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Stragglers Relays
High Woods Country Park, Colchester
Sunday 6th July 2014
Stragglers' Relays - a unique fun relay format

Comments Team Results Individual Results RouteGadget2 (includes Splits and Splitsbrowser)

Officials' comments

Organiser - Dave Skinner dave.skinner@btinternet.com

While I had previously organised two SOS Relay events this was the first time I had experienced the use of SI for our unique Relays format. First of all I would like to express my thanks to other Officials (John Collyer, Chris Childs and Les Childs) for all their efforts in planning and checking courses, for their advice in advance of the event and for their efficient course set-up on the day. I also thank helpers who efficiently dealt with Registration, Dibber Hire and Start duties and all those who helped to set up the Assembly area and clear up afterwards, including those who found the energy to collect in controls. Thanks also to Andrew Cordle for his smooth management of SI aspects and Kevin Machin for timely production of maps.

My congratulations go to SUFFOC who managed to field the only two teams who completed the challenge without infringing the competition rules and specifically to the "Normally Open" team who were the worthy winners of the much-coveted Stragglers Relays Trophy. My commiserations go to "Club Sandwich" who had apparently finished first - unfortunately they did not fully followed the Rules and regrettably were disqualified. I do however award to "Club Sandwich" the prize (not that there is one!) for the most creative and amusing team name.

I hope all enjoyed the day. I would appreciate your feedback on the event either direct to me at dave.skinner@btinternet.com or via the SOS Forum at http://stragglers.info/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=93.

Planners - Chris and Les Childs

Our first attempt to plan a proper orienteering course - this proved an interesting challenge and we hope all participants found the courses both interesting and accurate. Thanks to Dave for his efforts in coordinating the event and our thanks also to John and Jenny Collyer as Controller for all the guidance, fine tuning and detailed map refinements. Congratulations have to go to the Suffolk teams who seem to have been the only teams to have read the instructions and punched the start before setting off. We shall have to try harder next year to recover the trophy!

Team Results

PositionTeamFirst StartLast FinishHandicap Mins.Net Time
12 - SUFFOC - NORMALLY OPEN11:32:2713:07:332901:06:06
23 - SUFFOC - NORMALLY CLOSED11:30:3513:11:093101:09:34
Disq.7 - WOAC/HAVOC/SOS - CLUBSANDWICH11:32:3113:02:122901:00:41
Disq.4 - HAVOC - SNAILS11:38:2713:14:262401:11:59
Disq.1 - SOS - PSBL11:40:3013:33:532201:31:23
Disq.6 - SOS/BAOC/IND - THE REDS11:38:2713:38:412401:36:14
Disq.5 - SOS/IND - THE PDS11:34:2813:43:282701:42:00

Individual Results

Light Green


Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1stAndrew Elliot2 - SUFFOC - NORMALLY OPENM4030:50
2ndGareth RadcliffeBAOCM2131:10
3rdRoderick Mansell3 - SUFFOC - NORMALLY CLOSEDM1832:03
4thJohn Williams7 - WOAC/HAVOC/SOS - CLUBSANDWICHM6033:34
5thPeter Warland1 - SOS - PSBLM4534:44
6thPaul Beckett4 - HAVOC - SNAILSM5035:28
7thRichard Bonnett6 - SOS/BAOC/IND - THE REDSM5535:35
8thSarah Mansell2 - SUFFOC - NORMALLY OPENW4542:05
9thRod Mansell3 - SUFFOC - NORMALLY CLOSEDM5547:47
10thEddie Banks6 - SOS/BAOC/IND - THE REDSM6048:13
11thSimon PeckSUFFOCM5550:36
12thBen Warland1 - SOS - PSBLM1650:55
13thJanet Biggs7 - WOAC/HAVOC/SOS - CLUBSANDWICHW6055:42
14thAlex Powell Davies5 - SOS/IND - THE PDSM2155:59
15thTony BiggsHAVOCM6559:39
16thBarbara Fothergil4 - HAVOC - SNAILSW5560:16
17thSteven KingSOSM5062:18
18thBronwen ManselSUFFOCW1663:38
19thGeraldine RussellSOSW7065:21
20thMaria MarshallWAOCW6075:46
m8-16Jacquie KingINDW55107:33
dnsMark Powell Davies5 - SOS/IND - THE PDSM55



Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1stRoderick Mansell3 - SUFFOC - NORMALLY CLOSEDM1819:49
2ndAndrew Elliot2 - SUFFOC - NORMALLY OPENM4020:12
3rdRichard Bonnett6 - SOS/BAOC/IND - THE REDSM5520:59
4thPeter Warland1 - SOS - PSBLM4523:12
5thPaul Beckett4 - HAVOC - SNAILSM5026:17
6thSimon Clamp6 - SOS/BAOC/IND - THE REDSM5526:23
7thBen Warland1 - SOS - PSBLM1627:48
8thGraham Batty4 - HAVOC - SNAILSM5528:16
9thBruce Marshall7 - WOAC/HAVOC/SOS - CLUBSANDWICHM6030:08
10thAlex Powell Davies5 - SOS/IND - THE PDSM2131:08
11thEmma Morum7 - WOAC/HAVOC/SOS - CLUBSANDWICHW2131:25
12thDale Bennett4 - HAVOC - SNAILSM5034:42
13thSharon Warland1 - SOS - PSBLW4536:00
14thJohn Webb2 - SUFFOC - NORMALLY OPENM7536:55
15thPaul Lowe2 - SUFFOC - NORMALLY OPENM5537:05
16thPeter Gay3 - SUFFOC - NORMALLY CLOSEDM7038:06
17thNancy Powell Davies5 - SOS/IND - THE PDSW6041:21
18thSteven KingSOSM5041:35
19thChris Gay3 - SUFFOC - NORMALLY CLOSEDW6042:10
20thSue ClampSOSW5050:26
21stGillian Powell Davies5 - SOS/IND - THE PDSW5051:58
22ndAlexandra RadcliffeINDW3561:36
23rdDon Ford6 - SOS/BAOC/IND - THE REDSM6572:19



Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1stRoderick Mansell3 - SUFFOC - NORMALLY CLOSEDM1811:51
2ndRichard Bonnett6 - SOS/BAOC/IND - THE REDSM5512:02
3rdPaul Becket4 - HAVOC - SNAILSM5012:10
4thPeter Warland1 - SOS - PSBLM4512:47
5thAndrew Elliot2 - SUFFOC - NORMALLY OPENM4014:05
6thSimon Clamp6 - SOS/BAOC/IND - THE REDSM5514:21
7thBruce Marshall7 - WOAC/HAVOC/SOS - CLUBSANDWICHM6014:51
8thEddie Banks6 - SOS/BAOC/IND - THE REDSM6014:56
9thSarah Mansell2 - SUFFOC - NORMALLY OPENW4515:43
10thRod Mansell3 - SUFFOC - NORMALLY CLOSEDM5515:54
11thEmma Morum7 - WOAC/HAVOC/SOS - CLUBSANDWICHW2116:43
12thDale Bennett4 - HAVOC - SNAILSM5019:05
13thPaul Lowe2 - SUFFOC - NORMALLY OPENM5519:13
14thJohn Webb2 - SUFFOC - NORMALLY OPENM7520:20
15thAlex Powell Davies5 - SOS/IND - THE PDSM2120:35
16thChris Gay3 - SUFFOC - NORMALLY CLOSEDW6022:27
17thLucy Warland1 - SOS - PSBLW1223:05
18thNancy Powell Davies5 - SOS/IND - THE PDSW6023:13
19thJanet Biggs7 - WOAC/HAVOC/SOS - CLUBSANDWICHW6023:21
20thBarbara Fothergil4 - HAVOC - SNAILSW5524:41
21stPeter Gay3 - SUFFOC - NORMALLY CLOSEDM7024:47
22ndBen Warland1 - SOS - PSBLM1625:24
23rdGillian Powell Davies5 - SOS/IND - THE PDSW5030:27
24thScott WilsonSOSGROUP76:03
m7Graham Batty4 - HAVOC - SNAILSM5519:12
dnsDon Ford6 - SOS/BAOC/IND - THE REDSM65
dns m11Mark Powell Davies5 - SOS/IND - THE PDSM55
dnsSharon Warland1 - SOS - PSBLW45

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