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Colour Coded event (Level C) incorporating ESSOL and SOS Club Championships
Danbury Park and Outdoor Centre
Sunday 11th September 2011
Final Results

Comments Awards SOS Champs Final Results Splits Splitsbrowser RouteGadget ESSOL

Officials' Comments

Organiser - Dave Skinner, dave.skinner@btinternet.com

As always I received superb support in carrying my role. Many thanks to Geoff Pye, Clive Tant and Kevin Machin for their pre-event advice and their considerable planning, map-updating and controlling efforts, and to my willing and flexible band of helpers (too many to name here) who were all brilliant. In particular I would single out Laurie and Rex Niven, ex-SOS members from Australia who did an excellent job inputting registration data, and Jack Isbester who covered for me while I had a (fairly disastrous!) run myself. I also thank Essex County Council and Danbury Outdoors who supported this event by giving permission for use of the area and for provision of facilities, and Tony Biggs (HAVOC) for emailing results files to me after I discovered they had somehow disappeared from my memory stick!

Unexpectedly the car parking area proved to be tight, but we just squeezed in. As you will have seen the area continues to undergo a considerable amount of development - the competition area is constantly changing with the addition of new activity and other structures providing a continual mapping challenge. Special efforts were made to ensure that hazards in the NW sector in particular were brought to the attention of runners, and thankfully First Aid received no customers!

It was rewarding that a family new to orienteering was attracted by the Nestle 'Get Set Go Free' promotion - we hope to see them again at our future events. All competitors I spoke to after their runs were complimentary about the courses. I hope you enjoyed the day - thank you for coming. I would very much welcome any feedback on the event - my email address is above.

Planner - Geoff Pye

The rain stopped as I got out of my car at 7am to put out the controls and did not start again until bringing in the controls! The weather was perfect with the fabled sunlit forest. I hope you all enjoyed your runs in the splendid conditions. Much credit goes to Clive Tant and Kevin Machin who updated the map and pointed out my errors in the planning. Many thanks to them and to all other SOS members who contributed to the success of the event. Looking at the splits it was interesting to note that errors were made on a variety of controls. Danbury looks easy but will bite back at any competitor who loses concentration. Some of the times on the courses run mostly by juniors were a little on the long side and my advise to them is to frequently look at the map and plan what you have to do and remember line features are not only paths! Thank you for coming to the event, it makes the planning worthwhile, and I look forward to trying to get you misplaced again in the future.

Par Times

Light Green1:18:54

SOS Championship Results

CourseNameClassTimeLengthSpeed Factormin/kmAdj min/kmPoints
GreenJenny CollyerW6500:54:275.355000:10:1100:05:05100
BlueRichard BonnettM5500:46:417.28100:06:2900:05:1596
GreenJohn CollyerM6500:44:365.356700:08:2000:05:3591
BlueJohn WilliamsM5500:52:207.28100:07:1600:05:5386
BlueRichard NewtonM4500:50:497.29000:07:0300:06:2180
GreenPeter WarlandM4500:40:095.359000:07:3000:06:4575
BlueHannah NewtonW2001:04:187.27500:08:5600:06:4275
BlueChris ChildsM6001:06:147.27400:09:1200:06:4874
BlueGeraldine RussellW6501:38:267.25000:13:4000:06:5074
BlueEddie BanksM5501:04:597.28100:09:0200:07:1969
BlueSteve KingM5001:03:027.28600:08:4500:07:3267
BluePerry MoleM4501:01:327.29000:08:3300:07:4266
GreenStephen CartwrightM5000:48:465.358600:09:0700:07:5064
GreenEmma JohnsonW2100:51:015.358400:09:3200:08:0163
Light GreenNancy Powell DaviesW6000:59:264.055600:14:4000:08:1361
BlueDavid SandersonM5001:09:067.28600:09:3600:08:1561
BlueDavid LumbyM5001:13:307.28600:10:1300:08:4757
BlueAdam Waller-ToyneM4001:13:497.29300:10:1500:09:3253
BlueAnn MillsW3501:31:257.27500:12:4200:09:3153
GreenVeronica MachinW5001:27:315.356600:16:2100:10:4847
Light GreenTom BirkettM1400:52:364.058600:12:5900:11:1045
Light GreenBridget KingW4501:15:074.057000:18:3300:12:5939
Light GreenJon BeaumontM4001:20:004.059300:19:4500:18:2227

Final Results

Danbury ParkWed 14/09/2011 11:52
Resultscreated by OE2003 © Stephan Krämer 2008

 Pl Name                               Club     AgeClass  School             SchYear      Time 

White  (18)               1.2 km  20 m   11 C     
  1 Joshua Buist                       SOS      M12       St Andrews         5            7:43 
  2 Jonathan Quinn                     SOS      M12       St Andrews         6            9:07 
  3 Alexander Parker                   SUFFOC   M9        Barnardiston Hall  5            9:43 
  4 Christopher Jobe                   SUFFOC   M10       Barnardiston Hall  6            9:54 
  5 Thomas Coulson +1                  IND      M6        White Courts       2           11:26 
  6 Luke/Thomas Harrington/Turner      SOS      M10       St Andrews         5/4         12:59 
  7 Isobel/Tilly Perry/Salmon          SUFFOC   W9        Barnardiston Hall  5           13:57 
  8 Joshua Palmer                      SOS      M12       St Andrews         6           13:59 
  9 Holly McGerty                      SUFFOC   W10       Barnardiston Hall  6           15:38 
 10 Leanne/Hann/Josh Jones/Peters/Burr SOS      W/M10     St Andrews         5/4         15:59 
 11 Georgia/Madeline Burr/Press        SOS      W12/10    St Andrews         6           16:37 
 12 Hannah Freeman                     HH       W10                          3           16:53 
 13 Lily/Zoe Amos/Hartnup              SOS      W12/10    St Andrews         6/4         17:30 
 14 Harry Ferguson                     SUFFOC   M9        Barnardiston Hall  5           18:02 
 15 Charlotte Gilbey                   SUFFOC   W10       Barnardiston Hall  6           18:40 
 16 Carolyn Mann +3                    IND      Group                                    20:18 
 17 Olivia/Amelia Baldwin/Juniper      SOS      W12/10    St Andrews         6/5         25:12 
 nc Daisy/Ben Partridge                SOS      M10       St Andrews         6/1          8:30 

Yellow  (18)              1.8 km  30 m   14 C     
  1 Daisy Partridge                    SOS      W12       St Andrews         6           23:39 
  2 Edward Low                         WAOC     M10       KCS Cambridge      5           23:52 
  3 Chloe Cracknell                    SOS      W12       St Andrews         6           26:53 
  4 Matthew Clarke                     SUFFOC   M10       Barnardiston Hall  6           28:49 
  5 Lucy Edwards                       IND      W12       Ramsey College     7           29:55 
  6 Polly Peate                        SUFFOC   W11       Barnardiston Hall  7           31:27 
  7 Lynn Houlding                      IND      W45                                      32:13 
  8 Saskia Baldrey                     SUFFOC   W11       Barnardiston Hall  7           34:22 
  9 Juliette Agazarian                 SUFFOC   W11       Barnardiston Hall  7           40:17 
 10 Nick Butler                        SUFFOC   M11       Barnardiston Hall  7           40:24 
 11 Tara Ferguson                      SUFFOC   W11       Barnardiston Hall  7           45:28 
 12 Peter Malam                        IND      M11       1st B'tree Scouts  7           50:05 
 13 Melissa Bates                      IND      W13       1st B'tree Scouts  9           50:10 
 14 Lewis French                       IND      M12       1st B'tree Scouts  8           50:15 
 15 Luke Denton                        IND      M14       1st B'tree Scouts  10          50:20 
 16 Carolyn Mann                       IND      Group                                    52:05 
    Callum Turner                      IND      M11       Ramsey College     7              mp 
 nc Joshua Buist                       SOS      M12       St Andrews         5              mp 

Orange  (4)               2.7 km  45 m   13 C     
  1 Alex Birkett                       SOS      M12       Boswells           7           52:35 
  2 Kieran Palmer                      IND      M12       CRGS               8           54:54 
  3 Catherine Mole                     SOS      W12       Debenham HS        7           56:29 
    Sharon Palmer                      IND      W40                                         mp 

LGreen  (12)              3.5 km  55 m   16 C     
  1 Tom Birkett                        SOS      M14       Boswells           9           52:36 
  2 Rob Enderby                        HAVOC    M70                                      56:06 
  3 Gary Jenkins                       HH       M35                                      56:34 
  4 Nancy Powell Davies                SOS      W60                                      59:26 
  5 Nigel Low                          WAOC     M40                                    1:01:50 
  6 Heather Freeman                    HH       W50                                    1:12:09 
  7 Laurie Niven                       Aust     W60                                    1:14:54 
  8 Bridget King                       SOS      W45                                    1:15:07 
  9 Daniel Figg                        HH       M14                                    1:17:18 
 10 Jon Beaumont                       SOS      M40                                    1:20:00 
 11 Verity/Henry Mole                  SOS      W50/M14                                1:36:49 
    Ella Gilbert                       NOR      W14                                         mp 

Green  (16)               4.6 km  75 m   18 C     
  1 Richard Freeman                    HH       M45                                      37:46 
  2 Peter Warland                      SOS      M45                                      40:09 
  3 Graham Perry                       HH       M45                                      44:01 
  4 John Collyer                       SOS      M65                                      44:36 
  5 Stephen Cartwright                 SOS      M50                                      48:46 
  6 Emma Johnson                       SOS      W21                                      51:01 
  7 Jenny Collyer                      SOS      W65                                      54:27 
  8 Andrew Mason                       IND      M45                                      55:18 
  9 Dawn Figg                          HH       W40                                      55:51 
 10 Janet Biggs                        HAVOC    W55                                    1:14:22 
 11 Veronica Machin                    SOS      W50                                    1:27:31 
 12 John Harris                        WAOC     M65                                    1:47:25 
    Chris Burgues                      HAVOC    M55                                         mp 
    Rex Niven                          Aust     M55                                         mp 
    Dave Skinner                       SOS      M60                                         mp 
 nc John Williams                      SOS      M55                                      43:36 

Blue  (24)                6.1 km  110 m   21 C    
  1 Richard Bonnett                    SOS      M55                                      46:41 
  2 Ian Maynard                        HAVOC    M50                                      49:32 
  3 Richard Newton                     SOS      M45                                      50:49 
  4 John Williams                      SOS      M55                                      52:20 
  5 Andrew Elliott                     SUFFOC   M40                                      57:54 
  6 Andrew Welsh                       HAVOC    M55                                      57:59 
  7 Perry Mole                         SOS      M45                                    1:01:32 
  8 Jonathan Gilbert                   NOR      M50                                    1:02:07 
  9 Steve King                         SOS      M50                                    1:03:02 
 10 Ian Smith                          WAOC     M55                                    1:03:04 
 11 Hannah Newton                      SOS      W20                                    1:04:18 
 12 Eddie Banks                        SOS      M55                                    1:04:59 
 13 Chris Childs                       SOS      M60                                    1:06:14 
 14 Paul Langston                      HH       M55                                    1:08:54 
 15 Alex Suzannne Houlding Birkett     IND      M/W18                                  1:08:57 
 16 David Sanderson                    SOS      M50                                    1:09:06 
 17 David Lumby                        SOS      M50                                    1:13:30 
 18 Adam Waller-Toyne                  SOS      M40                                    1:13:49 
 19 John Clarke                        SUFFOC   M40                                    1:14:26 
 20 David Float                        HAVOC    M40                                    1:19:05 
 21 Tony Biggs                         HAVOC    M60                                    1:19:41 
 22 Ann Mills                          SOS      W35                                    1:31:25 
 23 Alastair Houlding                  IND      M45                                    1:33:13 
 24 Geraldine Russell                  SOS      W65                                    1:38:26 

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