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Level C Ranking event incorporating Essex and Suffolk Schools League (ESSOL)
Hockley Woods
Sunday 18th March 2012
Final Results

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Officials' Comments

Organiser - Nancy Powell Davies powell.davies@btinternet.com

Weren't we lucky with the weather! After the damp forecast I was quite relieved to see the sunshine and no rain until my journey home. It probably meant, however, that there were more local visitors to the woods adding to the vehicles in the car park.

John and Jenny always seem able to get the best courses that any area can offer and many of you came back saying how you had enjoyed the challenges which had been set. John and Jenny would have been happy to not have had to overcome the challenge and worries caused by some early mindless vandals who displaced a number of controls in the early morning but, thankfully, these were all sorted in time for the runners to start as planned.

It was lovely to see a number of new faces and family groups enjoying their outings. Hopefully your appetite will have been whetted and we shall see you in the woods at future events.

Enormous thanks are due to the band of helpers without whom the event would not have happened, both those who play their part before the day as well as those who help before or after running. So, three cheers for those who fought off dogs to get there, gave up Mother's Day celebrations or forsook the comforts of their bed on a Sunday morning.

Planner and Controller - John and Jenny Collyer

We tried to set interesting legs across the map on the more challenging courses and not simply get distance by running people into all four corners.

For the White and Yellow courses we wanted to avoid using the larger bridle tracks and instead use the more interesting network of small paths. Controls were carefully placed to guide competitors onto their next path. Even at this level competitors should use their compass to orientate their map to make sure they are going in the correct direction.

We had some early morning panics when some controls put out at 7.00am had disappeared by 7.30am. Fortunately they were recovered having been thrown or placed just out of sight nearby.

Thanks to those who gave us encouraging comments.

Colour Coded Award Par Times

Light Green1.26.27


Hockley WoodsMon 19/03/2012 20:21
Resultscreated by OE2003 © Stephan Krämer 2008

 Pl Name                               Club      AgeClass   School                SchYear      Time 

White  (13)               1.5 km  30 m   11 C     
  1 Zoe Hartnup                        IND       W10        St Andrews Halstead   5           14:45 
  2 Ben Partridge + 1                  IND       M10        St Andrews Halstead   1           17:01 
  3 Jack Edwards + 1                   SOS       M12        St Andrews Halstead   5           17:42 
  4 Lucy Warland                       SOS       W8         Ixworth Primary       3           25:16 
  5 George Pearse                      IND       M10        St Andrews Halstead   5           28:11 
  6 Catherine Dudley                   DRONGO    W10        Meldmeth Primary      3           28:46 
  7 Elizabeth Dudley                   DRONGO    W10        Meldmeth Primary      4           29:44 
  8 Thomas Turner + Finlay Higgins     IND       M10        St Andrews Halstead   4/4         34:58 
  9 Amelia Juniper                     IND       W10        St Andrews Halstead   5           35:00 
 10 Neil + Emily Bailey + Jake Lloyd   IND       M/W10                                        36:14 
 11 Becky Howard + Phoebe Pearse       SOS       W10        St Andrews Halstead   4           43:15 
 12 Sarah Roberts + family             IND       Family                                       47:33 
 13 Paul Roberts + family              IND       Family                                       47:36 

Yellow  (14)              2.1 km  40 m   14 C     
  1 Chloe Cracknell                    SOS       W12        St Andrews Halstead   6           21:03 
  2 Lucy Edwards                       SOS       W12        Ramsey                7           23:38 
  3 Jack Edwards                       SOS       M12        St Andrews Halstead   5           23:59 
  4 Daniel Hague                       WAOC      M10        Morley Memorial       3           27:31 
  5 Callum Turner                      IND       M12        Ramsey                7           27:40 
  6 Luke Harrington                    SOS       M12        St Andrews Halstead   5           27:51 
  7 Josh Partridge                     SOS       M14        Hedingham             8           31:09 
  8 Dominic Emmerson                   IND       M10        St Andrews Halstead   4           32:27 
  9 Elena Gower + 1                    IND       W10        St Andrews Halstead   5           34:42 
 10 Michelle Ivan Lewis + Ethan Bloor  IND       Family                                     1:04:06 
 11 Karn Ebdon Adam Wood + Laine Hobbs IND       M13        2187 ATC              9         1:50:42 
    Joshua Buist                       SOS       M12        St Andrews Halstead   5              mp 
    Family Higgins                     IND       W8 M12                                          mp 
 nc Amelia Juniper + 2                 IND       W10        St Andrews            5           34:53 

Orange  (11)              2.5 km  40 m   12 C     
  1 Daisy Partridge                    SOS       W12        St Andrews Halstead   6           50:12 
  2 Kieran Palmer                      SOS       M12        CRGS                  8           58:17 
  3 Oliver Hague                       WAOC      M12        Morley Memorial       7         1:01:05 
  4 Val Kemp + 2                       IND       W50                                        1:01:56 
  5 Sharon Palmer                      SOS       W40                                        1:05:55 
  6 Tony Armour + 1                    HAVOC     M55                                        1:10:58 
  7 Kevin Meloney Audrey Dale Greta Ta IND       M50W50W70                        6         2:04:41 
    Georgia Gower                      IND       W12        Ramsey                7              mp 
    Sam Hague                          WAOC      M10        Morley Memorial       5              mp 
 nc Chloe Cracknell + 1                SOS       W12        St Andrews Halstead   6         1:17:19 
 nc Lucy Edwards                       IND       W12        Ramsey                          1:10:20 

Light Green  (16)         3.5 km  50 m   18 C     
  1 Wendy Welham                       SOS       W50                                          57:38 
  2 Sharon Warland                     SOS       W45                                        1:07:37 
  3 Andrew Cordle                      SOS       M60                                        1:09:16 
  4 Margaret Murphy                    DEE       W65                                        1:13:44 
  5 David Plaskow                      IND       M50                                        1:14:12 
  6 Ben Warland                        SOS       M14        Thurston Upper        9         1:17:13 
  7 Shane Muggeridge                   HAVOC     M14                              10        1:20:52 
  8 Dale Bennnett                      HAVOC     M45                                        1:21:04 
  9 Jennifer Taylor                    CHIG      W65                                        1:21:11 
 10 Eden Cann                          IND       W6                                         1:30:14 
 11 Susan Clamp                        SOS       W50                                        1:32:52 
 12 Peter Gay                          SUFFOC    M70                                        1:34:38 
 13 Bronwen Mansel                     SUFFOC    W14        Beyton Middle         8         1:34:48 
 14 Chris Gay                          SUFFOC    W60                                        1:39:08 
    Jean Denny + 1                     IND       W40                                             mp 
 nc Daisy Partridge                    SOS       W12        St Andrews            6         1:05:42 

Green  (21)               4.5 km  95 m   18 C     
  1 Peter Warland                      SOS       M45                                          37:12 
  2 Ian Smith                          WAOC      M55                                          52:55 
  3 David Float                        HAVOC     M40                                          54:43 
  4 Paul Lowe                          SUFFOC    M50                                          58:43 
  5 Denis Murphy                       DEE       M65                                          59:28 
  6 Alex Ware                          SOS       M20        Colchester 6th Form   13        1:04:25 
  7 Geraldine Russell                  SOS       W65                                        1:05:30 
  8 John Russell                       SOS       M70                                        1:05:41 
  9 Anne Power                         LOK       W80                                        1:12:16 
 10 David Skinner                      SOS       M60                                        1:12:29 
 11 Jane Howsham                       WAOC      W60                                        1:15:13 
 12 Jack Isbester                      SOS       M75                                        1:15:14 
 13 Janet Biggs                        HAVOC     W55                                        1:20:02 
 14 Maria Marshall                     WAOC      W60                                        1:21:07 
 15 Ros James                          SMOC      W50                                        1:27:46 
 16 Steve Kemp                         HAVOC     M50                                        1:29:25 
 17 Estella Ward                       NOR       W60                                        1:37:39 
 18 Simon Clamp                        SOS       M50                                        1:37:54 
 19 Clare Woods                        WAOC      W21                                        1:42:31 
 20 Colin Curtis                       WAOC      M75                                        1:54:18 
 nc Louise Walker                      SUFFOC    W45                                          44:25 

Blue  (30)                6.3 km  100 m   22 C    
  1 Ian Maynard                        HAVOC     M50                                          50:50 
  2 Richard Bonnett                    SOS       M55                                          50:57 
  3 Michael Muggeridge                 HAVOC     M50                                          51:30 
  4 Hazel Tant                         SOS       W21                                          52:43 
  5 Angus Dudley                       DRONGO    M40                                          55:15 
  6 Andrew Welsh                       HAVOC     M55                                          57:49 
  7 Richard Newton                     SOS       M45                                          58:14 
  8 Adam Leaf                          HH        M50                                          59:12 
  9 Mike Bickle                        WAOC      M60                                        1:00:35 
 10 Peter Woods                        WAOC      M55                                        1:02:32 
 11 Miranda Leaf                       HH        W18        Richard Hale School   12        1:06:08 
 12 Rod Mansel                         SUFFOC    M50                                        1:06:22 
 13 Ben Dubacq                         IND       M21                                        1:06:55 
 14 Nina Tant                          SOS       W21                                        1:07:13 
 15 Sarah Mansel                       SUFFOC    W45                                        1:10:15 
 16 Paul Langston                      HH        M55                                        1:11:08 
 17 Gillian Edgar                      HAVOC     W45                                        1:12:03 
 18 David Lumby                        SOS       M50                                        1:13:47 
 19 Bruce Marshall                     WAOC      M60                                        1:15:04 
 20 Emma Johnson                       SOS       W21                                        1:15:40 
 21 Peter Howsham                      WAOC      M60                                        1:16:16 
 22 Rhiannon Ware                      SOS       W16        Colne                 11        1:16:20 
 23 Catherine Galvin                   LOK       W50                                        1:21:59 
 24 Philip Hague                       WAOC      M40                                        1:26:25 
 25 Fabien Dewilde                     IND       M35                                        1:28:26 
 26 Roderick Mansel                    SUFFOC    M16        County Upper          10        1:29:41 
 27 Tony Biggs                         HAVOC     M60                                        1:49:05 
 28 Sue Woods                          WAOC      W55                                        1:50:38 
 29 Helen Hague                        WAOC      W40                                        2:00:44 
 30 Graham Ward                        NOR       M65                                        2:00:47 

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