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Colour Coded Event incorporating Essex & Suffolk Schools League (ESSOL), SOS Club Championship and Yvette Baker Trophy Qualifier
Chalkney Wood, Earls Colne
Sunday 7th October 2012
Preliminary Results

Comments Awards YBT ClubChamps Results Splits Splitsbrowser Results BO Ranking Points ESSOL League

Officials' Comments

Organiser's Comments - David Lumby david.lumby@thomasmiller.com

We were greeted with a fine winter's morning - sun, blue skies but quite cold. Things were more autumnal with the mist rolling in by the time courses were open. As we cleared up afterwards it was sunny and genuinely warm. Not quite four seasons in one day but very close. At least we saw no rain.

There was a very good turnout with lots of Juniors running in the ESSOL and Yvette Baker Trophy qualifiers and so much demand for the Green course that the last registered runner collected the final map that had been printed. From the comments I overheard it seems that Chalkney is reverting after the coppicing to an attractive runnable venue (albeit with some mud!) and Jenny's courses seemed to come in for favourable comment.

Congratulations to the SOS Juniors on their success in the YBT qualifier and to Nick Pugh in the SOS Club Championship.

Some runners on the Blue and Green courses (the only ones that will qualify for ranking points) did not supply BOF numbers and hence did not appear to have any ranking points on the link to the BOF website. We have reconstructed the file as far as possible with numbers from our records but please check and if you want to send us your BOF number by the end of the week we will include it in the final version sent to BOF. Please remember to fill all the boxes on your registration forms!!

Many thanks to all who helped me with my first event as organiser. The volunteers on the day made life easy, Dave Skinner gently prodded me from three months before, John and Jenny Collyer were easy to work with and made several helpful suggestions and Julie Laver listened to my increasingly panicked rantings on Wednesday evening Club Nights and steered me in the right direction. I might even do it again!

Finally many thanks to Sally Tippett who permitted us to use the farmyard (and her lawn) for parking and the farm buildings for download and coffee production.

Controller's Comments - John Collyer

The sun disappeared once we had placed and checked all the controls, and came out again right at the end - but at least it was dry! Thank you for the kind comments about the courses which Jenny planned. Chalkney has certainly opened up over the past few years. We are waiting for the far north eastern end to recover from the mass felling which has left it a jungle of bracken and brambles.

A reminder to staff and parents about the fair running of the competition, whereby parents/staff and their children should not be in the forest at the same time on any course (or even as spectators). I have declared one pupil as non-competitive because a parent went out on the same course just two minutes later, and a comparison of their split times (another benefit of SI) shows that they spent much of the course only separated by a handful of seconds.

Provisional Colour Coded Award Par Times

Light Green1:00:09
Short Green1:22:07

Yvette Baker Trophy Heat

Congratulations to the SOS Juniors who will proceed to the Final. SOS scored 889 points, narowly beating NOR (887)and SUFFOC (886), and an incomplete team from WAOC (472).

This document shows the scorers for each club, and this document shows all runners eligible to score in each class. The scores are calculated using these rules.

Provisional SOS Club Championships

CourseNameClassTimeLengthSpeed Factormin/kmAdj min/kmPoints
BlueNick PughM6001:15:217.47000:10:1100:07:08100
BlueDuncan HarrisonM4001:03:527.48900:08:3800:07:4192
BlueClive TantM5501:16:327.47700:10:2100:07:5889
GreenJo WestW2100:51:125.38200:09:4000:07:5589
BlueChris ChildsM6001:24:487.47000:11:2800:08:0188
BlueColin WestM5501:21:307.47700:11:0100:08:2984
GreenMark LyneM5000:54:455.38200:10:2000:08:2884
BlueJohn WilliamsM6001:33:237.47000:12:3700:08:5080
BlueStephen CartwrightM5001:21:207.48200:10:5900:09:0179
BlueAnn MillsW4001:36:057.46900:12:5900:08:5879
GreenJohn StarkeyM7001:25:115.35700:16:0400:09:1077
LGreenDaisy PartridgeW1200:55:333.656200:15:1300:09:2675
BlueSebastian PughM2101:11:227.410000:09:3900:09:3973
SgreenGeraldine RussellW6501:09:443.44800:20:3100:09:5172
BlueJohn MillsM4001:26:127.48900:11:3900:10:2268
GreenKaren EzardW5001:27:205.36300:16:2900:10:2368
GreenRhiannon WareW1601:23:145.36700:15:4200:10:3167
SgreenJack IsbesterM7501:17:103.45000:22:4200:11:2162
SgreenSusan Waller-ToyneW4501:02:213.46700:18:2000:12:1758
GreenNina TantW2101:20:525.38200:15:1500:12:3156
GreenAlan AlfordM5501:32:495.37700:17:3100:13:2952
LGreenAndrew CordleM6001:16:243.657000:20:5600:14:3948
GreenAlex WareM2001:29:295.39200:16:5300:15:3245
SgreenEmma JohnsonW2101:18:073.48200:22:5900:18:5037
GreenChristine HoughW2102:32:075.38200:28:4200:23:3230
LGreenSam BolamM1801:37:323.659000:26:4300:24:0329

Provisional Results

ChalkneySun 10/7/2012 9:53 PM
Resultscreated by OE2003 © Stephan Krämer 2008

   Pl Name                             AgeClass Club            Time School/Group     SchY 

White  (22)               1.3 km  5 m   11 C      
    1 Tilly Salmon                       Barnardiston W11        10:05 Barnardiston        6      
    2 Isobel Perry                       Barnardiston W11        10:41 Barnardiston        6      
    3 Tommy + Ben Harrintgton + Styman-H St Andrew's  M10        10:48 St Andrew's         5 & 4  
    4 Tom Steed                          Barnardiston M11        10:56 Barnardiston        6      
    5 Chloe Plumb                                     W12        11:00 Ramsey College      8      
    6 Elizabeth Dudley                   DRONGO       W10        11:29 Meldreth Primary    5      
    7 Zoe Hartnup                        St Andrew's  W10        11:51 St Andrew's         5      
    8 Emily Williams                     Barnardiston W11        12:05 Barnardiston        7      
    9 Ben Partridge                      SOS          M10        12:23 St Andrews Halstead 2      
   10 Hugo Thompson                      Barnardiston M11        14:23 Barnardiston        6      
   11 Emile Zsakh                                     M10        15:21 Milton Road         5      
   12 Catherine Dudley + 1               DRONGO       W10        15:26                            
   13 David Low                          WAOC         M10        15:33 Morley Memorial     1      
   14 Rosy + India Bird + Hook           St Andrew's  W10        15:35 St Andrew's         4      
   15 Harry Ferguson                     Barnardiston M11        16:22 Barnardiston        6      
   16 Samuel + Liam Bell + Polley        St Andrew's  M10        17:45 St Andrew's         4      
   17 Sue Hartley Team 6 others          St Andrew's             19:55 St Andrew's         3,4,5  
   18 Ellie Low                          WAOC         W10        21:30 KCS Cambridge       4      
   19 Elena Gower                        St Andrew's  W12        23:58 St Andrew's         6      
   20 Amber + Becky Hart + Howard        St Andrew's  W12 & 10   40:36 St Andrew's         6 & 5  
      Thomas Turner                      St Andrew's  M10           mp St Andrew's         5      
      Amy Bocking                                     W11           mp Ramsey College      7      

Yellow  (32)              1.8 km  15 m   10 C     
    1 Jack Krempel                       Barnardiston M13        13:29 Barnardiston        8      
    2 Jack Edwards                       St Andrew's  M12        13:53 St Andrew's         6      
    3 Christopher Jobe                   Barnardiston M12        15:03 Barnardiston        7      
    4 Sean Dudley                                     M40        15:33                            
    5 Rob Baldrey                                     M45        16:16                            
    6 Lucy Edwards                                    W12        17:07 Ramsey College      8      
    7 Saskia Baldrey                     Barnardiston W13        17:10 Barnardiston        8      
    8 Georgina Nicholls                  NOR          W12        18:01                            
    9 Alys Phillips                      Barnardiston W12        18:21 Barnardiston        7      
   10 Charlotte Gilbey                   Barnardiston W12        19:27 Barnardiston        7      
   11 Sam Hague                          WAOC         M10        20:22 Morley Memorial     6      
   12 Tara + Juliette Ferguson + Agazari Barnardiston W13        20:38 Barnardiston        8      
   13 Angus Dudley                       Barnardiston M13        21:17 Barnardiston        8      
   14 Hope Dudley                        Barnardiston W12        22:13 Barnardiston        7      
   15 Edward Low                         WAOC         M10        23:53 KCS Cambridge       6      
   16 Haydn Garrod                       Barnardiston M12        23:59 Barnardiston        7      
   17 Luke + Eliot Cooper + Moore        Brentwood    M12        27:17 Brentwood           8      
   18 Henry + Freddie Trevanion          Hedingham    M14        28:51 Hedingham           8      
   19 Daniel Hague                       WAOC         M10        37:45 Morley Memorial     4      
   20 Josie Sumner                       IND          M10        39:13                            
   21 Dominic Emmerson                   St Andrew's  M12        39:37 St Andrew's         6      
   22 Innisha  Adaugo Sutharahan Nkwocha SOS          W12        40:51 Brentwood           7      
   23 Ben Tommy Harrington               SUFFOC                  43:28 St Andrews                 
   24 Erica Fox                          WAOC         W10        44:30 Fendrayton          5      
   25 Amelia + Lucy Juniper + Walker     St Andrew's  W12/10     45:15 St Andrew's         6 & 4  
   26 Lily Amos                          Hedingham    W12        46:16 Hedingham           7      
   27 Eloise Sumner                      IND          W12      1:00:48                            
      Dale Hellard                       NOR          M10           mp                            
      Joshua Buist                       St Andrew's  M12           mp St Andrew's         6      
      Lucas + Adam O'Neill + Perilly     Brentwood    M12           mp Brentwood           8      
   nc Gowers                             SOS                     47:59                            
   nc Chloe + Amy Plumb +Bocking                      W12      1:01:40 Ramsey College             

Orange  (16)              2.7 km  25 m   13 C     
    1 Callum Turner                                   M12        26:11 Ramsey College      8      
    2 Jon Beaumont                       SOS          M40        31:35                            
    3 Kayleigh Hellard                   NOR          W16        36:04                            
    4 Josh Partridge                     Hedingham    M14        37:05 Hedingham           9      
    5 Chloe Cracknell                    Hedingham    W12        42:19 Hedingham           7      
    6 Thomas Lock                                     M12        43:47 Ramsey College      8      
    7 Stephanie Ware                     SOS          W14        46:36 Philip Morant       9      
    8 Matthew Webb                       NOR          M14        47:56 Norwich School      10     
    9 Oliver Hague                       WAOC         M14        48:27 Cambridge Int       8      
   10 Kieran Betts                       NOR          M16        52:15 Norwich School      11     
   11 Georgia Gower                      SOS          W12      1:02:25 Ramsey College      8      
   12 David Carter                       WAOC         M55      1:08:32                            
   13 Gillian Edmunds                    IND          W60      1:11:55                            
   14 Emma Clarke                        SUFFOC       W14      1:15:49 Perse               9      
   15 Naomi Chandler                                  W11      1:43:28                     7      
   nc Lucy Edwards                                    W12        51:41 Ramsey College             

Light Green  (14)         3.3 km  35 m   17 C     
    1 Ben Crane                          NOR          M16        40:06 Norwich School      11     
    2 Matthew Clarke                     Barnardiston M12        43:48 Barnardiston        7      
    3 sam Nicholls                       NOR          M14        46:29 Norwich School      9      
    4 Diane Williamson                   WAOC         W45        49:47                            
    5 Bronwen Mansel                     SUFFOC       W14        52:03 County Upper        9      
    6 George Johnson                     NOR          M18        52:11 Norwich School      13     
    7 Daisy Partridge                    Hedingham    W12        55:33 Hedingham           7      
    8 Gary Hellard                       NOR          M40        58:30                            
    9 Andrew Cordle                      SOS          M60      1:16:24                            
   10 Cathy Beard                        IND          W55      1:28:33                            
   11 Sam Bolam                          SOS          M18      1:37:32 Colchester Inst     12     
   12 Louise Chandler                    IND          W45      1:47:42                            
   13 Kevin + Meloney Dale               NOR          M50      1:48:38                            
   14 Philip Helen Ewan Sears            HAVOC                 2:23:33                            

Short Green  (9)          3.1 km  30 m   15 C     
    1 Noreen Ives                        WAOC         W55        54:45                            
    2 Tony Biggs                         HAVOC        M60        57:03                            
    3 Seonaid Dudley                     WAOC         W70        58:56                            
    4 Susan Waller-Toyne                 SOS          W45      1:02:21                            
    5 Geraldine Russell                  SOS          W65      1:09:44                            
    6 Jack Isbester                      SOS          M75      1:17:10                            
    7 Emma Johnson                       SOS          W21      1:18:07                            
    8 Ursula Oxburgh                     WAOC         W75      1:41:08                            
      David Schroeder                    WAOC         M40           mp                            

Green  (39)               4.7 km  60 m   18 C     
    1 Glen Richardson                    NOR          M21        36:45                            
    2 Bryn Wilkinson                     SUFFOC       M16        40:02                            
    3 Sam Garforth                       NOR          M18        46:54 Norwich School      13     
    4 Clive Wilkinson                    SUFFOC       M50        47:12                            
    5 Jo West                            SOS          W21        51:12                            
    6 Mark Lyne                          SOS          M50        54:45                            
    7 Alison Fox                         WAOC         W45        58:01                            
    8 Joanne Hickling                    SAX          W45      1:00:43                            
    9 Roderick Mansel                    SUFFOC       M16      1:00:56 County Upper        11     
   10 Ella Gilbert                       NOR          W14      1:01:53                            
   11 Sarah Mansel                       SUFFOC       W45      1:03:22                            
   12 Louise Walker                      SUFFOC       W45      1:03:33                            
   13 Matt Jefford                       NOR          M16      1:03:52 Norwich School      11     
   14 Michael Hill                       HAVOC        M55      1:05:24                            
   15 Simon Peck                         SUFFOC       M55      1:06:33                            
   16 Mark Nicholls                      NOR          M45      1:09:01                            
   17 Rod Mansel                         SUFFOC       M50      1:09:20                            
   18 Chris Burgues                      HAVOC        M55      1:12:38                            
   19 Paul Lowe                          SUFFOC       M50      1:12:51                            
   20 Nicola Nicholls                    NOR          W45      1:15:25                            
   21 Rachel Oxburgh                     IND          W45      1:19:35                            
   22 Nina Tant                          SOS          W21      1:20:52                            
   23 Rob Enderby                        HAVOC        M40      1:23:11                            
   24 Rhiannon Ware                      SOS          W16      1:23:14 CCHS                12     
   25 Janet Biggs                        HAVOC        W55      1:25:01                            
   26 John Starkey                       SOS          M70      1:25:11                            
   27 Sally Wilkinson                    SUFFOC       W45      1:26:25                            
   28 Karen Ezard                        SOS          W50      1:27:20                            
   29 Simon Chandler                     IND          M45      1:28:29                            
   30 Alex Ware                          SOS          M20      1:29:29            
   31 Jane Howsham                       WAOC         W60      1:30:10                            
   32 Alan Alford                        SOS          M55      1:32:49                            
   33 Anne Power                         LOK          W80      1:34:20                            
   34 Wesley Masall                      SUFFOC       M60      1:35:20                            
   35 Helen Hague                        WAOC         W40      1:39:20                            
   36 Christine Hough                    SOS          W21      2:32:07                            
      Michael Hough                      SOS          M35           mp                            
      Charlotte Cheetham                 CHIG         W50           mp                            
      Louise Sime                        WAOC         W35           mp                            

Blue  (27)                6.6 km  80 m   22 C     
    1 Angus Dudley                       DRONGO       M40        51:50                            
    2 Ian Hargreaves                     KERNO        M35        51:52                            
    3 Chris Sellens + Sarah Ivory        SOS          M/W21      58:20                            
    4 Ben Green                          WAOC         M35        58:33                            
    5 Brian Cowe                         WAOC         M35        58:52                            
    6 Alan Hickling                      SAX          M45      1:01:36                            
    7 Duncan Harrison                    SOS          M40      1:03:52                            
    8 Peter Duthie                       WAOC         M50      1:07:45                            
    9 Jonathan Gilbert                   NOR          M50      1:11:04                            
   10 Ian Byford                         HH           M50      1:11:17                            
   11 Sebastian Pugh                     SOS          M21      1:11:22                            
   12 Nick Pugh                          SOS          M60      1:15:21                            
   13 Clive Tant                         SOS          M55      1:16:32                            
   14 Peter Howsham                      WAOC         M60      1:19:32                            
   15 Stephen Cartwright                 SOS          M50      1:21:20                            
   16 Colin West                         SOS          M55      1:21:30                            
   17 Chris Childs                       SOS          M60      1:24:48                            
   18 John Mills                         SOS          M40      1:26:12                            
   19 John Clarke                        SUFFOC       M40      1:31:15                            
   20 John Williams                      SOS          M60      1:33:23                            
   21 Ann Mills                          SOS          W40      1:36:05                            
   22 Octavia Chambers                   IND          W21      1:37:51                            
   23 Alastair Houlding                  IND          M45      2:09:09                            
      Geoff Pye                          SOS          M55           mp                            
      Ken Wickham                        SO           M70           mp                            
      Phil Halford                       SUFFOC       M55           mp                            
      Hillary Sellens                    SOS          W55           mp                            

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