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Colour Coded (Level C) Event incorporating final 2013/14 Essex & Suffolk Schools League (ESSOL)
Wivenhoe Park and Woods
Sunday 15th June 2014
Preliminary Results

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Officials' comments

Organiser - Nancy Powell Davies (powell.davies@btinternet.com)

Due to other commitments I was rather late getting started on my organising duties for this event and then struggled to find enough volunteers for all the tasks involved. Thanks are due to all those who helped in so many ways. Without you our events wouldn't happen. I think the biggest thanks must go to Julie Laver who started the day by putting out half the controls, then manned the Enquiries point before being called away to deal with a badly sprained ankle (sustained by an adult non-competitor). She rushed back from that to do the final calculations for the ESSOL results so that the trophies and medals could be presented. In between all that she made sure that things were prepared for the cake sale.

Thanks to everyone who turned up. I hope that you enjoyed the courses that Alex had planned, the Maze organised by Trudi and helpers (if you wanted to) and your day in general. It was lovely to see the picnics and informal games taking place close to the pavilion as the schools waited for the results.

Thanks to everyone who contributed or bought cakes to support the club juniors trip to compete in the Yvette Baker Championships next month. We were delighted with the response.

Controller - Clive Wilkinson (SUFFOC)

Thank you all for attending today’s event at University of Essex and Wivenhoe Woods. When I took on the role of controller after the late change of venue from Hockley in late April little did I know the ailments that would hit the organising team. First I tore my Achilles which meant I was unable to do much more than hobble around, then on the day I had agreed with Alex to meet up and agree control sites I received a text that he had broken his leg. It looked like the event was jinxed and potentially cancelled.

Thank you to Alex for his excellent courses that took a number of courses into the campus area itself. Thank you to Sam and Julie for helping Alex put out all the controls on the day. Thank you to Bryn for checking the control locations for me, especially after realising that with the England match on late on Saturday he wouldn’t get a lot of sleep. Also thank you to Nancy for trouble free organising.

There were a few issues that came up on the day. One was related to the first leg on the blue course which has a route choice either side of the lake. Unfortunately when the maps were printed the northern crossing point over the construction road was just north of the area printed. A number of you lost time on the north side before heading south. I can only apologise for the error in printing. The event timetable was concertinaed to such an extent that I was unable to see the printed routes until they were placed in the start lane. I hope it didn’t spoil your run.

There was also a number of comments about the mapping in Wivenhoe woods around control 132. The circle was placed correctly for the position of the control on the ground as it shows the control at the top of the slope above the clearing. What isn’t clear is the area that probably should be mapped green to the west of the control. Again the late change to venue for the event meant that there was no time for remapping of the area.

Colour Coded Par Times

Light Green0:44:50

Maze Results

Josh PartridgeSOS0.20
Neil CarterSUFFOC0.23 n/c
Daniel HagueWAOC0.35
Lucy WalkerStA0.45
Mia PollyStA0.47
Harvey +2StA1.01
Zac PoterStA1.02
William PressStA1.03
Seb PoterStA1.03
Harrison DixeyStA1.05
Oliver PrinceStA1.13
Barny Steventon-Barnes St Marys1.17
Ben ClarkeBarn1.23
Craig CarterSUFFOC1.24
Ben BayleyBarn1.27
Danill PetrovBarn1.28
Ryan CarterSUFFOC1.28
Tom SteedBarn1.33
Jack EcuyerBarn1.46
Sarah Prior1.50
Rosy + ManorStA1.58
Eve & AmyStA1.59
Charlie BayleyBarn2.12
Thomas WalkerStA2.33
Theo Steventon-Barnes St Marys2.41
Lewis BurnBarn2.46
Harry Fergusson Barn2.47
Abigail PrinceStA3.06
Chloe EcuyerBarn4.13
Emily PringleStA4.35
Ollie SmithHedmp


Wivenhoe 2014Fri 20/06/2014 14:44
Resultscreated by OE2003 © Stephan Krämer 2008

  Pl Name                               Club     AgeClass     Time School                 SchYear 

White  (38)               0.0 km   11 C           
   1 Harrison Dixey                     IND      M10          8:00 St Andrews             4       
   2 Zoe Hartnup                        IND      W12          9:00 St Andrews             6       
   3 Oliver Prince                      IND      M8           9:18 St Andrews             3       
   4 Maisie Waller Toyne                SOS      W12          9:30 Monkwick               6       
   5 Ben Partridge                      IND      M8           9:49 St Andrews             3       
   6 Hannah Wallace                     IND      W10         10:14 St Andrews             5       
   7 Daniil Petrov + 1                  IND      M10         10:18 Barnardiston                   
   8 Chloe Ecuyer                       IND      W10         10:21 Barnardiston           4       
   9 Liam Polley                        IND      M10         10:29 St Andrews             5       
  10 Jamie Hartnup Joshua Ingleby       IND      M8/10       10:46 St Andrews             3/4     
  11 Ben Styman-Heighton                IND      M10         10:51 St Andrews             5       
  12 Thomas Martin                      IND      M10         10:59 St Andrews             4       
  13 Craig Carter                       SUFFOC   M10         11:04 Cliff Lane Primary             
  14 Tommy Harrington                   IND      M12         11:08 St Andrews             6       
  15 Joel Hull                          IND      M10         11:33 St Andrews             5       
  16 Rosy Bird                          IND      W10         12:01 St Andrews             5       
  17 William Press                      IND      M9          12:02 St Andrews                     
  18 Alastair Brown                     IND      M8          12:52 Barnardiston           3       
  19 Lewis Burn + 1                     IND      M8          13:09 Barnardiston           3       
  20 Luca Tufnell                       IND      M10         13:12 St Andrews             4       
  21 Theo Steventon-Barnes              SUFFOC   M8          13:45 St Marys WDBG          2       
  22 Amy Skeet                          IND      W10         15:03 St Andrews             4       
  23 Ben Clarke                         IND      M10         15:40 Barnardiston           4       
  24 Manon Bernier                      IND      W10         16:06 St Andrews                     
  25 Max Davies                         IND      M10         16:17 St Andrews             5       
  26 Charlotte Caswel Daisy Harrington  IND      W10/8       16:21 St Andrews             3.4     
  27 Katie-May Blower Izzy Peters       IND      W10         17:28 St Andrews             4       
  28 Lucy Walker                        IND      W10         17:57 St Andrews             5       
  29 Thomas Leader                      IND      M10         18:16 St Andrews             4       
  30 St Andrews Group                   IND      MW8         19:17 St Andrews             2/3     
  31 Joshua Ingleby                     SOS      M10         19:37 St Andrews             4       
  32 Sarah Prior                        SOS      W10         20:06 St Mary's              5       
  33 Harry Salmon                       IND      M4          25:34                                
  34 Barnaby Gough                      IND      M12         36:57 St Andrews             6       
     Oliver Pringle                     IND      M10            mp St Andrews             5       
     Zac Poter                          IND      M10            mp St Andrews             4       
     Evie Amos                          IND      W10            mp St Andrews             4       
     Alesia Lowe                        SUFFOC   W10            mp Stowmarket Middle      5
Yellow  (23)              0.0 km   10 C           
   1 Daniel Hague                       WAOC     M12         12:11 Morley                 5       
   2 Lucas Wrigley-Moss                 SOS      M16         13:33 Hedingham              10      
   3 Barney Steventon-Barnes            SUFFOC   M10         13:39 St Marys WDBG          4       
   4 Tom Steed                          IND      M12         14:18 Barnardiston           7       
   5 Louis Ferrando                     SOS      M16         15:29 Hedingham              10      
   6 Charlie Bayly                      IND      M11         16:14 Barnardiston           6       
   7 Jack Ecuyer                        IND      M11         16:16 Barnardiston           6       
   8 Ben Frost                          SOS      M16         16:31 Hedingham              10      
   9 Jasper Waller-Toyne                SOS      M12         16:40 TLA                    8       
  10 Ben Bayly                          IND      M12         17:13 Barnardiston           6       
  11 Harry Ferguson                     IND      M12         18:44 Barnardiston           7       
  12 Catriona Kadirkamanathan           SOS      W12         21:03 Brentwood              8       
  13 Valentin Ivanov                    SOS      M12         23:15 Brentwood              7       
  14 Tilly Salmon                       IND      W12         26:47 Barnardiston           7       
  15 Catherine Prior                    SOS      W12         26:51 Brentwood              7       
  16 Isobel Perry                       IND      W12         30:29 Barnardiston           7       
  17 Aileen Butler                      SUFFOC   W65         32:09                                
     Thomas Turner                      IND      M12            mp St Andrews             6       
     Cerys Wrigley-Moss                 SOS      W14            mp Hedingham              8       
     Edward Northfield                  SOS      M12            mp Hedingham              7       
     Kaitlyn Draper                     IND      W14            mp Ramsey                 9       
  nc Charlie Partridge                  IND      M16         13:19 Hedingham              10      
  nc Thomas Martin                      IND      M10         18:40 St Andrews                     

Orange  (10)              0.0 km   11 C           
   1 Elliot Moore                       SOS      M14         29:53 Brentwood              9       
   2 Tia Coster                         SOS      W16         30:13 Hedingham              10      
   3 Katie Martin                       SOS      M35         35:16                                
   4 Georgia Gower                      IND      W14         36:44 Ramsey                 9       
   5 Harriet Vinter                     SOS      W16         38:59 Hedingham              10      
   6 Lucy Carter                        SUFFOC   W35         41:08                                
   7 Moira Kadirkamanathan              IND      W50         45:35                                
   8 Lucy Warland                       SOS      W12         52:40 Ixworth                        
   9 Margaret Bonnett                   SOS      W60         56:48                                
     Charlie Partridge                  SOS      M16            mp Hedingham              10      

Light Green  (16)         0.0 km   13 C           
   1 Callum Turner                      SOS      M14         29:53 Ramsey                 9       
   2 Matt Goody                         IND      M21         33:36                                
   3 Thomas Lock                        SOS      M14         35:25 Ramsey                 9       
   4 Kjell Tullus                       SLOW     M60         38:47                                
   5 Hamish Kadirkamanathan             SOS      M16         39:42 Brentwood              11      
   6 Simon Peck                         SUFFOC   M55         40:43                                
   7 Chloe Cracknell                    SOS      W14         41:28 Hedingham              8       
   8 Hannah Steventon-Barnes            SUFFOC   W40         44:41                                
   9 Oliver Hague Margaret Salmon       WAOC     M16+W65     56:52 Cambridge Intl         9       
  10 Joe Power                          SOS      M16         57:52 Hedingham              10      
  11 Howard Thomas Steed                IND      M50       1:00:31                                
  12 Colin Curtis                       WAOC     M80       1:06:02                                
  13 Bob & Joanne Willis                IND      M/W60     1:10:11                                
  14 Steph Ware                         SOS      W16       1:15:48 Philip Morant          10      
  15 Lynn Houlding                      IND      W50       1:31:39                                
     Victoria Love                      SOS      W14            mp Hedingham              8       

Green  (30)               0.0 km   13 C           
   1 Peter Warland                      SOS                  37:11                                
   2 Chris Childs                       SOS      M65         45:00                                
   3 Daisy Partridge                    SOS      W14         49:12 Hedingham              8       
   4 Rob Enderby                        HAVOC    M40         51:21                                
   5 Sarah Mansel                       SUFFOC   W45         51:34                                
   6 Ian Smith                          WAOC     M55         54:03                                
   7 Andrew Ward                        SO       M50         54:15                                
   8 Emma Morum                         SOS      W21         56:06                                
   9 Josh Partridge                     SOS      M16         56:09 Hedingham              10      
  10 Edwin Banks                        SOS      M60         59:05                                
  11 Mark Lyne                          SOS      M55       1:00:23                                
  12 Susan Waller Toyne                 SOS      W45       1:00:36                                
  13 Lucy Fryer                         AROS     W21       1:00:53                                
  14 Paul Lowe                          SUFFOC   M55       1:04:13                                
  15 Chris Morley                       WAOC     M70       1:05:19                                
  16 Dale Bennett                       HAVOC    M50       1:05:41                                
  17 Lucy Edwards                       SOS      W14       1:08:28 Ramsey                 9       
  18 Oliver Smith                       SOS      M16       1:08:36 Hedingham              !0      
  19 Steven King                        SOS      M50       1:09:44                                
  20 Geraldine Russell                  SOS      W70       1:14:34                                
  21 Sharon Warland                     SOS      W45       1:19:10                                
  22 Hazel Bickle                       WAOC     W60       1:19:26                                
  23 John Harris                        WAOC     M65       1:32:05                                
  24 Mark Salmon                        IND                1:33:16                                
  25 Maria Marshall                     WAOC     W60       1:37:50                                
     Chris Burgues                      HAVOC    M55            mp                                
     Tim Harrison                       SUFFOC   M16            mp Perse                  10      
     Barbara Fothergill                 HAVOC    W55            mp                                
     Jack Isbester                      SOS      M80            mp                                
  nc Lisa James                         SOC      W45            mp
Blue  (29)                0.0 km   18 C           
   1 James Lyne                         SLOW     M21         42:43                                
   2 Sean Blanchflower                  WAOC     M40         51:31                                
   3 Richard Bonnett                    SOS      M55         53:09                                
   4 Paul Beckett                       HAVOC    M50         54:36                                
   5 Neil Carter                        SUFFOC   M35         57:12                                
   6 Matthew Clarke                     IND      M13         57:47 Barnardiston           14      
   7 Ian Hargreanes                     KERNO    M35         58:15                                
   8 Mike Bickle                        WAOC     M65         59:46                                
   9 Kevin Machin                       SOS      M50       1:00:05                                
  10 Adam Waller-Toyne                  SOS      M45       1:01:08                                
  11 Lisa James                         SOC      W45       1:02:43                                
  12 Tom Edelsten                       CHIG     M70       1:06:15                                
  13 Helen Bickle                       WAOC     W21       1:07:23                                
  14 John Clarke                        SUFFOC   M45       1:07:38                                
  15 John Duffield                      CHIG     M65       1:11:44                                
  16 Lyn West                           SOS      W60       1:13:15                                
  17 Sam Hague                          WAOC     M12       1:14:42 Perse                  7       
  18 Helen Hague                        WAOC     W45       1:19:23                                
  19 Paul Langston                      HH       M60       1:27:45                                
  20 Alastair Houlding                  SOS      M50       1:43:14                                
  21 Tony Biggs                         HAVOC    M65       1:50:10                                
  22 Paul Ellis                         IND      M35       2:07:27                                
     Annie Northfield                   SOS      W16            mp Hedingham              10      
     Colin West                         SOS      M55            mp                                
     Gary Parmenter                     HAVOC    M65            mp                                
     Will Harrison                      SUFFOC   M50            mp                                
     Bruce Marshall                     WAOC     M60            mp                                
     Colin Butler                       SUFFOC   M65            mp                                
     Jim Prowting                       TVOC     M65            mp                                

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