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Stragglers Relays
Wivenhoe Park, Colchester
Sunday 10th July 2011
Final Results

Officials' Comments

Organiser - dave.skinner@btinternet.com

Having Organised the SOS Relays last year it was with less trepidation that I journeyed to Wivenhoe Park on Sunday than I did when I set off for Hylands Park in 2010. Thankfully the rain largely kept away, though I imagine, given the 'state' of some returning runners it was pretty hot out there in the 'jungle' with Elephants, Baboons, Chimpanzees, Gorillas and others fighting it out. Although there were only 10 teams (at one stage there might have been 14) it was a good competitive event - congratulations to SOS Team Tantalising who are now the proud holders of the much-coveted SOS Relays Trophy. I have put together individual results for all those who ran in the Relays as well as those who ran individually. I believe these results are pretty accurate. If there are major errors in the results which are of significant concern please let me know. I intend to publish a more comprehensive review of the event in the next SOS Newsletter.

Personally I enjoyed the event despite the 'stresses'. Thank you all for coming - I hope you too enjoyed the day. The event would not have been possible without the tremendous contribution and support from many - particular thanks to:

  • Julie Laver for Planning, collecting equipment, checking punched control cards
  • Paul Lowe for Controlling with a light but assertive touch
  • Kath Birkett and Jack Isbester for effectively covering Registration and Start
  • Kevin Machin for his timely printing of maps and bibs
  • All those who helped with close-down activities,particularly runners who still had the energy to recover controls
  • Essex University and Chelmsford Borough Council for permission to use Wivenhoe Park and the marshland area.

As ever I am very happy to receive any comments, positive or negative, on the event. My email address is shown above.

Planner - Julie Laver

The SOS relays are a nice event to plan for. Not too many courses and a nice informal feel on the day. The biggest problem is usually not being able to use control sites for more than one course. Paul Lowe ably controlled with a light touch although he did draw the line at my suggestion of some tight rope walking across a metal beam on the marsh! Thanks for all his input.

However on the day as I was putting controls out first thing I came across some fencing which was not there the previous weekend when the final site visit took place and one of my control sites was fenced off! So with only a few minutes to go before the first start (and some rude words) I set about the relevant map corrections and hopefully it did not detract from the courses too much.

Thanks to Dave Skinner for remaining calm and supportive throughout the event and to all the teams who took part with good spirit.

Controller - Paul Lowe (SUFFOC)

When it comes to the relays, with only 3 courses to plan, controlling is usually very easy. However, having painstakingly checked all Julie's courses and (apart from one bit Julie has already mentioned that I wouldn't let her do). I found everything was in order even her newly mapped out of bounds areas which were due to the extensive building works going on. Well it was until the morning of the event, when we found that they had moved the goal posts and completely blocked off access to control 7 on the orange course and the area that was still out of bounds on the previous Sunday, was now back in bounds. The only option was to remove that control from the course and frantically change the maps by hand and remind the teams about the change as they started.

However, this was not the only trick the building works lot had up their sleeves. Oh no! they completely ruined the 'which way round the lake' route choice Julie had devised, by rather strategically placing a temporary new fence extending all the way to the road from the lake on the SE side. Damn, another map correction to do..

Well done to Julie for her planning and to Dave and his team of helpers for putting on a good event at which fun was had by all.

Team Results

PositionNameClubFinish TimeStart TimeRun Time (HH:MM)
1Team TantalisingSOS12.2911.0601:23
2Flying ChimpanzeesSUFFOC12.3911.1501:24
3Singing BaboonsSUFFOC12.4911.1501:34
4Dancing GorillasSUFFOC12.5111.1701:34
5Naughty ElephantsSOS12.5911.0801:51
7Struggling StragglersSOS13.0711.2601:41
8All Four OneSOS13.2311.1502:08
9No HopesSOS/IND13.3111.3801:53

Individual Results

based on the assumption that second and subsequent runs started as soon as the map and runner were available. All times are approximate. Those who did not run in the Relays are shown as 'Individual' under Team Name.
Team NameNameClubClass Time (Mins)
Yellow 2.5 km 15m climb
Flying ChimpanzeesBryn WilkinsonSUFFOCM1413
WeWeJohn WilliamsSOSM5513
Flying ChimpanzeesWill HootonSUFFOCM1813
WeWeKevin EllisSOSM5013
Team TantalisingMartin SellensSOSM5515
Naughty ElephantsRichard BonnettSOSM5515
Flying ChimpanzeesGoff HillSUFFOCM6515
Singing BaboonsPhil HalfordSUFFOCM5516
Dancing GorillasRod ManselSUFFOCM5016
W3HDuncan HarrisonSOSM4016
No HopesLawrence ParishINDM3516
W3HPeter WarlandSOSM4516
Struggling StragglersDani BrohmSOSW2116
Team TantalisingHilary SellensSOSW5017
Dancing GorillasColin ButlerSUFFOCM6017
WeWeGary WrightSOSM4517
Team TantalisingClive TantSOSM5517
Naughty ElephantsSue HartleySOSW5518
Flying ChimpanzeesRoderick ManselSUFFOCM1418
Singing BaboonsClive WilkinsonSUFFOCM4518
Singing BaboonsSarah ManselSUFFOCW4518
Dancing GorillasSally WilkinsonSUFFOCW4518
All Four OneChris ChildsSOSM6018
IndividualSteven KingSOSM5018
Struggling StragglersAndrew CordleSOSM6019
W3HBen WarlandSOSM1419
Team TantalisingKaren EzardSOSW5519
Struggling StragglersRhiannon WareSOSW1619
Dancing GorillasSimon HootonSUFFOCM5519
Naughty ElephantsSteve PartridgeSOSM4019
No HopesJohn MillsSOSM3519
W3HSharon WarlandSOSW4519
All Four OneEmma JohnsonSOSW2120
Naughty ElephantsDaisy & Chloe PartridgeSOSW1021
Struggling StragglersAlex WareSOSM1821
Singing BaboonsBronwen ManselSUFFOCW1423
No HopesAnn MillsSOSW3525
No HopesLouise ParishINDW3526
All Four OneTom BirkettSOSM1429
All Four OneAlex BirkettSOSM1230
WeWeDenise EllisINDW5030
IndividualLucy WarlandSOSW740
Orange3.3 km 30m climb
W3HDuncan HarrisonSOSM4020
Flying ChimpanzeesRoderick ManselSUFFOCM1421
All Four OneChris ChildsSOSM6022
Naughty ElephantsRichard BonnettSOSM5522
WeWeJohn WilliamsSOSM5523
Team TantalisingMartin SellensSOSM5523
Flying ChimpanzeesBryn WilkinsonSUFFOCM1424
WeWeKevin EllisSOSM5024
Flying ChimpanzeesGoff HillSUFFOCM6525
Singing BaboonsClive WilkinsonSUFFOCM4525
Struggling StragglersDani BrohmSOSW2126
Singing BaboonsSarah ManselSUFFOCW4527
Dancing GorillasSally WilkinsonSUFFOCW4527
WeWeGary WrightSOSM4527
Team TantalisingHilary SellensSOSW5028
Team TantalisingClive TantSOSM5530
IndividualSteven KingSOSM5030
Naughty ElephantsSteve PartridgeSOSM4032
Struggling StragglersAlex WareSOSM1832
Dancing GorillasSimon HootonSUFFOCM5532
No HopesLouise ParishINDW3532
Struggling StragglersAndrew CordleSOSM6033
Dancing GorillasColin ButlerSUFFOCM6035
No HopesJohn MillsSOSM3537
IndividualNina Wilden & Jason TurnerIND?38
Singing BaboonsBronwen ManselSUFFOCW1442
W3HSharon WarlandSOSW4542
No HopesLawrence ParishINDM3544
All Four OneTom BirkettSOSM1446
Naughty ElephantsDaisy & Chloe PartridgeSOSW1057
All Four OneAlex BirkettSOSM1260
Light Green4.2 km 30m climb
WeWeKevin EllisSOSM5027
Flying ChimpanzeesGoff HillSUFFOCM6528
Naughty ElephantsRichard BonnettSOSM5528
Singing BaboonsClive WilkinsonSUFFOCM4529
W3HPeter WarlandSOSM4530
Team TantalisingMartin SellensSOSM5531
W3HDuncan HarrisonSOSM4032
Dancing GorillasSimon HootonSUFFOCM5535
Team TantalisingClive TantSOSM5535
All Four OneEmma JohnsonSOSW2137
No HopesJohn MillsSOSM3538
Struggling StragglersDani BrohmSOSW2139
IndividualAndrew MasonINDM4539
Dancing GorillasRod ManselSUFFOCM5040
Singing BaboonsPhil HalfordSUFFOCM5541
All Four OneChris ChildsSOSM6042
Flying ChimpanzeesWill HootonSUFFOCM1843
WeWeGary WrightSOSM4543
IndividualSimon PeckSUFFOCM5544
Struggling StragglersRhiannon WareSOSW1646
IndividualSteven KingSOSM5046
Naughty ElephantsSue HartleySOSW5553
No HopesAnn MillsSOSW3553

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