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Colour coded event (Level C) incorporating , SWELL and the East Anglian Schools’ Championships
Hylands Park
Sunday 17th May 2015
Preliminary Results

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Officials' comments

Organiser – Eddie Banks banksy.eddie@gmail.com

A very big thank you to everyone involved in making the event such a success. To Steve Cartwright for planning and Graham Batty of HAVOC for controlling such excellent courses, especially given the technical limitations of the most beautiful parkland at Hylands. To all the volunteer helpers without whom the event would not have been possible. To Chelmsford Borough Council and the staff at Hylands for allowing us to hold the event. To the Lord for providing such wonderful weather for us. Finally of course, thanks to everyone (about 180) who took part, especially the children and their teachers/coaches.

There were a few "little local difficulties" and as organiser I very much appreciated the patience and good humour of those affected. The warm sunshine seems to have had the effect that people chose shorter courses. This resulted in our running out of orange, light green and short green maps. (Unusually there were plenty of green and blue left!). Thanks to Kevin Machin and Steven Partridge for sorting this out. Apologies if you had to wait at the start.

I am also very pleased that the first aid kit could stay unopened and we did not lose any competitors.

Congratulations to all the individual and team medal winners! Delivering the competition results under time pressure at the end is always a tricky business and we just about met our 1.15pm time goal for the medal presentations. There are a couple of individual changes in the final results, but these have no impact on the team positions and no medals will be confiscated! Thank you to Clive Wilkinson, the EAOA junior squad coach for presenting the medals.

We hope to see you all again at our next event at Highwoods on 14th June.

Planner – Stephen Cartwright

So nice to enjoy the sunshine, trees, nature and the views over the parkland and beyond even early in the morning.

I hope the map updates were generally acceptable. Adding in a lot of new trees and updating the paths changed it considerably. In a way it would have been nice to use some more of the paths across the open areas yet it was uncertain whether they would disappear before the event and as the ground dried out with the summer.

I'm glad the children and adults seemed to enjoy the courses and didn't find them too difficult. One of the girls commented it was perhaps more of a runners event than one that demanded complex navigation, although more than one person also commented that at a certain stage they 'ran out of puff'. Well done to all who gave it a go and kept going.

Controller – Graham Batty (HAVOC)

Well done to all at SOS for putting on a successful event and to Stephen for his time and effort in getting the course planning to a suitable level for this area.

The test of the courses is always the number of competitors who fail to finish or miss a control or two. There were very few of these so I'm glad the majority of competitors completed the courses successfully and hopefully those who didn't can enjoy a clean run next time. As Stephen has suggested the area is suited to the faster runners as there is a lack of woodland and although seemingly flat there is a little slope to make you breathe heavily.

Most comments I heard were about control 128 (pond, north side). Several competitors came across the fence (which is mapped) around the south part of the pond when approaching direct. I had approached this control from several angles without difficulty and had not foreseen an encounter with the fence during the event. Congratulations to all the winners in the Schools Championships. It's always good to see plenty of competitors on the shorter courses who will progress to the more technical courses in future years.

To end on a nature note it was nice to hear my first cuckoo of the year, some of you may have heard it at the southern end of the park.

East Anglian Schools’ Championships 2015

Individual Results
Primary GirlsPrimary Boys
1. Molly Matthews and Amelia Fleming , Barnardiston Hall1. Archie Tweed, Barnardiston Hall
2. Lucy Walker, St Andrew’s Halstead2. Jamie Hartnup, St Andrew’s Halstead
3. Amy Skeet, St Andrew’s Halstead3. Daniel Hague, Morley Memorial
Team winners: Barnardiston HallTeam Winners: St. Andrew’s Halstead
Year 7/8 GirlsYear 7/8 Boys
1. Emma Bowie-Britton, Brentwood School1. Sam Hague, The Perse School
2. Maisie Waller Toyne, Thomas Lord Audley School2. Edward Low, King’s College School
3. Cassandra Lefevre, Brentwood Ursuline3. Ben Bayly, Barnardiston Hall
Team winners: The Ramsey AcademyTeam winners: The Ramsey Academy
Year 9/10 GirlsYear 9/10 Boys
1. Daisy Partridge, Hedingham School1. Matthew Clarke, The Perse School
2. Abi Duncan, Hedingham School2. Callum Turner, The Ramsey Academy
3. Kaitlyn Draper, The Ramsey Academy3. Elliot Moore, Brentwood School
Team winners: Hedingham SchoolTeam Winners: The Ramsey Academy
Year 11 to 13 GirlsYear 11 to 13 Boys
1. Emma Gooden, The Ramsey Academy1. Tim Harrison, The Perse Upper School
2. Chloe Cracknell, Hedingham School2. John-Henry Love, Hedingham School
3. Lucy Edwards, The Ramsey Academy3. Josh Partridge, Hedingham School
Team winners: Hedingham SchoolTeam winners: Hedingham School
Overall Schools’ Trophy
1. Hedingham School (1+2+2+2=7 points)
2. Barnardiston Hall ( 1+1+3+4=9 points)
3. Ramsey Academy (1+2+3+3=9 points)
4. Brentwood School (1+3+3+4=11 points)
5. St. Andrew’s Halstead (2+2+3+4=11 points)

Par times

White21m 37s
Yellow33m 11s
Orange39m 34s
Light Green43m 31s
Short Green58m 17s
Green57m 43s
Blue60m 57s
Brown73m 21s

Noughty Numbers Extreme

Time - First run only
1Matthew Clarke1.20
2Tim Harrison1.21
3Emile Zsak1.37
4Robbie Woolerton1.47
5Will Sepansky1.52
6Maisie Waller -Toyne1.53
7Ben Bayly1.56
8Amelia & Molly1.59
9George Jobe2.01
10Ben Clarke2.04
10Will Higgs2.04
12Lewis Burn2.06
13Sebastian Gurteen2.11
14Valentine Ivanov2.25
14Archie Tweed2.25
16Daniel Petrov2.38
16Edward Higgs2.38
18Ed Northfield2.51
19Harry Ferguson2.66
20Dominic Brown3.28
22Luke Bennett4.32
24Jake Bennett5.27
Chloe Cracknell1.08mp
Eloise Sumner1.40mp
Alastair Brown2.34mp
Laura Smith2.52mp

Preliminary Results

Hylands Park EA Schools ChampionshipMon 5/18/2015 7:49 PM
Resultscreated by OE2003 © Stephan Krämer 2008

  Pl Name                             Club     AgeClass      Time School                SchYea 

White  (39)               1.6 km  10 m   11 C     
   1 Archie Tweed                     IND      M12           8:35 Barnardiston Hall     6      
   2 Jamie Hartnup                    SOS      M             8:38 St Andrew's Halstead  4      
   3 Daniel Hague                     WAOC     M12           8:43 Morley Memorial       6      
   4 Thomas Leader                    SOS      M10           8:47 St Andrew's Halstead  5      
   5 Molly Matthews + Amelia Fleming  IND      W             9:02 Barnardiston Hall     6      
   6 Oliver Pringle                   IND      M12           9:09 St Andrew's Halstead  6      
   7 William Hicks                    IND      M12           9:34 Barnardiston Hall     6      
   8 Ben Clarke                       SUFFOC   M10           9:41 Barnardiston Hall     5      
   8 Lucy Walker                      SOS      W12           9:41 St Andrew's Halstead  6      
  10 Thomas Martin                    SOS      M10           9:48 St Andrew's Halstead  5      
  11 William Polley                   SOS      M12           9:53 St Andrew's Halstead  6      
  12 Ryan Skeet                       SOS      M8           10:03 St Andrew's Halstead  3      
  13 William Press                    SOS      M            10:05 St Andrew's Halstead  5      
  13 Amy Skeet                        SOS      W10          10:05 St Andrew's Halstead  5      
  15 William Sepanski                 IND      M            10:31 Barnardiston Hall     6      
  16 Isobel McGerty                   IND      W10          10:48 Barnardiston Hall     5      
  17 Sebastian Gurteen                IND      M10          10:50 Barnardiston Hall     5      
  18 Oliver Prince                    SOS      M10          11:08 St Andrew's Halstead  4      
  18 Barney Steventon-Barnes          SUFFOC   M12          11:08 St Mary's Woodbridge  5      
  20 Daniel Petrov                    IND      M10          11:11 Barnardiston Hall     5      
  21 Lewis Burn                       IND      M            11:15 Barnardiston Hall     4      
  22 Sienna Cutts + Beatrice Salmon   IND      W            11:18 Barnardiston Hall     5      
  23 Alastair Brown                   IND      M10          11:36 Barnardiston Hall     4      
  24 Evie Amos                        SOS      W10          11:57 St Andrew's Halstead  5      
  25 Luca Tufnell                     SOS      M            12:10 St Andrew's Halstead  5      
  26 Luke Bennett +1                  IND      M            12:23 Churchfields Infants  1      
  27 Ben Partridge                    SOS      M10          12:32 St Andrew's Halstead  4      
  28 Dominic Brown                    IND      M12          12:33 Barnardiston Hall     6      
  29 Theo Steventon-Barnes            SUFFOC   M10          13:16 St Mary's Woodbridge  3      
  30 Edward Hicks                     IND      M10          14:29 Barnardiston Hall     5      
  30 Ben Martin                       SOS      M8           14:29 St Andrew's Halstead  2      
  32 George Jobe                      SUFFOC   M10          14:40 Barnardiston Hall     5      
  33 David Low                        WAOC     M            16:56 King's College        3      
  34 Izzy Peters                      SOS      W            17:38 St Andrew's Halstead  5      
  35 Thomas Walker                    SOS      M8           19:10 St Andrew's Halstead  3      
  36 Ben Harvey-Samuel                IND      M12          20:03 Barnardiston Hall     6      
  37 Harvey Gough                     SOS      M            21:37 St Andrew's Halstead  3      
     Alesha Lowe                      SUFFOC   W12             mp Stowmarket Middle     6      
  nc Daisy Partridge                  SOS      W16           7:59 Hedingham School      9      

Yellow  (20)              3.0 km  25 m   12 C     
   1 Sam Hague                        WAOC     M14          18:50 The Perse             8      
   2 Edward Low                       WAOC     M            20:24 King's College        8      
   3 Ben Bayly                        IND      M12          21:14 Barnardiston Hall     7      
   4 Valentin Ivanov                  SOS      M14          24:24 Brentwood             8      
   5 Emma Bowie-Britton               SOS      W14          24:26 Brentwood             7      
   6 Maisie Waller-Toyne              SOS      W12          28:53 TLA                   7      
   7 AlexanderParker+ Felix Whitehous IND      M            29:40 Barnardiston Hall     8      
   8 Tommy Harrington                 SOS      M12          30:15 The Ramsey            7      
   9 Cassandra Lefevre                DFOK     W12          31:39 Brentwood Ursuline    7      
  10 Edward Northfields               SOS      M8           33:11 Hedingham School      7      
  11 Tom Turner                       SOS      M12          35:55 The Ramsey            7      
  12 Robbie Woolterton                SOS      M14          37:31 Brentwood             8      
  13 Tilly Turp                       SOS      W12          37:36 Hedingham School      7      
  14 Hannah Peters                    SOS      W16          40:40 The Ramsey            8      
  15 Scott Firman                     SOS      M12          41:38 The Ramsey            8      
  16 Charlie Dixon                    HH       M10          55:32                              
  17 Shadelle Nelson                  SOS      W16        1:08:21 The Ramsey            8      
  18 Beth Lucas                       SOS      W16        1:09:18 The Ramsey            8      
  19 Samuel Blanchflower              IND      M4         1:11:43                              
  nc Amy Skeet                        SOS      W10          45:16 St Andrew's Halstead  5      

Orange  (30)              3.5 km  30 m   11 C     
   1 Matthew Clarke                   SUFFOC   M14          19:41 The Perse             11     
   2 Eloise Sumner                    SOS      W16          23:08                              
   3 Daisy Partridge                  SOS      W16          23:09 Hedingham School      9      
   4 Callum Turner                    SOS      M16          24:15 The Ramsey            10     
   5 Elliot Moore                     SOS      M16          25:13 Brentwood             10     
   6 Thomas Lock                      SOS      M16          26:26 The Ramsey            10     
   7 Luke Cooper                      SOS      M16          32:31 Brentwood             10     
   8 Abi Duncan                       SOS      W            32:39 Hedingham School      9      
   9 Kaitlyn Draper                   SOS      W16          36:34 The Ramsey            10     
  10 Kate Frampton                    HH       W12          37:20                              
  11 Abbie Forster                    SOS      W16          38:15 The Ramsey            10     
  12 Susan Clamp                      SOS      W55          38:49                              
  13 Emile Isak                       WAOC     M12          38:53 Chesterton            7      
  14 Jasper Waller-Toyne              SOS      M14          39:34 TLA                          
  15 George Jackson                   SOS      M16          40:12 The Ramsey            10     
  16 Owen George                      SOS      M16          41:21 The Ramsey            10     
  17 Kathryn Sumner                   SOS      W45          42:03                              
  18 Kate Woolterton                  IND      W40          43:46                              
  19 Moira Kadirkamanathan            SOS      W50          44:32                              
  20 Victoria Love                    SOS      W14          47:23 Hedingham School      9      
  21 Matthew Dixon                    HH       M14          48:26                              
  22 Kevin Morum                      SOS      M21          48:42                              
  23 James Cromarty                   SOS      M16          51:11 Brentwood             10     
  24 Cerys Wrigley-Moss               SOS      W14          55:23 Hedingham School      9      
  25 Katie Martin                     SOS      W35          55:26                              
  26 Tegan Frampton                   HH       W10          56:41                              
  27 Ivan Pitts                       SOS      M            57:16 Hedingham School      10     
     Catriona Kadirkamanathan         SOS      W14             mp Brentwood             9      
  nc Thomas Martin                    SOS      M10          44:27 St Andrew's Halstead  5      
  nc Ben Partridge                    SOS      M10             mp St Andrew's Halstead  4      

LGreen  (23)              3.7 km  25 m   10 C     
   1 Tim Harrison                     SUFFOC   M16          18:13 The Perse             11     
   2 John-Henry Love                  SOS      M            20:44 Hedingham School      11     
   3 Josh Partridge                   SOS      M16          26:40 Hedingham School      11     
   4 Emma Gooden                      SOS      W            30:21 The Ramsey            10     
   5 Chloe Cracknell                  SOS      W14          34:00 Hedingham School      9      
   6 Ollie Smith                      SOS      M18          35:26 Hedingham School      11     
   7 Lucy Edwards                              W16          37:19 The Ramsey            10     
   8 Laura Smith                      SOS      W16          38:40 Hedingham School      11     
   9 Anthony Cole                     SOS      M16          43:24 Hedingham School      11     
  10 Jacob Stephenson                 DFOK     M18          43:31                              
  11 Hamish Kadirkamanathan           SOS      M18          43:56 Brentwood             12     
  12 Matthew Lefevre                  DFOK     M16          45:38                              
  13 Jeremy Steventon-Barnes          SUFFOC   M45          46:37                              
  14 Tony Lee                         HAVOC    M45          55:04                              
  15 Jasmine Clackett                 SOS      W16        1:02:46 Hedingham School      11     
  16 John/Peter Allen-Swanston        IND      M70        1:03:14                              
  17 Annie Northfield                 SOS      W          1:06:12 Hedingham School      11     
  18 Bob + Joanne Willis              SOS      M/W60      1:11:33                              
  19 Ben Tyler + Emily Cordle         IND      M/W21      1:22:45                              
     Georgia Gower                    SOS      W16             mp The Ramsey            10     
     Jon + Martin Beaumont            SOS      M45             mp                              
  nc Sam Hague                        WAOC     M14          33:50 The Perse             8      
  nc Daniel Hague                     WAOC     M12          36:08 Morley Memorial       6      

SGreen  (16)              3.6 km  15 m   12 C     
   1 Emma Morum                       SOS      W21          37:40                              
   2 Catherine Galvin                 LOC      W50          39:57                              
   3 Geoff Pye                        SOS      M60          40:11                              
   4 Paul Lowe                        SUFFOC   M55          45:33                              
   5 Alison Cowe                      WAOC     W40          47:33                              
   6 Janis Ryall                      WAOC     W60          49:03                              
   7 Sue Carton                       SOS      W60          49:42                              
   8 Alison Curtis                    CHIG     W55          58:17                              
   9 Geraldine Russell                SOS      W70          59:35                              
  10 Jennifer Taylor                  CHIG     W70        1:05:54                              
  11 Nicola Frampton                  HH       W45        1:15:15                              
  12 John Webb                        SUFFOC   M75        1:18:30                              
  13 Colin Curtis                     WAOC     M80        1:25:09                              
  14 Anne Power                       LOC      W80        1:29:37                              
  15 Viv Hodson                       HH       W50        1:31:06                              
  16 June Webb                        SUFFOC   W80        1:58:07                              

Green  (20)               4.5 km  30 m   11 C     
   1 David Dixon                      HH       M40          29:54                              
   2 Ray Curtis                       CHIG     M60          42:49                              
   3 Ian Smith                        WAOC     M55          43:31                              
   4 Chris Burgues                    HAVOC    M60          45:47                              
   5 Simon Clamp                      SOS      M55          46:30                              
   6 David Lefevre                    DFOK     M55          46:37                              
   7 Peter Ryall                      WAOC     M65          47:01                              
   8 Chris Childs                     SOS      M65          47:02                              
   9 Susan Waller-Toyne               SOS      W50          52:00                              
  10 Anthony Biggs                    HAVOC    M65          57:43                              
  11 Janet Biggs                      HAVOC    W60          57:47                              
  12 Gavin Avey-Hebditch              WESSEX   M55          58:10                              
  13 Barbara Fothergill               HAVOC    W60          59:48                              
  14 Andrew Cordle                    SOS      M65        1:00:55                              
  15 John Russell                     SOS      M70        1:04:19                              
  16 Geoff Fletcher                   IND      M50        1:05:02                              
  17 Alex Ware                        SOS      M21        1:10:44                              
  18 Maria Marshall                   WAOC     W60        1:11:03                              
  19 Mark Askew                       IND      M55        2:00:15                              
  20 Margaret Moody                   SUFFOC   W50        2:11:12
Blue  (18)                6.1 km  40 m   15 C     
   1 Will Harrison                    SUFFOC   M50          40:38                              
   2 Sean Blanchflower                WAOC     M40          41:55                              
   3 Michael Bickle                   WAOC     M65          46:58                              
   4 Richard Bonnett                  SOS      M60          47:23                              
   5 Peter Duthie                     WAOC     M55          47:59                              
   6 Guy Lidbury                      HAVOC    M45          49:43                              
   7 Nicholas Pugh                    SOS      M60          49:49                              
   8 Philip Halford                   SUFFOC   M60          50:51                              
   9 David Lumby                      SOS      M50          51:32                              
  10 Philip Hague                     WAOC     M45          51:39                              
  11 David Hodson                     HH       M50          52:04                              
  12 Paul Langston                    HH       M60          52:26                              
  13 Bruce Marshall                   WAOC     M60          54:00                              
  14 Gillian Edgar                    HAVOC    W45        1:01:03                              
  15 Rachel Cooper                    HAVOC    W21        1:05:02                              
  16 Jakob Petersen                   CHIG     M45        1:07:10                              
  17 Stewart Mills                    HAVOC    M50        1:10:50                              
  18 Dale Bennett                     HAVOC    M50        1:12:23                              

Brown  (14)               8.4 km  45 m   17 C     
   1 Brian Cowe                       WAOC     M35          48:54                              
   2 James Redding                    SOS      M21          51:15                              
   3 Douglas McTurk                   HAVOC    M21          53:17                              
   4 Darren Cook                      SOS      M40          55:18                              
   5 Paul Beckett                     HAVOC    M50          56:11                              
   6 Andrew Elliott                   SUFFOC   M40          56:23                              
   7 John Clarke                      SUFFOC   M45          58:01                              
   8 Duncan Harrison                  SOS      M40          59:51                              
   9 Kevin Machin                     SOS      M55        1:03:41                              
  10 Nina Tant                        SOS      W21        1:03:59                              
  11 Clive Wilkinson                  SUFFOC   M50        1:05:58                              
  12 Rod Mansel                       SUFFOC   M55        1:11:00                              
  13 Paul Ellis                       IND      M35        1:14:22                              
  14 Sally Wilkinson                  SUFFOC   W50        1:15:10                              

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