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Level C Ranking event incorporating East Anglian League (EAL)
Hatfield Forest South & Wall Wood
Sunday 17 June 2012
Final Results

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Officials' Comments

Organiser - Jack Isbester IsbesterEntries@aol.com.

My thanks to Bruce Marshall for careful, exacting and contructive controlling which helped to eliminate my various oversights and to Kevin Machin for his massive contribution as Mapper, Planner and map printer. Kevin managed to get everything satisfactorily fixed by his deadline - about 30 minutes before the first start!

It was pleasing to approach Hatfield Forest from a new direction and to use Wall Wood for the first time. The mooing of the cows and heifers was deafening in the car parking area (our sixth choice after our first five had all been unavailable) at 0700 on Sunday but happily quietened down by the time that competitors arrived.

My activities on the day were helped enormously by the SOS team of willing and constructive helpers, supplemented by Taro Koyama from Sans Souci OC of Japan, a friend of SOS for many years.

We are grateful to Jane Schwier of Woodside Green Farm for help and co-operation in access to the farm and to Simon Cranmer of the National Trust for orienteering access to the woods.

Planner - Kevin Machin

A big thank you to everyone who came and took part on what was a glorious day. Also thanks to everyone who helped on the day and Jack for his efficiency and persistence in finding parking.

Originally, as we were parking in the South, I agreed to map the extra small area of woodland (Wall Wood), so as to provide a new area and no long walks to the start and back from the finish. At the beginning of March the area was bone dry, even the large 'ponds' in the NW were dry, not even soft or marshy, and they stayed dry right through to the end of April (which was a wet month). As we moved into May everything started to fill, the ponds, depressions and even the ditches. It was interesting watching a very runnable woodland turn green, and everywhere stayed wet. Fortunately the bramble was limited to the fairly recently felled area in the North, which I had to use because of the routes in and out of the wood to cross the road. During April, I realised that the South of Hatfield Forest was hopelessly out of date. I suppose all the events of recent years had been able to avoid it. It then became a race against time, hindered by the weather, to get the map done, and the courses planned. I made it by the skin of my teeth, thanks in large part to Bruce's patience and swift response by email in responding to course suggestions. Another big thank you to Bruce.

It had been my aim to provide a course of the right length and technical difficulty for everyone, so there were a lot of controls that featured on one course only. I know how annoying it is doing a blue or brown course and being given a control on a path junction just to get the distance in! Judging by people's comment, it seems I may have succeeded. I hope also that most, if not all of you managed to avoid the worst of the bramble and nettles - you should have done!

Controller - Bruce Marshall (WAOC)

I don't mind controlling an event when we get a beautiful day as this one.

However, you will all remember that the Spring has been unusually wet. The Organiser took action early on to ensure that we could park cars if the bad weather persisted into June. I think you will agree he found an excellent location. The mapping and planning fell victim to poor weather with the result that courses were only finalized the Sunday night before the event.

The yellow course was voted the best course. Kevin's course took competitors along ditches for 4 legs, which was much more fun than following paths.

Colour Coded Award Par Times

Light Green1:11:40
Short Green1:25:20

Final Results

Hatfield Forest & Wall WoodUpdated 21/06/2012
Resultscreated by OE2003 © Stephan Krämer 2008

   Pl Name                             Club     Age Class    Time School                     Sch Yr  

White  (11)               1.6 km   12 C           
    1 Eleanor Low                      WAOC     W10         17:49 KGS                        3       
    2 David Low + 1                    WAOC     M5          18:20 Morley Memorial            Rec     
    3 Emile Zsak                       WAOC     M10         19:00                                    
    4 Freya Longstaff + 1              IND      W6          20:01                                    
    5 Tommy Harrington, Dennis Selway  SOS      M10         23:40 St Andrews                 4       
    6 Adam Scally                      IND      M5          31:32  
      Maisie Waller-Toyne              SOS      W10            mp Monkwick Juniors           4          
   nc Liam Polley + 1                  SOS      M9          14:26 St Andrews                 3      
   nc Lucy, Rosy, Ben, Samuel + 1      SOS      W9 W9 M8 M9 18:32 St Andrews                 3      
Yellow  (11)              2.0 km   10 C           
    1 Alex Wetherill                   WAOC     M10         15:01                                    
    2 Daniel Hague                     WAOC     M10         21:41 Morley Memorial            3       
    3 Kate Frampton                    HH       W10         23:23                                    
    4 Sam Hague                        WAOC     M10         24:19 Morley Memorial            5       
    5 Amelia Juniper                   SOS      W10         28:26 St Andrews                 5       
    6 Cabrella Crifea                  IND                  34:16                                    
    7 Jasper Waller-Toyne              IND      M10         34:18 Monkwick Juniors           6       
    8 Tegan Frampton                   HH       W10         39:16                                    
    9 Lucy Warland                     SOS      W8          44:26 Ixworth Primary                    
   10 Erica Fox                        WAOC     W9          48:19                                    
   11 Louis Peters                     CHIG     M7        1:03:19                                    

Orange  (14)              3.6 km   14 C           
    1 Daisy Partridge                  SOS      W12         48:14 St Andrews                 6       
    2 Julie Pringle                    SOS      W45         52:53                                    
    3 Matthew Hearn                    HH       M16       1:00:04                            10      
    4 Chloe Cracknell                  SOS      W12       1:03:39 St Andrews                 6       
    5 Ben Wetherill                    WAOC     M14       1:07:57                                    
    6 Oliver Hague                     WAOC     M12       1:07:58 Cambridge Internat         7       
    7 Taro Koyama                      JAPAN              1:08:07                                    
    8 Ju-Ching Yeu                     IND                1:31:02                                    
    9 Sam Maddrell                     IND                1:31:03                                    
   10 Jessica Hearn                    HH       W14       1:31:35                                    
   11 Rachael Chanter Emma Stapleton+1 IND                1:37:41                            5        
   12 Margaret Bonnett                 SOS      W55       1:51:52                                    
      Lily Amos Joshua Buist           SOS      W12 M12        mp St Andrews                 6 5     
      Tyler Schamp                     NOR      M16            mp Wymondham College          9       

Light Green  (16)         3.8 km   12 C           
    1 Alice Hodkinson                  WAOC     W35         40:18                                    
    2 Ella Gilbert                     NOR      W14         50:49                                    
    3 Dylan Campbell                   CHIG     M14         53:33 Impington Village          9       
    4 Matthew Clarke                   SUFFOC   M12         54:00 Barnardiston               6       
    5 Edward Low                       WAOC     M10       1:01:19 KCS                        5       
    6 Hayley Collins                   DFOK     W21       1:06:17                                    
    7 Ben Warland                      SOS      M14       1:10:51 Thurlton CC                        
    8 Alison Zsak                      WAOC     W40       1:11:39                                    
    9 Bronwen Mansel                   SUFFOC   W14       1:17:24 Beyton Middle              8       
   10 Jayne Longstaff + 1              IND      W50       1:22:08                                    
      Ben + Sabine Oakley              HAVOC    M15 W45        mp                                    
      Margaret Moody                   SUFFOC   W45            mp                                    
      Lynn Hollding                    IND      W45            mp                                    
   nc Bob Willis                       IND      M50       1:54:54                                    
   nc Jennifer Newton + 1              IND      ?         1:39:35                                    
   nc Ray Longstaff                    IND      M40       1:53:33                                    

Short Green  (28)         4.2 km   14 C           
    1 Alice Campbell                   CHIG     W20         50:04                                    
    2 Richard Barker                   SOS      M55         51:04                                    
    3 Robin Barris                     HH       M75         56:15                                    
    4 Geraldine Russell                SOS      W65       1:00:49                                    
    5 Jenny Collyer                    SOS      W65       1:02:27                                    
    6 Steven Partridge                 SOS      M40       1:07:40                                    
    7 Lucy Carter                      SUFFOC   W35       1:10:19                                    
    8 Susan Waller-Toyne               SOS      W45       1:11:54                                    
    9 Peter Leverington                NOR      M75       1:12:01                                    
   10 Norman Howarth                   NOR      M80       1:12:08                                    
   11 Lesley Norton                    WRE      W70       1:13:40                                    
   12 Hazel Bickle                     WAOC     W60       1:14:31                                    
   13 Anne Power                       LOK      W80       1:15:39                                    
   14 Ruby Campbell                    CHIG     W75       1:25:19                                    
   15 Shane Muggeridge                 HAVOC    M14       1:25:54                                    
   16 Ursula Oxburgh                   WAOC     W75       1:29:22                                    
   17 Seonaid Dudley                   WAOC     W70       1:31:42                                    
   18 Daniel Figg                      HH       M14       1:35:21                            8       
   19 Russell Hume                     IND      M21       1:36:08                                    
   20 Rod Oakley                       HAVOC    M50       1:39:36                                    
   21 Sue Vine                         NOR      W70       1:41:04                                    
   22 Kevin + Meloney Dale             IND      50        2:00:43                                    
   23 Darrell Cruickshank              BKO      M85       2:02:57                                    
   24 Pat Bedder                       NOR      W65       2:15:06                                    
      Ros West                         SOS      W60            mp                                    
      Alan Coddington                  NOR      M75            mp                                    
      Ruth Parsons                     NOR      W16            mp Wymondham College          9       
      Catherine Girvan                 IND                     mp Wymondham College                  

Green  (44)               5.2 km   14 C           
    1 Peter Warland                    SOS      M45         38:45                                    
    2 Peter Martin                     SAX      M60         42:42                                    
    3 Hedley Calderbank                HH       M60         48:08                                    
    4 David Frampton                   HH       M40         48:41                                    
    5 John Ward                        NOR      M70         48:48                                    
    6 Keith Henderson                  WIM      M70         50:04                                    
    7 Hilary Sellens                   SOS      W55         50:07                                    
    8 John Collyer                     SOS      M65         51:01                                    
    9 John Duffield                    CHIG     M65         52:20                                    
   10 Val Challacombe                  HH       W60         53:14                                    
   11 Loiuse Walker                    SUFFOC   W45         55:38                                    
   12 Miranda Leaf                     HH       W18         56:10                                    
   13 Mark Thompson                    TVOC     M55         56:14                                    
   14 Dawn Figg                        HH       W40         57:58                                    
   15 Michael Hill                     HAVOC    M55       1:00:17                                    
   16 Claire Smith                     IND      W35       1:00:21                                    
   17 Sarah Mansel                     SUFFOC   W45       1:00:54                                    
   18 Chris Morley                     WAOC     M70       1:01:11                                    
   19 Andrew Ward                      SO       M50       1:03:21                                    
   20 Simon Peck                       SUFFOC   M55       1:03:41                                    
   21 Rachael Harrison                 SUFFOC   W16       1:03:44                                    
   22 Helen Nisbet                     SMOC     W50       1:04:13                                    
   23 Robin Campbell                   CHIG     M75       1:04:38                                    
   23 Jan Tate                         HAVOC    M21       1:04:38                                    
   25 Yvonne Hodson                    TVOC     W65       1:04:44                                    
   26 Erica Pilkinton                  WAOC     W45       1:06:20                                    
   27 Sally Wilkinson                  SUFFOC   W45       1:06:22                                    
   28 Paul Lowe                        SUFFOC   M50       1:06:58                                    
   29 Chris Burgues                    HAVOC    M55       1:07:39                                    
   30 Dave Skinner                     SOS      M60       1:11:31                                    
   31 Barbara Fothergill               HAVOC    W55       1:12:48                                    
   32 Rodney Freeburn                  NOR      M70       1:16:17                                    
   33 Alan Bedder                      NOR      M70       1:17:13                                    
   34 Helen Hague                      WAOC     W40       1:17:27                                    
   35 Ruth Rhodes                      SO       W70       1:18:20                                    
   36 Alex Ware                        SOS      M20       1:22:36                                    
   37 Julie Collins                    DFOK     W50       1:23:07                                    
   38 Ros James                        SMOC     W50       1:32:59                                    
   39 Susan Clamp                      SOS      W50       1:37:04                                    
   40 Karen Ezard                      SOS      W55       1:37:08                                    
   41 Clare Woods                      WAOC     W21       1:40:25                                    
   42 Paul Garton                      NOR      M60       1:41:53                                    
   43 John Beadle                      IND      M65       1:41:59                                    
      Alison Fox                       WAOC     W45            mp                                    

Blue  (54)                7.1 km   23 C           
    1 Robert Campbell                  CHIG     M45         51:34                                    
    2 Ian Ditchfield                   MV       M55         52:01                                    
    3 Axel Blomquist                   BAOC     M60         53:08                                    
    4 Graham Louth                     WAOC     M50         55:37                                    
    5 Ian Maynard                      HAVOC    M50         55:49                                    
    6 Dil Wetherill                    WAOC     M45         56:21                                    
    7 Henriette Klovstad               CHIG     W21         56:38                                    
    8 Bryn Wilkinson                   SUFFOC   M16         58:19                                    
    9 Simon Greenwood                  SAX      M55         58:20                                    
   10 Jim Prowting                     TVOC     M65         59:31                                    
   11 Richard Bonnett                  SOS      M55       1:00:29                                    
   12 Viktor Tron                      IND      M35       1:01:24                                    
   13 Sam Fielding                     HH       M14       1:03:20                                    
   14 Jonathon Gilbert                 NOR      M50       1:06:09                                    
   15 Alwyn Challacombe                HH       M60       1:06:40                                    
   16 Rod Postlethwaite                WRE      M55       1:07:33                                    
   17 Mike Bickle                      WAOC     M60       1:07:39                                    
   18 Andrew Welsh                     HAVOC    M55       1:07:41                                    
   19 Clive Wilkinson                  SUFFOC   M50       1:07:57                                    
   20 Guy Lidbury                      HAVOC    M40       1:08:44                                    
   21 Adam Leaf                        HH       M50       1:10:14                                    
   22 Bob Hill                         WAOC     M55       1:12:33                                    
   23 Mick Liston                      NOR      M60       1:14:32                                    
   24 Stephen Cartwright               SOS      M50       1:14:35                                    
   25 Bruce Snelling                   IND      M50       1:16:58                                    
   26 Phil Halford                     SUFFOC   M55       1:17:49                                    
   27 Will Harrison                    SUFFOC   M50       1:18:04                                    
   28 Peter Riches                     TVOC     M60       1:19:04                                    
   29 Russell Peters                   CHIG     M35       1:20:07                                    
   30 Paul Langston                    HH       M55       1:22:05                                    
   31 Adam Waller-Toyne                IND      M45       1:22:20                                    
   32 David Float                      HAVOC    M40       1:22:35                                    
   33 Rob Sibley                       SAX      M55       1:23:43                                    
   34 Eddie Banks                      SOS      M60       1:23:58                                    
   35 Emma Johnson                     SOS      W21       1:24:04                                    
   36 Simon Clamp                      SOS      M50       1:24:33                                    
   37 David Heale                      HH       M45       1:24:34                                    
   38 Peter Woods                      WAOC     M55       1:26:08                                    
   39 Paul Hearn                       HH       M45       1:26:18                                    
   40 Mark Lyne                        SOS      M50       1:26:20                                    
   41 Chris Childs                     SOS      M60       1:27:22                                    
   42 Phil Hague                       WAOC     M40       1:30:29                                    
   43 Alastair Houlding                IND      M45       1:32:25                                    
   44 Robin Stevens                    LOK      M45       1:36:25                                    
   45 Tracey Apperley                  SOS      W40       1:36:28                                    
   46 Penny Parkes                     HH       W55       1:52:54                                    
   47 Andrew Childs                    SOS      M55       1:53:52                                    
   48 Anthony Biggs                    HAVOC    M60       1:53:55                                    
   49 Graham Batty                     HAVOC    M50       1:54:44                                    
   50 Sue Woods                        WAOC     W55       2:07:24                                    
   51 Leslie Childs                    SOS      M60       2:25:57                                    
      Rod Mansel                       SUFFOC   M50            mp                                    
      Tom Edelsten                     CHIG     M65            mp                                    
      Stu Levene                       HH       M40            mp                                    

Brown  (28)               9.5 km   25 C           
    1 Jonathan Albon                   CHIG     M21       1:06:16                                    
    2 Ian Hargreaves                   IND      M35       1:09:28                                    
    3 Paul Beckett                     HAVOC    M50       1:16:19                                    
    4 Kevin Fielding                   HH       M40       1:16:27                                    
    5 Alan Hickling                    SAX      M45       1:18:21                                    
    6 Mark Collins                     DFOK     M50       1:21:06                                    
    7 Michael Muggeridge               HAVOC    M50       1:21:24                                    
    8 Tony Maycraft                    CHIG     M50       1:21:51                                    
    9 J.J. Ward                        NOR      M40       1:22:03                                    
   10 Neil Brooks                      LOK      M50       1:23:32                                    
   11 Duncan Harrison                  SOS      M40       1:24:44                                    
   12 Sean Blanchflower                WAOC     M35       1:26:33                                    
   13 Brian Cowe                       WAOC     M35       1:27:54                                    
   14 Stephen Borrill                  WAOC     M40       1:30:51                                    
   15 Nick Butcher                     IND      M35       1:31:39                                    
   16 Martin Sellens                   SOS      M60       1:33:41                                    
   17 Andrew Elliot                    SUFFOC   M40       1:34:03                                    
   18 Neil Carter                      SUFFOC   M35       1:34:08                                    
   19 Clive Tant                       SOS      M55       1:34:15                                    
   20 Daniela Brohm                    SOS      W21       1:37:33                                    
   21 David Cooper                     WAOC     M45       1:40:34                                    
   22 Pieter David De Koning           IND      M40       1:41:17                                    
   23 Kevin Parkes                     HH       M50       1:43:28                                    
   24 John Clarke                      SUFFOC   M40       1:47:43                                    
   25 Laura Parkes                     HH       W20       1:56:29                                    
   26 Richard Townsend                 IND      M50       2:25:49                                    
      Ken Wickham                      SO       M70            mp                                    
      Sue Carter                       CHIG     W45            mp                                    

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