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Colour Coded Event (Level C) incorporating Essex & Suffolk Schools League (ESSOL).
The Naze, Walton-on-the-Naze
Sunday 19th May 2013
Final Results

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Official's Comments

Organiser - David Lumby, david.lumby@thomasmiller.com

Whilst the sunshine that greeted the journey up to the Naze had disappeared by the time most the helpers and most competitors arrived and a mixture of cloud and sea breeze kept going for the rest of the day we had no rain (and a few moments of sun). Not a bad day to be at the seaside.

We had some initial difficulties with the event computers, SI download kit and the batteries but the willing band of helpers got there in the end, with the very welcome aid of Paul Lowe who seemed so comfortable in the chair behind one of the laptops we thought we would have to remind him that he still had to go and run! Paul, thank you very much for helping out.

There were a few comments from the more seasoned runners who had orienteered at the Naze previously about the fact that there was less terrain available than previously due to the coastal erosion. That said John Collyer had made best use of what remains and had expertly checked the tide tables to ensure the courses that ran along the beach would be passable with dry feet.

We finished the event with the presentation of medals to individuals in the 2012/13 ESSOL league and trophies to the winning schools. Congratulations to the winners and all who took part to make it a success.

My thanks to John and Jenny as Planner and Controller for being fully prepared and able to give me advice on a number of points, to all the helpers that made things run smoothly (particularly those who gave up their morning without having a run) and to Julie who made sure my car would start after I had to call the recovery service following a flat battery.

Colour Coded Award Par Times

WhiteAll runners
Light Green50:50

Maze Course Results

1.Daisy PartridgeW14SOS0.42
2.Chloe CracknellW12SOS0.46
3.Sophie PartridgeW18SOS0.57
4.Daisy Harrington+1W10St.Andrews1.00
5.Emily Pringle+1W10St.Andrews1.12
6.Masie Waller-ToyneW10SOS1.21
7.Victoria LoveW14IND1.41
Amelia JuniperW12St.andrewsmp
Olivia BaldwinW14SOSmp
Amy BockingW12SOSmp
1.Tim HarrisonM14SUFFOC0.36
2.Josh PartridgeM14SOS0.42
3.Jack RogersM18SOS0.52
4.Zac PoterM10St.Andrews0.53
5.Harrison DixeyM10St.Andrews0.55
6.John-Henry LoveM14SOS1.03
7.Oliver HagueM14WAOC1.04
8.Hayden Plumb+1M10St.Andrews1.09
9.Ben PartridgeM10SOS1.17
10.Ben Styman-HeightonM10St.Andrews1.24
11.George BaldwinM10St.Andrews1.31
12.Louie LeaderM10 2.17
13.Thomas LeaderM10St.Andrews2.58
Tommy HarringtonM10St.Andrewsmp
Max DaviesM10St.Andrewsmp
1.Kiben MorunIND0.44
2.Will HarrisonM50SUFFOC0.51
3.Emma JohnsonW21SOS0.52
4.John CollyerM65SOS1.01
5.Jenny CollyerW65SOS1.05

Final Results

The NazeThursday 23/05/2013
Resultscreated by OE2003 © Stephan Krämer 2008

   Pl Name                            Club     AgeClass        Time School                SchoolYr 

White  (24)               1.6 km  15 m   12 C     
   1 Alexander Parker                   SUFFOC   M11            9:20 Barnardiston          6        
   2 Tommy Harrington                   SOS      M10           10:17 St. Andrews           5        
   3 Joshua Buist                       SOS      M12           10:29 St. Andrews           6        
   4 Ben Bayly                          SUFFOC   M10           10:38 Barnardiston          5        
   5 Ben Styman-Heighton                SOS      M9            11:14 St. Andrews           4        
   6 George Baldwin                     IND      M10           11:24 St Andrews            5        
   7 Tilly Salmon                       SUFFOC   W11           11:38 Barnardiston          6        
   8 Ros Bird                           SOS      W9            11:48 St Andrews            4        
   9 Emily Williams                     SUFFOC   W11           11:58 Barnardiston          6        
  10 Charlie Bayly                      SUFFOC   M10           12:09 Barnardiston          5        
  11 Oliver Pringle                     SOS      M9            12:39 St. Andrews           4        
  11 Daniel Hague                       WAOC     M9            12:39 Morley Memorial       4        
  13 Isobel Parry                       SUFFOC   W11           13:02 Barnardiston          6        
  14 Ben Partridge                      SOS      M7            14:56 St. Andrews           2        
  15 Zoe Harntup                        SOS      W12           14:57 St Andrews            6        
  16 Kurtis Zac Till Poter              SOS      M10 M8        15:15 St Andrews            5 3      
  17 Max Thomas Davies Leader           SOS      M9 M8         16:42 St Andrews            4 3      
  18 Thomas Turner                      SOS      M10           16:54 St. Andrews           5        
  19 Masie Waller-Toyne                 SOS      W10           17:32 Monkwick Jnrs         5        
  20 Tom Steed                          SUFFOC   M11           20:05 Barnardiston          6        
  21 HarrisonJamieDixeyHartnupPlumb +1  SOS      M8 7 7 7 7    20:21 St Andrews            3 2 2 2  
  22 Victoria Love                      IND      W14           31:34 Samuel Ward           7        
  23 Elena Gower                        SOS      W12           38:03 St Andrews            6        
  24 Harry/Lily Salmon                  IND                    43:03                                

Yellow  (15)              2.1 km  20 m   12 C     
   1 Emma Gooden                        SOS      W14           17:35 The Ramsey College    8        
   2 Jack Edwards                       SOS      M12           19:58 St. Andrews           6        
   3 Gower Family                       IND                    21:11                                
   4 Sophie Partridge                   SOS      W18           24:53 Hedingham             12       
   5 John-Henry Love                    SOS      M14           26:10 Hedingham             9        
   6 Amelia Juniper                     SOS      W12           26:18 St. Andrews           6        
   7 Chloe Plumb                        SOS      W12           27:18 Hedingham             8        
   8 Haydn Garrod                       SUFFOC   M12           28:22 Barnardiston          7        
   9 Jasper Waller-Toyne                SOS      M12           33:49 TLA                   7        
  10 Olivia Baldwin                     SOS      W12           42:00 Hedingham             7        
  11 Alys Phillips                      SUFFOC   W12           45:59 Barnardiston          7        
  12 Amy Bocking                        SOS      W12           47:32 Ramsey College        7        
  13 Charlotte Gilbey                   SUFFOC   W12           50:04 Barnardiston          7        
     Catriana Gladman                   SOS      W12              mp Molsham High School   7        
  nc George Baldwin                     IND      M12           19:53 St Andrew             5        
Orange  (9)               3.0 km  25 m   16 C     
    1 Dominic Emmerson                SOS      M12            28:30 St. Andrews           6        
    2 Chloe Cracknell                 SOS      W12            33:36 Hedingham             7        
    3 Georgina Gower                  SOS      W14            34:39 The Ramsey College    8        
    4 Lucy Edwards                    SOS      W14            37:40 The Ramsey College    8        
    5 Thomas Lock                     IND      M14            41:46 The Ramsey College    8        
    6 Sue/Shania Carton/Durant        SOS      W55            42:17                                
    7 Stephanie Ware                  SOS      W14            56:01 Philip Morant School  9        
      Kevin Morum                     SOS      M21               mp                                
   nc Jasper Waller-Toyne             SOS      M12            44:45 TLA                   7        

Light Green  (15)         3.5 km  45 m   17 C     
   1 Matthew Clarke                     SUFFOC   M12           28:16 Barnardiston          7        
   2 Josh Partridge                     SOS      M14           32:32 Hedingham             9        
   3 Callum Turner                      SOS      M13           37:21                                
   4 Sam Hague                          WAOC     M12           41:51 Morley Memorial       6        
   5 Claire Tomalin                     SOS      W50           43:18                                
   6 Samuel Bolam                       SOS      M18           44:51 Insanity Awaits       12       
   7 Kurt Bullock                       SOS      M35           46:19                                
   8 Oliver Hague                       WAOC     M14           50:52 Cambridge Int Sch     8        
   9 Bronwen Mansel                     SUFFOC   W16           53:30 County Upper school   9        
  10 Leslie Childs                      SOS      M60           56:04                                
  11 Mark Salmon                        SOS      M21           57:57                                
  12 Mike Hough                         SOS      M35         1:02:37                                
  13 Kevin & Meloney Dale               IND      MW50        1:13:43                                
  14 Lynn Houlding                      IND      W50         1:14:43                                
  nc Georgia Gower, Lucy Edwards        SOS      W14         1:15:04 Ramsey College               

Green  (17)               4.5 km  55 m   22 C     
    1 Peter Warland                   SOS      M45            33:09                                
    2 Beth Albon                      IND      W18            39:43 Uni Southampton                
    3 Roderick Mansel                 SUFFOC   M16            41:55 County Upper School   11       
    4 Jack Rogers                     SOS      M18            46:06 Suffolk New College   13       
    5 Emma Johnson                    SOS      W21            46:07                                
    6 Ben Warland                     SOS      M16            48:32 Thurston Community C  10       
    7 Robin Campbell                  CHIG     M75            50:08                                
    8 Hazel Bickle                    WAOC     W60            57:42                                
    9 Karen Ezard                     SOS      W55            57:47                                
   10 Paul Lowe                       SUFFOC   M50            58:01                                
   11 Alex Ware                       SOS      M20          1:05:42 Insanity Awaits                
   12 Helen Hague                     WAOC     W40          1:09:31                                
   13 Chris Gay                       SUFFOC   W60          1:12:38                                
   14 Veronica Machin                 SOS      W50          1:14:44                                
   15 Ruby Campbell                   CHIG     W75          1:33:23                                
      Rhiannon Ware                   SOS      W18               mp CCHS                  12       
      Peter Gay                       SUFFOC   M70               mp                                

Blue  (18)                5.6 km  75 m   28 C     
    1 Jonathan Albon                  CHIG     M21            30:54                                
    2 Tim Harrison                    SUFFOC   M14            39:49 Perse                 9        
    3 Henriette Klovstad              CHIG     W21            42:34 Uni Bath                       
    4 Andrew Elliott                  SUFFOC   M40            44:45                                
    5 Mike Bickle                     WAOC     M65            45:19                                
    6 Will Harrison                   SUFFOC   M50            46:12                                
    7 Lisa James                      SOC      W45            47:28                                
    8 Clive Wilkinson                 SUFFOC   M50            48:40                                
    9 Nick Pugh                       SOS      M60            50:01                                
   10 Kevin Machin                    SOS      M50            50:24                                
   11 Clive Tant                      SOS      M55            50:30                                
   12 Rod Mansel                      SUFFOC   M50            54:34                                
   13 Sally Wilkinson                 SUFFOC   W45            55:42                                
   14 Philip Halford                  SUFFOC   M55            56:06                                
   15 Eddie Banks                     SOS      M60            58:33                                
   16 Chris Childs                    SOS      M65          1:02:41                                
   17 Daisy Partridge                 SOS      W14          1:02:45 Hedingham             7        
   18 Alastair Houlding               SOS      M45          1:02:50                                

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