe        SUFFOC               W7                       3:00:04 
    Margora Noods                     SUFFOC               W45                          dns 
 nc Will Young                        IND                                                mp 

Orange  (9)               3.6 km  50 m   15 C     
  1 Rachel Harrison                   SUFFOC               W16 Perse Y9               32:04 
  2 Rhiannon Ware                     SOS/Colne            W16, Y10                   39:46 
  3 Trevor and Keith Fulcher          IND                  M40                        40:41 
  4 Henry Mole                        SOS/Debenham High    M14 Y9                     51:47 
  5 Walker Gillian                    IND                  W45                      1:01:15 
  6 Bronwen Mansel                    SUFFOC/Beyton Middle W14 Y7                   1:01:18 
  7 Antoine Fauvaque                  IND                  M20                      1:05:58 
  8 Verity Mole                       SOS                  W50                      1:09:24 
  9 Catherine Mole                    SOS/Stonham Aspal    W12 Y6                   1:14:52 

Light Green  (7)          3.9 km  65 m   12 C     
  1 Nigel Low                         WAOC                 M40                        28:57 
  2 Alex Ware                         SOS/Colchester 6thFC M18 Y12                    36:09 
  3 Claire Tomalin                    SOS                  W45                        50:26 
  4 Samantha Bailey                   NOR                  W16                      1:09:33 
  5 Alan Carson                       BAOC                 M50                      1:18:41 
  6 Wesley Musall                     SUFFOC               M60                      1:24:18 
  7 Belinda Allen                     SOS                  W35                      1:48:20 

Short Green  (7)          3.7 km  60 m   11 C     
  1 Eleanor West                      SOS                  W21                        39:03 
  2 Paul Lowe                         SUFFOC               M50                        47:26 
  3 Nancy Powell Davies               SOS                  W60                        55:22 
  4 Walker Richard                    IND                  M50                      1:04:04 
  5 Andrew Stemp                      WAOC                 M14                      1:36:19 
  6 June Webb                         SUFFOC               W75                      1:42:09 
    Catherine Hartley + 2             IND                                                mp 

Green  (23)               4.7 km  90 m   15 C     
  1 Peter Warland                     SOS                  M45                        36:13 
  2 Brynn Wilkinson                   SUFFOC               M14                        42:50 
  3 Ian Smith                         WAOC                 M55                        48:16 
  4 John Collyer                      SOS                  M65                        51:39 
  5 Lyn West                          SOS                  W55                        56:39 
  6 Andrew Cordle                     SOS                  M60                        57:12 
  7 Roderick Mansel                   SUFFOC               M14                        59:53 
  8 John Webb                         SUFFOC               M75                      1:00:38 
  9 Barbara Fothergill                HAVOC                W55                      1:02:47 
 10 Jenny Collyer                     SOS                  W65                      1:05:11 
 11 Christopher Bailey                NOR                  M16                      1:07:43 
 12 Perry Mole                        SOS                  M45                      1:07:55 
 13 Alan Bedder                       NOR                  M65                      1:10:21 
 14 John Harris                       WAOC                 M65                      1:11:59 
 15 David Skinner                     SOS                  M60                      1:15:07 
 16 Tony Biggs                        HAVOC                M60                      1:16:22 
 17 Maria Marshall                    WAOC                 W55                      1:16:49 
 18 Janet Biggs                       HAVOC                W55                      1:20:59 
 19 Karen Ezard                       SOS                  W50                      1:22:25 
 20 Clamp Susan                       IND                  W50                      1:24:40 
 21 Sarah Albon                       IND                  W21                      1:27:15 
 22 Clive Tant                        SOS                  M55                      1:28:58 
    Louise Walker                     SUFFOC               W45                           mp 

Blue  (19)                6.5 km  105 m   18 C    
  1 Richard Bonnett                   SOS                  M55                        55:45 
  2 John Ward                         NOR                  M65                        59:59 
  3 John Williams                     SOS                  M55                      1:00:53 
  4 David Sanderson                   SOS                  M50                      1:04:36 
  5 Will Harrison                     SUFFOC               M50                      1:05:37 
  6 Childs Chris                      SOS                  M60                      1:06:51 
  7 Geoff Pye                         SOS                  M55                      1:08:41 
  8 Kevin Machin                      SOS                  M50                      1:09:14 
  9 Nicholas Harrison                 SOS                  M16                      1:10:04 
 10 Murray Allen                      SOS                  M35                      1:12:56 
 11 Sally Wilkinson                   SUFFOC               W45                      1:14:27 
 12 Emma Johnson                      SOS                  W21                      1:14:39 
 13 Sarah Mansel                      SUFFOC               W45                      1:15:05 
 14 Philip Halford                    SUFFOC               M55                      1:15:12 
 15 Bruce Marshall                    WAOC                 M55                      1:25:15 
 16 David Float                       HAVOC                M40                      1:27:50 
 17 Jeremy Gray                       SUFFOC               M45                      1:29:54 
    Iain Stemp                        WAOC                 M45                           mp 
    Claire Harrison                   SOS                  W35                          dns 

Brown  (15)               8.3 km  160 m   23 C    
  1 Jonathan Albon                    SOK                  M21                        56:36 
  2 Duncan Harrison                   SOS                  M40                      1:06:51 
  3 Paul Beckett                      HAVOC                M50                      1:08:04 
  4 Ben Joseph Green                  WAOC                 M21                      1:10:03 
  5 Clive Wilkinson                   SUFFOC               M45                      1:17:06 
  6 Paul Beecher                      IND                  M21                      1:20:23 
  7 Michael Chopping                  NOR                  M50                      1:20:33 
  8 Daniel Basdium                    SOS                  W21                      1:23:06 
  9 Sean Blanchflower                 IND                  M35                      1:27:40 
 10 Rod Mansel                        SUFFOC               M50                      1:29:18 
 11 John Clarke                       SUFFOC               M40                      1:34:41 
 12 Brain Cowe                        IND                  M21                      1:41:17 
 13 David Phillips                    IND                  M50                      1:50:58 
 14 Steven King                       SOS                  M50                      1:51:30 
 nc Pete Doyle                        IND                  M21                      2:00:24 

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